Tinashe Reveals ‘Songs for You’ Tracklisting

Tinashe is coming.

A year-and-a-half since her sophomore album Joyride, the R&B songstress is set to release Songs for You on Nov. 21. She has revealed the tracklisting and y cover art, which finds Tinashe in a black bikini and sheer gloves.

The 15 tracks include appearances from 6LACK (“Touch & Go”), Ms Banks (“Die a Little Bit”), and G-Eazy (“So Much Better”).

She previewed new music for fans at intimate listening parties in London, Los Angeles, and New York. “Creatively, I just feel like I needed to go through what I went through in order to be the person that I am today and to get back to my roots,” she said.

Songs for You marks Tinashe’s first album since splitting with RCA Records and signing a management deal with Roc Nation.

Songs for You Tracklisting

1. “Feelings”
2. “Life’s Too Short”
3. “Hopscotch”
4. “Stormy Weather”
5. “Save Room for Us”
6. “Story of Us”
7. “Die a Little Bit” (feat. Ms Banks)
8. “Perfect Crime”
9. “Cash Race”
10. “Link Up”
11. “Touch & Go” (feat. 6LACK)
12. “Know Better”
13. “You”
14. “So Much Better” (feat. G-Eazy)
15. “Remember When”

Air Jordan 9 "Racer Blue" Coming Soon With 3M Details: In-Hand Photos

With 2019 coming to a quick close, sneaker brands are already thinking about their lineups for 2020 and Jordan Brand is no different. There have been a plethora sneakers being teased and most them are being paired with a February release which would coincide perfectly with All-Star weekend. One the latest Jordan Brand sneakers to be teased for this time frame is the Air Jordan 9 “Racer Blue” which was teased back in June as a black and royal blue sneaker. 

Now, thanks to images from @upcycle.sneaks and @zsneakerheadz, we have an in-hand look at the model. The pictures below don’t allow us to see what kind blue is being used although we get to see the 3M material in action, which ends up creating an iridescent aesthetic. From there, the vast majority the upper is black with even more black on the midsole. The outsole is white with a blue Jumpman logo appearing near the back heel. 

Based on the post below, it appears as though this sneaker will be released on February 1st, 2020 for $190 USD. They will also be coming in grade school sizes for $140 USD so watch out for that. Let us know in the comments below what you think.

Spotify, Proctor & Gamble Address Racism with 'Harmonize' Podcast

Spotify and Proctor & Gamble are partnering in the launch of a new podcast series called Harmonize, which will discuss racism in America and how music has had a positive impact on it.

The series includes four episodes, all of which are now available exclusively on Spotify. Hosted by communications consultant and writer Jamilah Lemieux, the episodes feature singer and actor John Legend along with rapper and music executive Pusha T as well as music expert Cory Townes.

While the podcast in the future will address all kinds of biases, such as gender, LGBTQ and identity bias, the first episodes are focused on bias against African Americans. In these episodes, artists and cultural commentators share stories of how racism has affected both their personal and professional lives.

Legend is very supportive of the project.

He says, “It is so important to have an open, honest dialogue around difficult topics like race, gender and bias.” Because of this, he adds, “I have huge respect for companies like Spotify and P&G that are creating spaces for artists like myself to have these conversations, which are long overdue.”

Damon Jones, who is the vice president of global communications & advocacy at Proctor & Gamble, also commented on the series. He said, “Together with Spotify, we’re deepening this conversation, illustrating how race intersects music and culture and bringing together a variety of perspectives and experiences we believe will inspire people to take action to address these all too common instances of individual and institutional bias.”

Finally, Danielle Lee, who is global vice president of partner solutions at Spotify, said, “We are proud to amplify the conversation that P&G has so thoughtfully sparked with the launch of Harmonize. Consumers expect brands to take a stand on issues they care about and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Our hope is that Harmonize will expand the conversation around bias in America in an effort to build empathy.”

Skip Bayless Promises To Wear LeBron James Jersey On One Condition

Skip Bayless has been known as a bit LeBron James hater over the years and whether it be on First Take or Undisputed, the man has remained consistent. Despite being one the best players to ever grace an NBA court, Bayless has had his fair share criticisms for LeBron, particularly the idea that he isn’t clutch down the stretch. Bayless’ hatred for LeBron has led to some pretty hilarious roasts from celebrities and other players alike. George Lopez recently got in on the action, suggesting Bayless should wear a LeBron jersey if he leads the team to a championship.

The Drip God himself went on Undisputed this morning and addressed Lopez’s challenge directly. As Bayless explained, he is willing to don the jersey but LeBron has to be sure he wins himself the title first. Otherwise, the odds aren’t looking too good.

“If in fact your man LeBron is able to carry these Lakers to a title at age 35, I will come out here not only in a 23 Laker jersey, but I’ll get me a fake little wig,” Bayless said.

If this were to happen, it would truly be an iconic moment in sports talk television history so we’re crossing our fingers that it eventually happens.

Antonio Brown Changes Careers As He Unveils "Chef AB" Series: Watch

It feels as though every single day is graced with a brand new story involving Antonio Brown and his f-the-field antics. Since August, Brown has been at the forefront sports headlines and it all has to do with how he got himself kicked out Oakland and New England. Now, Brown has all the free time in the world to do as he pleases and sometimes, it results in some pretty interesting and entertaining antics. While some may have AB fatigue, others are always interested in what he has going on.

Brown has been active on his YouTube channel recently and on Wednesday, he posted a brand new video called “Chef AB “The Cook Up” Ep. 1.” In the clip below, Brown can be seen cooking up some eggs and bacon while giving commentary on what he’s doing.

Perhaps the funniest part this whole clip is his man behind the camera who continues to egg him on (no pun intended) and ask him questions. At one point, AB can even be seen talking to the sizzling bacon and asking it how it feels. Perhaps if the NFL doesn’t work out for him, he can get his own show on the Food Network. At this point, that could potentially be a more lucrative career depending on how things go.

Let us know in the comments what you’re hoping he makes in episode 2.

Tinashe Shares Album Cover, Tracklist For "Songs For You" Ft. G-Eazy, 6LACK, & Ms. Banks

It looks as if Tinashe is ready for the world to see what she’s been cooking up in the studio. The 26-year-old singer, now an independent artist, will release her next album Songs For You on November 21 her own label Tinashe Music Inc. Not only has Tinashe recently announced that she’s inked a management deal with Roc Nation, but she’s also shared two singles from Songs For You: “Die A Little Bit” ft. Ms. Banks and “Touch & Go” with 6LACK.

Tinashe Shares Album Cover, Tracklist For "Songs For You" Ft. G-Eazy, 6LACK, & Ms. Banks
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

Songs For You will be Tinashe’s third studio album following the Kentucky-born, California-raised artist’s release Joyride last year. About a month ago, the singer shared a trailer to tease her forthcoming project.  “Do you ever feel like nobody knows who the f*ck you are?” she said in the clip. “All the time I feel so authentic with my life and somehow people still don’t understand me. They don’t understand what I’m about. They don’t understand how I move…They say, ‘Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?’ Which is f*cking weird to me because I know exactly who I am.”

Songs For You only boasts a handful features from the aforementioned Ms. Banks and 6LACK, along with G-Eazy. Check out Tinashe’s trailer for her record, along with her album cover and tracklist, below. 


1. Feelings
2. Life’s Too Short
3. Hopscotch
4. Stormy Weather
5. Save Room For Us
6. Story Of Us
7. Die a Little Bit ft. Ms Banks
8. Perfect Crime
9. Cash Race
10. Link Up
11. Touch & Go ft. 6LACK
12. Know Better
13. You
14. So Much Better ft. G-Eazy
15. Remember When

50 Cent Wants In On Paid Chinese Troll Group "50 Cent Army"

50 Centisn’t on Instagram anymore and we can’t help but assume that it wasn’t done by choice. There’s no doubt his page has sparked controversy that has even led him to court in the past. However, that just means he’s taking his business elsewhere. The rapper has been actively tweeting all day. Fif is arguably hip-hop’s first troll and he embraces it in full.

50 Cent Wants In On Paid Chinese Troll Group "50 Cent Army"
Paul Morigi/Getty s

Earlier today, the rapper shared a screenshot a Bloomberg article where he discovered a group in China called “50 Cent Army.” This “army” literally has nothing to do with the rapper but the name is enticing enough to draw him in. The rapper tweeted, “do I have to go to China to find my Army. I just want to be apart it. LOL.”

50 Cent Army isn’t a G-Unit fan club in China, although the title itself might seem that way. According to The Washington Post, the 50 Cent Army is a group paid trolls hired by China to use Twitter and other forms social media to sway the public’s opinion the government in a favorable way. It launched in 2004 but the public was only aware it in 2014 after it was hacked. By the time 2016 rolled around, the 50 Cent Army was already up to 500 million fake accounts. 

If Fif knew that, maybe he’d reconsider wanting to be apart it. 

R. Kelly Almost Secretly Got Over $1 Million From National Enquirer Boss

It feels like every story published about R. Kelly is as crazy as the last and this one is no different. The disgraced singer, who is currently awaiting a number  trials for his alleged crimes against underage girls, is sitting behind a jail wall with no money in his bank account and a strong chance that he’ll end his life in prison. Kelly was the subject  an award-winning Lifetime docu-series called Surviving R. Kelly and it seems as though another company was planning on using his likeness for a new program. In fact, they were reportedly planning on secretly funnelling over $1 million to the man for it.

As reported by The Daily Beast, Dylan Howard, a top executive at the National Enquirer, who also works as senior vice president at their parent company American Media Inc., negotiated with Kelly’s representative for months on setting up a payment system where the singer would be compensated for an upcoming television program. An audio recording reportedly revealed the plans to pay Kelly through sketchy means. “No network is going to buy or pay Mr. Kelly. They simply won’t do that,” said Howard on record. “They are not going to take the public relations hit associated with doing business with him. Obviously, we would be embedded with you so it’s not as if it really is independent, but it has to be sold to the market as independent.”

R. Kelly Almost Secretly Got Over $1 Million From National Enquirer Boss
Cook County Sheriff’s Office Getty s

Howard went on to detail exactly what the agreement would look like, stating: “I license music from you. I license locations from you such as homes, et cetera. And that is how you get prit participation in such a production, because no network is even going to allow a production company’s books to show, on their books, that there is a money trail going to you.”

Kelly’s representative seemed to be on board with the plan, ensuring that the singer could use the money to pay his legal fees, also sounding confident that Kelly will make it out this predicament a free man.

What do you make all this?

Lamar Odom’s Son Apologizes For Initial Disapproval Of Dad’s Engagement

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr’s engagement happened pretty fast but we’d be lying if we said we were surprised. The couple has been very open about what makes their relationship special and the engagement was seemingly in the works from a couple months back. “This relationship for me is different for me because he is not intimidated me at all. I know how I come across and I’m okay with it,” Sabrina said Lamar. “He embraced it, he said to me he needs someone aggressive because he’s so laid back and passive.”

Lamar Odom's Son Apologizes For Initial Disapproval Of Dad's Engagement
Allen Berezovsky/Getty s

Yesterday the couple made it ficial on Instagram but Lamar’s 17-year-old son came through in the comment section with some vicious words clearly not a fan the move. 

“Not a txt or a phone call to see how people who’ve know this dude his whole life to see how we would feel or react,” Lamar Jr. wrote. “knew shawty for 4 months and already got you twisted, fam n friends already don’t approve homegirl but already she got your a— ina sunken place. Shame family gotta find out on social media but that’s been how life been all the time as the son an odom.”

Young Lamar has now come through with an apology, explaining how he was simply “hurt and caught f guard.” 

“Last night I was emotional seeing my father got engaged through social media,” he wrote. “I was hurt and caught f guard. At the end the day, I am a teenager, that is becoming a young man. I have to be responsible for what I post, I have nothing but love for my dad and want what’s best for him.”

Draymond Green Christens Chase Center With First Ever Ejection: Watch

This season has been an exercise in futility for the Golden State Warriors as it seems as though their whole team is injured and their world is crumbling before their very eyes. It’s been a horrible stretch to start the season and last night, the Warriors lost yet another game, this time at the hands the Utah Jazz. When you’re always losing, it is very easy to get frustrated and that’s what happened last night as Draymond Green was ejected.

It all started when he made contact with Jazz point guard Mike Conley. The ref called a foul on Green and it was safe to say he was upset about it. Green ended up walking over to the referee where he gave him a piece his mind. This led to the first-ever ejection in Chase Center history.

For context, the Warriors recently moved to the Chase Center in San Francisco after decades playing at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. So far, the Chase Center hasn’t brought many good memories for Warriors fans and this first ejection is just one many disappointments to come this season.

Hopefully, for the upper-middle-class Silicon Valley Warriors fans that grace the Chase Center every night, they will begin to improve sooner than later.   

Reason & Ab-Soul Are About To Drop A New Banger

TDE‘s Reason is really about to lay waste to the entire game. The West Coast rapper has quietly emerged as one the game’s most exciting lyricists, a fact emphasized by his recent single “Same Ol Shit.” If you haven’t heard that yet, be sure to get on it; there’s no excuse for not putting Reason at the top your playlist, especially if you enjoy strong bars. In any case, all signs point to a late-year surge from Reason, though there’s no confirmation his TDE debut will be arriving in 2019. However, given that he’s essentially kickstarted a promotional blitz, perhaps we should brace ourselves for his imminent arrival.

Reason & Ab-Soul Are About To Drop A New Banger

Scott Dudelson/Getty s

Today, Reason has already opened the floodgates for another new release, this one featuring the naturally reclusive Ab-Soul. Given that Soulo has been mounting his own comeback story for 2020, perhaps TDE is looking to kill two birds with one stone. In any case, the new single “Flick It Up” is set to arrive tomorrow complete with a stylish, long-take heavy visual. You can check out a first look below, courtesy Reason’s IG.

From the sound it, Reason is bringing his A-Game for his upcoming project. If he keeps this up, Top Dawg will have another monster on his hands. How are you enjoying his music thus far? 

Travis Scott Brings Out Kanye West at ASTROWORLD Festival

Kanye West surprises at ASTROWORLD.

Travis Scott’s festival returned to Houston’s NRG Park for the second year. During Travis’ headlining set on Saturday night, he surprised the crowd by bringing out West, who took the stage to his Jesus Is King single “Follow God,” rapping along as Travis turned up alongside him.

“Make some noise for Kanye West!” said Travis before the DJ played “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” as Kanye repeated the hook, while the crowd sang along to every word.

Before leaving the stage, the two shared a long embrace and some words before West exited and Travis finished his performance.

The onstage reunion comes nearly one year after their fallout. Kanye was upset that Travis allowed Drake to “sneak diss” him (“Checks over stripes”) on their hit collaboration “Sicko Mode.” “I actually like sickomode but I don’t like that that is was sneak disses,” Ye tweeted in Dec. 2018. “Trav is my family and let this met throw sneak disses at me for clout.” They apparently met up in person later and resolved their issues.

Earlier in the day, three people were trampled and hospitalized as hoards of fans rushed to enter ASTROWORLD. Video footage shows festivalgoers climbing over fences and knocking down a barricade to enter the festival, which was attended by 50,000 people.

The second annual event also featured performances from Migos, Pharrell Williams, Young Thug, Playboi Carti, Gucci Mane, DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, Rosalía, and Marilyn Manson.

Travis Scott Gifts Astroworld Performers Care Packages That Include "Bred" Jordan 11s

The festival game continues to grow and as organizers fight to maintain differentiation among fans, they’ve also been seen going to great lengths to show their appreciation for the artists who grace their stages. One the most blatant examples this in the past couple years has been the lauded Rolling Loud chain that the hip-hop festival’s top performers have received backstage. 

This weekend, however, Travis Scott set a new bar as he put together a care package that took levels artist hospitality to new heights. Per Complex Sneakers, Trav and co. put together a few gifts that included a pair “Bred” Jordan 11s, A Ma Maniere Air Forces 1s, Cactus Plant Flea Market and other Nike gear.

Just ahead  Astroworld, Nike unveiled Travis’ newest Air Force 1 “Cactus Jack,” set to arrive on November 16th. 

“The shoe is a patchwork elements,” reads Nike’s description the eclectic new silhouette. “Reflecting things from his upbringing—like the durability traditional work clothing, natural tones associated with being outdoors, and the surreal vibes Astroworld. He’s sharing his experiences with the kids in Houston by providing them with the tools to own their hustle and the inspiration to imagine new possibilities for themselves.”


Lizzo Gets Candid About Her Anxiety & Growing Up With No Representation

Lizzo has had an absolutely tremendous year in music and we can only imagine that she’s grown just as much personally. From her chart-topping tracks and collaborations to North American tour stops and memorable flute performances, the 31-year-old has inspired thousands if not millions individuals with her ways she’s only getting started. 

Lizzo has now proudly graced the cover  British Vogue and her feature interview has her opening up even more about growing up and her struggles with anxiety. “I would watch things on television and I would look at magazines and I would not see myself,” she says her childhood. “When you don’t see yourself, you start to think something’s wrong with you. Then you want to look like those things and when you realise it’s a physical impossibility, you start to think, ‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’ I think that took a greater toll on me, psychologically, growing up than what anyone could have said to me.”

Such feels may be the reason for her anxious moments, something Lizzo handled pretty well. 

“When I get really, really anxious before a show, I just go harder and harder and harder when I’m performing and I just go crazy,” she explained. “I don’t know why, but my anxiety sometimes fuels who I am as a performer and who I am as an artist – and I know that is not the case for everyone.

Read her full feature here.

Air Jordan 4 "Rush Violet" Coming Soon: Best Look So Far

One the most iconic Air Jordan silhouettes is the Jordan 4 and in 2019, it is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Because this, Jordan Brand has come through with some new colorways the shoe and as we approach the end the year, Jumpman is coming in clutch with a colorway that will certainly appeal to all the kids out there.

Originally dubbed “Tiger Camo,” the “Rush Violet” colorway features tiger stripes throughout with blue, orange, and pink being represented throughout the upper. There are hints black leather on the tongue and above the midsole while a white Jumpman logo is placed square on the tongue. Overall it’s a pretty great look but if you want to cop, you better have small feet because these will only be available in grade school sizes. 

For now, it is being reported that these will be dropping on Friday, November 15th for $150 USD, according to Sneaker Bar Detroit. Let us know in the comments what you think these and if you plan on copping for the little one in your life.

Air Jordan 4 "Rush Violet" Coming Soon: Best Look So Far

Sneaker Bar Detroit

Air Jordan 4 "Rush Violet" Coming Soon: Best Look So Far

Sneaker Bar Detroit

Air Jordan 4 "Rush Violet" Coming Soon: Best Look So Far

Sneaker Bar Detroit

Air Jordan 4 "Rush Violet" Coming Soon: Best Look So Far

Sneaker Bar Detroit

Air Jordan 4 "Rush Violet" Coming Soon: Best Look So Far

Sneaker Bar Detroit