Bill Cosby Hasn't Had "Sexual Conduct In 15 Years," Says His Psychologist

As Bill Cosby awaits his sentencing in his sexual assault case, he is doing something in his energy to keep away from jail time. The 81-year-old comic is at present going through 30 years behind bars after he was convicted for sexual assault. Now, in an try and hold Cosby out jail, his psychologist claims that the comic cannot be a menace anymore as a result of it has been years since he was in a position to have intercourse.

According to The Blast, Dr. Timothy Foley testified on the stand and stated that Bill Cosby hasn’t even been in a position to have intercourse prior to now fifteen years. “He’s 81 years outdated, he’s been convicted a intercourse fense, and after 70 it turns into just about not possible to re-fend,” Foley stated.

“He’s had no sexual conduct in roughly 15 years,” Foley added. His authorized workforce is basically arguing that he cannot re-fend and even be a menace to any extra girls as a result of he is not even succesful having intercourse anymore, subsequently he should not must serve a prolonged sentence behind bars.

It does not look like the efforts Bill’s authorized workforce or psychologist labored. Judge O’Neill strongly disagreed with Foley’s argument and claimed that Cosby is a “sexually violent predator.”

Psychologist Kristen Dudley testified that Cosby is prone to re-fend and that he confirmed indicators having a psychological dysfunction that causes him to discover a thrill out sexually assaulting victims after drugging them.

Cosby is at present in courtroom ready for his sentence. We’ll hold you up to date.