Mac Miller Remembered By James Conner Of The Pittsburgh Steelers

Since his untimely passing, the tributes for talented artist Mac Miller have been coming in from fans across the globe. One the more recent tributes comes from Pittsburgh Steelers running back, James Conner. 

Conner was pictured wearing customized cleats bearing Miller’s likeness, and the words “Thank You Mac.” Each cleat is emblazoned in blue text related to Miller’s previous songs and his name, further honoring the late rapper. Mac Miller was a proud Pittsburgh native, and a vocal, steadfast fan his city’s NFL team, attending the games several times. 

Miller’s passing has had an incredible impact. Rapper Schoolboy Q announced plans to postpone the release  his forthcoming LP following the death his peer. He shared this decision with concert goers admitting that he hasn’t been feeling like his “real self” for some time. “I shouldn’t even be here right now,” he told the crowd. “But like I said, my nigga Mac would not want me in the house sad. He would clown me for some weird shit. So like I said, I’m here today ’cause it’s no way he would allow me to sit in the house and be a little bitch. I’m not gon’ be a little bitch. I’ma come out here.”

Mac has also posthumously reentered the Billboard 200 album chart’s Top 10 with his album Swimming. Moving up a staggering 61 spots, Miller’s fifth and final studio album jumped from the No. 71 spot to No. six since the news his death. Miller’s passing has had an incredible impact.