Boosie Badazz Thanks God After Former Friend Who Tried To Rob Him Dies In His Sleep

It’s very rare for someone’s death to be celebrated especially in a public manner but such is the case for Boosie Badazz who posted a video to Instagram that sees him praising God after a former foe passes away. The “Mind Of A Maniac” rapper is seen in the clip below speaking on the update and detailing how the unidentified man died in his sleep, something he’s happy about. 

Boosie Badazz Thanks God After Former Friend Who Tried To Rob Him Dies In His Sleep
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“N*gga tried to rob me back in the day. You know the ni**a I said that he is supposed to be dead but I let him slide. That ni**a died in his sleep Quavo,” he said, looking away. “That boy died in his sleep the other day man. That boy outta here man, that boy died in his sleep God is good, boy. Fresh out jail. Fresh f two years. And you die in your sleep. Lord Jesus you a good man. God ain’t let you slide, and this n*gga was my homie. God ain’t let you slide.”

It’s unclear when the attempted robbery took place but that’s all in the past now. Watch the full Instagram clip below. 

Jacquees Releases "King Of R&B" Album

Jacquees continues to campaign for the “King Of R&B” crown with his new LP. The self-annointed holder of the title has named his album King Of R&B to further stake his claim.

The Cash Money singer’s sophomore album is comprised of 14 tracks. Guests include T.I., Young Thug, Quavo, Gunna, Tory Lanez, TK Kravitz, FYB and Bluff City.

View Jacquees’ King Of R&B stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Jacquees Releases "King Of R&B" Album

1. King f. T.I.
2. Round II
3. EEeee f. TK Kravitz
4. Come Get It f. FYB
5. Good Lovin’
6. Out of the Ordinary
7. Risk It All f. Tory Lanez
8. Warning
9. All You Need f. Bluff City & Quavo
10. Cross the Line
11. Fact or Fiction
12. New New
13. Verify f. Gunna & Young Thug
14. Never Say Goodbye

Stream Jacquees’ New Album ‘King of R&B’

Watch the throne.

One year after crowning himself the King of R&B and sparking an ongoing debate, Jacquees releases his aptly-titled sophomore album.

In addition to the Young Thug-assisted single “Verify,” the Cash Money crooner holds court with the King of the South, T.I., on the opener “King.” The 14 tracks also include appearances from Tory Lanez, Quavo, Gunna, and more.

“It’s more mature,” Jacquees told Power 106 of the follow-up to his 2018 debut 4275. “It’s not just strictly . I’m kinda digging deeper, it’s relationship, it’s love.”

Stream King of R&B below.

Gucci Mane Says Breakfast Club Never Officially "Banned" Him: "They Always Decline"

Gucci Mane has been extremely outspoken these days, perhaps more than we’re used to since his prison transformation. With the release  WOPTOBER II, the rapper took to Instagram claiming that he was banned from the Breakfast Club. Gucci claimed Angela Yee was trying to “get on his d*ck back then.” The Breakfast Club addressed the claims on their show but Gucci Mane recently set the record straight on Everyday Struggle. The ATL rapper explained that they didn’t necessarily ban him, or at least use the word “ban,” but they also never accepted any requests to do interviews with him during his promo run.

“I don’t think I was actually banned. I don’t think they never used the word banned,” he told Akademiks and the rest his co-hosts. “Every time I would drop an album, they would say, ‘We decline the request.'”

He added, “It happened so many times it was like, you know, ‘Am I banned from up there?’ It was like, ‘Basically.’ Every time we say, ‘Hey, Gucci want to come up here, its an album coming out.’ They always decline. It’s cause they say they don’t feel comfortable. They don’t trust me. Well, that’s what she said.”

Gucci Mane said that he wasn’t even aware that they were declining interviews until his label brought it to his attention. “It ain’t stop nothin’. She just embarrassed. Ain’t nobody want to be embarrassed, ain’t nobody want to be humiliated, so I understand.” 

Stream Gucci Mane’s WOPTOBER II here. 

Gucci Mane Breaks Down Why Snitching No Longer Surprises Him

Having gone back through Gucci Mane’s greatest hits in honor 10/17 day, it’s absolutely surreal to juxtapose the behavior “Old” Gucci and “New” Gucci. Surreal, but also inspirational. Though always keen on accruing wealth, Guwop has essentially reinvented his brand, going so far as to secure a massive bag from a newfound Gucci deal. Suffice it to say, the man’s been on a winning streak in many facets life, be it romantically, creatively, and commercially. In honor his new Woptober II album, Big Guwop took a moment to hit the Hot 97 Studios for a conversation with Ebro, Laura, and Rosenberg. 

Around the 7:13 minute mark, Ebro raises the topic accountability which in turn prompts a discussion on snitching. Naturally, it’s hard not to associate a specific rainbow-haired young man to the term, which makes his presence feel implicit within the discourse. “You had to do some real time a couple times,” says Ebro. “You have come out a different human being, holding yourself responsible.” Gucci takes a moment before responding. “I guess I bumped my head enough so I had to really reevaluate stuff, think you really making mistakes,” he reflects. “I knew my flaws, I knew my hurdles I needed to jump.”

Gucci Mane Breaks Down Why Snitching No Longer Surprises Him

Paras Griffin/Getty s 

Gucci Mane also doubles down on the fact that he’s no longer surprised by the frequency with which snitching transpires in the streets. “I had went to county jail,” explains Gucci. “I had did three stints maybe six months. It’s always county jail, it was never prison. When I did go to prison I went to federal prison. It was an education I got there, because people aren’t prepared with the guidelines with how the federal court system goes about doing things. Once I went through that, it made me grateful for my freedom. But second I got an education on the laws and how they go.”

“Once you been in the feds, you understand the power snitching,” he continues. “That’s why they have a conviction rate ninety-eight percent. Everybody who goes to the feds, they either plead guilty or they tell. There’s no fighting trial and beating it.” He soon realized that the snitches were essentially guaranteeing a lty conviction rate. He also reveals that many inmates go on to be confidential informants, using that as a get-out–jail-free card. “You can pay, get out jail, and snitch forever,” he says. “In the rap game, managers, drivers, artists, the people are doing it. They did it to me!”

Quavo Pleas With Falcons To Make Him Their Starting QB: Watch

Being a fan the Atlanta Falcons hasn’t been fruitful this season as they are 1-5 through the first six games. Quarterback Matt Ryant hasn’t been his MVP-self and fans are starting to get fed up with the team’s performance on the field. Considering who they have on the roster, you would think the team could pull f some much more inspiring results. One the fans who is getting frustrated with the team is none other than Quavo Migos.

Quavo has always proven himself to be a huge Falcons fan and during an interview with TMZ, he let his feelings be known. Essentially, Quavo is putting much the blame on Ryan and believes that he himself should get a chance to start at QB for the Falcons. If you’re a Quavo fan, then you know he was a pretty good quarterback in high school.

“Matt Ryan is making me mad right now,” Quavo said. “If the Falcons start me, I’ll play and I’ll throw to Julio Jones every play.”

Quavo also spoke on his good friend Jalen Ramsey who was recently traded to the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams and Falcons play each other this weekend and Quavo is adamant that despite his talent, he’ll get out-run by the likes Jones.

If you’re a Falcons fan, you have to figure Quavo couldn’t be any worse than what’s happening now.

"Rhythm + Flow" Rapper Drops Quavo Response Track After Migos Star Trashes Him

You can’t go and tell Lyrical_Gift that he doesn’t have it. The up-and-coming rapper was made to be a fool on his episode Rhythm + Flow. Earlier this week, we published a story about how Quavo was a guest judge on the reality show, laughing at one the contestants and telling him to his face that this path might not be for him. He’s not about to give up though. In fact, Gift is going in the opposite direction. Instead letting the public humiliation ruin his week, he’s trying to capitalize on the infamy by releasing a new track, spitting fast-paced bars and directing his frustration at the Migos member.

Titling the new song “Time’s Up Quavious,” Lyrical_Gift makes it a point to prove to Quavo that he does indeed have a gift and, yes, it is rap. In his bars, Gift says that he was made to spit rhymes, showing f impressive wordplay near the one-minute mark and continuing to impress the entire way through. While he doesn’t outwardly bash Quavo, he makes it clear that he wants the rapper to hear this freestyle and take note his lyrical ability.

What do you think “Time’s Up Quavious?” Did Gift redeem himself or was Quavo right in shutting down his dreams? Listen below.

Quavo Throws Out First Pitch At Braves’ NLDS Game 2: Watch

There doesn’t look to be much athletically that Quavo can’t do. Whether he’s dropping dimes on the football field or becoming the MVP the NBA celebrity All-Star game, Quavo has proven that he’s one athletic guy, and it appears baseball is no different. Yesterday, the Migos rapper was asked to throw out the monumental first pitch prior to the Atlanta Braves game against the Cardinals in game 2 the NLCS.

In honor, the 28-year-old rapper wore a number 91 jersey (his birth year) with his nickname Huncho printed on the back. “Let’s see what you got, Quavo,” the announcer said over the loudspeaker before Quavo excitedly walked onto the field and nailed a strike.

Prior to the game, Fox Sports tweeted a video Quavo practicing for the big moment. In the clip, the rapper is seen throwing a perfect pitch behind an older-style building, something 50 Cent should’ve done prior to his disastrous throw few years back. 

It appears Quavo’s presence worked for the Braves as the team won 9-3, evening up the 5-game series 1-1. Watch Quavo’s first pitch from yesterday (below). 

Netflix’s Final "Rhythm + Flow" Trailer Showcases Nipsey Hussle’s Cameo

Netflix’s series debut the rap competition show Rhythm + Flow couldn’t come sooner at this point since we’ve been given teaser after teaser for a few months now. Chance The Rapper, Cardi B and T.I. serve as the trio judges on the panel, helping to navigate each contestant in the right direction to win the ultimate title being the best upcoming act from Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

“Success in this line work looks a million different ways,” Chance says at the top the newest clip. “There is a criteria that you gotta meet.” T.I further explains in a round table discussion that he and the judges owe it to the public to “comb the streets” their cities to pull the greatest talent. “You ain’t gotta be gangsta, you gotta be real,” Tip adds. 

The late Nipsey Hussle, Royce da 5’9″, MiguelDJ Khaled, Killer Mike, Quavo, Teyana Taylor, Jhené Aiko, Snoop Dogg and many more make cameos in the show to help the rappers secure their placement in the show. Rhythm + Flow will hit Netflix on October 9th with just four episodes being released showing the auditions. After that, three more episodes will be released on October 16th focusing on rap battles and cyphers and the final three episodes will hit the platform on October 23rd. 

Watch the full trailer below.

Kamaiyah Arrested for Firing Gun

Kamaiyah was busted for busting her gun.

The Oakland rapper, 27, was arrested for allegedly fired a gun during a private movie screening in an upscale condo complex in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley last month.

According to TMZ, Kamaiyah was hanging out at an apartment building when she and some friends made their way into the facility’s movie screening room. Surveillance footage shows a woman cops believe is Kamaiyah pulling a handgun from inside her bag before firing a round in the room. She left shortly afterward.

Law enforcement sources believe the gun went off by accident as Kamaiyah was playing with it. There doesn’t appear to be any reason why she would fire the weapon.

Kamaiyah wasn’t arrested until a couple weeks ago when a warrant was issued. Police reportedly found what they believe to be the same gun used at the apartment complex. She was booked for felony negligent discharge of a firearm and was released on $35,000 bond.

The Bay Area native has been in the studio working on a new project for release on 4Hunnid/Interscope Records. In June, she dropped her single “Windows” featuring Quavo and Tyga.

Quavo Shows Off World’s First Emerald Cut Grill

It appears Quavo has moved on from his matching grill with girlfriend Saweetie he was seen in last week. The Migos rapper took to IG on Saturday to show f his new emerald-cut grill, which he points has “no baguettes.”

Done by legendary jewelry designer Johnny Dang, the grill is the world’s first-ever emerald cut grill, making it a 1 1. There’s no word as for how much the grill actually cost, but according to Johnny’s caption, a #quartermil ($250,000) would sound about right. They also make an effort to point out the “church windows” its inspired by as well. Check out Quavo’s new iced out grill (below) and let us know what you think. Does Quavo now have the best grill in the game?

In other Quavo news, the “Lamb Talk” rapper’s been sharing some studio photos to his Instagram which means something new is dropping soon that will take us into the new season. We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward. Stay tuned.

Quavo Applauds Antonio Brown For Forcing His Way Out Of Oakland

Antonio Brown successfully forced his way out Oakland before ever playing a snap for the Raiders, following a tumultuous fseason filled with drama f the field. Not only did Brown get released at his request, but he now gets to join the defending champion New England Patriots, where he’ll be catching passes from six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Critics have blasted AB for the way he went about his business in Oakland this summer, but not everyone is upset with the All Pro receiver. Quavo, for instance, praised Brown for creating an opportunity where he finally was able to choose where he wants to play.

“It’s time for players to pick their own destiny,” Quavo says. “You gotta be happy with where you’re at. You can’t just not be happy at an unhappy home.”

“I think the Patriots will be a good spot for him.”

Things certainly appear to be f to a good start in New England, as Brady has already invited AB to crash at his home until he gets settled in. The duo posed for a selfie on instagram last night and Brown was all smiles.

The Patriots cruised to a 33-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 even without Brown in the lineup, so it should be a total bloodbath when the team visits the lousy Miami Dolphins in Week 2.

Saweetie Cuddles Up To Quavo In Light Of Her Pretty Little Thing Collection

Saweetie has made major moves for herself since she dropped on the scene with her debut single “Icy Grl” that got her signed to Warner Bros. Records. Since then, the Hayward, California bred rapper has secured her title as a female MC to keep an eye on and she’s made it very clear that her success has nothing to do with her man, Quavo

“Bruh I been on my shit before I met him don’t ever get at my career like that I WORK HARD FOR MINES AND IF I WANNA LOVE A NI**A I CAN DO THAT TOO FOH !!!!!” she responded to a fan who thought otherwise

Saweetie has recently made moves in the fashion world since launching a collection with Pretty Little Thing that’s inspired by her Icy Grl ways. “The little girl in me who used to play in my mamas closet is so full joy right now!! I created this collection to show what being an ICY GRL is all about. Boss up, hustle hard and enjoy the fruits your labor!!!” she captioned a video on Instagram. 

In another post, Saweetie made it clear that all that matters right now is love from her man as she seen sitting gon Quavo’s lap in a hooded diamond fit. “Long as my n*gga love me 🖤,” she wrote. 

Wiz Khalifa Drops ‘Taste’ Freestyle

Wiz Khalifa is giving fans another “Taste.”

After dropping “Really and Truly,” the Taylor Gang boss continues his freestyle spree with a remix to Tyga’s “Taste.” Over the D.A. Doman-produced beat, Wiz reflects on his hard work and dedication.

“See what I got, that’s all patience and God’s amazing,” he raps. “See what I came out of, dawg, that should be motivation / Now all I think about is broad chasing and car racing.”

The “Taste” freestyle follows “I’ll Be Good” and “Never Lie” featuring Moneybagg Yo. He plans to release more freestyles along with a collaboration with Quavo.

Calboy Challenges Drake, Quavo & More On The Court In New IG Video

Calboy’s talents don’t end with Rap; apparently, the “Envy Me” rapper can hoop as well, and his newest Instagram post is an announcement just that. Attached to three separate videos Calboy playing ball, is a caption calling out numerous other rappers. “Aye I be seeing y’all faking with The trainers @nolimitherbo @durkioworld 😂😂 …all you rappin ass niggas think y’all can hoop come get up with me‼️ I got whatever on it…Let’s set it up! Y’all seen how @21savage nem got it .. @polo.capalot @meekmill @takdcr @quavohuncho @juicewrld999 @lilbibby_ @tjporter @jaygwuapo_ …oh n aye NLE @choppppppa I’m coming to get patty money back n the singers can cum on get sum too! @chrisbrownficial @champagnepapi @torylanez,” the post reads. 

In all fairness, his confidence may be earned. Calboy does seem to be a respectable player. His jump shot looks to be on point and he’s got some handles to go with it. He’s also doing it all in what appears to be a pair Kusbi Jeans that cannot be comfortable to play in. As for whether he’s better than Quavo or the other rappers who can ball is another question. Perhaps someone will take him up on his challenge. We will have to wait and see.