Tupac Shakur (Not That One) Arrested For Pulling A Knife On Police

The case is closed… we’ve found him! After years speculation, the real Tupac Amaru Shakur has been found in Tennessee and, strangely enough, he does not look anything like he used to. In one the most bizarre stories the entire year, a man named Tupac Shakur, who has zero relation to the rapper who was murdered in 1996, was arrested recently for drug possession, aggravated assault, possession drug paraphernalia, and more.

The Johnson City Press notes that a 40-year-old white man named Tupac Shakur was arrested after pulling a knife on police, resisting arrest after reportedly having a warrant out for his capture. When authorities tried to detain him, he reached for something in his waistband and pulled out a knife. At that point, he was wrestled to the ground and subdued after a struggle. 

Shakur reportedly had several baggies methamphetamine on his person with syringes. The man was held under $18K bond.

Of course, the nature this story is humorous, with the man sharing a name with the late rapper. Social media has been howling about this, reacting strongly with memes, jokes, and more online. Check out the best responses below. 

The Game Ordered to Pay $7 Million After Losing Appeal in Sexual Assault Trial

The Game must pay over $7 million in damages to a reality dating show contestant who accused him of ual assault.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Compton rapper was denied a new trial by a federal appeals court in Illinois.

In 2016, Game lost the $10 million lawsuit filed by Priscilla Rainey, who accused him of ual assault. An Illinois court ordered him to pay $7.13 million to Rainey, a former contestant on his VH1 reality show, “She’s Got Game.”

Game took Rainey on a date to a sports bar in Chicago in 2015. During their date, which was not filmed, she claims he was “out of control,” drunk, and on drugs, and ually assaulted her several times, repeatedly lifting her skirt and groping her. Game fired back on social media, calling Rainey a “thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite.”

Rainey confronted him about it on camera on a tour bus in front of other contestants, and in August 2015 sued for ual battery.

Game appealed the initial ruling, but the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld the lower court’s ruling. The 7th Circuit found the damages awarded to Rainey to be “fair and reasonable” and affirmed the $7.13 million judgement.

“Taylor did not take the litigation seriously,” writes Circuit Judge TK Sykes. “He evaded process, trolled Rainey on social media, dodged a settlement conference, and did not bother to show up at trial. His attorney asked for a continuance, but the judge denied that request, dismissing Taylor’s proffered excuse as an elaborate ruse.”

Lil Tecca’s "Ransom" Is No. 1 On Rhythmic Songs Airplay Chart

This week, Lil Tecca’s “Ran$om” track earns the young rapper the No. 1 slot on the Rhythmic Songs airplay chart, per Billboard, after experiencing an increase 12% in airplay. It marks for the first No. 1 songs on the chart for producer Taz Taylor while adding onto the resume co-producer Nick Mira who previously accomplished the feat with Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams.”

Lil Tecca's "Ransom" Is No. 1 On Rhythmic Songs Airplay Chart

Lisa Lake/Getty s

The track first debuted on the chart on July 20th, cracking the top 10 in its seventh week. The airplay follows on the heels amazing streaming numbers logged by the young Tecca as the song was at No. 1 on the Streaming Songs chart for seven weeks straight. Currently, it sits at No. 4.

On other charts, the track also creeps to No. 6 on the RapAirplay chart while hitting No. 13 on the R&B/Hip-Hop airplay chart, increasing his audience by 18% and 26%, respectively. Billboard also notes that the cut is quietly leaving a mark on the Pop Airplay chart, sliding from No. 20 to 28 after a 5% increase.

At the bottom the Rhythmic Songs chart, you’ll also find Tecca’s “Did It Again,” also produced by Taz Taylor and Nick Mira. With a 9% boosts in plays, it holds the 40th position on the chart.




Japanese Fan Travels 6,000 Miles to Cleveland to Meet Bone Thugs n' Harmony, Gets Robbed Blind by Locals

Ryo Muranaka, who is an aspiring Japanese rapper, traveled more than 6,000 miles to Cleveland, in the hope of meeting his idols: Bone Thugs n’ Harmony.

He also sold all his possessions to pay for the trip.

Then, tragedy struck. He was not only robbed of all his money somewhere on Cleveland’s rough-and-tumble northeast side, but the thieves also stole his luggage. Compounding Muranaka’s problems was that he cannot speak English well, meaning he was effectively stranded in a completely foreign city.

Discovered destitute by a pair of local activists, Kwas Bibbs and James Norton, Muranka was able to receive help from an unlikely source: Bone Thugs n’ Harmony themselves.

Not only did Layzie Bone put Muranka up at a local hotel after meeting the man, but MC Bizzy Bone will be flying Muranka back to Japan.  Layzie says that he is “putting my hands out there on behalf of Bone Thugs n’ Harmony.” He is doing this to show that they care and to show appreciation for all Muranka did to come out and meet them.

Bizzy further told Muranka to come back to the United States at another time, so that he could “do things properly.”

Krayzie Bone also commented on Muranka’s ordeal.

He said that it reminded him of what the group once did to become successful. Back when they were struggling artists, they took a one-way bus trip to Los Angeles in order to get their music in front of , which led to where they are today.

Krayzie went on to say that those who are looking to do the same thing should be careful about going to places that they know nothing about.  While he says that people should follow their dreams, they should understand that “we’re not from the suburbs, we’re from the ghetto.”

He added that Muranka is lucky that all he lost was his luggage, because he could have easily lost his life as well.

Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Killer Wants 2 Attempted Murder Charges Tossed: Report

The death Nipsey Hussle was one the most shocking and gutwrenching incidents the year. The man who allegedly pulled the trigger on Nipsey was arrested a few days later for the rapper’s murder. He pleaded not guilty to the rapper’s murder and now, he’s working to get two his charges dismissed.

Nipsey Hussle's Alleged Killer Wants 2 Attempted Murder Charges Tossed: Report
Patrick Fallon-Pool/Getty s

According to XXL, Holder filed a motion in court to have two his attempted murder charges thrown out. “On September 24, 2019, Holder filed a motion to dismiss counts two and four the indictment pursuant to PC §995,” the document reads. Holder, altogether, faces six charges — two counts attempted murder, two counts assault with a deadly weapon, one count murder and one count a felon in possession a firearm.

Prosecutors in the case have argued that Eric Holder matches all six factors the Kill Zone Theory in an attempt to block the motion Nip’s alleged killer’s filed motion.

Eric Holder was previously represented by O.J. Simpson’s former prosecutor, Chris Darden. This caused an enormous amount backlash that led to Darden’s own daughter issuing a statement her own following hateful messages and threats. Darden later quit as being Eric Holden’s attorney, claiming that it was reminiscent the havoc surrounding O.J. Simpson’s highly controversial 1995 trial and confirmed that he was getting threats to his home. 

White Woman Calls Florida Teen the N-Word Over Dropped Wrapper

Unfortunately, racist white people berating black people for living their lives has become so common that we have adopted a practice nicknaming the fenders. In the same vein as BBQ Becky, we now have Pick It Up Peggy. 

Last Saturday, a middle-aged white woman lost it on 14-year-old Barry Henry outside a FedEx store in St. Petersburg after she saw him litter a gum wrapper. Barry was walking out the store with his grandmother and cousin when he dropped the plastic, which he told reporters he intended on picking up. However, Pick It Up Peggy pounced immediately to attack. Barry’s cousin recorded part the interaction and the video shows Barry uncomfortably smiling at the camera while the hysterical lady goes f. The video – which Barry’s sister posted on Facebook – captures the woman saying, “Nuh uh, don’t even act like that! Pick it up! Pick it up! Find it! Get down on your knees and find it!” When Barry silently ignores her commands, she pulls out the n-word. “No account little n—-r. That’s how you are. All y’all, no account f–king n—–s! Walk around here acting like something!” Once she notices she’s being filmed, she erupts again. “Film me, f–ker! Film me!”

This was the first time the teen had ever been called the n-word, according to his mother, Tykeshia Henry-Burch. She told the WFLA what she would have done if she had encountered her son’s attacker. “I would tell her she needs to seek help, she has serious issues. She needs to watch what she says to people.”

Ja Rule Accuses Former Maid Of Harassment In Slip & Fall Lawsuit: Report

Ja Rule‘s upcoming court date has nothing to do with his Fyre Festival involvement but rather a lawsuit brought on by his former maid. According to Bossip, Josselyn Berniz sued Ja Rule (born Jeffrey Atkins) in 2015 when she slipped and fell outside his New Jersey home after a light snowfall. Josselyn was called to the property when the rapper was shooting a reality show and needed assistance for clean up. Josselyn alleged she was “permanently injured” from the slip and suffered “great pain and anguish.”

Ja Rule Accuses Former Maid Of Harassment In Slip & Fall Lawsuit: Report
Jason Kempin/Getty s

Ahead his court appearance, Ja Rule handed in court documents blasting Josselyn for trying to force his children, mother and mother in law into court to testify against the matter. The “Always On Time” rapper accused his former maid   pulling a “harassment (tactic) designed to browbeat the Atkins into (a) settlement.”

Ja Rule also countersued Josselyn and accused her fraud and using the case as just a money grab. Ja Rule’s court filings include affidavits from his two sons, mother and mother in law to prove they have no knowledge  Josselyn’s fall. 

A judge has yet to rule on the matter and whether Ja Rule and his family will have to testify. 

One Of Mac Miller’s Alleged Drug Dealers Pleads Not Guilty: Report

According to a report from TMZ, one the men arrested in connection with Mac Miller‘s fatal overdose just pled not guilty to charges he supplied the rapper with counterfeit oxycodone that caused the rapper’s death.

Cameron Pettit, one Mac Miller’s alleged dealers, entered his plea during his arraignment Thursday in Los Angeles federal court. Another one Mac’s alleged dealers, Stephen Walter, had his arraignment pushed back to later this month, because he’s in custody in San Diego and under quarantine for mumps.

Pettit and Walter were both indicted last week by a federal grand jury for allegedly giving Mac a deadly dose pills. The feds claim Mac ordered 10 “blues,” which is reportedly street code for oxycodone plus Xanax and cocaine. But, prosecutors say the pills Miller received were counterfeit and actually contained fentanyl, which caused his death.

The men are charged with distribution fentanyl resulting in death, and conspiring to distribute controlled substances resulting in death. Each charge carries a mandatory minimum sentence 20 years and a potential max sentence life without parole. Walter is also charged with being a felon in possession ammunition, and he’s facing up to 10 years in prison just for that. Walter was previously convicted on a drug distribution charge.

We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.

6ix9ine Sentencing Date Set for December

6ix9ine could be coming home for the holidays.

The embattled rapper’s sentencing date has been moved up from January to Dec. 18 at 10 a.m. According to the New York Daily News, attorneys for Tekashi requested an “expedited” sentencing following the guilty verdicts last week against two Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods members, Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack. On Tuesday, Manhattan Federal Judge Paul Engelmayer obliged the request.

Tekashi testified that he began cooperating with prosecutors almost immediately after he was arrested by the feds in Nov. 2018. He was facing a minimum of 47 years in prison after pleading guilty to racketeering and other charges. His testimony has resulted in 11 Nine Trey Bloods members, aside from the rapper, being found guilty.

He will likely be sentenced to significantly less time in return for his cooperation. A source close to Tekashi’s legal team told the Daily News before the start of trial that the rapper could get time-served.

SOB x RBE Rapper Lul G Arrested For Murder

Fairfield, CA – SOB x RBE rapper Lul G — real name George Harris — was arrested for one count of murder in Clark County, Nevada last month.

According to the Solano County website, he was taken into custody by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office on September 21 and is currently being held at the Staton Correctional Facility in Fairfield, California.

SOB x RBE Rapper Lul G Arrested For Murder

Although details surrounding the arrest are scarce, it appears Lul G was picked up on a warrant.

At this time, no bail has been set for the 21-year-old. It’s also undetermined when he’s expected in court.

SOB x RBE’s collaborative project with Hit-Boy, Family Not A Group, arrived in April Def Jam Recordings. It arrived less than a week after the Vallejo crew released their Roll The Dice EP with EDM producer Marshmello.

Waka Flocka Explains Why "Men Are Not Supposed To Be Happy"

The outdated patriarchal mindset teaches us to believe that men should be the primary breadwinners the family. While that may be the case in some families, it’s certainly not a necessary way living. Men and women are equally capable being efficient workers in their chosen pressional fields. Rapper Waka Flocka still believes that the way we’re taught to think puts tons pressure on dudes to provide for their families, explaining why he thinks men just aren’t “supposed to be” happy.

Waka Flocka Explains Why "Men Are Not Supposed To Be Happy"
Cindy Ord/Getty s

Waka’s post has been picking up traction across social media with many his fans commenting on the hot take. In the original post, the “Hard in the Paint” star states that men have gotten the short end the stick historically. “Men are not supposed to be happy, bro,” said the recording artist. “We’re supposed to work like slaves, pay all the bills, do everything our women say, and die.”

The artist’s own partner agreed with him on the majority his points, except the happiness bit. “Noooo you can be happy tho 😂 everything else on point,” wrote Tammy Rivera in the comments. The text-based upload may have been intended as a joke but it has people up in arms, debating intersectional feminism on social media and using this as a conversation-starter.

Do you agree with Waka Flocka’s comments about men and women? Let us know in the comments.

Cardi B Claims Assault Accuser Refuses To Turn Over Medical Documents: Report

Cardi B and Offset have been dealing with a lawsuit from a man named Giovanni Arnold who accused the couple ordering his beat down after asking for an autograph from a then-pregnant Cardi B. The couple have been fighting this battle for a while but the “Press” rapper wants the case thrown out completely.

Cardi B Claims Assault Accuser Refuses To Turn Over Medical Documents: Report
Amy Sussman/Getty s

According to The Blast, Cardi B alleges that Giovanni Arnold has been taking his sweet ole’ time turning over his medical records in the case and wants the suit thrown out. Arnold claimed to have sustained injuries on his face, neck, back and other places on his body following the alleged beat down. He said that three bodyguards attacked him.

Cardi claims that he’s failed to turn over the medical records for the alleged injuries she requested months ago. She added that he hasn’t shown any bills from the doctor or a therapist, nor has he actually provided a list any alleged witnesses to corroborate his story. She wants the case tossed as well as attorney fees.

Cardi’s previously denied all wrongdoing. Offset also accused Arnold begging for his own beatdown in the situation, saying the man taunted him and “continued to yell taunts at Mr. Cephus such as ‘Please beat me up’ and ‘I’ll take all your money.'”

We’ll keep you posted on any updates. 

Wale To Appear On WWE NXT This Wednesday: Details Revealed

WWE NXT made its debut on the USA Network last Wednesday, a monumental moment for Triple H and the NXT superstars that have made the brand a must-watch program for any wrestling fans.

And while NXT’s premiere on USA was a big deal, their second episode carries even more weight as they will be going up against All Elite Wrestling’s new weekly show, AEW Dynamite, airing on TNT. Both shows will run from 8-10pm ET, reminiscent how WWE and WCW clashed during the “Monday Night Wars” the ’90s. To quote former WWE champion and current AEW superstar, Chris Jericho: “Gonna be fun to see which team the world decides to join!” 

And if you tune in to NXT’s Wednesday night broadcast, you’ll see noted wrestling fan Wale on the show. The rapper took to twitter on Tuesday to announce that he’ll be making an appearance on the show alongside Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, aka The Street Prits.

The Street Prits are scheduled to take on the NXT Tag Team Champions, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, for the titles on tomorrow night’s show.

Additionally, The Undisputed Era’s Adam Cole (bay bay) will be putting his NXT Title on the line against The Original Bro, Matt Riddle, while Candice LeRae challenges NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

Nicki Minaj Heads To Court Over Fear Of Taped Deposition Leaking: Report

Nicki Minaj is reportedly fearing that a recent deposition she just did might leak online, so she’s asking a judge to stop it from doing so. TheBlast obtained documents that reveal Nicki, who’s real name is Onika Maraj, has asked for a court order to be entered by the judge, prohibiting the release her videotaped deposition.

Nicki was recently deposed on September 20th in Los Angeles by her ex-stylist Maher Jridi, as part his lawsuit accusing her refusing to return expensive clothes.

Minaj is accusing Jridi refusing to agree not to release the videotape. She says, “Even though parties dealing with each other in good faith routinely enter into form confidentiality stipulations to facilitate the free exchange confidential information and testimony during discovery, here, Plaintiff refuses to do so.”

The motion continues, “Given Maraj’s fame as a world- renowned rapper and entertainer, she fears Plaintiff intends to publicly disseminate confidential document discovery and pre-trial testimony in order to embarrass or otherwise damage her.”

Nicki fears Jridi is intending to use the information against her outside court. She said, “Jridi will not suffer any prejudice by entry a confidentiality stipulation, in fact, his refusal to enter into such an agreement raises concerns that he intends to use the information and testimony for purposes other than to address the issues in this litigation.”

A judge has yet to rule for Nicki, but we’ll keep you posted.

Kamaiyah Arrested For Firing Gun In Private Movie Screening: Report

It appears Kamaiyah had a little run in with the police this weekend. According to TMZ, the west coast female rapper was arrested after she accidentally fired a gun at a private movie screening.

Police say Kamaiyah was hanging out at an apartment building in the San Fernando Valley area when she and some friends made their way into the facility’s movie screening room. Not a theater, per se, but close enough. Surveillance shows a woman, who cops believe is Kamaiyah, pulling a handgun from inside her bag before letting a round go in the room. She darted shortly afterward.

None the action was intentional however. Law enforcement say the discharge was accidental and the gun went f as Kamaiyah was playing with it. She wasn’t arguing with anyone beforehand, so there’s no reason to think the bullet was meant for anyone. It was simply an accident, but scary one at that.

Kamaiyah wasn’t arrested until just a couple weeks ago when a warrant was issued and cops located her. They found what they believe to be the same gun used at the complex. Kamaiyah was booked for felony negligent discharge a firearm and was released on $35,000 bond.