R. Kelly Denied A Concert Permit By Illinois State Officials

State ficials in Illinois are steadfastly denying R. Jelly’s request to carry out in his residence state. The music competition in query seems to be the “Spring Break Jam” happening on the Illinois State Fairgrounds within the month April. This announcement comes on the eve yet one more spherical #MuteRKelly protests, scheduled to happen outdoors the primary foyer the singer’s private recording studio.

“They had simply submitted an utility, and sadly we will’t management when an organizer begins selling an occasion,” an Illinois Department Agriculture spokeswoman was prompted to say earlier than the ruling was finalized. Denise Albert, the exact same spokesperson, has since relayed the States’ determination to the Associated Press. “Reasonably foreseeable issues with safety attributable to both the character the utilization or the identification the proposed lessee or his/her patrons” and “The welfare the final neighborhood” had been fered as justifications for Kelly’s believable denial a allow.

Just yesterday, police ficers working below an auspicious tip “wrongdoing,” held the R&B singer for questioning in his (Chicago) Trump Tower residence. As for the “Spring Break Jam” promoters who booked R. Kelly as a headlining act, they too may undergo the implications the ruling. Tickets for “Spring Break Jam” went on sale, below the premise R. Kelly gaining a piece allow. Now that it has been rescinded, the promoters is likely to be compelled to refund a very good portion  the tickets offered.

Charlamagne Tha God Labels Jerry Jones "Most Racist Owner" In The NFL

Charlamagne the God is “dishonest” so to talk — going again on his phrase that we not help the NFL product as long as the political unrest stays at a standstill. TMZ caught up with the favored radio character outdoors a Barnes & Noble storefront, the place he was selling his new e book Shook Ones

Another factor that bodes effectively for Charlamagne’s reintegration as an “NFL Fan” is Eric Reid’s reemergence as a Carolina Panther. “I am dishonest, I am not gonna lie,” Charlamagne instructed the reporter. “Eric Reid is again there. He’s giving them white people hell. He maintaining his foot of their ass. So, I am looking forward to Eric Reid.” The security (Reid) signed a season-long tender with the Carolina Panthers after Da’Norris Searcy went out with an harm. NFL insiders have been not sure a staff/proprietor would fer him a contract in 2018, resulting from his affiliation with Colin Kaepernick.

The TMZ reporter requested Charlamagne, a famous Dallas Cowboys fan, what he thought proprietor Jerry Jones’ PR stunt on the African American History Museum in Washington, D.C. this week. “I am a fan essentially the most racist proprietor in the entire league,” he answered. “That’s all posturing.. that is only a option to appease his Black gamers.” 

It ought to be famous, the ever-opinionated Charlamagne isn’t a fan the Amari Cooper acquisition. You win some you lose some.

Panthers' Eric Reid & Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins Get Into Pre-Game Scrap

The Philadelphia Eagles-Carolina Panthers Week 7 matchup bought f to a tumultuous begin as safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Eric Reid continued their feud on the sidelines. The altercation occurred earlier than the opening kickf when Eric Reid ran onto the sphere throughout the coin toss. He and Eagles’ captain Malcolm Jenkins, who was on the 50-yard line overseeing the toss, have been mired in a struggle phrases ever for the reason that Panthers’ security withdrew from the Player’s Coalition.

A Panther’s assistant, former Eagles’ former wideout Torrey Smith, and a number of other different Panther’s gamers needed to restrain Reid from going “full Howizter” on Malcolm Jenkins, who up till not too long ago had given Eric Reid a vote confidence by the media.

Later within the first quarter, Eric Reid took out his frustration on Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz, slamming him to the bottom after he’d handed the ball f to a tailback. The extreme contact was then met with derision from Wentz’s teammates, Zach Ertz particularly, the tight finish haphazardly charging Reid who was fast sufficient to displace the incoming menace with a hip toss.

Eric Reid signed on to play with the Carolina Panthers following an harm to beginning security Da’Norris Searcy. Despite the distraction, the Panthers had been in a position to maintain on and win the sport by an in depth rating 21-17.

Diddy & Charlamagne Tha God Endorse Amy Schumer Calling Out NFL Supporters

Amy Schumer appears to be doing essentially the most these days in phrases demonstrating her political stances. After being arrested throughout a mass protest in opposition to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, she is now voicing her opinion on the NFL. She believes that White folks particularly positions energy needs to be doing extra to assist gamers who kneel like Colin Kaepernick and Charlamagne Tha God and Diddy are right here for it.

Diddy shared Schumer’s message, claiming “respect” in his caption. The radio host additionally uploaded a screenshot the comic’s ideas with a whereas expressing his assist.

Her assertion is a mirrored image how White allies might do extra to assist minorities of their struggle in opposition to inequality and oppression.

She additionally calls out Maroon 5 for not backing out their Superbowl Halftime present like different artists have. Schumer admits to having advised her personal reps to not e book her for Superbowl commercials this 12 months. 

RZA Defends Maroon 5 Superbowl Halftime Show With Drake In Mind

The NFL has change into extremely politicized lately as a result of the league’s response to gamers protesting throughout video games. The difficulty unfold handed the game and its followers to the firms concerned and even the White House. The coveted Superbowl Halftime Show has naturally change into half the dialogue. The choice artists and the categories performances are filtered by means of a divisive lens.

Maroon 5 is alleged to be performing in the course of the subsequent version. Many individuals have expressed their dislike the choose, contemplating the present political local weather throughout the league. When RZA was requested about his perspective on the “range” difficulty, he favored the music over any political ideology.

The potential options additionally play an element in RZA’s reasoning.

He’s all for a Wu-Tang Clan Halftime Show efficiency too. He implores the Jets and Giants New York to make that connection.

Much the criticism does relate to the town wherein the sport shall be performed. Migos, Outkast, T.I. and others might have been extra applicable decisions in that regard. For many, its a query tradition fairly than one race. 

NBA's Ben McLemore Says Kneeling NFL Players Don't "Represent Our Nation"

Ben McLemore is back where his NBA career started in Northern California, Sacramento to be exact. The 25 year old shooting guard has undergone a sticky patch as critics continue to question his “confidence” for the pro game. The bar was obviously set high, he was a 7th overall selection by the Kings in 2013, and then without any sign struggle he quietly disappeared after fulfilling his rookie contract. But in a twist fate, Ben has rejoined the Kings in a bid to win back their hearts, after two years middling on the Grizzlies depth chart.

TMZ caught up with Ben in Los Angeles but they didn’t talk ball. The field reporter didn’t even ask about Sacramento or any the topics closely related to his career. In fact, the reporter spoke the NFL and ESPN, and their decision to uproot the Anthem during broadcasts.

NBA players haven’t been asked to justify their action/inaction on political issues, because unlike in other leagues, NBA players are allowed, if not encouraged to protest social inequalities, so long as it doesn’t cause hindrance within the league. But Ben McLemore is not the same opinion. His thoughts align more closely with those shared by NFL owners: “You should always represent our nation,” Ben says. “That’s how I feel. I think you always should.”

See below.

Marshawn Lynch Leisurely Sits During National Anthem In Preseason Opener

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t speak unless it’s utmost importance, so when he sat during the National Anthem yet again this preseason: he was actually being quite communicative. It just so happens that sports media types can’t sell a story without “proper” deliberation. Marshawn refused to stand during the star spangled banner all last year, and based on Friday night’s gesture, he’ll be doing the same in 2018.

The Raider’s opponents, the Detroit Lions, locked arms in protest in a similar gesture disavowal. Other players around the NFL did so as well. Miami Dolphins’ starters Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson both took a knee before the commencement their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Teammate Robert Quinn expressed his repudiation a little differently, choosing instead to raise his fist during the anthem.

In Philadelphia, Malcolm Jenkins and De’Vante Bausby both raised fist before kickf, the former one the more outspoken critics Donald Trump during the White House disinvitation scandal. Until the NFL submits a finalized rule change proposal, players choosing to protest the anthem will not be penalized, much to Donald Trump’s dismay. If anthem protest eventually becomes a punishable act by decree, players like Marshawn Lynch who’ve shown themselves to be uncomprising, might be willing to take a stand.

Marshawn spent most the game on the bench, but he did manage this 60-yard TD run that was eventually called back due to a holding penalty.

Beast Mode can still fly.

Pacman Jones Tells Fellow NFLers "Figure Out Another Way" To Protest

Pacman Jones has been the headlines late, and judging by his public appearances, the NFL cornerback is in no mood to play. TMZ caught up with the controversial football player while he was holding In-N-Out leftovers outside customs. The field reporter wanted his thoughts on the NFLPA’s decision to challenge the league’s new stance on anthem protests, and Jones was more than willing to speak his mind.

For one, Jones is all for standing during the National Anthem. He mentioned that a couple family members suited up in Iraq, and that alone made it difficult for him to get behind the resistance felt around the league. “I’m all for standing for the anthem,” Pacman told TMZ. “I have a couple family members that have been over to Iraq.”

Pacman Jones further explained his position by creating a separation between “Social Issues” and “League Tradition.” He insists that is players would like to protest the demands their trade, they ought to “figure out another way.” 

Jones recently fought with an Airport employee in the same locale TMZ conducted its interview. The fight left the pending free agent with a laceration on his face. The airport employee was deemed the aggressor in the altercation, thus absolving Jones  any criminal charges.