Juicy J Retracts Beef With Columbia Records: "We Are All Good!"

Early Saturday, Juicy J initiated a heated moment between himself and his home label Columbia Records, launching his “Fuk Columbia Records” track. 

“I gave @ColumbiaRecords 20+ years my life & they treat me like back wash,” Juicy J tweeted. “Fuk @ColumbiaRecords I’m gonna leak my whole album stay tuned.”

Now, the Three 6 Mafia emcee is singing a different tune as he has since pulled the entire track while taking to Instagram to declare that he and Columbia are back on good terms.

“Spoke to Columbia Records,” he penned on Instagram. “We are all good!”

The diss track notably sampled Prince’s 2000 Soul Train Awards speech while using an image the late singer with the word “slave” across his cheek as the cut’s artwork. It’s a clear reference to Prince’s very famous dispute with Warner, to whom he was signed for 19 years. The act writing slave across his cheek became a routine a sign protest for the Purple One as he took on one the more memorable and earlier fights against the major label system. 

Outside the lamenting on the track, Juicy J fered up no other details on his dispute with Columbia save for the disagreement over his forthcoming album.

Prince’s Wrongful Death Case Has Been Dismissed

After Prince died an accidental fentanyl overdose on April 21, 2016, it was revealed that he was struggling with an opioid addiction. Following his death, his family tried to determine who could be responsible for allowing his addiction to worsen and reach a fatal endpoint. In April 2018, Prince’s heirs filed a wrongful death lawsuit that implicated a bunch defendants. According to Page Six, over the past few months, all the defendants have quietly been dismissed.

Dr. Michael Schulenberg, who treated Prince in the weeks before his death, was let f the hook in November, as was Schulenberg’s former employer. Both sides agreed to the dismissals. Authorities said Schulenberg admitted to prescribing oxycodone to Prince’s bodyguard in the days before Prince died, knowing the drug would go to Prince. While Schulenberg had to pay a $30,000 federal civil violation fine for prescribing the drug illegally, he is not being held directly responsible for Prince’s death. The lawsuit also targeted Walgreens for filling Prince’s prescriptions, but the pharmacy chain was dismissed in August by agreement.

Prince's Wrongful Death Case Has Been DismissedEvan Agostini/Getty s

There were blatant signs that Prince’s opioid addiction was getting out hand before his death. For one, he overdosed on a plane a week before. The Illinois hospital where the iconic singer was treated after this incident, Trinity Medical Center, was also listed in the lawsuit for quickly discharging him without attempting to combat his addiction. The hospital was permanently dismissed in August by agreement.

A medical negligence claim was also made against Howard Kornfeld, a California addiction specialist who was contacted by Prince’s associates before he died. Kornfield was dismissed in September, as the judge found no evidence that Kornfeld ever communicated with Prince.
Lastly, Prince’s bodyguard, Kirk Johnson, was deposed during the lititgation, but nothing came about from this, as transcripts show that he refused to answer most questions.

While the wrongful death case may be dropped, Prince’s family still has issues to settle. The late artist did not leave a will and the process determining the value his estate has not been completed yet. It’s estimated to be worth $200 million, so more disputes may arise when deciding how to split it.

Global Music Rights Points Its Guns at Another Radio Giant: Entravision

Global Music Rights has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Entravision Communications, which runs a collection of Spanish-language radio stations throughout the United States.

The lawsuit claims that Entravision violated the performance rights on more than 100 songs, on close to 15,000 occasions. These songs include ”Jeremy” by Pearl Jam, ”Born To Run” by Bruce Springsteen, and “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica, among other iconic English-language smashes.

Global Music Rights, which is owned by Irving Azoff, is an increasingly visible competitor to BMI and ASCAP. But unlike those two organizations, GMR isn’t required to provide the kind of blanket licenses mandated by a federally-imposed Consent Degree (the U.S. Justice Department is currently reviewing that Decree, but it stands in full force at present).

This is not the first time that Global Music Rights has engaged in legal warfare against the radio industry.

It is currently battling the Radio Music License Committee, which is an organization representing around 10,000 U.S. radio stations. The two organizations are accusing each other of violating antitrust laws, amongst other accusations, with a trial scheduled to continue in California sometime in 2020.

According to Global Music Rights, the organization has the ability to negotiate performance rates directly with radio stations. While its catalog is relatively small, its artists are big and their songs coveted. Accordingly, GMR asserts that stations that do not forge a direct agreement with the PRO are prohibited from playing music from a number of well-known music artists, such as Prince, Jon Bon Jovi, and John Lennon.

Daniel Petrocelli, who is representing GMR in the lawsuit, said that the organization is simply trying “to ensure that songwriters receive fair pay.”

In its complaint against Entravision, Global Music Rights insists that they have repeatedly offered the company proper music licenses but that they have refused to respond to any of them.  Unsurprisingly, Entravision has also refused to comment in regards to the lawsuit as well.

The DEA Agent That Targeted Scarface & J. Prince Convicted Of Falsifying Records

Specia agent Chad A. Scott the Drug EnforcementAdmnistrtion(DEA) has been found guilty on two counts perjury, three counts obstruction justice and two counts falsifying government records.

The reason you’ll likely care is because this is the same DEA agent famously aired out by J. Prince and Scarface on multiple occasions as the pair repeatedly accused him corruption.

While he was originally indicted in May, It took a seven-day trial for prosecutors to employ evidence that Scott was guilty such fenses while serving in areas that included New OrleansaandHouston. Among this evidence were clues that pointed toward Scott allegedly having a Houston drug trafficker purchase a Ford truck for $43,000 and turn the vehicle over to him.

Prosecutors say that Scotts falsified paperwork about the seizure, stating that he seized it in New Orleans instead Houston, which allowed for the vehicle to be forfeited and given to him as his ficial mode transportation by the government.

He is set for sentencing that will take place on December 4th.

Scott’s winding road began with a highly-publicized investigation that he and partner Jack Schumacher launched into J.Prince’s Rap-A-Lot Records. Prince has been vocal about Scott and Schumacher’s alleged efforts to take down his label.

Scarface called out Scott on two different songs, mentioning him in Last A Dying Breed cuts “Look In My Eyes” and “The Gangsta Shit.”

“They finally caught one the two DEA agents assigned to take my life over a decade ago,” Prince would pen in an Instagram post following Scott’s indictment. “A decade later the Truth has come to light!!! The very thing I revealed years ago about these two agents, Chad Scott has now been indicted for!”

Nintendo’s New "Dr. Mario World" Game Shows Off Dope Real-Time Multiplayer Options

For those you 90’s babies, you might remember the entertaining as hell, Game Boy and Nintendo game, Dr. Mario, in which you had to stack medicine pills in a Tetris- esque way. Well, if you were a fan Dr. Mario and his antics, you may be delighted to know that the game is returning as an updated Dr. Mario World, and will be coming out for free on iOS and Android devices on July 10th. Ahead its release, however, Nintendo decided to show f what their new multiplayer feature will look like in a trailer.

Players will be able to connect and play against one another through Facebook or Line, where you can see your friend’s progress, send them hearts (which gives you stamina), as well as being able to challenge them to a real-time match. The new game will maintain its original Tetris-like structure, and as viruses are eliminated, an attack gauge will fill up, which will allow you to send those viruses over to your opponent’s way – the more your attack stat is, the more viruses you send over, as well as leveling up your speed and defense stats. We can also see that they have slightly changed the game up a bit too, as brick blocks can appear in the jar, as well as a new virus in the color green. You will also have a variety  classic Mario characters to play with, each equipped with their own specific skill. Princess Peach can remove random rows from the stage and Toad can delete five objects at random on the board.

Prince’s Sister Claims His Estate Will Be Bankrupt By The End Of The Year

Prince’s half-sister, Sharon Nelson, has alleged that the late legend’s estate has been mismanaged by Comerica Bank & Trust. According to Nelson, nearly three years after the brother’s death, his estate will soon be bankrupt due to unsettled disputes between the institution and his heirs.

Nelson tells Billboard that the infighting between the family and Comerica has resulted in “thousands court filings and racked up millions dollars in legal fees, without any money or real estate assets being distributed to the late artist’s beneficiaries.”

Nelson tells the publication that if disputes are not settled, “Prince’s estate will be bankrupt by the end the year.”

Prince's Sister Claims His Estate Will Be Bankrupt By The End Of The Year

Vince Bucci/Getty s

“Prince is not resting in peace while this is going on,” the 79-year-old Nelson says. “He’s very upset what these people have done to his estate. It’s really sad.”

Nelson says that legal costs have become so great for her and other beneficiaries, that they have resorted to preparing their own motions and filings in order to represent themselves in court. Nelson says so far she along with Prince’s other siblings–his full sister Tyka Nelson, his half brothers Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson, John R. Nelson and his other half-sister Norrine Nelson–have racked up $3 million in legal fees.  

“We cannot afford an attorney,” she says. “You walk through the door and it’s $400. Now we write our own affidavits and petitions.”


Tossing Appeal, Federal Judge Orders Former Prince Sound Engineer to Pay $4 Million

For leaking a Prince album, George Ian Boxill must now pay up, whether he wants to or not.

Two years ago, in an act of defiance, George Ian Boxill decided to upload Prince’s previously-unreleased music onto streaming music platforms.

Now, a federal judge has ordered the sound engineer to pay the late singer’s estate $4 million.

In April 2017, Boxill uploaded the Deliverance EP to streaming services.  The sound engineer didn’t have proper authorization from the estate to release his music just a few days early.

Boxill claimed the EP recordings were cut between 2006 and 2008 when both he and Prince had worked together.  In addition, the sound engineer had co-written and co-produced the tracks alongside the late singer.

Last summer, in an arbitration ruling, Boxill was ordered to pay $3.96 million.  He didn’t agree.  So, last October, he filed an appeal.

Boxill claimed the arbitrator had wrongfully “flouted” and ignored copyright law just to punish him.  The engineer accused the arbitrator of misconduct.  According to Boxill, existing copyright law protected him.  He argued the estate’s breach of contract claims and conversion claims weren’t “preempted by copyright law.”

U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina W. Wright disagreed.

In her ruling, she stated the federal court doesn’t have the authority to overrule the arbitrator’s findings over a “manifest disregard of the law.”

Wright also remained unconvinced of Boxill’s argument.  She noted the sound engineer had only filed the appeal over a personal “disagreement” with the arbitrator.

Boxill presents no case law, nor has the court’s research produced any, that supports a conclusion that a party’s mere disagreement with an arbitrator’s decision is proof of misconduct by an arbitrator or amounts to an arbitrator exceeding her authority.

Siding with the Prince estate’s final arbitration award, Wright tossed Boxill’s appeal.  He must now pay the original $3.96 million award along with additional attorney fees and costs related to the appeal.  Boxill must also return all materials obtained through his personal work with the late singer.

You can view below.


Featured image by lylejk (CC by 2.0).

Eddie Murphy Confirmed To Return For "Coming To America 2"

Sequels are ten a miss slightly than they’re successful, particularly when it is a sequel to an older movie. People have been excited for Coming To America 2 because it was introduced, however followers have been weary whether or not Eddie Murphy would return for the main position. Thankfully, Paramount has confirmed that is the case, and on high that, they’re bringing again the movie’s authentic director for the sequel.

Eddie Murphy Confirmed To Return For "Coming To America 2"
Giulio Marcocchi /Getty s

According to Deadline, Coming To America 2 will discover Eddie Murphy returning to his position as Prince Akeem. The comic can be teaming up with Craig Brewer for the movie who he lately labored alongside for Netflix’s Dolemite Is My Name. Murphy was already excited to work with Brewer once more. 

“After a few years anticipation, I’m thrilled that Coming to America 2 is ficially transferring ahead,” Murphy mentioned in an announcement. “We’ve assembled an amazing group that can be led by Craig Brewer, who simply did an incredible job on Dolemite, and I’m wanting ahead to bringing all these basic and beloved characters again to the large display.”

Black-Ish‘s Kenya Barris is at present re-writing a script by the unique writers  Coming To America, Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield.

There is not a begin date for manufacturing but, however they’re hoping to begin this yr.

Coming To America 2 will observe the story Prince Akeem’s return to America after discovering that he has an extended misplaced son. 

Lil Wayne Recalls Wearing His Grandma's Wig To Dress Up As Michael Jackson

Lil Wayne precipitated a stir in late 2018 when he selected Kobe Bryant over Michael Jackson and mentioned that he’d sleep with Nicki Minaj over Rihanna. Following the launch “The Bumbu Room,” Weezy returns with episode two the place he discusses his choice automobiles, his love for Michael Jackson, and the nation with the most effective strippers.

Lil Wayne Recalls Wearing His Grandma's Wig To Dress Up As Michael Jackson
Jerritt Clark/Getty s 

Lil Wayne does not must suppose twice for those who ever ask him who he prefers extra: Michael Jackson or Prince. The “Uproar” rapper defined how his grandmother Mercedes would enable him to rock her wigs whereas he donned a white sock on his hand, pretending to be the King Of Pop.

“I am a Michael Jackson type man, man,” Wayne aspect whereas lighting his blunt. “I dressed up as Michael once I was a child, “I threw a sock on one hand and pretended it was a glove.”

“My grandmother] would let me placed on her wigs and I might simply come up entrance with that one sock and that wig on and we about to Michael Jackson this entire evening on,” he added.

Weezy additionally mentioned his preferences luxurious autos between Beamers, Benz’ or Bentleys. The rapper acknowledged that Benz was his first decide simply because his grandmother’s title. He defined how Baby purchased him a BMW Z3 after he simply bought himself a droptop Benz. Overall, Bentley sits in final place for Wayne just because the primary one he bought shut down on him on the daquiri store. 

Peep episode two “The Bumbu Room” with Lil Wayne beneath.

Netflix Removes "Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj" Episode After Saudi Arabia Intervenes

The Saudi Arabian authorities is not making the case look any higher for themselves on the subject of the suspicious homicide journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian insurgent, who left the nation to change into a journalist in America after the profession positioned him in tough waters again residence. He was a columnist for the Washington Post who was assassinated on the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in October by representatives the Saudi authorities. According to Financial Times, Netflix was pressured to tug an episode  Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj in Saudia Arabia after the federal government intervened. The episode addressed the homicide  Khashoggi, and the obvious involvement Saudi Arabian Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Netflix Removes "Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj" Episode After Saudi Arabia Intervenes
Win McNamee/Getty s

“Netflix confirmed that it had eliminated the episode in Saudi Arabia final week, after the nation’s Communications and Information Technology Commission made a request to take it down as a result of it allegedly violated the dominion’s anti-cyber crime legislation,” Financial Times reported. “Later within the eliminated episode, Mr. Minhaj criticized Silicon Valley for ‘swimming in Saudi money’ and urged tech corporations to cease taking funding from the dominion.”

In response, Netflix instructed Financial Times, “We strongly help creative freedom worldwide and solely eliminated this episode in Saudi Arabia after we had acquired a legitimate authorized request—and to adjust to native legislation.”


Barack Obama's Favorite Songs Of 2018: Cardi B, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Khalid, & More

With 2018 coming to a detailed, we have appeared again in any respect the superb moments we have witnessed in hip-hop this 12 months. From the most inventive music movies to our favourite songs the whole 12 months, we have coated all of the bases. We’re not the one folks reminiscing on all the enjoyable we had in 2018 although. Barack Obama determined to do the identical factor, itemizing f some his favourite inventive achievements from the final 12 months. 

The Forever President shared his lists the very best films, books, and songs to have been launched in 2018 and whereas some picks are apparent, others are extra stunning. To know that Obama listened to your track and thought of it among the many finest the 12 months is kind of the accomplishment and we’re positive there might be loads celebrating tonight for the next artists.

Among Barack’s prime songs, he included tracks by The Carters, J. Cole, Khalid and Normani, H.E.R, Jay Rock, Chance the Rapper, Cardi B and extra. When it involves his favourite films from the 12 months, Black Panther, Roma, BlacKkKlansman, Annihilation, and extra made the listing. Of course, his favourite e book the 12 months belongs to his spouse, Michelle Obama. Shocker.

Check out the complete lists under and tell us the place you suppose he bought it proper.

Fortnite Faces Legal Action for Stealing the 'Carlton Dance' from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Epic Games is in hassle once more over the depiction of a preferred dance inside its Fortnite recreation.

The actor who portrayed Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has sued each Epic and 2K Games for that includes his signature dance of their video games.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s iconic ‘Carlton Dance’ bled into popular culture within the 90s.  It’s presently featured in World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2, although neither of these recreation publishers (Activision Blizzard and Valve) have been sued.

The Worst Passwords Of 2018 Are Completely Unsurprising

The password managing firm Splash Data has has give you a record that makes the world’s future prospects look much more grim than they already did. Although the annual “100 worst passwords” is the type record that nobody thought we wanted, it is right here now, similar to Merriam-Webster phrase the 12 months and so, let’s examine what it tells us. Here are the highest 25: 

1. 123456
2. password
three. 123456789
four. 12345678
5. 12345
6. 111111
7. 1234567
eight. sunshine
9. qwerty
10. iloveyou
11. princess
12. admin
13. welcome
14. 666666
15. abc123
16. soccer
17. 123123
18. monkey
19. 654321
20. !@#$%^&
21. charlie
22. aa123456
23. donald
24. password1
25. qwerty123

The very first thing that jumps out is how this record is sort of precisely the identical as final 12 months’s. People could change in huge methods, however in these small, day-to-day duties life administration, folks simply cannot be bothered. After scandals Russian tampering in elections and bank card hacking on large scales, you would possibly suppose that folks would smarten up and transfer on from “password” (possibly attempt the refined however genius different “notpassword”) or “123456.” Apparently not. There are some surprises, although. Take “sunshine” at quantity eight, for one, or the password republicans-in-denial throughout the US at quantity 23: “donald.”

The folks at Splash Data put collectively a video that illustrates some the extra shocking entries on the record. Watch it beneath:

Stan Lee's Cause Of Death Revealed

Today, a leaked picture Stan Lee’s dying certificates has confirmed his trigger dying. As we so ten do, with superstar deaths, the specifics  Stan Lee’s dying have come leaked and far later than the the day he died. Thankfully, although, Lee’s dying appears a peaceable one. Unlike so many current superstar deaths the place there’s fentanyl concerned (Mac Miller, Prince, Demi Lovato, who truly survived), Lee’s passing is about as shut as you may get to ‘pure causes.’

The doc, which you’ll view right here, cites Cardiac Arrest because the “fast trigger,” with respiratory failure and congestive coronary heart failure entered because the “underlying trigger,” that means a “illness or harm that initiated the occasions leading to dying.” These causes are all strictly in-the-moment although. The over-arching illness that Lee had been having an on-and-f battle with was “aspiration pneumonia” which is, in keeping with Healthline, “a complication pulmonary aspiration. Pulmonary aspiration is whenever you inhale meals, abdomen acid, or saliva into your lungs. You may also aspirate meals that travels again up out of your abdomen to your esophagus.” When they go into the lungs, “these items might carry micro organism that have an effect on your lungs.” If you will have wholesome lungs it is not an enormous drawback, but when they’re older and extra brittle, “pneumonia can develop as a complication.”

Lee was 95 when he died on November 12th. 


Prince Estate Moves to Secure $four Million In Damages Over an Unauthorized Release

Prince’s property filed a federal lawsuit towards producer Ian Boxill only a day after Prince’s track known as ‘Deliverance’ dropped.

The property has now requested that the decide order Boxill at hand over $three,960,287.65 as damages for the unauthorized launch.

In August, an arbitrator dominated that Boxill had breached his contract with Prince.  Damages of $three million will cowl the price of that breach, whereas the remainder will go to cowl bills and legal professional charges.