Wu-Tang Clan Officially Dubs Gaming One Of The "Hip-Hop Elements"

While we hip-hop loving gamers may still lament the absence a proper Def Jam: Fight For NY reboot, perhaps there is light at the end the tunnel after all. 

According to the ficial Wu-Tang Clan Twitter account, gaming has ficially joined the ranks DJing, b-boying, graffiti artistry, and course, rapping. It’s unclear what sparked this epiphany, or which member spearheaded the campaign in the first place, but Wu-Tang have long had a history with video games. In fact, they’re one the few hip-hop artists to have their own game, 1999’s Playstation exclusive Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style. 

The game has become somewhat a rarity, with the lone unopened copy currently selling on Amazon for $120; should you be one those collector types, however, rest assured that there are several second-hand copies still available. Critically, Shaolin Style was far from favored, though the sheer novelty playing a Wu-Tang Clan fronted fighting game is enough to pique interest. 

While both artforms may seem disparate on the surface, plenty rappers have immersed themselves in gamer culture, be it through cameo appearances or merely though obsession. Wu Tang Clan are real ones for this!

Snoop Dogg Celebrates Return Of His "Nephew" Spyro The Dragon

Uncle Snoop Dogg has many a nephew; perhaps, to some extent, the entire human race can boast the title to some degree. Yet perhaps his most prominent remains the long-lost Spyro The Dragon, who originally captured our hearts upon his introduction in 1998. While he was dropping his Da Game Is To Be Sold Not To Be Told album, Snoop was no doubt sneaking in Spyro sessions on the sly, chasing down egg thieves, freeing crystallized dragons, and collecting various amulets and trinkets from the world’s colorful denizens. Anybody who grew up in the era Playstation 1 can attest to the glorious dragon-centric franchise. Now, it would appear a renaissance is upon us.

In case you missed it, news recently broke that the beloved Spyro trilogy would be making a welcome return to the latest batch consoles. While that in and itself is enough to trigger feelings nostalgia fueled ecstasy, it seems to have had a particular impact on the LBC legend. Taking to Instagram, Snoop decided to throw up a Throwback snap his Spyro The Dragon t-shirt. “I heard my nephew @Spyro was making a comeback so I had to unleash this,” he writes, holding up the vintage tee.

With the colorful and vibrant art direction, there’s no doubt Spyro would prove a stimulating journey for the perpetually stoned. I for one welcome a return our new Draconic overlords. Catch the remaster on September 21st.