Kodak Black Says He Transformed From A "Project Baby" To A "Suburban Dude"

Kodak Black spent the bulk the yr behind bars after he was sentenced to seven months in his gun and weed case. Since his launch, he hasn’t accomplished a lot press and he is been slowly growing the quantity exercise on his social media pages. However, what we did not know is that Kodak Black is not a challenge child like his current studio albums steered, however as a substitute, a suburban child.

In the most recent weird but hilarious Kodak Black movies to hit the Internet, Kodak Black revealed that he’s not a challenge child. The rapper was noticed along with his intestine hanging out and his chains dangling with a pair glasses on as he imitated what somebody from the suburbs would sound like.

“Look at me, heey! I do not keep within the tasks anymore. I am not a challenge child anymore, I am a suburb child. I am a suburban,” he stated earlier than breaking character. “I am a suburban dude.”

This is the second unusual Instagram video Kodak Black to emerge this week. A number of days a go, the rapper went on Instagram Live to disclose that he stunts with “faux cash.”

“These hoes be asking me for cash,” he stated. “I say, ‘man, I do not even bought no cash. That cash you be seeing me with on Instagrams, that be faux cash, man. That be prop cash. This isn’t my cash, bruh. I do not need nothing.’ Ha!”

Aside from his IG antics, Kodak Black has been exhausting at work ever since his launch from jail. Keep your eyes peeled for extra music from the “suburban child.”

Kodak Black Gets Three Charges Dropped In Ongoing Legal Battle

In January, Project Baby Kodak Black found himself struggling to keep away from the long arm the law. The Floridian rapper was arrested with seven charges, including grand theft firearm, two counts possession weapon or ammo, possession marijuana over twenty-grams, and more. The police were originally alerted to the illicit activity after Kodak posted a video on Instagram Live, in which he and his crew aired a video smoking blunts and playing with handguns. To make matters worse, Kodak’s son was never far from the debauchery.

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Kodak is currently spending time behind bars, but the news is not all bad. TMZ reports that Kodak’s attorney Bradford Cohen has come through for the rapper, as a good lawyer is wont to do. Apparently, the State Florida has been convinced to drop three charges – one for possession a weapon or ammunition by a delinquent, one for grand theft a firearm, and child neglect. That doesn’t mean Kodak is out the woods. His climb remains one the uphill variety. The rapper still faces charges marijuana possession and possession ammunition. 

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Kodak’s journey into mainstream stardom has been fraught with turmoil. While talented, it seems as if Kodak’s unwillingness to leave the streets behind has proven a cumbersome burden. Although many appreciate the genuine honesty in his music, it would be a shame to watch a promising young voice succumb to his own vices.