Fake Donald Trump Stars Are Sprouting All Over Hollywood Boulevard

The 2nd demolition Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Fame Star brought a lot things to light. For one, the pick axe demolition was a cathartic yes; secondly the credentials you need to earn a Hollywood Star are pretty minimal. All that is required is a modicum “fame,” a $30,000 application fee, and all the patience in the World.

In the aftermath the 2nd demo, a bunch fake Donald Trump stars have been popping up along Hollywood Boulevard. TMZ has reported that Trump’s most ardent supporters in Los Angeles have replicated the original star design about a dozen times over. How does put such an elaborate construction plan into action? Think again, the stars are merely stickers, thank goodness.

One could interpret this action as merely a mocking response to all the violent reactions the Trump Star demolition has engendered. The Hollywood Walk Fame is meaningless if not for its symbolic link to the past. There came a time when American entertainment wasn’t solely dependent on “Hollywood” to finance projects worthy  mass consumption, but that was then — this is now.

Even though the vandal agreed to rebuild the star out his own pocket, West Hollywood lawmakers and shop owners voted unanimously to have “Trump” scrubbed clean the walkway. The petition itself has caused an angry debate between Conservative and members the left, like any other polarizing issue in America before it.