Sony Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary Of PlayStation four

This week, the makers the PlayStation four celebrated the console’s 5 yr anniversary and issued a reflective new clip to stipulate the journey the PS4 up to now.

“You’ve had unbelievable adventures over the previous 5 years,” the video reads earlier than showcasing numerous stats concerning the success the console together with stats that reveal that players have raced for 1.7 million hours on the Wipeout Omega Collection and have collectively defeated 18 mllion enemies in ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission.

When it first arrived in 2013, the PS4 was in direct competitors with Microst’s Xbox One launch, with each corporations seeking to problem large updates to their PS3 and Xbox 360 fashions.

This anniversary coincides with new rumors surrounding the arrival the PlayStation 5 console. New reviews recommend that we could possibly be seeing the PS5 as early as 2020 with one indicator its pending arrival discovering type in the truth that for the primary time ever PlayStation will not be going to E3 in 2019. Promotions for brand new PS4 video games have slowed down as nicely.

This new clip, nonetheless appears to cement the concept as its extra commemorative then expansionary as Sony goes on to thank customers for “making PlayStation four the very best place to play”.

The Playstation 5 Is Likely Coming In 2020

For the previous few months, Sony has been dropping some critical breadcrumbs that lead again to what many imagine to be the reveal the Playstation 5. They first introduced that they might skip their very own occasion, Playstation Experience (or PSX), citing a scarcity new stuff to indicate (“we don’t need to set expectations actually excessive after which not ship on it”). But after their latest announcement that they might be skipping this 12 months’s E3, persons are starting to see a sample. 

According to Screen Rant, PSX will probably be again in 2019 as a result of Sony could have one thing huge to indicate. Couple that with the truth that Dev kits have already been despatched out for the following gen console and that, if the PS5 is introduced subsequent 12 months, then it is going to possible be launched within the December 2020 vacation season, a tidy seven years after the PS4 got here out.

Here is Sony’s ficial assertion on why they’re skipping E3, rumours apart: “PlayStation followers imply the world to us and we all the time need to innovate, assume in a different way and experiment with new methods to thrill avid gamers. As a consequence, we’ve got determined to not take part in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and acquainted methods to interact our group in 2019 and might’t wait to share our plans with you.”

Playstation 4s Are Practically Being Given Away Tomorrow

Loads  folks purchased an Xbox One originally this console era, not anxious about lacking out on any exclusives like The Last Of Us, and largely simply in it to play 2K and the brand new Red Dead Redemption. These folks had been doing nice till a couple of 12 months in the past when Marvel’s Spider-Man was launched solely on the PS4. It’s a tricky place to seek out your self in, between spending $400 on a brand new console simply so that you’re in a position to play one recreation or simply not taking part in the sport and agonizing over trailers and evaluations that reward the satisfying physics the sport’s web-slinging.

If you are one these folks, agonize no additional, or not less than, agonize solely half as a lot. Tomorrow is Black Friday and that implies that all types stuff you do not want (however you actually need) is on sale for costs that appear actually good however are nonetheless fairly excessive. If you do not thoughts waking up at no matter ungodly hour and pouring cash into your laptop or, even worse, going and doing it in particular person amongst all the opposite fanatical buyers, there are some nice offers. Exhibit A: a PlayStation four Slim 1TB and a duplicate  Spider-Man is promoting for $200 even. That’s so much lower than the standard worth for the bundle (over $300). See a full record comparable offers.

"Marvel's Spider-Man" On PS4 Adds New Game Plus & "Ultimate" Difficulty

Playstation four house owners have been eatin’ this yr, with the releases  God Of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man offering some really fulfilling online game experiences. And whereas the latter has been acclaimed throughout the board, some followers had been left unfulfilled by the shortage “New Game Plus.” Now, it might seem resolution is upon us, courtesy the lately released1.07 and 1.08 updates. According to a report from IGN, developer Insomniac has ficially carried out New Game Plus, which can permit avid gamers to replay the sport with all their fits, strikes, and devices intact. 

If that weren’t sufficient, Insomniac has additionally added a brand new problem, the ominous sounding “Ultimate” problem, which can ramp up the problem to an acceptable diploma. Alongside that comes a pair new trophies, which might be awarded upon completion new recreation plus, in addition to conquering the “Ultimate” problem. Consider the replay worth enhanced.

The replace comes earlier than the primary three DLCs, The Heist, arrives later this month. What do ya’ll suppose, has anybody tried their hand at PS4’s acclaimed Spider-Man recreation?

Styles P Enjoys Every Moment Of Knocking Villains Silly Playing "Marvel's Spider-Man"

Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to touch down on Friday, and gamers couldn’t be more excited. For the past several years, DC led the superhero video game genre with the Batman Arkham series. Now, Marvel is aiming to steal some the spotlight back with their new Spider-Man game. Much like the Arkham games, Marvel’s Spider-Man will employ engines that can propel the power and possibilities open-world video games. Previews and first-look reviews the game are mostly positive, and LOX member Styles P recently got his hands on the game. 

Marvel invited Styles P to sit down for their Let’s Play segment, and the veteran rapper was fully entertained with the latest Spider-Man game. After swinging through the city, running into walls, and speaking with New York residents, Styles takes on some villains. He destroys groups bad guys with spirited cheers “WHAT!” and “OH NAH BRO!” His comical and animated responses are refreshing to see, as we’ve known Styles as a no-nonsense kind man for most his career. Styles invited his son Noah along for the free-play session, and the young dread head takes on Shocker in an intense boss battle for the final segment. Check out the full video below. 

Kustom Kontrollerz Reveals New “Venom" PS4 Controller

Well here’s some good news for comic book fans & PS4 lovers alike. The company Kustom Kontrollerz revealed on Tuesday that they are creating another customized design a comic book controller, this time featuring SpiderMan’s fierce enemy Venom.

Created by the artist Vittorio (part #TeamKustomX), the controller features a black and white design, with a familiar face on the right side the pad, as well as a dark emblem on the left. And, course, the splatter effects we’ve come to know and love from good ol’ Venom.

These controllers were revealed just in time for Marvel’s Spider-Man launch on PlayStation 4, which is set to drop on Sept. 7. However, this Venom controller isn’t the only comic book design that Kustom Kontrollerz is producing. In addition to Venom, the company is also working on a special “half and half” model with both Spiderman & Venom being on the controller (see bottom pic below).

Unfortunately, there’s still no word yet on when the Venom controller will be available or how much it’ll go for, but it’s safe to assume it’ll be here before the September 7th release the Spiderman video game.

Check out the PS4 controllers (below) and let us know if you’ll be copping?

Def Jam Teases Sequel To "Def Jam: Fight For NY" Video Game

Def Jam is one the most notable and legendary labels in hip hop. Since it’s inception, it’s been home to some the most iconic artists all time and is currently the home to new legends in the game. Not only that, but Def Jam also used its momentum in the mid-2000’s to venture into the video game world with Def Jam: Fight For NY. It was followed by two sequels, Def Jam: Vendetta as well as Def Jam: Icon. While it’s one those games that’s mainly remembered by hip hop heads, it was also very well received. Despite the fact that it’s been over ten years since the Def Jam: Fight For NY came out, it seems as if there’s a strong chance a sequel is on its way.

Earlier today, Def Jam took to Twitter to tease a possible sequel to Def Jam: Fight For NY. The tweet read, “Pick a city” followed by a list cities to choose from including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami.

This comes a few months after Def Jam tweeted a fake cover  Vendetta for PS4 and asked, “HYPOTHETICALLY, who’d you like to see on the cover if this game made a comeback?”

At this point, they haven’t revealed a whole lot information about it but hopefully, this is something that comes into fruition. Right now, Def Jam is home to YG, Vince Staples, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Nas, Logic, Justin Bieber and more. It would be incredible to see a sequel to the video game with some the artists listed. 

Spider-Man PS4 Theories Point To Tombstone & Carrion As Potential Villains

Spider-Man has been a personal favorite since the excellent 90s cartoon, which pitted the swaggiest iteration Peter Parker against countless foes, all while dealing with some Marvel’s most desirable baddies. While many variations Spider-Man have emerged since, none have captured the magic the hit animated series, which masterfully weaved narrative threads together with respect not ten allocated to children’s television. Plus, it got dark as hell, with Spidey’s longtime love Mary Jane essentially doomed to float through infinity forever. Not to mention, the show was made during an era where all the Marvel Universe were up for grabs, leading to a refreshingly non-corporate brigade familiar faces. 

With that small bout nostalgia out the system, let us look forward. Fans the franchise are no doubt well aware that a PS4 Spider-Man game is set to drop later this year, seeming to draw inspiration from the massively popular (and dope) Batman Arkham games. While the game has already confirmed the presence multiple villains, fans have been combing all released material for any potential clue on who might pop up. As it happens, a new issue online web-series The Daily Bugle premiered, giving ample material for theory crafting. 

It would appear that the game will be dealing with the presence a new drug called “Grave Dust,” which renders all users into a “zombie-like” state. A part the report reads as follows: “Terrified eyewitnesses claim that users’ skin flushes gray and hardens, quite literally as if they’ve turned to stone.”

The inclusion such imagery has led some fans to believe that formidable mobster Tombstone is due for an appearance. Yet the idea using dust as a weapon feels like Carrion’s M.O, who can literally turn people into dust through touch alone. Either way, the fact we’ll be getting such a varied cast miscreants is especially enticing to a fan the classic animated series like myself. What about ya’ll? Are you checking for this game?

Sony CEO Comments On Possibility Of PlayStation Cross Platform Play

Sony disappointed gamers when they discovered that they could not play Fortnite across platforms. The news was even more devastating when PlayStation gamers tried to log into their Fortnite accounts on the Nintendo Switch and found out they were locked out. Sony never warned gamers that by attempting to use their Fortnite accounts that were started on PlayStation with another console they would be locked out signing in on both consoles. The move seemed deceitful, and gamers began to blast Sony online for making cross-platform play such a hassle. Former Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley, now general manager Amazon Game Studios, stated that it was all about the money. “They didn’t like someone buying something on an Xbox and it being used on a PlayStation. Simple as that. Dumb reason, but there it is.”

Now, current president and CEO Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden is doing some damage control. While speaking with EuroGamer, Layden was asked if Sony is listening to their angry fans. “We’re hearing it. We’re looking at a lot the possibilities,” he began. “You can imagine that the circumstances around that affect a lot more than just one game. I’m confident we’ll get to a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business.” While that doesn’t sound like PlayStation gamers will be getting cross-platform play any time soon, at least Sony is finally addressing the situation publicly.