Six Flags St. Louis Is Giving Away Prizes To Guests Who Spend 30 Hours In A Coffin

Halloween is creeping up on us, which in my head implies that 2019 is correct across the nook. Before we go away 2018 up to now although, we’ve got a whole vacation season to drink, rejoice, and be merry. Or probably, get locked in a cfin. Six Flags St. Louis has launched their “Cfin Challenge,” which asks members to remain in a cfin for 30 hours. 

The 30 hour requirement is in celebration the 30th yr Fright Fest. According to CBS News, the problem will happen from 1 PM Saturday, October 13 till 7 PM on Sunday, October 14. Participants can take hourly rest room breaks, however can be pressured again into the cfin after relieving themselves. Cfin goers can even invite a good friend to present them assist, however Six Flags warns contestants that they need to “courageous the non-operating hours alone.” Six Flags will present meals, small snacks, and mobile phone chargers for contestants, who’re allowed to make use of their telephones whereas within the cfin. Participants are additionally inspired to convey their very own pillows and blankets. Honestly, this does not sound like that tough a problem at this level. I can play on my telephone for hours anyway. Winners get to maintain the cfin, will obtain two 2019 Gold Season passes, and all of the winners can be entered right into a drawing to assert $300. Other unspecified park prizes will even be included. 

McDonald's McGold Card Offers Contest Winner Free Food For Life

Maybe I’m getting old, but didn’t we watch Morgan Spurlock almost die after eating McDonald’s for a month in Super Size Me? It appears that all memory that documentary has been wiped, because McDonald’s lovers are going crazy over a new competition that will award one winner free food for life. McDonald’s recently released a new ad for their “McGold Card,” which is like the Black Card fast food. The card is actually a gold plated phone case that will be awarded to the competition’s winner. 

As you would expect, there’s a ton fine print that goes along with the “free food for life” card. The winner will receive a gift card the McDonald’s app with $1,000 that can be used to get the food. The winner will also receive $35,400 cash plus $15,600 to fset taxes on the prize. The monetary prize represents the “free food,” with McDonald’s calculating the cost “up to two meals per week for fifty (50) years” as the aforementioned cash pot. Here are the full details McDonald’s:

“One (1) prize is available to be won. The winner, subject to verification, will receive McDonald’s food for Life (for the winner only), up to two meals per week for 50 years, awarded as a $1,000 credit on winner’s McDonald’s App and $35,400 cash, plus $15,600 to fset taxes on the prize, awarded as a check for $51,000. Winner will also receive a custom gold-plated phone case. Total ARV: $52,350. Winner may choose a cash alternative $1,000 in lieu $1,000 App credit, added to check. The Sweepstakes Entities make no representation or warranty that the amount included to help pay taxes will be sufficient to pay winner’s entire tax liability.”

Justin Timberlake & Fox Team Up For New Game Show "Spin The Wheel"

Justin Timberlake is looking to keep his money stream going by producing a new game show that has been picked up by Fox. According to Variety, the game show will be centered around an enormous wheel filled with cash prizes. Entitled Spin The Wheel, contestants must fight to keep their money from dwindling strategically. Each spin leads to a question that can open a cash prize, but wedges are placed along the wheel that turns the process into somewhat a maze. Contestants can lose everything if their money ends up in the wrong portion the wheel/maze. Dax Shepard is set to host the series. “I can’t think a better job than giving out millions dollars to nice people,” stated Shepard. “It’s my chance to finally be Willy Wonka.”

Fox’s President Alternative Entertainment and Specials Rob Wade relayed the network’s confidence in Shepard and Timberlake. “This show is massive on so many levels and has the ability to change people’s lives. We have a charismatic and hilarious host in Dax, an uber-producer in Andrew, an insanely creative global superstar in Justin, and one the biggest prizes in primetime history. We can’t wait to Spin the Wheel.”

McDonald’s Monopoly Was Once Rigged By An Inside Man Who Won For Twelve Years

Jerome Jacobson orchestrated a multi-million dollar master plan, and it was all based around McDonald’s popular Monopoly promotion. Jacobson and his story have faded away in the minds Americans. He was arrested in 2001 and charged with conspiracy, and Jacobson spent three years in prison paying for his sins. A recent recap the scandal published by Daily Beast has brought the story back to life. 

Jacobson worked for Simon Marketing in the late 80’s, and while employed with the company he devised the great scheme. Simon Marketing was the company behind the McDonald’s Monopoly game, and Jacobson was the director security. His job was to transport the peel f tickets from their production site to packaging factories, where they would be placed on fry cartons, beverage cups, and food containers. In 1989, Jacobson pulled f his first McDonald’s Monopoly heist by stealing a game piece worth $25,000 and giving it to his brother-in-law Marvin Braun. From that point forward Jacobson realized he struck gold. 

Jacobson created a vest that could secretly hide the tickets, and he would switch out rare and winning tickets with common ones while in transport. He was followed by an auditor, and so Jacobson would run to the bathroom and switch out the tickets in privacy while in the airport traveling to the packaging factories. Soon, he set up a criminal network that included mobsters, psychics, drug traffickers, and strip club owners. Jacobson began selling rare pieces, such as Boardwalk (which has a 1 in 500 million chance being found), or winning pieces that awarded the owner the $1 million grand prize. 

After over a decade selling the game pieces, someone snitched. The FBI received a random tip about the operation, and they performed several sting operations to unearth the scandal. The paper trail was enormous, and in August 2001, eight people including Jacobson were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. 52 people connected to the scandal were indicted in total. 

"Fortnite" Summer Skirmish eSports Tournament Will Award $8 Million Over 8 Weeks

Fortnite has grown to become a worldwide addiction. The game may be free to play, but microtransactions give developer Epic Games an unlimited stream prit. Fortnite has earned the company hundreds millions dollars, so it was no surprise when Epic Games announced that they would be starting an eSports tournament with one hundred million dollars in prize money. Although it is not a part the proposed Fortnite World Cup, an eSports tournament begun today that will continue on throughout the summer. 

Dubbed “Summer Skirmish,” the tournament has an $8 million prize pool that will be dispersed over an eight week period. Today, some the most talented gamers in the world competed in a $250,000 duos tournament. The matches began this afternoon, and 50 competing teams will play in 10 separate matches. Teams are still competing in the matches currently. The first team to win two matches wins this weeks part the tournament. The winner match one was Team Liquid’s Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan and Ryan “Chap” Chaplo. The second match was won by “NotVivid” and Kevin “Kevie1” Bed. The Summer Skirmish matches will be live streamed on both the ficial Fortnite Twitch and YouTube channels. Watch a live stream the event below.