Elon Musk Doesn't Think Apple Is Making Happy Products Anymore

When you consider the primary iPod and the merchandise that adopted such because the Nano and the Shuffle and all of the iPhones and the options that received higher and higher every time, it is seemingly gotten to some extent the place every new improve is not as thrilling because it as soon as was. Tesla creator and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk talked in regards to the latter with Recode, detailing how Apple is not making the identical strides in expertise they as soon as had been. 

“There usually are not many merchandise you should purchase that actually make you happier,” Elon instructed the publication. “And so Apple did that for a very long time, I nonetheless suppose, clearly, that Apple makes nice telephones …] I nonetheless use an iPhone and all the things. But Apple used to actually carry out merchandise that might blow folks’s minds, you recognize? “

Elon continues to be a giant fan Apple, do not get him unsuitable, however he does not actually “suppose individuals are essentially working to the shop for the iPhone 11,” he added, shouting out his personal firm: “But I feel with Tesla, we actually need to make merchandise that individuals simply love, which are heart-stopping.” 

Tyler, The Creator just lately crashed his Tesla and shouted out Elon for making a sturdy whip that saved his life. “Thanks Elon for the extreme airbags u a qt,” Tyler wrote.

iPhone XR's "R" Doesn't Stand For Anything In Particular

In a stunning twist, it seems that the additional letters that Apple makes use of when naming their merchandise do not really imply something. We all assumed it however now we have gotten the ficial affirmation. Complex dissected a brand new interview that Apple’s senior VP worldwide advertising and marketing, Phil Schiller, carried out with Engadget when he confirmed that the additional letters being added to the tip current product names actually do not imply something.

The new iPhones being launched this week will not be too completely different from their predecessor, the iPhone X. In truth, some have complained that the corporate is solely releasing the identical cellphone with a unique identify. Of course, some the specs have modified and the digital camera seems to be even higher high quality than earlier than, however one the largest adjustments is the identify. The introduction the iPhone XS and iPhone XR a couple of weeks in the past got here throughout a significant announcement from Tim Cook and Apple however Schiller explains that the additional letters actually imply nothing of their names. He stated the letters “by no means stand for one thing particular” earlier than elaborating, “I really like vehicles and issues that go quick, and R and S are each letters used to indicate sport vehicles which can be actually additional particular.”

The full interview could be learn right here. The formal launch date for the iPhone XR is October 26.

Review: Ultimate Ears UE Live With Bluetooth

Review: Ultimate Ears UE Live With Bluetooth

Rating: 8/10

Pros: Outstanding sound quality! Bluetooth adds convenience and the battery system on the wireless is novel.

Cons: The price tag. Poor microphone wind resistance makes these unusable for outdoor phone calls.

The Ultimate Ears UE Live

A couple of months ago, Ultimate Ears sent me a pair of their brand new UE Live headphones in exchange for a fair and honest review. This is my first time getting to review a pair of their headphones that have Bluetooth so part of review is specifically about that.

The UE Live is now the flagship model for Ultimate Ears. In doing A/B tests with the previous flagship, the UE 18 Pro pair, it is immediately noticeable that the new model’s name is much less of a mouthful….

Onto the sound quality!

Sound Quality:

These sound great! But, is that a surprise? These are $2,400 headphones so they are made for a very specific type of user. People who are very focused on audio fidelity and also have a need for on-stage in ear monitors. The Bluetooth option is not going to be suited for live usage. I think there is still a risk of latency and signal interruption that can be detrimental to a precise live performance, so the Bluetooth is really geared at the casual listener.

The UE Lives are a massive improvement in sound quality compared to the model the previous flagship, the UE 18 Pro. The bass is tighter and there is so much more shimmer to the treble. All of this without washing out the midrange. The sound stage has opened up considerably. One of the downsides of the previous iterations was that I felt that low, mid and high frequencies were in constant competition instead of cohesively forming a great overall experience.

I remember comparing the sound quality of the UE 18s to my Grado GR8 in ear headphones.  And while I could objectively state that UE 18s were delivering a higher fidelity, I had preferred the sound coming through the Grados. I had determined this was due to the number of drivers that the UE’s had. That there were so many they that they were effectively competing for my attention when compared to the singular driver in the Grado headphones. The singular drivers created an experience more akin to over-the-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and even stereo speakers than the somewhat jumbled feeling UE 18s.

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I am very happy to say that this is no longer the case.

The UE Live headphones deliver a mind meltingly pleasurable listening experience that feels more organic than any of their previous models.

I guess more driver and quality improvements were the answer because I am not finding that the varying frequencies have to compete with one another on the new model. They do not sound ‘jumbled’ and I feel they provide a far better representation of headphones that deserve to cost thousand(s) of dollars.

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

The Weeknd is fering fans the chance to own one-time only apparel based around his My Dear Melancholy album. The merch drop will only be available for 4 whole days. The 7-piece collection comes replete with memorable lyrics and artwork associated with the EP. The aforementioned elements will be cut and sewn together by hand, including a custom vest entirely outfitted by Levi Strauss & Co. All images have been provided by The Weeknd’s publicist the artist’s own portfolio.

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

 The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection


The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

My Dear Melancholy went straight to number one upon its release at the end March/beginning April. The EP primarily produced by Frank Dukes, explores dark subject matter made apparent at first glance once you see the cover piece. Even the merch line denotes the darker tendencies the Toronto artist.

A rougher textural quality, interwoven fabric and an oversized fit are all elements that tie together his overall aesthetic. Between this capsule launch and the last, The Weeknd has demonstrated subtlety craft, no matter the medium he chooses to explore.

The Weeknd last emerged with a product line in preparation for his Starboy comic with Marvel. The STARBOY Vol. I Issue introduced us to a world in which the battle over good deeds is met with temptation. For his most recent unveiling, The Weeknd prepared a lookbook so potential buyers can see the wears in their prototypical form. Several the My Dear Melancholy-themed model shots are available below, courtesy The Weeknd’s publicist.

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

The Weeknd Drops 4 Day-Only "My Dear Melancholy" Clothing Collection

Just over 3 days and 20 hours remain. You can cop right here, if interested.

Wal-Mart Wants To Battle Opioid Abuse Crisis With New Disposal Service

In a statement released today, Walmart is doing its part to combat the rampant opioid crisis in America by fering a free product at its pharmacies that safely dispose leftover prescription medication. 

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The product is known as DisposeRX, and it enables an individual to effectively get rid left over medications by turning them into a useless gel. This is done by dispensing a packet the product into a pill bottle with warm water, which then creates a biodegradable gel that will eventually solidify into a useless mass ready to be thrown out. In addition, the chemicals used in this product have all been listed as safe by the FDA. 

In the statement that revealed this latest addition to the company’s pharmaceutical operations, Walmart notes how “DisposeRx provides a virtually effortless way for patients to destroy leftover opioids and a way to do so without ever leaving home.” 

Effective immediately, any patients filling out a prescription for a Class II opioid such as methadone or oxycodone will be given a complimentary packet DisposeRX and opioid safety information brochure. 

Senator John Boozman Arkansas reveals how “about one-third medications sold go unused. Too ten, these dangerous narcotics remain unsecured where children, teens or visitors may have access,” which really drives home the necessity for this newly-established program. 

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DisposeRX will be available at all 4,700 Walmart pharmacies around the country. Furthermore, here is a video Vic Mensa condemning opioid abuse, and its relation to Lil Peep’s death.