Donald Trump Erupts In Anger & Calls CNN Reporter Jim Acosta "Rude, Terrible Person"

CNN’s Jim Acosta attended the White House with severe questions for Donald Trump, asking him about his latest racist anti-immigration marketing campaign (that acquired pulled from many networks) that depicted an invasion in America from individuals driving in caravans to the U.S. border. After Donald instructed Jim that he thought of the caravan an invasion, and claiming that he does not demonize immigrants, he blew up in a match calling out CNN for letting Jim work for his or her publication. 

“I believe it is best to let me run the nation and also you run CNN and in case you did it effectively, your scores can be a lot better,” he instructed Jim, as seen within the video beneath. A girl tried to tug the mic out Jim’s fingers however he did not enable it and the CNN reporter stored grilling the President much more. 

CNN must be ashamed itself having you working for them,” Donald added, after yelling at Jim to place down the mic. “You are a impolite, horrible one that shouldn’t be working for CNN,” he added: “When you report faux information, which CNN does loads, you’re the enemy the individuals.”

Watch the video beneath.