Ken Jeong On "The Hangover four:" "I Would Love That"

In a video that TMZ calls, for some motive, “alcohol-fueled,” Ken Jeong says a obscure, mumbled factor or two in regards to the Hangover four. In the clip he is caught exiting the Grand Hyatt resort in Melbourne and whoever’s holding the digital camera (who sounds slightly too excited for the event) yells at Jeong: “do it once more! Ken!” as if he is speaking to a seal with a ball (“do-it-again Ken” could be a fantastic nickname, although). Ken Jeong replies, leaning proper into the digital camera with a sharpie and piece paper he is about to signal forgotten mid-sign, “there you go, buddy there you go!” in an apparent parody an Australian social gathering man you would possibly meet partying in Bangkok (the setting the second Hangover film). Jeong continues “Hangover four, Brisbane! There you go, buddy!” 

As Jeong is signing extra autographs and posing for extra photographs, the Aussie asks him, “any probability  The Hangover four?” Jeong, says some unintelligible stuff,  which all it is potential to make out is “Hangover four…learn the script.” In response to the following query, “Mr Chow film?” Jeong merely says, “I’d love that.” Watch the complete video under and, under that, a video to refresh your self on the character referred to within the video, Leslie Chow.