"Destiny 2" Niobe Labs Forge Still Hasn't Been Solved & Gamers Are Freaking Out

Destiny 2‘s newest growth, The Black Armony, is proving to be the last word thoughts bender. Players have been tasked with unlocking Forges that require puzzle fixing and particular weapons to open. The ultimate Forge, titled The Bergusia Forge, introduced gamers with a puzzle so intense, that nobody has figured it out. The high avid gamers on the earth have convened at in-game location Niobe Labs to try to unravel it, and Destiny 2 developer Bungie Games has determined to only unlock the Forge anyway. They have acknowledged that the puzzle is simply too onerous, however avid gamers can nonetheless try to unravel it though the Forge is unlocked. 

Although the most effective avid gamers on the earth are already on the case, when you’re concerned about becoming a member of the makes an attempt to unravel the puzzle right here, are directions on how you can get to Niobe Labs,  GameSpot:

As you enter the Outskirts, head south previous the place the Forge Saboteurs generally spawn and cross the bridge towards Sojourner’s Camp. Pass by means of the camp space (you may have visited right here throughout Destiny 2’s authentic story marketing campaign) and search for a damaged metallic bridge on the far finish. You can cross that bridge to entry a gorge, which can lead you to a cave by means of which you’ll be able to cross to entry the hidden facility past.

"Fortnite" Week 10 Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Locations Revealed

The fifth season  Fortnite is drawing to a close, and gamers are completing the last the challenges. Currently, there’s a cube rolling around the map, sparking several theories including the destruction a city and the creation a lava lake. While gamers wait to see what developer Epic Games has up their sleeve for the cube and the next season, there’s one challenge that has become an irritating task. Unless, you have all the directions. 

Epic Games has tasked players with finding 7 jigsaw puzzle pieces in various basements across the map. While a few the basement locations are obvious, locating all seven puzzle pieces is frustrating without a guide. Luckily, we have found a guide for you. You can check out the visual map over at Forbes, or follow their written locations below.

West Shifty Shafts – There are two houses, the one to the south has a puzzle piece in the basement

In Snobby Shores – The second most north house has a basement with a puzzle piece

South Snobby Shores – There are two houses south Snobby, the south most one has a puzzle piece in the basement

Greasy Grove – The main restaurant in Greasy Grove has a basement with a puzzle piece

South Greasy Grove – There is a house on a hill decently far south Greasy Grove that barely even looks like a house, but it has a puzzle piece in the basement.

All Around Risky Reels – There are houses with basements all around Risky Reels to the north, west, south, etc. All should have puzzle pieces

Pleasant Park – There should be a puzzle piece in a basement in a house on the western edge

West Retail Row – There is a house with a basement and puzzle piece a little west Retail Row

Ariana Grande Reveals Album Cover For "Sweetener" With Final Puzzle Pieces

Ever since her break-up with Mac Miller, all eyes have been on Ariana Grande to determine her next move. Things unfolded quickly after Mac got arrested for DUI after crashing his car. Just days after, it was revealed that Pete Davidson had started dated Ariana and it appeared as though things were moving quickly. Fast forward a few weeks and the two are engaged. Ariana Grande’s world is changing fast and although sources are saying that the couple wants to enjoy a long engagement before getting married, Pete will be immortalized through an interlude on her upcoming album. Said album, Sweetener, has had pieces to the cover art revealed on Instagram throughout the last week. Each day, a new puzzle piece would be uncovered and finally, the entire artwork can now be placed together.

The album cover is simple, picturing Ariana gazing f into the distance with tiny font spelling out the project’s title at the bottom. A mysterious @sweetener account started posting the teasers last week, uploading a new piece each day to slowly reveal the full art. The final three elements to the puzzle were added together last night, completing the work and giving fans all the more reason to get excited for the album to drop.

Pre-orders for Sweetener begin tomorrow when Grande’s single with Nicki Minaj, “The Light Is Coming,” is released. The album is currently expected for August.