Kanye West Recalls Opening For Tupac & Notorious B.I.G. During Joint Show In Chicago

Kanye West is one the most influential artists all time. He’s changed the game so many times that it’s difficult to keep track . As he continually shifts styles, it becomes increasingly hard to view him as the same person that dropped The College Dropout years ago. When people say they miss the old Kanye, they’re talking about the fearless kid in the mid-2000’s who dropped some the best albums the decade. Considering how big he’s gotten, it’s crazy to think that he was once just an aspiring rapper but even then, he was opening for Tupac and Biggie during their first joint concert in Chicago.

With Ye back on Instagram, we get the occasional gem and this is definitely one them. Yesterday was the anniversary Tupac’s death and Yeezy decided to remember him by throwing back to the time he was billed alongside him and The Notorious B.I.G. at a Chicago concert. West is the last name to appear on the card, which is absolutely stacked. In fact, he was so unknown at that point that he was being introduced as “a new 17-year-old local.” If only that 17-year-old local knew where he’d be today.

The event took place on July 9 1994 at the Regal Theater, which Kanye recently pledged to restore on Twitter. Also slated to perform were Da Brat, Common, Digital Underground, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Psychodrama, and Twista. Of course, the main draw was the fact that Biggie and Pac were co-headlining, performing together on stage but can you imagine what the people in attendance are thinking today? Peep the poster below.