Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike has launched an all-new collection Air Max 270 Reacts, all which are inspired by five different genres music, including Hip-Hop, EDM, Heavy Metal, Reggae and Punk Rock.

Each the Air Max 270 Reacts come equipped with specially designed insoles that nod the genre they are inspired by, even more so than the actual colorway itself. You can find the purchase links for the Nike Air Max 270 React “Music Pack” in the tweet embedded below.

The Air Max 270 React, one the most comfortable sneakers in recent memory, combines Nike’s first lifestyle Air unit, the 270, with the brand’s stest, smoothest and most resilient foam, Nike React, to form a new articulation Air Max.

Check out the Music Pack below, and click here to purchase one the five or design your own.

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React Hip Hop/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React Hip Hop/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React EDM/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React EDM/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React Heavy Metal/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React Heavy Metal/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React Reggae/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React Reggae/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React Punk Rock/Nike

Nike Launches Air Max 270 React "Music Pack" Inspired By Hip-Hop & Other Genres

Nike Air Max 270 React Punk Rock/Nike

Young Thug ‘Just How It Is’

Slime season continues as Young Thug unleashes the video for “Just How It Is” off his chart-topping album So Much Fun.

The clip, which he co-directed with Vincent Lou, opens with the YSL rapper laying in a hospital bed in a pink hoodie. A nurse tends to him and monitors an IV, while his homie plays guitar by his bedside. A shirtless Thugger also lets his hair down and raps alongside a goat and a giant snake.

The Wheezy-produced track appears on So Much Fun, which became his first No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Thug, who recently underwent surgery, is already hard at work on his next album Punk. “This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album, because it really teaches you, gives you life situations, it’s teaching I’m human. I am you,” he told Rolling Stone. “I am him. It’s very verbal. I think it’ll probably be the best album even though it’s not out.”

But first he will hit the road with Machine Gun Kelly. Their joint tour kicks off Sept. 30 in Toronto and wraps Nov. 18 in L.A.

Young Thug Provides Health Update With Hospital Bed Photo

Atlanta rapper Young Thug is currently one the most influential figures in the entire music industry. He has a group young men and women that would do anything to sound like him, sucking in his advice and wisdom as if they were sponges and releasing it back into the world through their own musical releases. Thugger has paved the way for young artists like Lil Keed, Gunna, Karlae, Lil Duke, and many others. On So Much Fun, his ficial debut album, he proved his slime loyalty by giving them the room the shine. Now that the project is out the way, Thug has some time to focus on himself. While it’s still incredibly unclear what type procedure the rapper had in the hospital, he’s providing a health update to all his passionate supporters.

Young Thug Provides Health Update With Hospital Bed Photo
Rachel Murray/Getty s

A few days ago, Young Thug uploaded an image himself in a hospital bed to social media, confusing many his fans and leading even his closest peers to ask what was going on. The superstar failed to respond but today, he told everyone that he’s doing just fine. Coming through with yet another photo, Jeffery hyped up his next musical effort before promising to be back on his feet in no time.

“Surgery went well…back on n***as ass’s ‘PUNK’,” wrote the icon. Thankfully, the talented artist is doing alright and he looks ready to continue his upward trajectory. Get well soon, Slime.

50 Cent’s "Curtis" Vs Kanye West’s "Graduation": A Historic Hip-Hop Moment

The meeting between an unstoppable force and an immovable object occasionally yields spectacular results. To this day, some still wonder if the infamous showdown between 50 Cent and Kanye West altered the course hip-hop history. On a symbolic level, it seemed to indicate a shift in the cultural aesthetic. A new demographic was rising. The hipsters had set their sights on rap music; unconventional external influences began permeating contemporary production. For an artist like 50 Cent, who seldom deted from his musical roots, the shift appeared to be working against him. On the other hand, Kanye West’s acceptance innovation helped facilitate his transition into the new musical landscape. Some might even say singles like “Stronger” helped shape its foundation.

On September 11th, 2007, 50 Cent and Kanye West decided to engage in a competition. The premise was simple: whoever sells higher takes the crown. For Fif, that meant riding behind Curtis, his third studio album and follow-up to 2005’s The Massacre. For Ye, it would be Graduation, the beginning an intriguing and experimental direction for the reigning sample-king. At this stage, 50 Cent was far and beyond the bigger superstar. His previous two albums helped solidify his place among the biggest rappers in the world. Songs like “In Da Club,” “21 Questions,” “Candy Shop,” and “Disco Inferno” were mainstays on the radio, and thus, the pre-streaming culture. The XXL “Three-Headed Monster” cover positioned him as an equal to Dr. Dre and Eminem, protege no more.

Kanye West, on the other hand, was enjoying upward mobility in his own right. With College Dropout having exorcised some his more-than-a-producer demons, Late Registration displayed his hitmaking ability in a major way. Expanding on his established formula, “Gold Digger” became an instant classic, pairing Ye’s signature hilarity with his infectious ear for melody. While 50 was attempting to establish his post-Massacre identity in a new era, Kanye West was looking ubiquity in the face, with the Daft-Punk assisted “Stronger” serving as the theme song. As both men prepared work on their respective third studio albums, they would soon find themselves embroiled in a healthy competition their own design.

Upon learning that Kanye West had moved his release date to coincide with Curtis, 50 Cent decided to make lemonade. During a segment on BET’s 106 & Park, Fif broke down the unique marketing opportunity that had seemingly fallen in his path. “Kanye didn’t say anything disrespectful or show any discomfort to the success I’ve been having,” explains Fif. “It’s not actual beef, it’s just being competitive.” Speaking with Rolling Stone, Kanye seemed to mirror Fif’s mentality. “When I picked that date, I was like, ‘People are going to talk about this so much,’” he explained. “Do you know how great this shit is for hip-hop?”

As there was never any genuine animosity, both men were able to share a couch on the aforementioned 106 & Park episode, leading to some wholly entertaining WWE-level theatrics. Prior to receiving the verdict, Fif seemed to relish in playing the heel, challenging both Yeezy and Jay-Z with boorish charisma. Ye countered with a “kill-em-with-kindness” approach, claiming that he’d be beaming win-or-lose. Yet the mutual respect between parties was evident, and lo and behold, their competitive instincts proved entirely accurate. The Graduation Vs Curtis battle made for a compelling narrative, causing over one million to march into record stores to and pledge their allegiance. Once the dust settled, the final first-week tally was amassed. Kanye West’s Graduation proved the decisive victor with 957,000 units, while 50 turned in a respectable 691,000. According to Uproxx, it was the first time two artists pushed over 600,000 units in the same week since 1991.

For Fifty, the fallout proved bittersweet. As his lowest selling album thus far, Curtis seemed to represent a shifting the old guard, the death knell mainstream gangsta rap. On the other hand, Kanye’s victory solidified his position as both a cultural icon and trendsetting innovator; where Fif opted for a smoldering gaze, Kanye commissioned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to breathe life into his vision. Sadly, history hasn’t entirely been kind to Curtis, and one has to wonder whether the Ye shadow will forever loom overhead. In truth, there are plenty gems to be found throughout, and it’s fair to call it an underrated chapter Fif’s discography. Yet compared to Graduation, which has already been deemed a classic in some circles, Curtis has all but faded into obscurity.

Looking back, it’s fair to examine the moment as a transitionary period for both artists. Today, Kanye West’s eclectic “Final Form” is the natural logical conclusion to be drawn from Graduation’s hypothesis. 50 Cent seems more concerned with his growing television empire than his musical output, and one has to wonder if the “writer’s block” plaguing Curtis’ creation was the inciting incident. Not his “downfall,” but his lane-switch. Either way you look at it, hip-hop fans were certainly well-fed that day. Have you listened to Curtis or Graduation recently? If so, what are some the standout moments? 

Photo Credits In Poll
50 Cent: Stephen Lovekin/Getty s
Kanye West: Carlo Allegri/Getty s

Ja Rule Unloads On 50 Cent With Snitch Disses For Disowning Tekashi 6ix9ine

It didn’t take long for Ja Rule to catch up on 50 Cent’s new interview with The Breakfast Club. During the conversation, the Power co-creator was asked about his relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine and Fiddy explains he has cut him off completely.

6ix9ine, who has been incarcerated since last November, has been cooperating with the feds as part of his ongoing racketeering case. Ja Rule subtly reminded Fiddy he still believes 50 is a snitch too.

On Tuesday (September 10), the Murder Inc. vet made his feelings clear underneath a video clip of 50’s interview posted by Charlamagne Tha God.

“The pot calling the kettle black,” Ja Rule wrote in the comment section.

Ja Rule already knew what he was in for and added, “Here come the dick riders.”

He continued, “I love making you nut guzzlers BIG MAD… your hero 50 a hoe I would @ him but I’m blocked punk motherfucker can dish it can’t take it… @cthagod come get ya mans!!!”

Last month, Ja Rule offered $10,000 to anyone able to prove 50 isn’t a “pathological liar.” But, of course, that’s nothing new.

In July, Ja Rule shared a video of rat getting a bath and a photo of Drug Enforcement Agency paperwork naming Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as the anonymous caller who had apparently given police a tip about the Lodi Mack homicide.

“Curtis is that you,” Ja Rule wrote in the caption. “of ALL people you know what it feel like to get yo ass whoop by me my niggas lol… SCARED FOR YOUR LIFE AS NIGGA… oh I know this paperwork is FAKE too lmao.

“I CHALLENGE ANY BLOG ANY NEWS OUTLET see if those officers on this paperwork exists find them interview them 50 you pee sitting down bitch ass nigga.”

Revisit 50’s original comments below.

Ja Rule Claims 50 Cent’s A Hypocrite Over 6ix9ine Comments

If you haven’t noticed, 50 Cent‘s been relatively quiet when it comes to his “son,” Tekashi 6ix9ine. Now, we all know that 6ix9ine is taking the stand against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, a gang he was once closely tied to, but 50 Cent clearly wants no part or association with the embattled rapper. In a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, the rapper admitted that he hasn’t talked to 6ix9ine since his arrest. When asked if he’d pick up a phone call from the rainbow-haired rapper, Fif simply responded, “No.”

Now, Fif didn’t elaborate on the specifics but he essentially admitted that he doesn’t want any sort involvement with a snitch. Of course, even this comment was enough to have Ja Rule come out  the shadows to chime in. Under a post on Charlamagne Tha God’s page, Ja Rule issued several comments suggesting that 50 Cent was a hypocrite for shunning 6ix9ine for snitching.

“The pot calling the kettle black,” he wrote along with a rat emoji. “I love making you nut guzzlers BIG MAD… your hero 50 a hoe I would @ him but I’m blocked. Punk motherfucker can dish it can’t take it.”

One must wonder whether there’s an ounce self-realization in Ja Rule’s body. No one’s really seeking to champion a guy who’s still defending Fyre Festival two documentaries later. 

Ja Rule Claims 50 Cent's A Hypocrite Over 6ix9ine Comments

Post Malone’s "Hollywood’s Bleeding": The Frat Boy Becomes A Frat Man

Post Malone‘s third studio album Hollywood’s Bleeding is upon us. The keg has run dry, leaving only wine. The affair has become, as one might say, refined. It’s no secret that Post Malone has developed a reputation within hip-hop circles as somewhat a periphery figure; choosing to dabble but never truly committed to making the plunge. With influences drawing from punk (and its cousin pop-punk), classic rock, and folk, Posty seemed to approach song-crafting with a different sort sensibility. 

Tough beerbongs and bentleys found him making strides in mastering the hip-pop hit, it seemed to suffer from a lack artistic identity. In short, it was difficult to assess whether Posty was truly being himself or simply doing his damndest to fit in. Regardless, Post found himself sitting on one the year’s most accessible albums, winning over a wide variety demographics, from Bud Light sippers to those operating under a more carb-free lifestyle. Still, some wondered whether Posty was quelling his own artistic instincts in favor securing the bag. 

Post Malone's "Hollywood's Bleeding": The Frat Boy Becomes A Frat Man

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty s

Curiously enough, Post seemed to have undergone a lifechanging shift prior to Hollywood’s Bleeding’s creation. Deciding to leave Los Angeles in favor his home base Utah, Post’s homecoming felt symbolic in nature. Where beerbongs was ripe with industry fingerprints, Post’s decision to depart from the glitz and glamor may be the best thing to happen to him, at least on an artistic level. For someone with as much commercial potential as Posty, you can bet that no shortage bloodsucking types were eager to intervene on his behalf, fering suggestions and “guidance” at every turn. It’s no wonder that beerbongs was such a mainstream lightning rod, albeit one suffering from a subtle yet notable identity crisis. 

Enter Hollywood’s Bleeding, an album that will likely prove alienating upon first response. From the moment the first song hits, it becomes clear that guitars and synthesizers will be a notable co-pilot for the duration. Having seen no shortage Post Malone covers, in which artists like Green Day and Nirvana are repped with great frequency, I can only imagine how liberated Posty must feel on this-go around. Having taken no shortage scrutiny, with terms like “cultural appropriation” not entirely unfamiliar to his ears, the idea that Post has finally allowed himself to be…himself, feels like a well-earned reward for his loyal fans.

You might not find the immediacy certain infectious earworms like “White Iverson” and “Rockstar.” Instead, Post’s latest is surprisingly subtle, more focused on conveying emotion through focused songwriting. Heavily influenced by the aforementioned subgenres rock and pop, Hollywood’s Bleeding feels like an unexpected subversion expectations, and one that actually merits repeated listens. Not simply habitual listens the singles, but fully-fledged run-throughs the entire project. Though it’s still too early to make a confident assessment, Hollywood’s Bleeding is quite likely Post’s most mature body work thus far. The Frat Boy has become a Frat Man, and not a moment too soon.

Hosea Chanchez Reveals He Was Sexually Abused When He Was 14-Years-Old

There are things that people experience in their childhoods that they ten purposefully bury as they strive to forget tragic occurrences. Yet,  tentimes skeletons spill out closets or in Hosea Chanchez’s case, they’re willingly exposed. Chanchez is best known for his role as Malik Wright on the television show The Game, and on Tuesday the actor decided it was time to shed the mask his celebrity status to share something that he’s been struggling with throughout his life.

The 37-year-old took to his Instagram page to reveal that when he was 14-years-old he was the victim a sexual assault by the father one his friends. “This man is a predator, preying on children who’s trust he’s falsely built through lies, manipulation, threats and secrets,” Hosea wrote in a caption. “I hope this truth helps to stop child molesting predators from sexually assaulting more children. Pedophiles have no place in our society they hide in the open and rape children who are afraid to speak up because shame, guilt, fear, denial and the thought that no one will believe them. Im doing this to help parents and young children become aware some the signs and better protect themselves from sexual predators.”

In a series text images, Hosea detailed what he said happened to him at the hands this man, adding that he’s sharing his story in the hopes helping someone else heal from past trauma. Then, Hosea exposed the man by name and location, calling him a “disgusting pervert, a punk, a coward, a sexual predator, a rapist, and worst all he’s a pedophile!” The details are pretty graphic and some may find it disturbing, but you can read through Hosea’s story by swiping through the images below.

#DXCLUSIVE: Cartel Madras Makes Sub Pop Records Debut With "Lil Pump Type Beat" Video

HipHopDX Premiere – The members of Sub Pop Records’ latest signee Cartel Madras are ready to make their mark.

The explosive sister duo — Eboshi and Contra — defines their group name as, “The powerful juxtaposition of a Western term aimed at ghettoizing other cultures and the English colonial name foisted on Chennai, India” or “A queer, female, Desi act igniting a revolution because they’re sick of this bullshit.”

Together, they make music they have dubbed “goonda rap,” a heady mix of trap with punk, house and South Indian aesthetics.

To celebrate their Sub Pop deal, the Calgary-based Cartel Madras has stepped on the scene with a new video for “Lil Pump Type Beat,” one of the singles from their upcoming Age Of The Goonda EP.

“We wanted to make a fun trap song that captures the explosive energy of our live shows,” Eboshi and Contra tell HipHopDX. “We also wanted to give a nod to type beats and their ubiquity. Our shows often turn into sweaty mosh pits, so the video had to be an extension of that.

“It was really fun, especially having a ton of shirtless dudes moshing while we dictate the energy in the video from the middle, with the drip.”

As described in a press release, Age of the Goonda is a “manifesto for the times” and “an in-your-face call to arms for those who must resist being treated as underdogs, including immigrants, women of color, the LGBTQ+ community and Desis (a.k.a. Westernized Indians).”

Eboshi adds, “There’s a certain thing that Hip Hop does, that gangsta rap does: a narrative of being larger than life, kind of violent but in power. We are paying tribute to that, but also focusing that on women who are queer and brown, telling stories that haven’t been told.

“We are speaking to, and about, narratives that are not magnified in popular culture, while paying tribute to the sub-genres that have continuously influenced our sound. That’s what we want goonda rap to become.”

Age Of The Goonda is expected to arrive Sub Pop and Royal Mountain Records on November 1.

Until then, check out the “Lil Pump Type Beat” video above.

Lil Wayne No-Shows Another Blink-182 Concert & Fans Think It’s Intentional

If you’re waiting for Lil Wayne and Blink-182 to perform their joint show in your city, you may want to cross your fingers that one the headliners actually shows up. Tunechi is infamous for cancelling shows at the last minute but if you do manage to catch him performing, you can consider yourself one the lucky ones. When he initially announced that he was heading on a collaborative tour with Blink-182, fans were excited to witness something special. One the greatest rappers all time teaming up with an iconic punk band. Everything was positive until the tour actually started. Wayne was seemingly unhappy with the way things were going, allegedly walking f stage and threatening to quit altogether. He shut down those rumors but later in the run, he missed a couple other shows. After missing his stage time in Irvine, California this week, fans have started to believe that he’s had it with the tour.

Lil Wayne No-Shows Another Blink-182 Concert & Fans Think It's Intentional
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

In Lil Wayne’s defense, he did tweet out the reason why he was unable to make it to the show, citing issues with the plane. He did reiterate the fact that he’ll be at the Portland performance at the end this week. 

According to The Blast, there may be an alternate reason for Weezy’s absences. A source close to the tour has reportedly said that all three shows he’s skipped out on have been guaranteed to host smaller crowds. The small audience sizes have reportedly angered Tune and fans are speculating that he’s avoiding certain cities to ensure he only hits the stage for packed arenas and stadiums. Of course, this information has not been confirmed by Wayne or anybody on his team.

Hopefully, the rapper can rough out the rest the tour so that his fans can be happy. After all, they did pay to see him and Blink-182, not just the rockers.

Young Thug Explains Why Lil Uzi Vert’s "No Stylist" Insta Bio Is Inaccurate

Young Thug – previously known for being a semi-mysterious figure – has been incredibly open throughout the So Much Fun promo run. He sat down with Big Boy for over an hour, shot a cover for FADER and now he’s done an interview with GQ. While GQ asked questions regarding his discography, the lifestyle magazine was also interested in the eccentric dresser’s love for fashion. 

The fashion segment the interview started out with Thug being asked whether he has ever regretted an outfit, to which he firmly responded in the negative. Thug schooled the GQ writer on the meaning style when explaining, “Once you have a fashion mindset, 100% fashion mindset, you learn that nothing is ugly… when you speak on the word “style” or the word “fashion,” the clothes, the actual clothes are actually the smallest thing.” 

When prompted to speak on the use stylists in the rap game by citing Lil Uzi Vert‘s “NO STYLIST” Instagram bio, Thug clarified that Uzi does in fact have a stylist, but the stylist’s role might only entail bringing Uzi the clothing. This might come as a slight disappointment to some who believed that Uzi’s frequent slideshows his fits were entirely curated by the Philly rapper himself, but he certainly still does an impressive job arranging the garments together. 

Thug wasn’t maliciously airing out Uzi’s designer laundry though, as he admits to having a stylist as well. However, Thugger only lets stylists dress him sometimes, done as an act charity out the goodness his heart. “Sometimes I let people style me just so people can die being able to say, ‘I had the privilege to dress him before,'” he said. “Yeah once you get to a certain level, you start thinking about others. It’s nothing about you. I don’t think for myself anymore.”

On the topic fashion, Thug also disclosed that his clothing line, Spider, will likely be released within the next two years and his first collaboration will be with Virgil Abloh. 

Cardi B Enrages Fans By Presenting Missy Elliott With Major VMA Last Night

Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards paid tribute to one the greatest creatives the last few decades: Missy Elliott. With her outlandish music videos and her unmistakable spunk, Missy was the main attraction the show, performing a medley her biggest hits and celebrating the release her latest album. She was presented with the Video Vanguard Award, which only makes sense, but some fans took umbrage with the presenter that the organizers selected for that spot. Many would have preferred if somebody who had worked closely with Missy, like Timbaland, had been chosen to hand her the special prize but instead, Cardi B did the honor.

While there’s nothing particularly wrong with Cardi B presenting the award to another female phenomenon like Missy Elliott, some people wished that the celebration could have been altered slightly. “I just feel like someone else should have given Missy Elliot this award other than Cardi B,” wrote one supporter the legend, adding a Kanye shrug for good measure. Another person added a whole list names to the bunch, including Ciara, Lil Kim, Da Brat, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, and many others that they believe would have been a better pick. 

Thankfully, nobody appears to be dragging Bardi’s name through the mud because this. She was just doing her job and, to be honest, she did it pretty well. Do you think somebody else would have been more appropriate though?

Young Thug’s "So Much Fun" First Week Sales Revealed

Young Thug‘s been having So Much Fun this week, as you could tell. His latest project marks a new era in Thugger’s career, one where he’s finally embraced by the mainstream following years being a critical darling with a cult following sorts.  After a full week consuming the project, it appears that the rapper has the number one album in the country. According to Hits Daily Double, the rapper’s new album So Much Fun moved 127,508 album-equivalent units in its first week with 5,142 those coming from pure album sales. This falls on the lower end the sales projections for the project. Industry experts estimated that he was going to sell anywhere between 125K-150K. However, this is still a huge milestone in Thugger’s career.

Even though he’s only a week removed from the album’s release, the rapper has already unveiled plans for his next project. Punk is set to arrive before the end 2019 and said that it would be music that would be more a reflection himself in comparison to So Much Fun. So Much Fun is like nothing to be thought about. It’s only for fun purposes. The name the album is directly what it means,” he explained. “The difference from that and Punk is me letting them in on my real life. Me letting them know all the situations I’ve been through. Opening up, letting the fans in, I feel like I never let ‘em.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on that. 

Young Thug Compares New Album ‘Punk’ to Tupac

Young Thug is feeling like Pac.

Fresh off the release of So Much Fun, the prolific rapper has revealed plans for his next project Punk, which he describes as “more like Tupac.” During an interview with Rolling Stone, he explained the difference between the two projects.

So Much Fun is like nothing to be thought about. It’s only for fun purposes,” said Thug. “The name of the album is directly what it means. There’s no static to it. It’s just so much fun. I don’t even want you to think when you listen to this even if I’m saying a metaphorical bars or anything. I don’t want it to be nothing thought too hard about. I want it to be only party.”

He plans to dig deeper on Punk. “The difference from that and Punk is Punk is me letting them in on my real life,” he added. “Me letting them know all the situations I’ve been through. Opening up, letting the fans in, I feel like I never let ’em. I feel like I was always quit about certain things, because of people.”

He credits Tupac for inspiring his next body of work. “My best album would probably be Punk, because it’s more like real life. It’s more like Tupac,” he said. “Tupac could be one of the biggest rappers in the world, because he rapped what he rapped about. I had conversations with JAY-Z and he told me, ‘We gotta learn how to continue what Pac had going. Pac was a teacher. Pac teaches.’”

He continued, “This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album, because it really teaches you, gives you life situations, it’s teaching I’m human. I am you. I am him. It’s very verbal. I think it’ll probably be the best album even though it’s not out.”

Additionally, the YSL Records boss is working on his Super Slimey 2 mixtape with Future, Lil Baby, and Gunna. “The impact that Lil Baby [and Gunna had] when they dropped [Drip Harder]. We always compared it like ‘Damn, there’s no such thing as a better duo, except those guys.’ Then these like our little brothers, for real,” he said. “We dropped knowledge on these guys and we feel like it’s just the right thing to do. Anything other than that is unacceptable.”

Young Thug Says New Album "Punk" Is "More Like Tupac"

Young Thug is fresh f the release his debut album, So Much Fun but before he even released it, he was getting ready to release its follow up. The rapper announced his new project, Punk, which is set to be more “lyrical” than previous projects. He also dove a bit deeper into the meaning the project’s title. “Punk] means brave, not self centered, conscious. Very, very neglected, very misunderstood. Very patient, very authentic,” he said.

Rolling Stone just published an interview they did with Young Thug where he dives deeper into the concept behind Punk, especially in comparison to So Much Fun. “So Much Fun is like nothing to be thought about. It’s only for fun purposes. The name the album is directly what it means,” he explained. “The difference from that and Punk is Punk is me letting them in on my real life. Me letting them know all the situations I’ve been through. Opening up, letting the fans in, I feel like I never let ‘em.”

But the album itself, he said, can be compared to Tupac in a way. Not stylistically but because the purity and honesty that he intends to deliver on this project. “It’s more like Tupac,” he said about the project. “I had conversations with Jay-Z and he told me, ‘We gotta learn how to continue what Pac had going. Pac was a teacher. Pac teaches.’ This album Punk that I’m going to put out soon is probably going to be the best album, because it really teaches you, gives you life situations, it’s teaching I’m human. I am you. I am him. It’s very verbal.”

Now, this might mean we’re entering a new era Thugger but it appears that he’s simply readying himself for global stardom now that So Much Fun is out. ” You know I’m going to put this album out Punk, and it’s going to let them know a little about my life, let them know a little bit about life itself. I don’t think I want to make them to understand. I like to say that I’m misunderstood. It keeps it tense. It keeps it perfect,” he concluded.