Kodak Black Appeals "Harsh" Prison Sentencing

Kodak Black is challenging his three-and-a-half-year prison sentence for lying in order to purchase firearms, as he claims that he was sentenced under the guidelines for a convicted criminal, which he technically is not. In the appeal papers filed on February 12th, Kodak has argued that the judge who ordered his sentencing made the mistake using what he contends to be the wrong sentencing guidelines. Kodak believe that the guidelines that the judge abided by to sentence him were reserved for convicted felons; however, Kodak avoided this label when he pled “no contest” in a previous case, thus his lawyers note that these specific, harsher guidelines shouldn’t have applied to him in the sentencing for this case.

Kodak Black Appeals "Harsh" Prison SentencingFrazer Harrison/Getty s

The previous case for which Kodak pled “no contest” involved strong-arm robbery charges in Florida. Due to his plea, the courts declined to convict him, which allowed him to keep his civil rights and made him eligible to have the case sealed. Since he was never convicted in this case, then, he shouldn’t have been sentenced under the guidelines for convicts.

Kodak Black Appeals "Harsh" Prison SentencingTheo Wargo/Getty s for TIDAL

His current case occurred last fall when he was charges for making a false statement in the acquisition a firearm after he tried to purchase a semiautomatic weapon from a firearms dealer. Kodak took a plea deal and was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison and three years probation. He has since spoken out about the inhumane treatment to which he and other inmates have been subjected, even alleging that he was locked in a bathroom on one occasion and drugged by guards on another.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Barclays Shooting: Gunman Sentenced

Tekashi 6ix9ine was sentenced late last year for his crimes as part the Nine Trey Bloods gang but the shooting that occurred at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, stemming from a dispute between his team and Casanova’s, still went unresolved. That changed today after it was reported that the gunman who fired shots in the corridors the arena had been sentenced in court. 

Fuguan “Fubanger” Lovick, the man who rang f one shot as 6ix9ine and Casanova’s teams were arguing, has ficially been sentenced for his role in the Barclays Center shooting. According to Complex, the 41-year-old was present in Judge Paul Engelmayer’s courtroom today where he was informed that he would be spending the next eighty-five months in prison. While reviewing the case, a minimum sentence eighty-four months was issued after Lovick entered a guilty plea for discharging a firearm in relation to a crime violence. It was suggested that an additional six months to a year be added to the man’s sentence but, in the end, the judge handed him simply one extra month.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Barclays Shooting: Gunman Sentenced
Shareif Ziyadat/Wire/Getty s

Once Lovick gets out prison, he will be on supervised release for three years and one  his terms states that he cannot be in contact with any members the Nine Trey Blood gang. We will continue to keep you posted on any new developments regarding 6ix9ine and his former associates.

Teacher Allegedly Molests 15-Year-Old Boy While Her Own Child Was Home

A middle school teacher in Louisiana has been arrested for molesting a 15-year-old student, as reported by Complex.

Ellarea Silva, who teaches at Northwestern Middle School in Zachary, sent the boy pictures and videos herself and reportedly had with him “eight or nine times.” The boy wanted to go public with what she did, but she told him not to “due to how his disclosure would affect her career and her family.”

Silva brought the boy over to have  while her own child was at home.

In a statement acquired by WAFB 9Zachary Schools Superintendent Scott Devillier said, “The Zachary Police Department and the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office have been handling this investigation. Immediately, when it was brought to our attention, we reported it to law enforcement and placed the employee on administrative leave. No one is covering up anything, nor sweeping anything under the rug. We are following the law, and I am unable to comment beyond this information.

“Detectives are requesting that parents students who may have had contact with Silva talk to their children about their interactions with her and contact ZPD detectives at 225-654-9393 if they believe their child was victimized.”

Silva’s bond is set at $225,000.

Longest Drug-Smuggling Tunnel Ever Discovered At U.S.- Mexico Border

President’s Trump’s infamous border wall design might have been trumped on Wednesday when U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced the discovery a sophisticated underground passageway connecting Tijuana, Mexico, to San Diego, TX. Stretching for over 4,309 feet — more than 14 football fields — and buried 70 feet below the surface, the tunnel, built for transporting contraband substances, is equipped with an elevator, an intricate rail system, electricity, forced air ventilation and drainage. According to the authorities, it is the longest ever cross-border drug tunnel to be found after a 2,966-foot-long one was unearthed in San Diego in 2014.

Trump’s border wall design, which extends only a few feet below the surface appears ineffective against such deep, subterranean passageways, and mainly helps to keep smaller, crudely-built tunnels, ten called “gopher holes,” at bay. More than 200 cross-border tunnels have been discovered near California and Arizona since the department Customs and Border Protection was formed in 2003.

Following Wednesday’s discovery, John Callery, a DEA special agent issued a statement: “As efforts to strengthen security on our southern border increase, Mexican drug cartels are forced underground to smuggle their deadly drugs into the United States. The sophistication this tunnel demonstrates the determination and monetary resources the cartels.” 

No arrests were made or drugs found and although authorities didn’t want to speculate about who they suspected being behind the tunnel, Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, known to be one the largest drug-trafficking organizations in the world, operates in the area. Its founder and long-time leader, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, is serving life in prison in the U.S. 

Nicki Minaj's Brother Sentenced to 25 Years For Child Rape

Rapper Nicki Minaj’s brother is facing life in prison after a judge sentenced him for child ual assault.

A judge convicted Jelani Maraj of predatory ual assault and child endangerment back in 2017. The victim testified during his trial that Maraj repeatedly raped her in 2015, while her mother was working.

Prosecutors presented DNA evidence recovered from the victim’s pajama pants, linking Maraj. The girl’s younger brother also gave testimony at the trial as a witness to the assault.

Maraj appealed the conviction in 2018, suggesting jury misconduct. A judge ruled in October 2019 that the defense did not meet the necessary burden of proof for that allegation.

In court on Monday, Maraj admitted to having a problem with and asked for a second chance. He appeared stoic in the Long Island courtroom before learning his fate.

Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Robert McDonald castigated Maraj for his ual abuse. “You raped this child. You raped her over and over again,” the judge said before handing down the sentence. It comes more than two years after a guilty verdict for the abuse in 2015.

Nicki Minaj did not appear in court to support her older sibling. However, his lawyer did read a 2016 letter from the singer in a bid for a lighter sentence. The rapper referred to her brother as “the most patient, gentle, genuine, giving selfless man I know.”

Maraj seemed contrite as he pleaded for mercy during his sentencing, though he maintained his innocence.

“I’d like to apologize for the pain that I caused. I had an excessive drinking problem,” Maraj told the court. He asked for mercy from the court before his victim spoke.

The victim is Maraj’s former stepdaughter, and she alleges she was repeatedly raped in 2015. “I didn’t think I could make it through the day without an anxiety attack,” she said. “I felt I had no voice.” At the time, Maraj denied allegations and claimed the story was fake to extort his sister.

Maraj’s lawyer plans to appeal the most recent ruling.

6ix9ine Denied Home Confinement Request

6ix9ine will remain behind bars.

A federal judge has denied the rapper’s motion to serve his 24 months under home confinement. On Tuesday, Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled that Tekashi must remain in jail for the remaining 10 months of his sentence.

“The Court’s determination was, and is, that a 24-month prison sentence is necessary in this case,” wrote Engelmayer. “A shorter sentence would disserve the assembled [factors], including that Mr. Hernandez’s sentence reflect the seriousness of his crimes.”

According to TMZ, Tekashi requested home confinement out of fear for his safety. He is concerned that he may be harmed by members of the Bloods, the same gang he testified against in order to receive a reduced sentence.

The judge acknowledged that the private jail where Tekashi remains doesn’t have the rehabilitative programs of other facilities, but said that granting his request would “eliminate the remaining prison component of his sentence in favor of lesser forms of confinement.”

Tekashi had been facing a minimum of 47 years behind bars on racketeering and firearm charges, which was reduced to two years. He has already served 14 months, which will count toward his sentence. Upon his release, he will be on supervised release for five years, and will have to complete 300 hours of community service and pay a $35,000 fine.

Tekashi’s attorney plans to appeal the decision.

OJ Simpson Blasts MLB Hall Of Fame Voter Who Snubbed Derek Jeter

Ever since being released from prison a few years ago, OJ Simpson has been doing his best to keep a low prile while out in public. It wasn’t until recently that the former NFL player began making Twitter videos where he gives his opinion on a wide range topics including politics, sports, and fantasy football. Yesterday, Simpson was particularly perturbed after it was revealed that Derek Jeter was one vote shy unanimously making it to the Baseball Hall Fame. Many have been trying to figure out who the voter was and some are even calling for them to be banned from voting.

Simpson seems to be one the voices as he took to Twitter to condemn the anonymous voter. As Simpson explained, Jeter’s talent and impact on the sport are undeniable which makes it crazy for him not to be voted unanimously. Simpson thinks the writer should have his voting right revoked. 

He also suggested the writer might be Boston considering Red Sox fans hate those who played for the Yankees. Either way, Simpson is upset and wants to see some kind justice here. 

Simpson also spoke about the Super Bowl and how he is betting on the San Francisco 49ers. Clearly, OJ has some strong opinions when it comes to the world sports. 

Report: Officer Who Was Slapped By Odell Beckham Jr. Will Not Press Charges

The ficer whose butt was slapped by Odell Beckham Jr. does not plan on pressing charges, according to NOLA.com.

Earlier this week, an arrest warrant was filed for Beckham after he slapped an ficer following the College Football Playf National Championship. He was in the locker room LSU, his alma mater, which had just beaten Clemson to win the championship. The ficer was warning players to stop smoking cigars inside when Beckham slapped his butt.

On Friday, the ficer reportedly signed an affidavit stating he does not plan to press charges.

According to CBS, Louisiana statute 14.34.2 mandates that those guilty simple battery a police ficer “shall be fined not more than $500 and imprisoned not less than fifteen days nor more than six months without benefit suspension sentence.”

The Browns have released a statement regarding the situation: “We are aware the incident and have been in contact with Odell and his representatives on the matter. They are cooperating with the proper authorities to appropriately address the situation,” said a spokesperson.

Beckham was also seen handing out cash to players immediately after the game. That incident is currently under investigation by LSU, the NCAA and the SEC.

Lawsuit Alleges Jeffrey Epstein Was Trafficking Young Girls In 2018

While Jeffrey Epstein supposedly committed suicide in order to avoid going to trial, the criminal case behind his acts and the evidence continues to find its way to surface. In a new lawsuit filed by Virgin Islands Attorney-General Denise N. George, Jeffrey Epstein and his associates were abusing women and underaged girls on his private Caribbean Little St. James island less than two years before his untimely death. 

Lawsuit Alleges Jeffrey Epstein Was Trafficking Young Girls In 2018
Stephanie Keith/Getty s

In the lawsuit obtained by The New York Times, the documentation states “Epstein clearly used the Virgin Islands and his residence in the U.S. Virgin Islands at Little Saint James as a way to be able to conceal and to be able to expand his activity here.”

The lawsuit filed against the Epstein estate details that the former financier and convicted fender participated in the ual abuse and exploitation numerous women and girls on his private island, some which as young as eleven-years-old. Further evidence obtained in the case was a computer database that tracked his victims that would arrive on the island boat or helicopter. 

The suit also details the event where a victim attempted to escape the island by swimming away after being forced to perform acts with a number Epstein’s affiliates. 

Attorney-General George also commented, “We will not remain complacent, and we will enforce our laws whatever way we can. It doesn’t matter the social status the person. It’s that the laws apply equally.”

According to The Times, the lawsuit is demanding that Epstein estate forfeit the ownership the island as well as dissolve the companies associated with the Virgin Islands territory. The assets on the island are estimated to be worth approximately $500 million. 

As the grim details Jeffrey Epstein’s impending criminal case surface, the more disturbing the harsh reality the affluent businessman’s actions have been leading up to the very moments he decided to take his own life. Stick with HNHH as more details in the Jeffrey Epstein saga are revealed. 

Jay-Z Sues the State of Mississippi On Behalf of 29 Prisoners

Jay-Z has made good on his promise to sue Mississippi for its treatment of prisoners. The lawsuit names two Mississippi state officials in charge of the prison system as defendants.

The rap mogul is suing these two individuals on behalf of 29 prisoners. The prisoners say the defendants did nothing to curb deadly violence that left five inmates dead over the last two weeks. Defendants DOC Commissioner Pelicia Hall and Mississippi State Penitentiary Superintendent Marshall Turner are named in the lawsuit.

Jay-Z’s lawyer Alex Spiro filed the lawsuit at the U.S. District Court in Greenville, Mississippi.

“These deaths are a direct result of Mississippi’s utter disregard for the people it has incarcerated and their constitutional rights,” the lawsuit reads. “We cannot treat people this way, and it’s time to do something about it.”

The Mississippi Department of Corrections declined to release a statement about the lawsuit. Jay-Z promised to take up the legal fight after sending a letter to the Mississippi governor.

In the letter, Jay-Z and Yo Gotti say they are preparing “to pursue all potential avenues to obtain relief for people living in Mississippi’s prisons.”

Jay-Z’s and its philanthropic arm are behind the lawsuit. The rapper founded the entertainment agency in 2008 and commonly took up local causes.

The lawsuit explicitly mentions three prison inmates who were killed this year in a Mississippi state prison. All three were stabbing deaths, with all three victims dying days later. Two inmates received multiple stab wounds at night, while another received wounds fighting the next day.

Violence in the prison system is just one issue Jay-Z has tackled with Team Roc. While corrections officials state there is a zero-tolerance for violence, it continues behind bars. A 2014 investigation found that Mississippi’s prisons are subject to “gang rule.”

Coldplay Announces Hollywood Show To Benefit Prison Reform

After previously that they would stop touring until concerts are “environmentally beneficial,” Coldplay announced that they would perform at a benefit concert for prison reform.

In an Instagram post, the band said that they would be performing “an intimate show” for fans, which will take place at the Hollywood Palladium. The show will happen on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 20.

The band is donating all proceeds from the show to Reform LA Jails. This is a prison reform initiative specifically focusing on the state of California. Also performing at the show will be rappers Boogie and Bobby Gonz.

The show will further feature a pair of guest speakers: Patrisse Cullors-Brignac, who is the co-founder of Black Lives Matter and the founder of Reform LA Jails, and America Ferrera, who is an actress and the co-founder of Harness. The latter organization unites artists and activists in efforts that they hope will advance social justice.

The band is additionally encouraging those who would like to attend the show to register with Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program.

Fans can register with the program through January 15. Those chosen will then get a code that will let them buy tickets at a fair price. Purchasing will begin on January 17 at 1 p.m. ET.

The band has a long history of social activism. In their early days, they were known to give 10% of their profits to charity, and they reportedly continue to do so today.

Among the causes that they have supported in the past include:

  • Amnesty International
  • Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign
  • Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday
  • The Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Kids Company
  • Artists’ Project Earth
  • Make Poverty History

But not all their efforts have been without controversy. Facebook in 2011 reportedly removed an anti-Israel post of theirs that the platform considered abusive.

Michael B. Jordan Has Finally Moved Out Of His Parents Home

Michael B. Jordan has kicked f the new decade is a major way since the 32-year-old Creed actor is no longer living with his parents after moving out the California home he shared with his mom and dad. Michael recently paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss the latter and his film Just Mercy that he’s all kinds proud to be a part . 

Michael B. Jordan Has Finally Moved Out Of His Parents Home
John Phillips/Getty s 

“It happened!” Michael told Ellen and the audience. “It’s good. It’s nice. I’m pretty sure they saged the entire house when I left. Like, they lit incense and bleached it down and got rid all me and then I got a place.” He detailed how his new home is close enough for him to make it Sunday dinners and keep their close bond. 

On the topic his Just Mercy film, starring Jamie Foxx, that follows a civil rights lawyer who takes on a case an innocent death row prisoner, Michael said he wanted to play the role since the story is so “timely.” 

“It takes place 30 years ago, but it could have been yesterday,” he said. “That’s what made me really want to get behind this project and put it on the biggest platform possible to get as many people to see this thing because it’s a human thing at this point, you know? It’s the humanity element it all.”

6ix9ine’s Kidnapper Plea To Toss Guilty Verdict Shut Down: Report

 The trial Tekashi 6ix9ine may have come to an end but there are a few defendants in the case who are aiming to overturn their conviction. Among them is Anthony “Harv” Ellison who was convicted kidnapping 6ix9ine in 2018, among other charges. He’s demanded that the court throw out the guilty verdict alleging 6ix9ine’s testimony was filled with lies over the three days he took the stand, especially when it came down to his time with Nine Trey as well as the kidnapping itself.

According to PageSix, the judge has shot down Ellison’s attempt at having the conviction overturned. The Manhattan judge wrote to Ellison that the jurors believed the testimony made by Tekashi during the trial.

“The evidence Ellison’s commission this crime was overwhelming,” the judge began. “Ellison’s argument as to Hernandez’s ostensible lack credibility on the kidnapping count is particularly unpersuasive,” the judge continued. 

Ellison’s theory that he had colluded with Hernandez to stage a fake kidnapping was unsupported by any evidence at trial,” the judge wrote. “And Ellison, who was in a position to attest as to his circumstances surrounding that incident — including, if true, that it was a staged, and not actual, kidnapping — elected not to testify.”

Ellison’s sentencing is set for February 26th. We will keep you updated on any news pertaining to Ellison’s court date. 

Rich Music CEO Sentenced to Five Years in Prison on Wire Fraud Charges

A judge has sentenced Rich Mendez, who is the CEO of Rich Music, to five years in federal prison for wire fraud.

Rich Music is one of the top Latin labels in the United States. Last year, it was No. 7 on Billboard’s Top Latin labels chart.

In a 2015 indictment, the federal government said Mendez and 7 other people were “engaged in a scheme to fraudulently induce timeshare property owners to send them money.”

Mendez will begin serving his sentence January 8 at Miami’s Federal Correctional Institution, which is considered a low-security facility. Interestingly, the government will allow him to run Rich Music while he serves in prison. He will do this in conjunction with his son Josh Mendez, who is also the company’s COO.

He may even get out of jail in less than five years, thanks to a newly enacted law called First Step Act. This lets federal prisoners participate in various programs that can result in a reduction of sentence.

Rich Music’s artists include the following:

  • Sech
  • Dalex
  • Justin Quiles
  • Dímelo Flow

Sech has had nine songs on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, including “Otro Trago,” which reached No. 1.

Mendez issued a statement to Billboard about his situation.

He said, “Josh is going to do a hell of the job running the company, and I’ll still help run the company. I don’t want this to affect anything that has to do with the company. At the end of the day the company and the business should stand for itself.”

Phil Reizenstein, who is Rich Music’s general counsel, also issued a statement. He said, “Everybody is committed, and the artists are all aware of this so we are prepared. He [Mendez] employs 40 people and we expect to double that next year. We are not going to let anybody down.”

Baton Rouge Teen Arrested For Ripping Open Boyfriend’s Testicle Sac

You know those times when you come home in a foul mood and you inadvertently take it out on your partner and end up tearing open his testicle sac? Me neither, but believe or not, there are people out there who do – or at least one person. On Tuesday (Dec. 31), Baton Rouge ficers arrested 18-year-old Corey Jones for committing this particular crime.

According to the police report, the New Year’s Eve incident in the 8500 block Leake Avenue involved Jones returning home from having a “bad day at work”, which lead to him getting in a verbal argument with his boyfriend. The verbal argument heated up so Jones’ boyfriend locked himself in the bedroom. The victim claimed that Jones then entered the room and charged him, but Jones denied this detail. In response to the victim pushing Jones away, Jones allegedly grabbed the victim’s testicles (Jones fessed up to doing this). A physical struggle ensued and the victim’s testicle sac was torn open, leaving a significant laceration. Investigators wrote in the report that the injury will likely require stitches and leave a permanent scar.

Jones was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a charge domestic abuse battery with serious bodily injury.