Cardi B Defends Her Nude Photo, Talks Image, Taxes, & More: Watch

Cardi B was a busy woman this weekend. On a private jet flight from Los Angeles back to New York, the “Be Careful” rapper posted a seductive picture in lingerie that showed f her post-baby body. Then, when she got home to New York, her husband Offset posted a picture Cardi completely naked on his Instagram. Not too long after, Cardi took the stage alongside her husband and the rest Migos, to perform “Motorsport” at the Madison Square Garden stop the Aubrey & The Three Migos tour. 

Critics online began to bash Cardi for multiple reasons. First, they insulted Offset and his wife for posting the nude photo. Then, they complained that Cardi was performing for stadiums right after canceling her own tour alongside Bruno Mars. Cardi took to her Instagram live feed to address her critics personally. “Let me be free,” she argued. “If I wanna be half-ass naked, why not? A bitch used to be a whole motherfucking stripper. If I wanna feel sexy, if I want ya all to see my motherfucking body, why the fuck not?”   

“Let me tell you how I been trying to like clean my image up,” she continued. “I don’t know if you all noticed, but for a hot minute, even before I was pregnant, I wasn’t doing scandalous outfits. I was trying to show as much less skin as possible. When I perform, I would wear like leotards and shit but not extremely revealing, like I really ain’t want to be too sexy and everything because I felt like I needed a more cleaner image. And then it’s just like… for what? For what? Like yesterday, when I posted myself half naked and everything, it’s just like, why should I act like I’m a fucking angel? I’m not a motherfucking angel. I’m a motherfucking nasty ass freak ass bitch.”

Cardi also addressed those who hated on her for hopping on stage with Migos this weekend in New York. “I seen a lot people like, ‘Oh, didn’t you cancel your tour? Why you performing onstage?’ And it’s like, well, first all, you know what I’m saying, going on tour in different cities every day,” Cardi argued. “That means I wouldn’t be able to see my child. My child is in New York right now. And second all, I only got on the stage for two minutes and I literally just rapped. When I go on tour and shit, I gotta put on a whole show. That means I gotta bend over, do somersaults and shit, do choreography. And that’s something my body is not ready to take right now.” She did state that she plans on doing a few surprise shows on the Bruno Mars tour that she dropped out though. Cardi also reveals that she did not get liposuction after the pregnancy, explains that she wants to get her breasts done, and speaks about how the government takes almost half her money in taxes. 

“Using my goddamn tax money and shit on motherfucking immigration prisons and shit, for building walls and shit. I don’t want my money to go to that shit. I want my motherfucking money to go to my motherfucking city,” Cardi exclaimed. Watch her entire Instagram Live video below. 

Cardi B Defends Her Nude Photo, Talks , Taxes, & More: Watch