ZacZeta Alleges Kevin Gates Stole His Music & Tried To Have Him Shot

ZacZeta, otherwise known as Zacari Nicasio, was known up until now as the guy who crashed the peoples’ choice awards back in 2016 to promote his and Kevin Gates’ music (and to remind us that “Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman”). Now, though, he is not feeling friendly with Kevin Gates at all and is levelling some pretty big accusations at him on Instagram: 

He goes on to give his opinions on “that gangsta shit” and the violence and posturing hip-hop in general:

It’s still unclear whether or not this is a publicity stunt manufactured (or embellished) to promote his new project, Dead Pelicans, or if this is the real deal (Project Youngin faked his own shooting for a video recently). What ZacZeta is claiming is that Kevin Gates, back in 2016 and not long after he crashed the awards show, stole his song “ZetaGang Castle” and released it as “Castle.” ZacZeta talked shit about it to Gates on Instagram for a while and Zeta alleges that in retaliation, Gates tried to have him shot. Here are the two songs, ZacZeta’s posted one month earlier on Youtube:

When ZacZeta was briefly in jail for what he alleges a retaliatory shooting, his cousin (mentioned in the quote above) took over his Instagram and sent had a video message for Zeta’s followers along with his mugshot:

What do you think? Is Zeta doing this for clout or is the victim “industry cowards”?