LeBron James’ "I Promise" School Is Already Seeing Rising Test Scores

When LeBron James retires from the NBA, he will widely be considered as one the best players to ever grace the game basketball. In addition to his accomplishments on the court, he has also been quite charitable f it. Last year, LeBron started the “I Promise” school in his hometown Akron, Ohio, which is dedicated to providing at-risk youth with proper education. As right now, the school only has third and fourth graders but by 2022, the school plans to expand to grades one through eight.

There were quite a few skeptics when it came to LeBron’s school but according to Toni Roberts, a teacher at the school, the students are excelling. In a report from Bleacher Report, it was stated that 90 percent students at the school are either meeting or exceeding their growth goals. After just one year, it’s clear that these students are benefitting from the service the “I Promise” school provides.

LeBron James' "I Promise" School Is Already Seeing Rising Test Scores

Jason Miller/Getty s

“When I came here, people would tell me, ‘It’s not going to work over there. When you go over there, you’ve got those bottom kids. There’s no way that you’re going to be able to maintain what you’ve done all these years and still keep it going,’” Roberts said. “Well, guess what? Yes, it does. These kids know how to respect. They know how to be loving. They know how to give love in return. So, don’t tell me that it’s not possible with what we poured into the school. Look at all this.”

With this new information in mind, it’s clear that the “I Promise” school has been a success and just further pro that LeBron cares deeply about his community.

Gayle King Comments On R. Kelly’s Arrest Following His Infamous Breakdown

At the beginning March, R. Kelly sat down across from Gayle King, where he attempted to fer up his side the story. What followed was an explosive, infamous, and darkly memeable breakdown from the disgraced singer. “I’m fightin’ for my life!” cried an impassioned Kelly. “Ya’ll are killing me with this!” It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral, and all throughout, King composed herself with dignity in the face an unraveling man. Today, following Kelly’s recent arrest on federal sex crime charges, King spoke with ET about her interview with the once-beloved singer.

“The indictments are not a surprise to me,” she explains. “We’ve been hearing that they are coming for quite some time. He always, always, always insists that he’s innocent all the charges. But now these are very serious charges coming from federal ficials. I think that it’s a brand new ballgame. So we will see what happens.”

Maintaining that she has remained in contact with Kelly’s team, King also claims that they’re confident in his defense. “I’ve talked to R. Kelly’s representative since he was arrested and they are still very convinced that he will be fine and that he will be proven innocent once again,” she reveals. “They told me they’re very confident about that. So we shall see.” Indeed we shall. For more from King, be sure to check out the full article ET, right here.

Apple Decides to Invest In Original Podcasts — Putting a Big Buzzkill on Spotify's Expansion

Looks like Spotify rattled Apple’s podcast cage one too many times.

Now, after spending hundreds of millions on its podcast expansion, Spotify has a potentially serious problem ahead.  Earlier today (Tuesday), Wall Street reacted to news that Apple had decided to invest in original podcasting content, just like Spotify.

Of course, Apple’s the 800 lb. incumbent when it comes to podcasts — which might explain why Spotify’s stock immediately faced downward pressure on the news.  But this didn’t spill over into a panic, not by any stretch.  By the closing bell, SPOT had slipped nearly 2% to land at $151.26, a not-so-scary finish that shaved fewer than three points from the previous close.

Still, the specter of Apple dumping potentially hundreds of millions into original podcasting isn’t welcomed news at Spotify.  Already, Spotify has dropped monstrous sums to acquire podcast companies Gimlet Media and Anchor, with a max-out investment of $500 million earmarked for 2019.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to invest in “the kind of deals it didn’t make before,” which signals a departure from a podcasting platform to a podcasting studio.  Or, something in-between, with heavy-hitters still living on Apple’s market-leading app alongside Apple-funded series.

Sounds like pretty potent stuff, with Spotify potentially forced to ramp up its bidding for top-ranked podcasting talent.

“You do not listen to a podcast, then a piece of music, and then a podcast. Experience has shown us that running in separate applications works great on iOS.”

— Eddy Cue.

Bloomberg also noted that the podcast bankrolling will coincide with Apple’s move towards TV-focused investments.  All of which fits neatly into Apple’s broader shift towards subscriptions and content.

Apple’s podcasting app is already embedded onto every single iOS device.  In fact, it’s one of Apple’s pre-loaded apps that can’t be removed.

Two years earlier, Spotify promised that it was ‘coming after’ Apple and its podcast dominance.  But even prior to Apple’s content-financing decision, the company’s well-entrenched podcasting app has proven to be a tough target.

And, for that matter, so have Spotify users.  For now, Spotify is aiming to blend music and podcast content, with the idea that listeners will embrace the mixed basket of content.

That’s an approach that Apple sharply disagrees with, however.  “These are two different things,” Apple executive Eddy Cue recently told French publication Numerama.

“You do not listen to a podcast, then a piece of music, and then a podcast. Experience has shown us that running in separate applications works great on iOS.”


Tay-K Pleads Guilty To Aggravated Robbery: Report

As today, Tay-K “The Race” fame is ficially on trial. According to the Star Telegram’s report, Tay-K has pleaded not guilty to an additional count aggravated robbery, as well as one charge capital murder. He has, however, pleaded guilty to two charges armed robbery, with his defense attorney Jeff Kearney claiming that Tay-K indeed “agreed to participate in a robbery,” though he did not possess awareness that a murder was to be committed. Unfortunately, the robbery ultimately went sour when Tay’s associate Latharian Merritt claimed the life  Ethan Walker, a 21-year-old father who died from a gunshot wound to the stomach. 

According to Kearney, the guilty plea is a sign that Tay “accepts responsibility” for committing the robbery. Still, he maintains that Tay-K had no inclination that Merrit “was going to go in and intentionally kill for no reason, intentionally kill Ethan Walker.” Moreover, he maintains that no amount evidence could suggest otherwise. 

Opposition counter by suggesting Tay K was eager to involve himself in the robbery, claiming that he expressed willingness to “take care ” the situation upon learning there might be a gun in the place. He also claims that Tay-K and his associates entered the house with a pair guns and brass knuckles, with the logic therefore being, “what else might he have expected.” 

If Tay-K is indeed charged with capital murder, the punishment is life with the possibility parole. Seeing as he has pleaded guilty to a pair aggravated robbery charges, he’s requesting probation. Unfortunately for Tay-K, he’s also facing a second capital murder charge, which occurred during his “Race” when he allegedly shot and killed 23-year-old Mark Saldivar. Not only that, but he rounded things out with a reported assault on a 65-year old man named Skip Pepe. 

As now, the trial is ongoing. We will be updating this story as developments occur.


"The Simpsons" Tackles "Stranger Things" In New Treehouse Of Horror

Throughout the course its thirty-season run, the “Treehouse Of Horror” Halloween Episodes have been a high point  The Simpsons. Though current installments pale in comparison to the prime run, “Treehouse” has been relatively consistent in bringing spooky takes on pop culture favorites into the fore. For this year, The Simpsons will be taking on Stranger Things and The Shape Of Water, all on the 666th episode the series. 

Check out the poster below, which finds Lisa Simpson stepping into the role Eleven, with Chief Wiggum as Hopper, Ms. Van Houten as Joyce, and Bart, Nelson, Martin, and Milhouse as the boys. At the top finds Selma Bouvier wrapped in a passionate embrace with Kang (or is it Kodos?), a mirror shot Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar Winning Shape Of Water. And from the look it, Homer appears to have a monkey-mirror, no doubt the product some devious series events.

Expect this one to surface come Halloween, in keeping with tradition. Treehouse Of Horror have ten brought a hint gleeful macabre into The Simpsons, and we can only hope this year’s premise doesn’t stray too far from the path. Anyone still watching the record-breaking series?

Nas Issues Reminder That "Untitled" Dropped 11 Years Ago

 The collected works one Nasir Jones stand among hip-hop’s most engaging and lyrically thought-provoking. Many fans are quick to cite Illmatic,I Am, Stillmatic, The Lost Tapes, God’s Son, and Life Is Good as essential pieces the canon. Yet more ten than not, Untitled is swept under the rug. Once titled under a different name  N****r, Nas ultimately dropped his chosen title amidst a swirl controversy, opting for a vastly safer (though more thematically diluted) choice. Upon its release, the “Hero” led album received solid praise, yet the album largely fell unnoticed in the grand scheme the Jones discography. 

Today, Untitled turns eleven, and Nas took to Instagram to remind the masses the occasion. With an evocative album cover and production from Jay Electronica, Polow Da Don, Salaam Remi and many more, Untitled found Nas exploring themes identity, race, politics, and his own environment across a loosely linked conceptual throughline. Contributions from The Game, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Keri Hilson, and more helped round the album out, but the show belonged to Nas, who once again kept his bars pristine and his flow second-to-none.

Take a second to revisit an t-unsung chapter in Nas’ catalog, his ninth studio album, which led to another gold plaque upon his wall. Have you bumped this one recently? If so, how do you feel it holds up?

Dreamville Reacts To "Revenge Of The Dreamers 3" Hitting #1

Dreamville’s Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 is the number one album in the country, and rightfully so. A masterclass in capturing the collaborative spiritDreamers 3 united countless artists all walks life, many whom walked away from the sessions with a newfound perspective on the process. With a hot-streak riding J. Cole at the helm, Dreamers 3 also served as an introduction to the widespread talent on the Ville’s roster, with notable turns from J.I.D, Bas, EarthGang, Cozz, Lute, Omen, and Ari Lennox. Yet they weren’t alone in contributing, and as such, the number one victory was enjoyed by a variety different artists. 

Of course, those within the roster certainly embraced the sweet taste their hard-earned victory. 

And while he’s not a Dreamville member, Guapdad4000 embraced the project with the passion he might reserve for his own work. Clearly, the team is feeling more than validated, and one has to wonder if the widespread acclaim Dreamers 3 is receiving will have an effect on the label’s emerging talent. We’re still patiently waiting for MirrorLand, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see EarthGang reaping the benefits a number one drop, likewise for Cozz, Lute, and Omen.

And lest we forget, there are still plenty unreleased Dreamers 3 joints chilling in the cut – has there ever been a more anticipated “deluxe version” in hip-hop? Congrats to J. Cole and the Dreamers on a job well done!

Burger King Sweden Releases New Vegan Burgers, Alongside A Challenge For Customers

Amidst all the A$AP Rocky drama going on in Sweden right now, Burger Kind Sweden has come out with a challenge to promote their new, meat-alternative burgers. The international fast food chain’s Scandinan branches, have embraced new, plant-based burger options, which they’ve initiated at several American outposts. And as a way to promote the alleged “indistinguishable” animal-friendly alternatives, they’ve come up with a challenge for customers.

Their plant-based burgers are remakes the classic Whopper, and Chicken King sandwiches, aptly named Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King. *As a side note, it’s worth to note that although both sandwiches are made with 0 meat, they are still fried in the same deep fryer as chicken and fish items – though the company’s website confirms that the Rebel Whopper can alternatively, be cooked in a microwave to avoid contamination. As well as this, if you’re looking for a completely vegan option, you should make sure to specify that they hold the mayo – which contains eggs.* As part their Marketing initiative, the fast-food chain has fered burger fans an audacious challenge in the form its 50/50 menu. The idea is that anyone who orders the Whopper, or Chicken King f the menu, will be given either the original sandwich or its plant-based variant, with the goal to prove to customers that the non-meat sandwiches are indistinguishable from their meaty counterparts. In a statement, Burger King Sweden’s Marketing director, Daniel Daniel Schröder said, “we are really proud how hard it is to tell our plant-based burgers apart from real meat. With the 50/50-menu, we hope that more people dare to try them. And hopefully have fun trying to figure out which one they got,” A pretty bold statement, but it looks like you’ll just have to wait and see until you try it out yourself.

Serena Williams Stands Firm On "Fight For Equality" Following Wimbledon Loss

Following her Wimbledon defeat at the hands an in-form Simona Halep, Serena Williams was asked to touch on her growing interest in political activism, to which responded, “Well the day I stop fighting for equality, and for people that look like me and you, will be the day I’m in my grave.” Serena’s strongwilled message came at the heels a heartbreaking loss in straight sets to her Romanian opponent, herself a former world #1 in the WTA database. 

Serena could have within her rights to be less composed, more frantic, throughout the post-match press conference, but as always, she rose to the occasion, eschewing bitterness towards Halep above all else. Bear in mind, there are only a handful Grand Slam tournaments up for the taking each calendar year, each one more bitter/sweet than the last.

For those who don’t follow the WTA circuit too closely, Serena’s quip about “fighting for equality” is a subliminal response to comments made by Billie Jean King, a pioneer in the women’s game, turned pundit. Her belief is that Serena ought to focus her attention on her tennis-playing and leave the activism to “the full-time pressionals,” give or take a few liberties in expression.

“She’s got business, a baby, she’s trying to help gender equity, particularly for women color, she’s actually on the Billie Jean King leadership initiative, she and Venus are both advisors for it,” Jean King said last month, leading to this portentous occasion – in which Serena answered all, ostensibly racist doubts over her graceful manner, pressionalism, and ability to control her emotions. Serena is the GOAT, but that doesn’t take anything away from Simona Halep dominant display. Even Serena had to admit, Halep played a strong hand, and deserved to win their matchup.

Florida Cop Planted Meth On Random Drivers, One Lost Custody Of His Daughter

In an absolutely bizarre – and tragic for one particular victim – story, a Florida deputy got arrested this Wednesday, after being fired back in September, for a multitude charges; including planting meth in random drivers’ cars. Ex-deputy, Zachary Wester, has been charged with 52 counts racketeering, false imprisonment, ficial misconduct, fabricating evidence and possession controlled substances, among other charges. A representative from the Florida Department Law Enforcement, Chris Williams, said in a statement “there is no question that Wester’s crimes were deliberate and that his actions put innocent people in jail,” Wester would randomly target innocent drivers, and proceed to arrest them after he faked a “search” to plant marijuana or meth. During a news conference, investigators said that there didn’t seem to be any pattern victims, some had young children in the back, others were young men or women, and some even cried as they insisted they had never even touched drugs in their lives.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that since the arrest, at least 119 cases involving the disgraced ex-deputy have been dropped. In addition to this, Circuit Judge Christopher Patterson ordered the release at least 8 inmates from correctional facilities last fall, with 263 cases still under review. For one particular victim, Benjamin Bowling – who has thankfully since been cleared – Wester’s actions have had a lasting detrimental effect on his life. He fell victim to Wester’s fabricated drug charges back in 2017, on his way with a friend to buy diapers for the daughter he had just been awarded custody for. Bowling had been clean ever since his release from prison on a DUI conviction a year prior, and had been devoting his time to getting his life straight and taking care daughter – routinely passing drug tests. However, all a sudden, he found himself being pulled over for a drug search after Wester claimed he could smell marijuana; confident he would come out clean, Bowling told him to go ahead and search the car, only to suddenly find himself being accused possession a small amount marijuana, leading to his conviction on counts felony meth possession. Now, two years later, after losing custody his daughter, it all made sense. When asked by reporters why he thinks Wester would do such atrocious acts, State Attorney William “Bill” Eddins from Florida’s 1st Judicial Circuit replied that investigators themselves were still trying to figure it out, saying “you’re never certain what lies in the heart man.” 

Usher Wants Herpes Accuser To Pay $2,500 For Skipping Deposition

Usher may have settled his herpes lawsuit with Laura Helm but it doesn’t mean he’s in the clear regarding the other women he allegedly transmitted the STD to. BOSSIP reports how the “U Got It Bad” singer wants his anonymous herpes accuser punished in the form a $2,500 fine since the woman did not answer questions from his legal team after she was deposed. 

The woman’s lawyer argued the questions Usher’s team asked her were an invasion privacy. However, being deposed means you must answer any and all questions and considering the woman has a protective order, her answers would be shielded from the public and the media. The publication details further how Usher’s legal team has reached out to the woman and her lawyers but they haven’t heard any word. 

Usher Wants Herpes Accuser To Pay $2,500 For Skipping Deposition
Brian Ach/Getty s

Usher still has a few court dates to go regarding his herpes and considering his divorce that was announced at the end last year, it may just be him and his legal team fighting the battle. 

“After much thought and consideration we have mutually decided to separate as a couple. We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases our lives,” Usher and his former wife, Grace Miguel, previously stated

Undercover X Nike Daybreak Dropping In "Bright Citron" Colorway: Official Images

Nike and Undercover have been teaming up for collaborations for years now and in 2019, they came together on the Nike Daybreak which featured some pretty cool colorways. Well, as the Summer marches on, it’s clear that neither brand is done coming out with new stuff as ficial images the Undercover x Nike Daybreak “Bright Citron” colorway were revealed.

The shoe is fairly clean as it has a yellow upper with a black Nike swoosh and some grey suede highlights around the toe cap and the laces. Just like the other Daybreak models, there is a pointy part on the back heel which makes these sneakers almost look like race cars. The silhouette isn’t for everybody but if you want to try something new, it could certainly be a great choice for the Summer.

If you’re interested in purchasing this model, these will be released on Friday, July 19th for $160 USD, according to Sole Collector.

Undercover X Nike Daybreak Dropping In "Bright Citron" Colorway: Official s


Undercover X Nike Daybreak Dropping In "Bright Citron" Colorway: Official s


Undercover X Nike Daybreak Dropping In "Bright Citron" Colorway: Official s


Undercover X Nike Daybreak Dropping In "Bright Citron" Colorway: Official s


Undercover X Nike Daybreak Dropping In "Bright Citron" Colorway: Official s


Wendy Williams Removed All Evidence Of Kevin Hunter On Set Of Talk Show

Wendy Williams took no time to completely remove any evidence her estranged husband Kevin Hunter when she filed for divorce and fired him from his role as executive producer on her self titled talk show. Sources tell Page Six that Kevin’s former fice got a serious makeover and now has a new purpose. 

“Staffers] removed any trace Kevin,” the source told the publication. “It’s been completely gutted.” Apparently, pictures Wendy and Kevin were also removed although it’s unsure if Kevin took them or they were thrown in the trash. The space is now being used as an fice for the show’s audience coordinators.

Sources also detailed how Kevin no longer being there has lead to some chaos since Wendy doesn’t have her husband to keep people away from her. “People didn’t like Kevin because he controlled access to Wendy,” the source detailed, “and now that he’s not there it’s chaotic in that people can walk up to Wendy now and before you couldn’t.”

Wendy Williams Removed All Evidence Of Kevin Hunter On Set Of Talk Show
Michael Loccisano/Getty s

As for Wendy’s personal life, she told her studio audience how she’s dating a doctor who she’s falling hard for. “I’m not on the market anymore. I’m not in love. I don’t know how I’m doing. I’m not in love but there’s somebody that I’m crazy about,” she said.

You do you, Wendy.

Air Jordan 12 "Racer Pink" Drops In Girls Sizes This Month: Fresh Look

While it may not be the most iconic Jordan Brand silhouette all-time, there is something to be said about the simplicity the Air Jordan 12 and the various colorways that have come out over the past few years. For some reason, the Jordan 12 has received a ton girls colorways over the years and Jumpman is looking to continue that trend with the “Racer Pink” colorway. At first glance, it is fairly obvious that this is a shoe for girls and will certainly be a big hit when kids start heading back to school.

The shoe has a pretty simple look to it as it has a grey leather upper with pink on both sides near the midsole. As for the actual midsole, that is dressed in white with pink making up a good chunk the outsole. Jordan branding is found on the back heel as well as the number three which is written in pink.

You can pick these up for the little one in your life as July 31st for $140 USD, according to Sneaker News.

Air Jordan 12 "Racer Pink" Drops In Girls Sizes This Month: Fresh Look

  Sneaker News

Air Jordan 12 "Racer Pink" Drops In Girls Sizes This Month: Fresh Look

  Sneaker News

Air Jordan 12 "Racer Pink" Drops In Girls Sizes This Month: Fresh Look

  Sneaker News

Nick Young Claims Steve Kerr Is The NBA’s Best Blunt Roller

Nick Young was one the more outspoken players in the NBA during his time in the league and while he wasn’t exactly a top tier player, he knew how to bring attention to himself. During the 2017-2018 season, Swaggy P got to play for the Golden State Warriors and even win a championship with the team. Young got to experience first hand what it’s like to play with one the best dynasties all-time and got to know a lot about his head coach, Steve Kerr. 

In just half a decade with the Warriors, Kerr has made it to five straight NBA Finals and has notched three Titles. During an appearance on The Damon Bruce ShowYoung claimed that Kerr is much more than a great coach thanks to his extra-curricular abilities. “Probably Steve Kerr,” Young replied when asked who rolls the best blunts in the league.

Young wasn’t looking to tattle on any his teammates so he decided to mention Kerr instead a fellow player. Had he taken players into account, his answer probably would have been different, although his Kerr answer remains surprising. 

Kerr has been known to be a players coach over the years and is always standing up for the rights those he feels are marginalized. It’s clear that his progressive values go beyond just race relations.