Joe Budden Briefly Addresses Eminem's "Kamikaze" Diss

When Eminem called out Joe Budden on the “anybody can get it” anthem “Fall,” many wondered if Em’s shots would be enough to pull Budden from retirement. Unfortunately, a recent IG live session has dispelled any and all notions that nature. 

“Em is one the best rappers in the world,” says Joe. “Arguably one the best rappers ever, right? Right this second, he’s trying to prove to people he can rap.” When asked how he’s going to respond, Joe confirms that he’ll be keeping true to his retirement, much to the dismay those praying on Budden Vs. Eminem. “If anybody wanted Joe to respond to them in a rap, all they had to do was say Joe name two years ago, three years ago, four years ago…Don’t do it now.” 

To be fair, during the timeframe Joe provides, Em would have had little reason to diss him at all. In fact, Joe was enjoying life on Shady Records as a member  Slaughterhouse; rather than criticizing Em’s music, he was penning homage tracks in the form “Slaughtermouse.” While he’s absolutely right about people wanting smoke now that he’s out the game, he seems to be missing one essential fact. When one positions themselves as a critic, they are wholly responsible for how scathing they choose to be; the mantle critic does not absolve one their accusations, and it’s not entirely surprising that artists and critics can occasionally bump heads.

Em has taken his fair share lumps from the press, who have made a habit out attacking his character over his music. It’s not fair for Joe to act like Em should have said his name three years ago, when Budden’s incendiary comments came during his stint on Everyday Struggle in 2017. Still, few can dispute that it would be a lyrical clash for the ages. Look for Joey to address the situation further on his upcoming Joe Budden Podcast on Wednesday.

Offset's Baby Mother Upset That Daughter's Name Isn't Inked On His Body

  1. Offset recently showed f his latest ink that’s his daughter’s name written across his left jawline, spelling Kulture in a nice cursive font. The tattoo marks another addition to the many tattoos Offset already has including his wife’s name, Cardi B. Although Offset is probably happy with his new work, his baby mother Shya L’amour isn’t so pleased since Offset apparently doesn’t have any tattoos to represent their daughter, Kalea. 

When Offset posted a video to his Instagram story, he mentioned how he had all his kids names tatted on him, but according to Shya, that’s a lie. In the video below (that has since been deleted) you can see Shyla share a couple words on the situation ending with “quit trying my daughter.” 

Kalea turned three earlier this year in April and Offset and Shya threw their little girl a pony princess party. The Migos rapper shared a photo he and his daughter on Twitter with the caption, “R A I S I N G A Q U E E N.”

Kim Kardashian Sources Address Drake Romance Rumours

Theories about Drake and Kim Kardashian have been swirling around for quite some time. They have recently reached a new height with the rapper’s release Scorpion. While many are theorizing about what may or may not have happened between the two entertainers, people close to the Kardashian camp is attempting to shut the whole thing down.

According to sources close to Kim, the whole concept is false. Apparently, the “KiKi” from “In My Feelings” and the brand that is Kim Kardashian are two separate entities, even though Cosmetics entrepreneur had been nicknamed “Kiki” by her family. She also included the name as part her color palette in her KKW Beauty lipsticks.

Speculations will most likely continue to flow. Nick Cannon recently publicized his theories about the matter on his last visit to Everyday Struggle. Many are wondering why Kanye West would have interfered in Pusha T’s beef with Drake, if not for fear having things about his family revealed to the masses. Then again, his wife’s success was built on a video herself having sex with another celebrity, so a sex scandal might not even ben the reason within this train thought.

We have yet to hear anything from Kim Kardashian herself. The mother three is living her best life and celebrating her controversially banging body.


The Game Names Geoffrey Owens A Hero After Trader Joe's Photo

A few days ago, a photo began to circulate the web Gefrey Owens, former star The Cosby Show, working at a Trader Joe’s. As ruthless as the internet regularly gets, the actor was shamed for working a second job. Whether his acting gigs had stalled or he was simply happier working at the grocery store, the response that he got was unexpected and downright mean for the most part. Many are beginning to realize the error their ways and now, Owens is being praised for doing what he can to make ends meet. A few in the hip-hop community have spoken out on the viral photo and The Game decided to step in, calling the man a hero on Instagram.

Choosing Labor Day, a day rest for most, to make the statement, Game shared an image the Cosby Show actor before giving him the high praise. He wrote, “#LaborDay hero goes out to #GefreyOwens.” Offering as much encouragement as he could, the West Coast rapper continued, “Walk with your head held high brotha ✊🏾.”

While Owens had no say in the photo breaking out, it could end up helping him earn roles in the long run as he’s now gone viral. Big ups to Gefrey Owens and to Game as well.

T.I. Adds Fuel To The Theory Of Bob Marley's Death By CIA Assassination

Since Bob Marley’s untimely death in 1981, many fans have been in denial about its cause. Though his passing was ficially declared as stemming from cancer, people still believed the reports were falsified and that the icon’s life must have been taken in a more sinister, calculated way.

This theory was revived when a report stated that a former CIA agent had confessed to Marley’s murder. Today, T.I. shares this news with his fans through a screenshot a headline, typo-included:

Although the rapper ten includes lengthy captions in his posts, he kept it simple this time: “I’m just gon leave this here…”

The upload opened the floor for discussion amongst his social media following. Many commenters simply paid their respects to the reggae legend while others engaged in a healthy debate. Other conspiracy theories were brought forth, including the deaths Eazy E and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Some fans were skeptical the situation as a whole, saying that they would still like to see medical records to confirm Bob Marley’s cause death while they don’t necessarily buy into the CIA conspiracy theory. 

Vince Staples Thinks Eminem & Machine Gun Kelly Should Fight It Out

“I know nobody asked me this,” says Vince, “but I really think MGK and Eminem should just run it real quick. Meet in a neutral location, a Cracker Barrel or Trader Joe’s, somewhere they both comfortable, and just squabble up.” He elaborates throughout the remainder his Instagram story, breaking down his perspective on the ongoing beef. “I don’t really know what happened, but my n***a Machine Gun sounds mad. You do be talking about people Marsh, so just run him his fade, Marsh, he need it!” 

Vince may very well have been targeted by Em on “The Ringer.” “Full magazine could take Staples out,” raps Em, leading Vince himself to tweet attention to the bar. Though notorious for his deadpan and scathing sense sarcasm, it feels as if Vince Staples is enjoying taking the piss out the squabble. One has to wonder if such behaviour can be seen as “poking the bear,” since Em has seemingly reopened the door for hip-hop contention.

Vince certainly has the wit and intelligence to prove formidable on wax, but he has openly spoken out against beef in the past. He does, however, believe in solving problems the old fashioned way. In the mean time, Vince seems content to poll the people on who would win, as he continues to do so on his expanding IG story.

YBN Cordae On Ian Connor's Sneakers: "They Seem A Little Rapey"

A few days ago, the YBN crew went shopping for some new sneakers with Adam22 and No Jumper. As he’s previously stated that he doesn’t rock much designer apparel, Cordae left room for YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay to pick out the most extravagant kicks. However, something that Cordae said stuck out to commenters and is now starting to make the rounds. 

The young artist from Maryland is viewed by many as one the most lyrically skilled rappers to have come out in the last few years. In a game that’s currently being dominated by melody, Cordae fers something different to those who crave lyrics and flow. He also may have just earned some major points with the ladies.

When presented with Ian Connor’s Revenge X Storm sneakers, Cordae was not feeling them in the least bit, referring to them as “ass,” “garbage,” and a flurry other insulting adjectives. The real statement came as he started walking away, saying, “They seem a little rapey.” Of course, he’s referring to the sexual assault allegations that Ian Connor has faced for years. When checking out a pair Pharrell NMD’s, the artist seemed to like them, bringing back some more shade on Connor, saying, “I like wearing shoes owners who respect women.”

The message got across pretty clearly. Cordae does not mess with anybody facing rape accusations and he has no intentions supporting those individuals.

Tekashi69 & Kanye West Connect For New York Fashion Pop-Up

Tekashi69 is grabbing his Tr3way Entertainment label and online retailer to host a clothing pop-up in New York tonight, marking his first venture in the fashion field. The “FEFE” rapper could really have no better person to be involved with since Kanye West made moves by advertising the event on Twitter. Ye tweeted out a public invite that is an iPhone screenshot with the pop-up details in the icons – clock app with the time, map app with the location, calendar app with the date and so on.   

Kanye’s creative house DONDA came up with the unique invite and the clothing that will be at the event is simply based on Tek’s unique style. Tekashi69 apparently has plans to do more with fashion and this event is just the waiting pool before he dives deeper. 

In other Tek news, he recently went to Mexico for the first time to meet his family. “”I never met my family before…. This was so crazyyyyyy …. My first time in Mexico.] this shit broke my heart connecting with family I never seen before I’ve only spoken to,” he wrote on Instagram. “Me being younger not understanding why my Mom left her country to make a better future for us. THIS right here hits home.”

G-Eazy Drops $30K On Rose-Gold Diamond Grills

G-Eazy is seemingly living his best life. After recently announcing that he’s back with his ex Halsey (using a sultry photo them on stage to show to the world he’s once again f the market) TMZ  now reports that he’s dropped a whopping $30 thousand on some custom grills. The sparkly mouthpiece is adorned with 500 diamonds, on 14K rose gold and according to the publication it was hand delivered by celeb jeweller Raksha who hopped on a plane to deliver his work to the rapper in New York. 

In other Eazy news, Machine Gun Kelly dropped f a diss freestyle last week taking shots at G, saying he slept with Halsey when they were on a break.

He rapped: “Let’s just keep it G/ Only Eazy I fuck with is E/ I seen he’s dyed his hair and got a hanging earring/ I fucked his girl now he look like me/ This shit overbearing/ How dare him, I dare him/ Don’t think about comparin’/ Now turn that frat rap f/ I’m gettin’ sick hearin’.”

G responded right after, with his track “Bad Boy,” listen here. 

G-Eazy & Halsey Post Lovey Swimsuit Pics Amidst Machine Gun Kelly Feud

G-Eazy has been in the headlines a lot more than usual lately due to his on-again-f-again romantic status with singer Halsey. After he reportedly cheated on her, Halsey had announced their break-up on her social platforms. In the midst his feud with Machine Gun Kelly, he appears to have gotten back with his girl with the most remarkable pro being uploaded to Halsey’s Instagram page. First, let’s get you updated on the most recent origins the MGK beef.

Last week, we experienced some prompt back-and-forth from Kells and Eazy as MGK called out the “No Limit” artist in the following lyrics: “Let’s just keep it G/ Only Eazy I fuck with is E/ I seen he dyed his hair and got a hanging earring/ I fucked his girl now he look like me, this shit overbearing.” After those lines were uttered in his Funk Flex freestyle, Gerald responded with his “Bad Boy” record, calling out his rival in quick manner. Machine Gun Kelly is getting a lot heat from multiple sides now with his response to Eminem picking up a lot traction.

With Eazy and Halsey seemingly back together, it’s worth it to mention that MGK took yet another swipe at Gerald in “Rap Devil,” saying, “Dropped an album called Kamikaze, so that means it killed him/ Already fucked one rapper’s girl this week, don’t make me call Kim.” Kelly has a few beefs to worry about but G-Eazy and Halsey seem to be happy sitting by the sidelines for now.

Lil Wayne Buddies Up With Bhad Bhabie Backstage: "Weezy F Bhabie"

Bhad Bhabie got the opportunity to link up with Lil Wayne at this year’s edition the Bumbershoot Music Festival. Weezy caught up with the younging backstage and posed with her for a photo. The rap veteran smiles wide, while the newcomer coyly hides half her face.

Bhabie uploaded pro their encounter to Instagram with a punny caption: “Weezy F Bhabie.” She punctuates the moniker with a goat emoji to pay her respects to the seasoned entertainer.

Lil Wayne is definitely aware the generational gap between his and that the Bhad Babies the world. During his performance, he pointed out his longevity when he asked whether there were any “old school Lil Wayne Fans” in the crowd “because y’all know I’ve been doing this for 20 years.” His set included a lot throwback tunes like his very first solo hit, “Go DJ” from 2004.

It’s pretty fresh to see an old head rock with a kid on the come up. Then again, he might’ve thought he was posing with a fan. That is if he hasn’t already heard that Bhad Bhabie is a “superstar.” The female rapper already caught some favorable attention from her recent collaborator, Ty Dolla $ign.

Cardi B Lets Fly Against "Mad Bitches" Who Link Up Strictly To Hate

Cardi B has had a complicated relationship with her haters. Clearly, her ascent has proven the young rapper is backed by legions loyal fans; unfortunately, the haters can ten sound the loudest. Cardi has ten grappled with her detractors, ten taking to Instagram to sound f against those in opposition. Today, Cardi has deemed it worthy to post a heated rant, aimed squarely at “Mad bitches,” who somehow find common ground in hating on Cardi B. Admittedly, the Invasion Of Privacy rapper has been plagued by plenty vocal haters, but it’s still sad to them continuously affecting Cardi’s mood. 

“It’s so funny to me when bitches fake fuck with each other cause they don’t like Cardi,” she says, showcasing a new rainbow coloured hairstyle; is 6ix9ine really out here setting trends? In any case, Cardi paints quite a scenario, in which said “mad bitches” unite for a link-up, in which any and all topics discussion center around hating on Cardi B. Tiresome, to be sure, yet apparently such nefarious clubs exist.

Behold the rant below.

Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj & Miguel Make Their Mark At "Made In America"

Jay-Z’s Labor Day music festival rarely disappoints those who make the annual pilgrimage. The event taking place over the Ben Franklin Parkway in the heart Philadelphia was temporarily home to thousands festival attendees and a marquee lineup consisting Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Lil Uzi, 6LACK, Pusha T, Lil Uzi, and Post Malone. 

For starters it was Kendrick Lamar who received plaudits for reinventing his set for a Philadelphia audience that had already seen him perform twice this season. Kenny knew the fiercely proud grass roots crowd would get a kick out seeing one their own invited on stage, his weapon choice a bubbling local rapper-singer by the name Bri Steves. 

While Nicki Minaj’s set has been summarized as a hot mess, it wasn’t so because it lacked in entertainment value. Hearing “FEFE” live with Tekashi on stage had festival-goers wet in their socks.

Nicki Minaj recovered from a wardrobe malfunction by relaxing in her Cleopatra pose.“You know what? Let’s go at it. They’ll see my nipples at least 50 times tonight,” she interjected before getting back to her frenzied pace on stage.

Lil Uzi joined Nicki to perform “The Way Life Goes” remix, in parallel kawaii outfits which really sold their “sibling” relationship as one care and concern. Makes you wonder what Tekashi and Nicki were pitching with “FEFE,” on a level fictional intimacy.

On the undercard, performers like Miguel kept festival crowd wrapt until the more boisterous headliners took the stage. Miguel’s performance wasn’t so much a light show but he did bring a peculiar conversational dynamic to his set, at once yelling, “If you’re nasty and you know it, clap your hands,” while taking a serious turn some time later in his set to explain his mixed heritage to a surprisingly attentive crowd.

BlocBoy JB Cops Extravagant New VVS Grape Chain

It’s difficult to think somebody who’s made a bigger impact than BlocBoy JB in such quick fashion. The Memphis star came up with Tay Keith (who’s also been making serious waves) and made the XXL Freshman list when he was relatively unknown last year. Now, after dropping Simi and receiving countless co-signs, BlocBoy is one the most sought-after rappers in the game. His Southern style brings a charm to his music and he seems to have a good ear for beats, considering his close ties with Tay Keith. It was only a matter time before he started to cop extravagant pieces to rock around his neck and it appears as though BlocBoy is going only to the best for his jewelry needs.

Elliante  Anne & Co. posted a few clips the ice he had made for the “Shoot” artist, dripping him out in a VVS storm throughout the chain. Placed on a Cuban link, BlocBoy seems to be showing love for his childhood gang allegiance in the Grape Street Watts Crips as the piece itself is grapes with a purple bandana. We don’t want to know how much this ran BlocBoy but if it wasn’t personally gifted to him, it probably cost a few hundred thousand dollars. Not bad for his first year in the game.

Last month, BlocBoy teased an upcoming Tay Keith-produced tape, which is bound to feature more the same energy the two have become known for. What do you think his new chain?

Eminem's Lyric About Real Life Serial Killer Torture Elicits Response From Victim

Eminem ruffled more than a few feathers when he dropped Kamikaze this past weekend. Em’s lines aimed at the more famous members society have gained him notoriety, especially with Machine Gun Kelly coming back for Eminem in a diss his own called “Rap Devil.” Still, there were lesser known names that Eminem dropped on the album that still had a very large impact on those who were in the know. On the track “The Ringer,” Eminem references serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, and one his victims. 

“I’m f the chain like Kala Brown,” raps Eminem, shedding light on Brown’s horrifying tale. The young girl was found chained like a dog in a small metal container at Kohlhepp residence. She was kidnapped along with her boyfriend, who she claims was killed by Kohlhepp. Authorities found her chained by her neck and ankles. After hearing the Eminem reference, Brown’s spokesperson Jenny Dial released the following statement:

“Thank you for the concerns; we have seen all the attention regarding Eminem referencing Kala in one his newly released songs.
At this time, given we fully know and understand Eminem’s style rap music (it can come f a little unnerving) but she does not want to take fense or feel as if he is attacking her personally.
It was a clever line that rhymed and we’d like to leave it at that. Everyone expresses themselves in their own way, and if anything, people will always feel a flash Kala’s struggle when hearing that line.”