"Surviving R. Kelly" Will Air Tonight, Lifetime Unmoved By Legal Threats

As reported, R. Kelly threatened to sue Lifetime in the event that they went forward with the airing a docuseries that paints him in a sadistic gentle. It seems, Lifetime isn’t intimated by R. Kelly’s authorized jaunt and is ready to go forward with the collection premiere tonight at 9 pm, simply as deliberate.

Reps for the tv community relayed their fortuitous message to TMZ, within the hopes their memo would attain the widest doable viewers. Admittedly, Lifetime is siding with the ladies who’ve mounted accusations in opposition to R. Kelly over time –  the docuseries ought to replicate that. “Lifetime has all the time been a model that champions girls’s tales,” they reiterated as their grandstanding mission.

The new collection titled “Surviving R. Kelly” will function testimonies from members R. Kelly’s inside circle, previous and current. Besides posting a certifiable stop and desist letter to Lifetime’s foremost registrar, Kelly has revealed a PR assertion his personal, calling BS on the authenticity the claims made in opposition to him within the docuseries.

Given the ficial nature R. Kelly’s authorized tender, Lifetime nonetheless runs the chance shedding a defamation swimsuit at a future date. The present will hit the airwaves with zero opposition from a tertiary ruling occasion. “Surviving R. Kelly” will thereby go to press, as legal professionals do battle on the sidelines. Get your popcorn prepared.

Marvel Hints At Daredevil's Fate Hours After Netflix Cancellation

Hours after Netflix pulled the plug on the Daredevil sequence starring Charlie Cox amongst others, Disney handed the superhero a lifeline. Public opinion differs on the matter, however Marvel followers agree that Daredevil’s high quality was tapering f by Season three, however assuredly, nobody needed it taken f the airwaves. Disney-owned Marvel properly produced an announcement within the moments that adopted the present’s cancellation, in sensing they stood the chance alienating followers in the event that they did not say one thing, something.

In the method standing by their character, Mr. Murdock, Marvel was in a position to safe a PR win to go together with their loss: by distancing themselves from the choice altogether. Their assertion learn: “We sit up for extra adventures with the Man with out Fear sooner or later,” which in case you learn into it means subsequent to nothing contemplating Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, is already pegged for adjoining Marvel tasks on Netflix. Their assertion learn: “We sit up for extra adventures with the Man with out Fear sooner or later.”

But possibly there’s extra to this story than a PR victory or a shred hope. As you would possibly know, Disney is popping out with its personal streaming platform within the not so distant future, and possibly the cancellation and the following message from Marvel are half a retrieval course of. Disney might wish to get its palms on all its unique content material, Marvel-included when it goes public with its new platform. Crazier theories exist on this World.

Kanye West Only Supports Donald Trump When "Album's Coming Out" Says Macy Gray

Macy Gray was not too long ago in the U.Ok. and paid a go to to Good Morning Britain to speak with hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. The “I Try” singer echoed the identical sentiments as Snoop Dogg, detailing how President Donald Trump’s response to the California wildfires was extraordinarily insensitive. “When persons are shedding their properties and persons are shedding their members of the family and all he can discuss is funding and slicing the forest administration,” she stated,  Metro U.Ok. “…] “I feel as an individual he doesn’t get it, since you don’t need to be president to know to say that. So he actually misplaced me with that one.”

She stayed on the subject Donald when speaking about Kanye West, explaining how she thinks his relationship with the President is a PR stunt if you’ll. “I feel persons are welcome to help who they wish to help, however my factor is, Kanye] solely helps Donald] when his album is popping out,” she added. “I simply suppose it’s not actual. Everytime he has an album popping out, he decides to help Trump.”

Kim Kardashian not too long ago talked about her husband’s relationship with the President and stated the rapper would not even like his politics. “I really feel like he’s very misunderstood and the worst communicator,” she stated. “But, after we discuss it, we have now very related politics. He’s very not political, truly, he simply occurs to love Donald Trump’s character, however doesn’t know concerning the politics.

Afropunk Responds To Major Backlash For Dismissing Attendees From VIP Section

Afropunk received an onslaught backlash after one their attendees called them out for their intolerance. Ericka Hart broke down the events that led to her dismissal from a section the festival along with her friends. She claimed that the reason for their being escorted by security was the text on Ebony Donnley’s shirt, which read “Afropunk sold out for white consumption.” 

The festival has finally decided to address the situation in an ficial statement, although specific details that upset the fans who heard the incident are omitted. The shirt mentioned above isn’t referred to at all. Afropunk sums up the situation to the attendees being removed from an area intended for performers.

They apologize for the hurt feelings they caused and identify themselves as one Ericka’s champions. 

This statement comes after the organizers seemed to address the situation with social media posts that said: “Afropunk doesn’t drag Black people,” and “Afropunk doesn’t Police Black bodies.” Commenters were both livid and unimpressed. The uploads were deemed as “passive aggressive.”

The statement maintains the festival’s original mission lifting up the Black community, including its marginalized groups.

Tinashe Poses With Mcdonald's Meal Amidst Faecal Matter Outbreak

McDonald’s has been facing some issues due to a lapse in health safety. An outbreak that started in May is still claiming victims. The chain’s issue, which is spread through faecal matter, has racked up a total 365 cases illness so far. It seems like the brand is attempting to shift the conversation with sponsored posts.

Tinashe posed with a McDonald’s meal and posted the photo on Instagram today. The photo features the artist holding a burger in one hand and a few fries in the other. The cardboard container is neatly placed in front her as she sits cross-legged in a restaurant booth.

Let’s be real. The bite that was taken out the burger may or may not have been ingested by the singer herself. The promotional purposes the upload are made clear in the singer’s caption: “Blind Dragon’s Chicago opening with @McDonalds â¤ï¸ðŸŸðŸ˜‹ nothing better #sponsored #mcdonalds”

Tinashe probably did not eat that food. The artist, like most regular people, cannot risk getting sick from eating fast food during a publicized health scare. The infection that customers are falling ill from can last anywhere between a few days and a few months. If she did risk it, let’s hope she got paid extra.

Donald Trump Jr's GF Kimberly Guilfoyle Left Fox News Amid "Dick Pic" Scandal

Kimberly Guilfoyle pressed the eject button on her career at Fox News right as her rap sheet was starting to pile up. The ex-host  The Five who currently dates Donald Trump Jr has been accused sexually inappropriate behaviour by her former employer. Guilfoyle had initially posted her resignation so she could assist the Pro-Trump campaign trail in 2018, but now we’ve learned she was fibbing all along.

The Huff Post reported that Kimberly Guilfoyle was showing members staff pictures male genitalia. She allegedly flooded the fice with unwanted sexual discourses, and even displayed abusive language and behaviour towards junior members staff. These incidents were all subject to a HR probe which commenced around the time skipped out on the network.

The Huff Post also learned that 21st Century Fox prefers it when problematic employees discretely pack their bags rather than encounter issues in the press. One the documented incidents that surfaced in the HR audit exposed Guilfoyle ageist mentality. She told weekend host Jeanine Pirro she was “too old TV.” 

Guilfoyle’s attorney has challenged those claims, stating they are part a “whisper campaign” to knock her client down a few rungs. It’s hard to ignore the degrees separation between Guilfoyle’s scandal and President Trump’s caucus. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Papa John's Founder Papa John Is Suing "Papa John's"

Papa John’s embattled founder John Schnatter feels he was set up to lose by the company’s board directors. The co-chairs hired a consultant firm to ask him a series racially sensitive questions, all which were recorded through audio conferencing. The fallout from the incident was real, and the company’s stock has taken a tumble, leading shareholders to demand Schnatter’s head for their trouble and his insensitive remarks.

Not only did the board directors vote to sever ties with the company founder but they started removing all media containing his face. The Papa John’s logo is clearly etched in our minds as a cartoon depiction John Schnatter aka Papa John, in a relaxed pose.

After giving the issue deliberate thought and legal counsel, Schnatter has decided to file a lawsuit against his former company. He is seeking all documentation filed by the company in the aftermath his N-Word blunder, “because the unexplained and heavy-handed way in which the company has treated him since the publication a story that falsely accused him using a racial slur.”

As TMZ reported, John Schnatter has ficially resigned as chairman Papa John’s International. He also renounced his seat on the University Louisville’s Board Trustees, after yielding to internal pressure. As right now, Schnatter is not seeking a big cash settlement, but rather all the documentation behind “the conspiracy to get him ousted.”

Dave Bautista Defends Director James Gunn In Aftermath Of His Firing

The former pro wrestler surprised many with portrayal an affable giant in Disney’s Guardian the Galaxy franchise, so much so that he appears to have one the public’s approval for a full-time switch. The latest news regarding the firing James Gunn has put the future the franchise in doubt. Bautista is one person who disapproves the decision. He made his feelings known Twitter last night.

Baustista went ahead with his character defense letter, painting his former director as “one the most loving,caring,good natured people” he has ever met. Bautista elaborate upon his statement by forgiving his past “fences” in a matter speaking: “He’s gentle and kind and cares deeply for people and animals. He’s made mistakes. We all have.”

The ex-WWE peformer ended hit letter with strong consternation directed at his employers Walt Disney Studios. In short he added, “Im NOT ok with what’s happening to him,” an opinion that will certainly make things stickier on the job.

Disney unceremoniously fired James Gunn yesterday after discovering “fensive” Tweets he’d published between 2008-2009, the contents which are grouped together at the bottom the page. Gunn was in the writing phase the script for Guardian the Galaxy 3. 

As this moment, it’s unclear how Disney wishes to proceed or fill the vacancy opened up by his dismissal.

Papa John's Founder Takes An L For Using N-Word In PR Conference Call

Papa John’s has once again shot itself, blowing f its metaphorical foot. The company’s product is already bad enough, but its founder’s recent fumbles have added to the chain’s tarnished reputation. John Schnatter attributed declining sales to the NFL protests against police brutality. His statement acquired fans from the alt-right movement and ultimately forced him to step down from his position as CEO. He remains onboard as a chairman and he is still the face the brand.

Schnatter has yet to heal from his bigoted mind. He basically failed a “role-playing exercise” meant to prevent future PR mishaps. It was held during a conference call in May. The entrepreneur was asked how he would “distance himself from racist groups,” to which he responded,”Colonel Sanders called blacks n*****s” and didn’t face backlash.” This wasn’t just a slip up either. He also managed to include his recalling lynching in his hometown Indiana, when Black Americans were dragged from trucks to their death. These memories are said to have been brought up in an effort to demonstrate how un-racist Schnatter is, but it obviously fended multiple people who were on the call.

The former CEO has fered the following apology:”News reports attributing the use inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true. Regardless the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society”

Papa John’s sales are most likely set to keep declining. John Schnatter’s stance on the NFL protests already caused a 25% dip in revenue. The former NFL sponsor’s previous apologies haven’t boosted their sales significantly. Their PR team truly needs to step up if they want to remain in this game. 

Kanye West Reportedly Looking To Hire Publicist

Kanye West is reportedly hiring. This, in and itself, is perhaps unsurprising. During one the rapper’s many recent twitter stints, he divulged his worldwide plans for the Yeezy brand, and the hiring spree that will entail.

The G.O.O.D. Music boss has had fans and colleagues divided as late, with his tweets, and perhaps more importantly, his TMZ appearance, causing the public to speculate about his mental health and more, although his wife Kim Kardashian has come to his defense. Equally, Kanye assured his health is in order during his lengthy interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

With some his friends and family coming to his defense, and others distancing themselves from Kanye’s rhetoric, it seems Ye is finally in need a publicist. According to the Blast, Yeezy brand is looking to hire a new PR firm. The gossip website obtained the job listing, which reportedly reads that a full-time in-house publicist will handle “All PR matters relating to Yeezy and Kanye West as a public figure.”

The minimum requirements for this job include:

  • Minimum 10 years experience in public-relations
  • Minimum 5 years working in a “top 20” PR agency
  • Minimum 5 years working in-house for a leading brand

Not only that, Yeezy is looking for someone with “global experience with healthy exposure to Asian and European markets.” 

Unfortunately for anyone who thinks their up to the task, it’s unclear where you might find this job listing, but apparently over 100 people have applied in the few days it’s been out.