The Game Comes To The Rescue After Kids Selling Candy Get Busted By Police

When The Game isn’t dropping f wise words wisdom with his weekly Nipsey Hussle motivation posts or doing some promo on his latest album Born 2 Rap, the Compton raised MC can be found helping the youth when they have an unexpected run-in with the cops. The Game (born Jayceon Terrell Taylor) was recently spotted outside  Beauty & Es restaurant, coming to the rescue a group kids who were selling candy. 

The Game Comes To The Rescue After Kids Selling Candy Get Busted By Police
Araya Diaz/Getty s

According to TMZ, a business in the area called the cops a group boys who were trying to make some cash f their candy sales. The Game saw that the youngins’ were being approached by the police and made his way over. The “How We Do” rapper gave the kids some cash – or as he stated in the video some “jewels.” Apparently, he gave them enough money to cover all their inventory and didn’t even take any their treats. 

Towards the end the clip below, where The Game explains the situation, you can see Freddie Gibbs coming through to make an appearnce and admitst that the “boys in the blue” are always on him as well. 

Drake Shows Love To "Some Of The Greatest Ever": MF Doom, Phonte & More

Drake might be the biggest pop star on earth right now but he’s ultimately a student hip-hop. Acts like Kanye West, Cam’ron, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne have clearly been influential in his sounds, as he’s admitted in the past, as well as R&B artists like Aaliyah, Sade, and Usher. However, he’s a student the rap game, first and foremost, and last night, he hit the ‘Gram to pay homage to a few artists that he might not credit as ten as he should for influencing him.

“Spent my night listening to some the greatest ever,” he wrote in the first eight Instagram Story posts where he showed love to a few artists he’s worked with in the past and some that are on his bucket list collaborators, apparently. Among them are Elzhi, Phonte, Dwele, Slum Village, MF Doom, The Roots, and Cody Chesnutt.

For those familiar with Drake’s ATF/October’s Very Own Blogspot days, the rapper has collaborated with several these artists in his early career. Not only has Drake called Phonte one his biggest influences but they also worked together on “Think Good Thoughts” alongside Elzhi. Dwele and Little Brothe also linked up with Drake on “Don’t You Have A Man.” He’s also sampled The Roots and Slum Village in some his recent work as well. 

As for MF Doom, the rapper has previously paid homage to the masked MC in the past while sparking speculation a collab in the works. Although that’s never been confirmed, Drake did rap over “Accordion” with Nickelus F back in the day.

Drake Shows Love To "Some Of The Greatest Ever": MF Doom, Phonte & More
Drake Shows Love To "Some Of The Greatest Ever": MF Doom, Phonte & More
Drake Shows Love To "Some Of The Greatest Ever": MF Doom, Phonte & More

Rihanna Interviews Lena Waithe, Skylar Diggins & More For Special Edition Magazine

Rihanna is doing everything except releasing an album, but we appreciate all her creative endeavors. Her latest project is a special, limited edition issue  i-D Magazine, titled “Rihannazine”. To celebrate i-D‘s 40th anniversary, RiRi curated a “visually-driven” zine that highlights some her biggest inspirations within various streams culture. Some the women photographed and interviewed for the collection are Gigi Hadid, Lena Waithe, Deanna Lawsom, Zadie Smith, Alexa Demie, Paloma Elsesser, Adwoa Aboah, Yolanda Renee King, Roxanne Gay and Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Mateo.

Rihanna posed the same set questions to all the ground-breakers featured in the issue, one them being: “If you could ask Rihanna one question, what would it be?” To this, writer and actor Lena Waithe replied, “I kind want to ask, ‘What are you afraid ?'” Recording artist Kelela kind  skirted the question: “What I’d just say to her is, ‘Thank you.'” Basketball star Skylar Diggins wondered, “How do you balance it all?”

You can pre-order a copy “Rihannazine” if you want to learn more about her influences and get the full experience. 

In other Rihanna news, she was spotted hitting it f with A$AP Rocky, just a few days after her reported breakup with Hassan Jameel.

Cardi B Offers Offset A ‘Celebration In My Throat’ Over Fashion Collaboration

In celebration of the release of Offset‘s collaboration with fashion designer Chaz A. Jordan, Cardi B promised some fellatio to her husband.

The entertainer made the offer on her Twitter after the collaboration was released on Thursday (January 16).

She wrote, “Sooooo proud of my man!! Celebration in my throat today!!!”

Cardi showered her husband with even more praise and adulation on Instagram.

The “Tease Me” rapper wrote, “Congrats babe on your bomb ass fashion clothing collab with Chaz A. Jordan. I am so proud of you! From filming on two shows, recording and working on so many other things. The dick feels better when is coming from a hard-working man. I love you!”

Before showing her man social media love, Cardi had made headlines for calling President Donald Trump a “terrorist” amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Iran after a missile airstrike killed Quds Force leader General Qassem Soleimani.

Check out Offset’s Instagram post on the collaboration below.



2 Dead & 5 Injured After Man Open Fires On San Antonino Rap Concert

San Antonio, TX – Violence erupted inside a San Antonio bar on Sunday night (January 19) as a crowd gathered for a concert called Living the DREAM. The show featured 19 burgeoning rappers mildly popular on social media, including San Antonio rappers RUZ, Creep and 223Jerm.

According to ABC News, the San Antonio Police Department responded to a shooting at Ventura bar at 8 p.m. local time after a man opened fire “indiscriminately,” killing two people and wounding five others.

RUZ addressed the incident on Twitter shortly after the shooting took place.


He added, “My prayers go to whoever was hurt at Ventura. It sucks what happened man.”

During a press conference Sunday evening, Police Chief William McManus provided some preliminary information, explaining a fight broke out between two customers when at least one person pulled out a gun and began shooting. Shell casings were found both inside and outside of the club.

A 21-year-old man died at the scene, while another man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where he later died. Police said five others are currently being treated at area hospitals, however their conditions are unknown. The suspect remains at-large.

“We’re working on that,” McManus said. “I’m confident that we will identify the individual and have that person in custody sooner than later.”

Ventura is located at 1011 Avenue B along the San Antonio’s popular River Walk. The investigation is underway.

"Power" Recap: Tommy’s Episode Is The Most Revealing Yet


Tommy and Ghost have been boys since day one, which is why their time as enemies has been so dramatic. This week’s episode  Power mends the relationship between the two brothers, and also gives fans a hint as to who shot Ghost. Entitled “It’s All Your Fault,” the thirteenth episode the season focuses on Tommy. After last week’s somewhat slow episode, this week Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent deliver the strongest episode mid-season yet. “It’s All Your Fault” begins back at the moment that Tommy kills Proctor’s cousin Benny. At this time, Tommy has one goal in mind: Kill Ghost.

Tommy disposes the body very easily, but Benny’s disappearance worries Elisa Marie and her guardian, Aunt Dolores. Proctor’s family was apparently mob royalty, which leaves Elisa Marie in the care some very dangerous people. This works to her advantage though. Dolores and Vincent have a meeting where the former accuses the latter fing Benny. In order to save face, Vincent gives Dolores two bodyguards and promises to get to the bottom things. Elisa Marie, being a smart young girl, monitors all the mob talk and also listens to the recording her dead father left her. Dolores walks in just as the recording gets good, and the two ladies have a bonding moment. Dolores fills Elisa Marie in on the truth the family, and Elisa identifies Tommy as the voice on the tape. This sets in motion the motivation behind Tommy leaving town, which we saw at the end the last episode. 

Elisa Marie and Dolores take the recording to Tariq, who denies knowing anyone named Tommy and Ghost. His slick act doesn’t work on Dolores, who puts two and two together and quickly calls Tariq out for helping Tommy kill Proctor. Elisa Marie tries to defend Tariq, but Dolores isn’t buying it. She’s a smart woman, because moments later Tariq runs to Tommy, alerting him the recording. Tariq’s movements seem shadier than usual in this episode and the further we get into the show, the more guilty he begins to look. 

Tommy heads over to Truth to presumably kill Ghost for murdering Lakeisha and shutting down his base operations. His plan is foiled, but before he can exit the area Blanca approaches him. The law enforcement ficer hands Tommy Lakeisha’s belongings, and Mr. Egan immediately identifies Tasha’s earring in the bag. Putting the pieces together rather quickly, Tommy heads over to Tasha’s apartment to kill her. Their confrontation is brief, with Tasha admitting to killing Lakiesha within seconds. She gets Tommy to read the papers his deceased lover signed to snitch on him, and reminds him that all her bags were packed in the house. Tommy almost kills her, but decides to let her live at the last moment. This scene is crucial to Tommy’s relationship with Ghost. After he realizes that Ghost did not kill his girl in revenge for killing Angela, Tommy begins to make a 180-degree turn. 

Viewers are brought back to the scene Tommy and Ghost meeting up, somewhat reconciling, and then getting shot at. Tommy discerns that Ghost did not know about the recording Proctor kept either, which is another moment that helps him rebuild trust with his frenemy. After fleeing the scene and escaping a still unknown third party trying to kill Ghost, Tommy heads to Dolores’ house to seize the audio recording. He kills the guards, kidnaps Elisa Marie, and proceeds to pry her for more information. Tommy, who was raised in a harsh environment, ends up empathizing with the daughter the man he murdered. Elisa Marie vents about her drug addict mother and protective father, and asks Tommy if he killed Proctor. Tommy won’t admit his guilt, but his non-answer is an answer enough for the sharp young girl. While Tommy is interrogating Elisa Marie, 2Bit calls and confirms that it was Dre, not Ghost, who snitched out his operation to the police. This is the final moment revelation for Tommy, who decides he needs to reconcile with Ghost. Tommy brings Elisa Marie back to Dolores, unharmed, and goes to speak with Tariq. 

When Tommy tells Tariq that Ghost is innocent these crimes, the younger St. Patrick cares not. Tariq tells Tommy that he believes Dre is trying to kill Ghost, but he refuses to help. If his father dies, he will not be the man to try to stop the situation. The grim outlook from Tariq makes him look suspicious, or at least complicit, in the murder his father. Couple that with the scene last week where Tasha doesn’t answer Paz when asked who killed Ghost, and it makes things seem like Tasha and Tariq had a hand in Ghost’s undoing. After leaving Tariq behind, Tommy attempts to get to Truth to save Ghost from his fate. Unfortunately, Vincent catches up with Tommy and a shootout occurs. Tommy murders the Italians, giving Vincent a particularly gruesome death, and speeds f to Truth. 

Here is our heartbreaking moment: Tommy arrives too late. He walks in to find a dying Ghost, bleeding on the floor, and he looks up to get a clear look at the killer– the camera remaining closely on Tommy’s visage. Tommy looks shocked, he clearly recognizes the killer but a dying Ghost tells him to “let it go.” This is a very important moment. Whoever the killer is, for Tommy to allow them to live means he has some type love or connection to the shooter. Ghost telling Tommy to “let it go” means the dying St. Patrick doesn’t want his killer to die either. That makes Tariq a prime suspect at this point, since Tommy would have extra incentive to kill Tasha, considering he let her live in an earlier scene. It couldn’t possibly be Saxe, because Tommy would shoot him immediately. Ghost dies in Tommy’s arms, also ridding any hope viewers had that he was still alive. The episode wraps with Tommy being viciously shunned by his grieving mother, who gifts him with a present from Ghost’s will before she writes him f as the killer. Tommy takes what he’s given, clears his apartment, and heads on the road. First though, he meets up with Elisa Marie, who gives him the last the recordings. Next, Tommy kills Spanky after a tip from 2Bit about his snitching ways. It’s good to see Tommy make it to the end alive, driving out into the sunset as it were, but this episode raised just as many questions as it answered. It’s a fitting end to Tommy’s storyline, and gives enough room for him to appear in the spinf series. The reconciliation and moment fate between he and Ghost was an integral moment for the final season. We’re one step closer to finding Ghost’s killer. 

Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend, David Adefeso, Tackling Student Loan Crisis With App

Just yesterday, CNN reported that student loan debt in the United States had reached a staggering $1.6 trillion. This is evidently a crisis that must be tackled. Fortunately, there are people, like David Adefeso, who are searching for a way to relieve Americans this burden. Adefeso is known by many for being Tamar Braxton‘s boyfriend, but he also deserves recognition for his app, Sootchy, which is set to launch this year. According to its website, Sootchy “combined AI-enhanced financial planning, the power community and tax efficient incentives to remove the need for student loans.

In his latest Instagram post, which shows him photographed with two his colleagues, Adefeso explains his motivation behind founding Sootchy. The caption reads: 

“When I graduated from Harvard Business School I had student loans equal in size to a mid-sized mortgage in the average American city! 46 million Americans are in that same predicament today. And 150 million more children over the next 18 years will have their life’s choices limited due to the overwhelming burden student loans. We look forward to working with the hardworking and diligent state treasurers at and the terrific and dedicated team at @collegesavingsfoundation to help these 190 million kids and adults avoid or eliminate student debt.”

Braxton started dating Adefeso in 2018 – a year after splitting from her husband nine years, Vince Herbert – and he sure seems like a keeper. 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Thanks Fans For Support Following Father’s Death

Last week the wrestling community lost a real one when Rocky Johnson passed away unexpectedly. Rocky’s son Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared a touching tribute about his father on Instagram detailing the amount love, respect, and admiration he had for his dad. By no surprise, Dwayne pulled in a serious amount support and kind words from friends, family and fans and in light the sweet words he’s received, he’s followed up with a video thanking everyone for their support. 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Thanks Fans For Support Following Father's Death
Matthias Nareyek/Getty s 

“My heart is so full gratitude, deep in my bones, in my constitution, in my wiring, in my heart and in my mana for the outpouring love,” he said, as seen in the video below. Elsewhere in the clip, the Jumanji actor explained how he never got a chance to say goodbye to his father. “I would give anything right now to give him a big old hug and a big old kiss, before he crossed over, and just say thank you and I love you, and I respect you. But I didn’t get a chance to say that,” he said. 

Finally, Dwayne had one request for his followers. “If you guys out there have parents around, your mom, your dad, your wife, your husband, your babies, your children, your best friends, your grandparents — text them,” he said. “Call them. Go see them. If they’re close by, and if you can hug them, I want you to hug them. You tell them that these are the marching orders from Dwayne Johnson, who just lost his old man.”

View this post on Instagram

My family and I thank you 🙏🏾♥️ Go hug your loved ones hard, while you still can. I love you. DJ #ripsoulman

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Drake Shows Off His Poetic Prowess With Lengthy IG Caption

Drake has been teasing fans with new music for a long time now but in typical Drake fashion, he is making sure most information stays under wraps. The Canadian artist is one the biggest acts in the entire world and in 2019, he didn’t release a project although he did come through with some singles here and there. 

Just yesterday, Drake took to Instagram where he flexed some his poetic prowess as a way to get fans excited about what he might be writing. As you can see, Drake came through with some interesting bars and rhyme schemes that will surely have fans demanding a project in the near future. Unfortunately, these bars didn’t come with some sort announcement, such as a release date.

“Psychic readings, Corporate meetings, Power lunches, Private funding,100 push ups 100 crunches, Final touches, Lemon squeezes, Island breezes, Press releases, Moving speeches, Multi tasking, Torches passing, Strong attractions, Forceful actions, What’s really cracking, I’m maintaining thanks for asking,” Drake wrote.

For now, we’re going to have to be patient when it comes to new Drake music. It takes time to craft a great album and we’re sure the artist is dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s before dropping another body work.

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

Yams Day is damn near a Hip-Hop holiday at this point, with the entire A$AP Mob turning up for one night in celebration the group’s late head honcho, A$AP Yams.

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

Credited with being the glue that brought the group together in the first place, Steven Rodriguez was a wildfire personality that unfortunately saw his flame put out due to an accidental death by overdose on January 18, 2015. Now, exactly five years after his death, it’s clear that the moniker “A$AP Yams” will only grow in notoriety as long as A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg and the entire Mob continue to keep his legacy alive like they successfully did last Friday (January 17) for Yams Day 2020.

The scene at Barclays Center was jaw-dropping, especially given how brick it was in New York City that evening. Every single entrance was packed, and being a fancy-ass (OK, far from fancy, but still!) writer for HNHH, I figured I could get in through the “artist” entrance. That was not the case — I had a ticket in a good seat, but a GA ticket nonetheless — and I ended up getting in through the VIP entrance. However, it was beyond interesting to watch some the people getting in this door for the 20 minutes they had us waiting: Solange’s baby daddy was right behind me, notorious “anti-Supreme” bully YMBAPE had no problems getting in with an entourage hood dudes and, course, groupies galore! However, it wasn’t until 12-year-old “Clout” rapper Bouba Savage arrived — he became a viral meme later that night when Rocky literally tossed him f the stage into the mosh pit — and put all us old heads to shame. Not only did this pre-teen emcee pull up with mad heads, but he also waiting zero time to get in and was screaming at the top his lungs, “Let them in! Let all my people in!” I knew from there it was about to be one unforgettable night.

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

I got in just as Bun B was running through his set. Walking in to “Big Pimpin” blaring through Barclays was a vibe I can barely explain, but it was without a doubt what you’d want to be doing on a Friday evening in Brooklyn. The stage setup was insane: a bull head with glowing eyes in the middle the main stage, which extended a runway-style platform into an actual wresting ring that had real wrestlers going at it in the middle each performance. The people on the surrounding floor looked like a sea talking heads, each filled with the excitement and vitality that comes with being surrounded by such energy. 

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

Pi’erre Bourne hit the stage soon after, who had just traveled from an in-store performance/fan signing in the Lower East Side at a clothing store called PRIVILEGE New York. The rock star life can see you moving from spot to spot in a matter hours, and I gained a huge respect for Pi’erre seeing him kill it for an intimate crowd diehard fans as comfortably as he did on a grand stage like the one at Barclays. His set was also particularly special because that’s when A$AP Rocky decided to make his entrance by crowd surfing his way to the ring. It goes without saying, but pandemonium ensued afterwards.

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

From there, tons random moments started happening. Lil Yachty pulled up for DJ duties for a bit, Smoove L captivated the whole crowd with “OUU AHH”/”BIG MAD” and ICYTWAT and his crew had the entire building shaking with “THOTTWAT” just to name a few. The entire Mob filled the wrestling ring in between sets to keep the energy going, but the momentum was on such a high (literally!) that it was impossible to wane down the level energy given f by the entire venue.

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

Top performers the night included Nav, Young M.A., Casanova and even2 Chainz hitting the stage before a touching speech by Yams’ mom, Tatianna Paulino, to acknowledge those involved for keeping her son’s legacy alive and at the forefront New York City’s biggest rap movement and collective in a very long time. It was, without getting too emotional or corny, one the most beautiful examples finding a silver lining in what has obviously been a dark cloud over her head for the past five years.

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

The biggest surprises the night were reserved for the very end, even though Ferg debuting his new red hairdo and looking like a big pack Now and Later candy was shocking in itself. After ending things with the posse cut we’d all been waiting to hear all night — the “Yamborghini High” turn-up was real! — Rocky brought out Tyler, The Creator in the very final moment the show to do a closing encore that had fans screaming well after the “take your ass home” lights came on. Also, in a wild turn events, both Drake and Rihanna (!!!) were backstage for the sole reason honoring Yams and didn’t even touch the main stage. 

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

Overall, we can only hope that Yams Day 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond continues to be as lit as it’s been annually for the past half a decade. Keep scrolling for a full photo recap Yams Day 2020 below. Rest in peace forever, Yams.

Yams Day 2020 Proves The Legacy Of Steven Rodriguez Continues To Grow

All photos provided by @TimStype exclusively for HotNewHipHop.

DaBaby & His Baby Mama Look Splendid As Wedding Dates

While DaBaby has been plagued recently by headlines about his troubles with law enforcement, his romantic life has remained relatively private. Remember when people couldn’t figure out whether he was married or not? It’s well-known that he has a young daughter – as he frequently posts pictures with her and mentions her in his songs – but his relationship with the mother has been ambiguous. In November, DaBaby’s baby mama, MeMe, opened up to Kiss Talk about their co-parenting arrangement and explained that, even though their relationship may not have an ficial title, DaBaby is her “boo”. 

It can be seen that it’s all love between DaBaby and Meme because they attended a wedding together over the weekend. DaBaby posted a slideshow on Instagram the evening’s highlights. He is seen dressed in a pink chapeau, which matches the pink LV logos on his sweater and the pink Gucci logos on his socks. While wearing multiple designer logos at the same time may be considered by some to be a fashion faux pas, the Charlotte rapper surely looked fly. One the photos to surface from the night shows Meme sitting on DaBaby’s lap. Even if their relationship doesn’t fit into a neat category, they’re definitely cute together.    

Machine Gun Kelly Responds to Eminem’s New Album

Machine Gun Kelly reloads.

Less than a day after Eminem declared their beef over, the Cleveland rapper is seemingly not finished. Taking to Twitter on Friday, MGK shared his thoughts on Em’s new album Music To Be Murdered By.

“mad af I just stepped out a loud room to hear this bullshit,” he tweeted along with the poop emoji.

He also took another shot at his Detroit rival. “he’s been rich and mad for 20 years straight,” wrote MGK alongside the laughing and trash can emojis.

Em addressed their rivalry on the Young M.A.-assisted “Unaccommodating” off his surprise album Music To Be Murdered By. “But when they ask me is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is,” raps Em. “I cleansed him of his mortal sins, I’m God and the Lord forgives, even the devil worshippers / I’m moving on.”

He also mentions MGK on “Yah Yah” featuring Royce da 5’9″, Black Thought, Q-Tip, and Denaun. “Had the prenup ready / Fucked on her, shoulda seen her belly / She barely was three months pregnant / Bitch had it, gave me her baby, we named it Machine Gun Kelly,” he raps.

Eminem and MGK ignited their beef with a series of diss tracks in 2018. After hearing MGK’s verse on Tech N9ne’s “No Reason,” Eminem took aim at the Cleveland rapper on his Kamikaze cut “Not Alike.” Shortly after, MGK returned fire on “Rap Devil,” inspired by Em’s own 2013 track “Rap God.”

“im standing up for not just myself, but my generation,” MGK tweeted at the time. “im doing the same shit you did back in ur day.”

Music To Be Murdered By was released without warning on Friday. The album, which features Ed Sheeran, Juice WRLD, and Anderson .Paak, is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with 300-325,000 equivalent album units.

‘Bad Boys for Life’ Opens at No. 1

Bad Boys dominate the box office.

The third installment in Will Smith and Matin Lawrence’s blockbuster franchise opened at No. 1 with an estimated $68.1 million over the four-day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, including $59.2 million for the first three days. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it marks the second-best opening for the MLK holiday period, and Sony’s biggest R-rated debut.

Bad Boys for Life, which garnered positive reviews, was also a hit overseas, where it earned $107.3 million globally from 39 markets. The R-rated film, directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, cost $90 million to produce before marketing expenses. It could gross over $160 million domestically by the end of its run.

The action-comedy arrives 17 years after 2003’s Bad Boys II, which amassed $273 million at the global box office. The 1995 original grossed $141 million worldwide.

The blockbuster pic has also inspired a star-studded soundtrack. Executive produced by DJ Khaled, the 10-track collection includes contributions from Meek Mill, City Girls, Jaden Smith, Rick Ross, and Bryson Tiller.

A fourth installment is already in the works. Smith and Lawrence are expected to return, while Chris Bremner—who worked on Bad Boys for Life—has been tapped to write the script.

Justin Bieber Professes Love For His Wife, Chance The Rapper Approves

Justin Bieber is married to Hailey Baldwin and while the couple has faced their fair share trials and tribulations, they are still doing their best to keep things going. In his latest post to Instagram, Bieber wrote about how much he loves his wife and how he isn’t afraid to show it. In the lengthy Instagram caption, Bieber spoke about how some people think that exclaiming your love for your wife is shady and a mask for what your true emotions are. 

Bieber went on to say that he had no problem putting his wife on a pedestal especially since she deserves it. Of course, Chance the Rapper is someone who caught a lot flack for supporting his wife so as you can imagine, he felt particularly inspired by this post. “I love this song” he wrote in the comments. 

“I don’t post this to prove anything, or to try and make people believe I love my wife, I simply think it’s an honoring thing to do, publicly acknowledging your significant other!” Bieber wrote. “Its like we’re all okay with acknowledging an achievement or award, but think there has to be something shady about saying something publicly about the one you love.”

With this post in mind, it’s clear that Bieber feels a quite deal emotion towards his wife, which let’s be honest, there is absolutely nothing wrong with. Perhaps this post will change some people’s minds on the matter.

Pop Smoke & Casanova Hang Out & End Their Beef

Last week, Pop Smoke and Casanova got caught up in a rather predictable beef. It seemed to have stemmed from Pop Smoke, a burgeoning Brooklyn rapper, declaring himself the “King New York”. Bestowing oneself with the title has been a recurrent trend throughout the history hip hop and every time a rapper does it, it incites dissenters. Considering Pop Smoke is still on the come up, fellow Brooklynite, Casanova, was not willing to let Pop Smoke’s bold claim slide.

On Pop Smoke’s newly-released song, “Christopher Walking”, he raps: “She know that Papi outside, she know I’m the King New York.” It wasn’t only the second half this bar that Casanova took issue with. After hearing a preview the track on Pop Smoke’s Instagram, Casanova responded, “STOP USING MY PHRASE ‘WE OUTSIDE’ YEA MY PHASE‼️CAUSE YALL NOT OUTSIDE WE KNOW WHO’S OUTSIDE.” He also tweeted that “NOBODY RUNS NEW YORK IT’S TOO MUCH OUTSIDE N****S TO FRONT LIKE ONE N**** HAS THOSE POWER TO CONTROL THE WHOLE BITY.” 

Pop Smoke initially refused to retract his statement about being the “King Of New York”, but he and Casanova have found a way to put aside their differences. Casanova’s latest IG post shows him playfully wrestling with Pop Smoke with the following caption: “BEFORE WE ATE WE GOT SOMETHING OFF OUR CHEST… WHO YALL THINK WON?” Meek Mill was glad to see that the rappers’ heated standf turned into a friendly one, commenting “G shit” with a ton trophy emojis. 

On Friday, Pop Smoke was arrested for stealing a Rolls-Royce, which was apparently borrowed for a music video. After news circulated that he was locked up, Casanova took to Instagram to advocate for his release. In retrospect, this was the first sign that their beef would be squashed. We will continue to provide updates on that case.