Ariana Grande's Ponytail Answers Calls & Fights Crime With Jimmy Fallon In New Skit

Ariana Grande is famous not only for her sultry vocals but also for her ponytail that is a crucial part most her fashion getups. Jimmy Fallon decided to bank on her hairstyle choice in a recent skit for his late night talk show that sees Ariana’s ponytail doing tasks for the singer since it has a mind its own. 

In the video below, Jimmy comes to check on Ariana in her change room and takes a seat only to be handed a drink by her ponytail. Questlove then comes through and asks the “God Is A Woman” singer to sign the cover her latest album, and her ponytail takes the lead and does it for her. The masterful ponytail even answers her phone and at the end the video, it happens to save the day by stopping a thief who steals a woman’s purse. 

At one point Jimmy stops and asks Ariana to explain what’s going on, but she shrugs it f and replies: “I mean, I’ve like always worn my hair] in a ponytail.”

Check it out below.