Pot Farm Lights & Snow Clouds Create Psychedelic Sky In Arizona

In the small town  Snowflake in Navajo County, Arizona, residents were able to witness a rather miraculous skyline a purple sky decorated with billowy, cumulus clouds. No, this was not the result some revelation adding to the evidence  imminent climate change but rather because nearby marijuana farms and snowstorms. 

Over the past couple  days, this particular region Arizona has received several inches snow overnight creating a canvas for the UV lights coming from a nearby marijuana grow-house, thus creating a luminous, glowing purple hue in the sky. 

According to the Arizona Republic, the marijuana farm is housed in a large greenhouse and employs approximately 200 workers. With marijuana slowly becoming decriminalized and various entertainers hopping into the industry from an entrepreneurial standpoint, cannabis has the opportunity to improve communities economically and socially. Check out the Purple Haze lit Arizona sky in the post provided above. 

Finally: SiriusXM Is Testing Bundled Pandora Subscriptions

A little more than a year after it Pandora, SiriusXM is finally considering bundling it with its satellite radio service.

At the moment, there are scant details about how the company might package the two services. All the company is saying is that it is testing various cross-promotions aimed at those who are either customers of SiriusXM or Pandora. They are further testing different price points for these promotions, to see what consumers find most attractive.

Chris Phillips, who is the chief product officer of SiriusXM/Pandora and also its head of Technology, told TechCrunch the following: “We would email our Pandora listener base or the SiriusXM listener base — we would test it with different user bases as a promotion. We actually have a formal study going on to do it.”

Phillips went on to say, “The power of the Sirius brand and power of the Pandora brand are very distinct. And people see unique value in the two.”

An interesting challenge that the company faces is that the average consumer does not know that SiriusXM owns Pandora.

Because of this, many customers have been confused as to why they are receiving promotional emails offering them a deal on the other service.

A Twitter user named SoTrumpie tweeted the following: “I’m still genuinely confused by @SIRIUSXM trying to bundle a Pandora subscription into my plan with them. Isn’t Pandora a direct competitor? Can someone explain?”

This confusion has led some to speculate that the company might one day merge the brands. When asked about this, Phillips answered that his company was looking at the possibilities that may exist.

But he also added that, for the time being, “We are cross-pollinating content and features.” For example, a SiriusXM user can now launch a Pandora station from the SiriusXM app without having to launch Pandora separately.

Barack Obama & Donald Trump Battle For Title Of 2019’s "Most Admired Man"

The results are in for this year’s most admired. Michelle Obama wins once more the title the most admired woman in the world for 2019 and so for the second year in the row. We last reported on a poll revealing results that indicated that the former first lady was now the most admired woman in the world and the news is not as shocking as it seems. Over the years, Michelle Obama has built an incredible platform for herself her elegance, values and work ethic. Along with being by Obama’ side through his difficult years leading the nation, Michelle has made sure to do her part the lifting by initiating wellness programs for children and advocating for a better world that prioritized both physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, her husband is still battling to earn the title against a fierce opponent–Donald Trump. 

According to TMZ, former US president Barack Obama and current president Donald Trump have tied as the most admired man 2019. The result are equally divided with 41% democrats naming Obama as the most admired man and 46% Republicans voting Trump. As for independent voters, a total 12% chose Obama over Trump’s 10%. Who do you think deserves the title? 

Barack Obama Reveals His Favorite Movies & TV Shows Of 2019

On Sunday, former U.S. President Barack Obama revealed his annual list , in his opinion, the best movies and TV shows the year.

Obama has respectable taste. Included in his list is Martin Scorsese’s newest film, The Irishman. Starring a de-aged Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, the film has been reviewed well from critics and fans alike. The plot follows the life  truck driver Frank Sheeran as he gets involved with Russell Bufalino and his Pennsylvania crime family. 

Also on the list are great films like BooksmartMarriage StoryParasite, and more.

In a Facebook post, Obama explained his choices writing, “Next up are my favorite movies and TV shows 2019. This year’s list includes everything from explorations class dynamics and relationships, to an inspired reboot a classic graphic novel, to a portal back to one the most special places in history — an Aretha Franklin concert. Of course, there’s also American Factory, a film from our own production company, Higher Ground, that was recently shortlisted for an Oscar. It’s our first fering in partnership with Netflix, and I’m excited about the other projects we’ve got in the works.”

Check out the full list below.

American Factory
Amazing Grace
Apollo 11
Ash is Purest White
Birds Passage
The Farewell
Ford v Ferrari
The Irishman
Just Mercy
The Last Black Man in San Francisco
Little Women
Marriage Story
The Souvenir
TV Shows:
Fleabag: Season 2

Vic Mensa Partially Blames Rap Music For Juice Wrld’s Death

Los Angeles, CA – It’s been almost three weeks since Juice Wrld died suddenly at Chicago’s Midway Airport. Although the official cause of death hasn’t been revealed, the 21-year-old rapper reportedly swallowed several Percocet pills while still on the plane and collapsed into a seizure moments later.

Vic Mensa believes some rap music is partially to blame. The Chi-Town native was stopped by TMZ outside of Delilah in Los Angeles where he was asked about Lil Pump’s recent decision to omit “Drug Addicts” from his Rolling Loud set out of respect for Juice Wrld.

Mensa essentially thinks it’s time for artists to use their platforms more appropriately.

“I think that, as members of the Hip Hop community, we need to take responsibility for the things that we say,” he said. “We need to recognize that the shit we talk about influences children. So when we are steady pushing a message of lean and Percocets and Xans, we are polluting the minds of the youth. We have a responsibility to give it to them in a real way.”

Mensa makes sure to note that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your own story, but it needs to be done in a more responsible way.

“Not to say that you can’t talk about your real life and the things that are happening, but I think that we need to start holding each other and ourselves accountable for our glorification of the drug culture, 100 percent,” he added. “That’s just what it is. Anything else, that’s parasitic to our people to just act like this is the shit to be on lean all the time.”

Juice Wrld routinely talked about drug use in his music. In February, he admitted he was struggling with an addiction to lean but like Mac Miller and Lil Peep, it was evidently too late.

U.S. Government To Take Legal Action Against Live Nation

It is being reported that the U.S. Justice Department will soon take legal action against Live Nation because they believe that the company has been trying to coerce concert venues into using its Ticketmaster subsidiary.

The news comes only months after it was that the Justice Department was officially investigating whether Live Nation was in violation of the consent degree that gave it conditional approval to acquire Ticketmaster almost ten years earlier. This decree required the company to behave in a way that would maintain competition in the ticketing marketplace so that prices would not soar for consumers.

But critics of the consent decree, including many U.S. legislators, believe that prices have soared directly due to Live Nation’s alleged conduct. According to Pollstar, ticket prices for concerts have increased 50% since the acquisition of Ticketmaster, with an average ticket price now $92.42.

However, Live Nation has and continues to insist that it has been in full compliance with the decree. Michael Rapino, who is the CEO of Live Nation, said prior to the announcement of the investigation that the decree allows the company to make decisions that are right for it, and booking a tour date at a venue that does not use Ticketmaster may not make sense for it.

According to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department will not only ask the judge in the case to prevent further improper behavior on the part of Live Nation, but it will also ask the judge to extend the term of the consent degree for “several years.”

In 2010, Live Nation’s acquisition of Ticketmaster created an entity that essentially controls 80% of the U.S. ticketing marketplace.  It is also the largest concert promoter in the world, which many believe is a major conflict of interest. In fact, the Justice Department is accusing them of using their dominance in concert promotion toward the betterment of their ticketing business and at the expense of consumers.


Tiffany “New York” Pollard Explains Why She Removed Her Breast Implants

K. Michelle isn’t the only woman who regrets her plastic surgery decision. The “Can’t Raise A Man” singer recently told Dr. Phil that getting butt implants was the “worst decision” her life and while the Flavor Love alum Tiffany “New York” Pollard may not agree, she too wants to reverse her plastic surgery moves. 

Tiffany “New York” Pollard Explains Why She Removed Her Breast Implants
 Rich Polk/Getty s

Tiffany made a visit to Botched doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow to explain her ailments that included “diarrhea every morning like clockwork” as well as panic attacks and dizziness. Tiffany’s friend had similar symptoms following her breast enlargement and they only went away after she got them removed. 

“There’s a Facebook group , I think, 40,000 women who have come together complaining all these symptoms,” Dr. Dubrow told Tiffany as seen in the clip below. “If enough people have it, it’s a real thing.” Tiffany’s breast implant illness (BII) is the main reason why both doctors have been undergoing so many implant removals. 

Tiffany’s only fear in the matter is that she doesn’t want to lose her “feminine” and “full-busted” ways. “Can I see myself as the HBIC (head bitch in charge) and be organic? I believe I can do it,” she asked herself in the trailer, “can I do it?”

New Study Shows Lakers Have Overtaken Warriors As Most Hated NBA Team

This year, the tables have turned when it comes to the most hated teams in the NBA. For the last few years, the Golden State Warriors were absolutely despised by NBA fans thanks to their incredible run that saw them win three NBA championships in five straight trips to the finals. Based on geotagged Twitter data, the Warriors were the United States’ most hated team but now that they are a bottom feeder who can’t seem to win a game, fans have changed their tune.

In the latest study, it appears as though LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the rest the Lakers have overtaken the Warriors as THE most hated franchise. This latest revelation proves one thing and one thing only…fans hate success.

If you were to poll Americans on the most hated NFL franchise, most would probably say the New England Patriots, simply because they win all the time. It’s a pretty understandable mindset as dynasties typically get on people’s nerves after a while. As for the other teams on the hated list, the Warriors are still here in a distant second, while the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets are 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Are you surprised by this list? Let us know in the comments which team you hate the most.

Bernie Sanders Pulls In Flack For Advice To Black Students Who Get Pulled Over By Cops

Bernie Sanders is currently taking the lead in the political race in America but one recent comment he made may have set him back just a little. The 78-year-old stopped f at South Carolina HBCU Benedict College on his campaign trail and was asked by a Black male student for some advice. “If I were your son, what advice would you give to me the next time I’m pulled over by a police ficer?” the student asked, as seen in the video below.

Bernie Sanders Pulls In Flack For Advice To Black Students Who Get Pulled Over By Cops
Michael Ciaglo/Getty s

“Identify who the police ficer is …] and I would respect what they are doing so that you don’t get shot in the back the head,” he answered, making it clear that ficers have to be responsible for their actions. 

As we know, there’s been endless video pro Black individuals who have very well respected an ficer’s inquiry but it still leads to unfortunate deaths innocent individuals. 

Sen. Sanders has no clue what it is to be young, black and male (or female, or just black) Being polite and respectful to police ficers doesn’t stop their bullets (or systemic racism) Please refrain from dispensing schmaltz to our youth Bernie,” one Twitter user responded. Peep more responses below and let us know what you think. 

Apollo Brown Drops "Sincerely, Detroit" Album

Apollo Brown has released his ode to the Motor City. The Mello Music Group has dropped a new album titled Sincerely, Detroit as a hometown showcase with the help of some talented MCs from Michigan.

The 21-track LP is stacked with contributions from artists such as Royce Da 5’9, Elzhi, Black Milk, Slum Village, One Be Lo, Clear Soul Forces, Phat Kat, Trick Trick, Nolan The Ninja, Guilty Simpson and many more.

Production is handled entirely by Brown.

Check out Brown’s Sincerely, Detroit stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Apollo Brown Drops "Sincerely, Detroit" Album

1. Fate
2. God Help Me f. Black Milk, Ketchphraze & DJ Los
3. Commas & Apostrophes f. Crown Nation
4. Longevity f. Trick Trick, Marv Won, Moe Dirdee & Dez Andres
5. Thoughts In Mind f. Chris Orrick & Magestik Legend
6. Stopwatch f. Elzhi, T. Calmese, Quest MCODY & Melanie Rutherford
7. Never f. Paradime, Miz Korona & DJ AMF
8. Lettin’ Go f. Finale, Illa J & Leaf Erikson
9. Dominance f. Aztek The Barfly, Kid Vishis, Vstylez & DJ Los
10. All Day f. Slum Village
11. Oh Lord f. Fatt Father, Journalist 103 & Valid
12. Deception & Woes f. Clear Soul Forces
13. Over Do It f. Bronze Nazareth & Boldy James
14. In The Water f. Boog Brown & Chavis Chandler
15. 365 f. Ro Spit, Nametag & Ty Farris
16. The Backbone f. Guilty Simpson, Fat Ray & Melanie Rutherford
17. Jacksons f. Seven The General, Nick Speed & Big Tone
18. Can’t Lose f. Phat Kat, Royce Da 5’9 & DJ Los
19. Break The Code f. Supa Emcee, Kuniva & Alexis Allon
20. Skimmin’ f. Nolan The Ninja & Dopehead
21. What Up f. 87, One Be Lo & A-Minus

Aaron Paul Reveals The Items He Stole From The "Breaking Bad" Set

Aaron Paul recently paid a visit to Stadium Goods in New York City for a new episode “Sneaker Shopping” with Complex’s Joe La Puma, where he discussed all things sneakers and Breaking Bad, including some the iconic items he stole from the set.

For instance, Paul says he kept some Jesse Pinkman’s memorable gear from Breaking Bad and El Camino, as well as the pink teddy bear and the Los Pollos Hermanos truck doors. Despite all the dope shit he took home from the set, Paul says he was prohibited from keeping the one thing he really wanted – the pair Nikes that Jesse wore in the early episodes.

La Puma and Paul also broke down his love for Vans and Converse, Jesse’s style, Walter White’s Wallabees, and his Price Is Right appearance many years ago. Check out the full episode in the video embedded below.

Charles Barkley Has No Doubt That Kawhi Leonard Is Better Than LeBron James

Prior to the start the NBA season, the league released the results their annual General Managers survey, revealing that 62% GMs polled voted Kawhi Leonard as the best small forward in the game. That marked the first time since 2005 that LeBron James didn’t get the nod.

Following last night’s clash between the two MVPs, which the Clippers won 112-102, NBA Hall Famer Charles Barkley weighed in on the Kawhi vs LeBron debate and left no doubt about where he stands.

Says Barkley, “I don’t hesitate. At this point, Kawhi’s a better player than LeBron. He does everything better. He’s a better defender. A better scorer. He’s better at imposing his will on the game.”

Kawhi led all scorers in Tuesday night’s win with 30 points on 10–19 shooting to go along with six rebounds, five assists and two steals in 32 minutes action. Meanwhile, LeBron flirted with a triple-double posting 18 points on 7–19 shooting, nine rebounds and eight assists. 

They will be compared to one another all season long, as will their teams, but LeBron isn’t buying into the rivalry narrative just yet.

“The NBA’s back and everyone’s trying to have the narrative it’s a rivalry game and it’s a huge test,” James said, per ESPN, “but I think both teams are not where they want to be. We have a lot room to improve.”

Up next for the Clippers is a road game against the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, while the Lakers play host to the Utah Jazz on Friday. The two teams will face each other again on Christmas Day at 8pm ET.

Paul George’s "NASA" Nike PG3 Drops Today: Purchase Links

The latest NASA-inspired colorway Paul George’s Nike PG3 is set to launch at 10am ET today, October 23. The space-themed PG3s, available in both men’s and grade school sizes, will retail for $110.

Check out the early purchase links in the tweets embedded below.

Earlier this year, Nike launched an orange spacesuit themed PG3, complete with Apollo 16 detailing and NASA-branded insoles, which was followed by a white “NASA Apollo Mission” colorway and a commemorative silver joint that paid tribute to the 50th anniversary the Apollo 11 mission.

The latest colorway comes equipped with a blue mesh upper, supported by patent leather accents that shines in both orange and red, along with metallic silver detailing appearing on the midsole and ankle collar. Additional details include the U.S. flag on the tongue the right shoe, NASA and Apollo badges on the heels, and a subtle message on the heel the midsole that reads, “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”

Just How Serious Is the Counterfeit Vinyl Records Problem?

Back in August, we reported on a serious problem involving .  Now, we’re learning about a physical knock-off issue that’s far more serious than we imagined.

Just how serious is vinyl counterfeiting?  Considering that the fledgling vinyl records industry is having trouble counting legitimate sales, that’s a question that remains extremely difficult to answer.

In mid-August, we got a glimpse into how serious this issue is for vinyl’s physical cousin.  According to details shared by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), roughly 25% of all CDs ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ are fake.  The group also found serious problems on eBay and Alibaba, with 100 percent of the CD box sets bought by the RIAA — 40 boxsets on eBay, 32 on AliExpress — determined to be counterfeit.

We pressed Amazon for answers on the matter, and got a professional PR brush-off.  But it looks like this is an equally serious problem on the vinyl side.

Last week at the Making Vinyl Conference in Los Angeles, Tommy Boy Records president Rosie Lopez shared a startling fact.  Not only is Tommy Boy finding fake vinyl LPs of their storied hip hop catalog, they’re finding fake LPs on titles they aren’t even producing.

“Counterfeit is another issue altogether,” Lopez said.  “Somehow records that Tommy Boy hasn’t pressed in — ever — are on sale on Amazon, that’s a little concerning.”

And yes, Lopez clarified that these aren’t old, dusty De La Soul gems from the 80s and 90s. These are brand-new productions that Tommy Boy hasn’t pressed and isn’t pressing — though counterfeiters are clearly seeing a market opportunity that the label can’t capture quickly enough.

So where’s this stuff coming from?  Bruce Ogilvie, chairman of Alliance Entertainment, pointed a very serious threat from China. “I just learned last week, I never knew that they were manufacturing vinyl in China,” Ogilvie said.  “I opened my eyes and said, ‘holy crap’.  That means that all the counterfeiting of CDs and box sets and video — and now vinyl — is coming in the same way into the U.S.”

Unfortunately, Amazon is doing little to step the tide, according to Ogilvie.  The distributor relayed a horror story involving an exclusive physical release that was selling way below expectations, though the counterfeit version on Amazon was quickly moving units. “Amazon doesn’t really care, because they still make their fulfillment fees for its FBA [Fulfillment by Amazon],” Ogilvie said.  “Amazon makes it really easy for that product to come straight into the U.S.”

But, who wants a fake LP? After all, a huge percentage of vinyl buyers want quality. But Ogilvie said it doesn’t matter: “They knock it off in no time, with incredible quality — pressing plants can’t even tell the difference.”

“I’m concerned that the ecosystem is getting polluted with counterfeit product.”

So what’s the solution? “I’m not a legal person, but I thought we had an organization called the RIAA,” said Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day. “They don’t seem to help anybody out in my community. Like everything these days, when we go to the people we’ve trusted to do the right thing, they’re just not.”


Beyoncé Scientifically Ranked Second Most Beautiful Woman Alive; Who’s First?

If you rely on classic mathematics to determine someone’s beauty, you’ll be a big fan this chart. For centuries, people have been using science to figure out just who the most beautiful person in the entire world is. Taking somebody’s measurements and comparing them to others can be pretty problematic for so many different reasons but alas, here we are. As reported by Metro and several other sources, a list the world’s most beautiful women is making the rounds with Beyoncé standing comfortably at the second spot. You may be asking who on earth beat the queen (and no, it somehow isn’t Rihanna) and we’ve got your answer right here: supermodel Bella Hadid.

Beyoncé Scientifically Ranked Second Most Beautiful Woman Alive; Who's First?
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty s

The Weeknd’s on again-f again girlfriend has been crowned the most beautiful woman on the planet using the Golden Ratio Beauty Phi as a tool. Nearing a perfect face, Bella earned a 94.35% accuracy rating on the test, topping Yoncé’s second-best score. Following her in the polls were Amber Heard, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, and others. For some reason, Rihanna didn’t even crack the Top Ten and, to be completely honest, that’s straight-up blasphemy.

Obviously, this calculation is flawed to an extent. Determining someone’s beauty is pretty wack in itself but hey, I guess there are people who take this stuff seriously. Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world?

Beyoncé Scientifically Ranked Second Most Beautiful Woman Alive; Who's First?
Jesse Grant/Getty s