Aaron Schlossberg May Lose Law License After Racist Rant Goes Viral

Aaron Schlossberg is having the week from hell. YouTuber Willie Morris uploaded footage their run-in. The high-prile attorney was also filmed berating employees at Fresh Kitchen for speaking Spanish and not English, and subsequently passed around Social Media. Schlossberg issued threats deportation, he also referred to an employee as “an ugly fucking foreigner.” His actions have resulted in many grave repercussions, including so we’re told, an eviction from his rented fice space. A full rundown the original video is available here.

According to ABC7, the plan is to kick him to the curb. Twitter have taken to the story on a major scale. One user started a GoFundMe page with the intention accruing funds to send a mariachi band & taco truck to the front steps  his NY fice, with those privileges still in tact. Another campaign has seen users flood his Yelp account with 1-Star ratings, resulting in the page being taken down while moderators assess the relevance each post.

To make matter worse, Congressman Adriano Espaillat has filed a formal complaint against Schlossberg’s behaviour. If the appeal comes to pass, Aaron Schlossberg could stand to lose his admission to practice law in the United States. It’s probably for the best, the Supreme Court can always do without one less scoundrel. Cheers to that.