Ray Rice Wants To Help Kareem Hunt Flip The Script

It did not take lengthy for Kareem Hunt to search out an ally in Ray Rice, an ex-NFLer who understands his predicament all too properly. To recap: Hunt was met with all-consuming NFL sanction which coincided with him shedding his job Kansas City Chiefs. This all occurred with hours a video leak depicting him brutally kicking a 19-year outdated who was later dissuaded by police ficers to not press costs. It was solely till TMZ leaked the footage, that Kareem Hunt’s assault on the 19-year outdated lady grew to become public information, prompting the NFL to react instantly, given the precedent set by Ray Rice and different previous fenders.

Ray Rice has carried out quite a bit soul-searching since he was caught on digicam assaulting his home accomplice. Since the closure his NFL profession, Rice has turn out to be very concerned with A Call To Men, a corporation that goals to eradicate the situations that favor poisonous male conduct, like that demonstrated by Kareem Hunt within the surveillance video.

“Peer-to-peer, I’d undoubtedly attempt to assist him determine,” Rice informed NFL.com his plans to get in contact with Kareem Hunt. “Because he has a protracted life to reside, this can be a defining second, but it surely shouldn’t be the second that defines you. For me, I simply see you may have a protracted life to reside and that doesn’t imply simply taking part in soccer — it is advisable to simply reside sooner or later at a time.”

Justin Bieber's Car Breaks Down While On A Date With Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have been inseparable since they rekindled their relationship. The two lovebirds have been spotted canoodling all around New York City together, packing on an ample amount PDA. Over the weekend, Bieber and Baldwin continued their love fest as they were spotted travelling to the Hamptons to bask in necessary seaside respite; however, their commute effectively resulted in an unforeseen blunder. 

The “Love Yourself” crooner and his model girlfriend were cruising in his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG when the vehicle unexpectedly broke down in the middle an intersection. Bieber and Baldwin ejected themselves from the car’s gull doors and waited for a tow truck to come and retrieve their luxury automobile. 

In the meantime, Bieber helped direct traffic until his problem was promptly dealt with. 

The police eventually arrived and helped the superstar couple get back en route to their destination.