The Game Explains How Machine Gun Kelly "Barely" Defeated Eminem In Their Beef

Fresh f the release his supposed final album Born 2 Rap, The Game is still running the press circuit to promote the body work, revealing new tidbits about it each time. During an interview at Real 92.3 LA, the iconic rapper spoke about his process behind creating the 25-track ensemble, telling the hosts that he actually recorded upwards 600 records for it. Speaking on his sample selection, the dope cover art, and more, The Game touched on some the hottest rap feuds all time, discussing last year’s debacle between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Near the end the chat, he declared an ficial winner in that beef, confidently handing the dub to Machine Gun Kelly. 

The Game Explains How Machine Gun Kelly "Barely" Defeated Eminem In Their Beef
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When the question was posed regarding who came out on top last year, The Game was honest about who really won. “I would have to say, speaking honestly, I would say Machine Gun Kelly,” said Game. “I feel like Em did what I expected Em to do but nothing to catch up to where hip-hop is today. I feel like Machine Gun Kelly really gave his all like a young dude. Eminem was Eminem… it was great. Before I heard Machine Gun Kelly, I was like, ‘Oh Eminem.’”

Elsewhere in the interview, The Game also says that Nas won his feud against Jay-Z. Watch the video below at the 15-minute mark.

Drake Takes Raptors Fandom To Next Level With Tunnel Appearance

Drake has always been a staple at Raptors games even if he can’t show up to every single match. The Canadian rapper was a huge part the team’s championship run in the Spring 2019 and was constantly on the sidelines cheering on his favorite team. At times, Drake can get a little bit overzealous and will even engage in some trash talk with everyone around the court. While this may get him in trouble at times, it seems like he has absolutely zero plans slowing down.

Last night, Drake was in Toronto to see the Raptors take on the Los Angeles Clippers. The game saw the return Kawhi Leonard in the city and Drake made sure he was courtside for it. This time around, Drake took his position with the rappers to the next level as he stayed in the tunnel to watch the team’s pre-game handshakes.

Drake’s support didn’t exactly help the team as they lost by a score 112-92. Leonard came out on top in his return to the city which has to be a bit a sore spot for Aubrey. You never want to lose to an ex and that’s exactly what the Raptors did. 

Perhaps Drake’s presence in the tunnel is yet another example the dreaded curse he brings to his favorite sports teams.

Quavo Has Officially Produced His First Horror Film

Money moves come in all shapes and sizes, and Quavo recently came through with an unexpected one. Today, the Migos rapper took to Twitter to unveil his latest endeavor, serving as the producer an upcoming horror flick called The Resort. Though ultimately revealing very little about the project itself, other than its existence, it seems as if Huncho is excited about his involvement all the same. “Wow Jus WATCH MY FIRST HORROR FILM I PRODUCED,” he wrote, before teasing the movie would be “coming soon.”

Quavo Has Officially Produced His First Horror Film

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At this rate, all we can do is really speculate. For one, is The Resort set to be a big-budget endeavor, or a short-film? And who is William Meldman, the man Quavo is thanking in the announcement? Not to mention, since when is Quavo a horror movie buff? Perhaps these questions and more will soon be answered, though given the ambiguous announcement, all bets remain f for the time being.

Either way, congratulations to Quavo for securing the bag, as well as contributing further to the glorious horror cinematic canon. 

Report: Juice WRLD Swallowed Pills to Hide From Feds

Juice WRLD allegedly suffered a fatal overdose when he swallowed painkillers in an attempt to hide them from the feds.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the pilot who was flying the rapper’s private plane from Los Angeles to Chicago on Sunday alerted authorities that Juice and his crew had weapons on the plane. When they landed, FBI and FAA agents were waiting for them.

At some point after the jet landed, Juice was reportedly seen swallowing several Percocet pills in what could have been an attempt to hide them. The pills may have contributed to his death.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office performed at autopsy on Monday, but additional testing, including toxicology, cardiac pathology, and neuropathology, is still needed before an official cause of death can be determined.

Paramedics spent 40 minutes treating the rapper after he suffered a seizure before transporting him to a nearby hospital at 2:55 a.m. Doctors pronounced him dead when they arrived at 3:06 a.m.

In addition to pills, feds seized 70 pounds of weed in vacuum-sealed bags that were stashed inside suitcases, along with three registered guns. Two of Juice’s associates were arrested for gun possession.

Nipsey Hussle Mural Vandalized With Stickers By Disrespectful Kids

A Nipsey Hussle mural has been vandalized with stickers in Los Angeles. TMZ reports that sources at Sneakertopia, where the mural is painted, say that 6 adults with 9 children came into the establishment and some the kids were up to no good. The security camera footage shows one child jumping up onto a ledge so he can reach the Nipsey mural and then he jumps up again to slap on a “Frugal” sticker to one Nip’s eyes.

Then, a second child follows in the first one’s footsteps and slaps another “Frugal” sticker onto the late rapper’s other eye. The stickers were removed and unfortunately caused some damage to the piece art that is valued between $10,000 and $15,000. The artist will be touching up the mural to restore it and hopefully, it will look good as new.

Although it is uncertain as to whether or not these minors knew who Nipsey Hussle was, the fact that they still vandalized anything is delinquency. Adding additional disrespect to the incident, the entire group posed in front the mural before they left with the “Frugal” stickers plastered on Nip’s face.

Check out the video below to see the security footage the vandalism in action.

Cam’ron Announces "Purple Haze 2" Tour In 2020

Cam’ron has been getting ready for the release  Purple Haze 2 for a minute. He’s been teasing the album for years now but it seems that he wants to cap f the decade with the long-awaited project. He already released “Believe In Flee” to kick start the campaign but we haven’t received a new single since. Perhaps ahead its Dec. 16th release, he’ll give us one more fering to give us a hint what to expect. 

Cam'ron Announces "Purple Haze 2" Tour In 2020
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This week, the rapper unveiled his tour plans in support  the project. The Purple Haze 2 tour will kick f in Brooklyn a few days after the album’s release on December 20th. However, he’ll actually be hitting the road on consecutive dates in February starting in Philly on the 18th. From there, he’ll hit Washington, Nashville, Cincinnati, Chicago, and other cities in the Mid West. The rapper will also hit a string shows in Canada starting in Toronto on Feb 28th, Montreal on Feb 29th, and Ottawa on March 1st. The tour will ultimately end in Cambridge, MA on March 7th.

Purple Haze 2 will mark Cam’ron’s first ficial album in a decade since 2009’s Crime Pays, although he’s released a few mixtapes since. He previously declared Purple Haze 2 as his final album but he’s also teased a collab project with Jim Jones and The Program 2

Lil’ Kim Receives Tax Lien For 60K From IRS Months After Bankruptcy

It would seem that the IRS has issued a tax lien for the legendary Queen Bee. According to Bossip, Lil’ Kim owes the federal government approximately $60,000 for the income she made in 2005. This comes only a few months after a judge agreed to a plan to get the 9 rapper out bankruptcy after the female MC admitted she owed millions dollars to different creditors. The deal with the judge allowed Kim to save her $3 million dollar mansion from being foreclosed on and also from a sheriff’s auction.

Lil' Kim Receives Tax Lien For 60K From IRS Months After Bankruptcy
Carmen Mandato/Getty s

According to the lien which was obtained by Bossip, Lil’ Kim owes exactly $58,227.40 to the IRS. This is apparently Kim’s fourth tax lien from over the years, having been served one in 2015 alleging she owed $125,805 (for her income from 2010-2013) and having been served another in January 2018 this time alleging the entertainer owed $211,529 (for her income in 2016). Then in April 2018, she was also issued one for $188,016 (in regards to her income from 2006).

It is not clear at this time whether or not Kim had paid any the past debts to the IRS. Unfortunately, even when it comes to Uncle Sam, “It’s All About The Benjamins,” baby. Lil’ Kim has been more active recently than in past years much to her fans’ excitement. Hopefully, this situation gets resolved soon. 

Warhol.SS Announces ‘MIA’ EP With Guest Appearances From Ugly God & Famous Dex

Chicago rapper Warhol.SS has unveiled a release date of December 12 for his forthcoming EP MIA.

Warhol’s first joint off the six-track EP is “Top Off” with a verse from Ugly God and co-production from Kid Hazel and OZ Musique.

The up-and-coming artist has landed featured appearances on Shoreline Mafia‘s Party Pack, Vol. 2 mixtape and made his presence known at plenty of festivals.

Press play on Warhol.SS’ first joint off his MIA EP, “Top Off” featuring Ugly God, below and peep the tracklist for MIA down below, too.

Warhol.SS Announces 'MIA' EP With Guest Appearances From Ugly God & Famous Dex

1. Ace of Spades
2. Fuck 12
3. Top Off f. Ugly God
4. Palm Trees f. Famous Dex)
5. WYO
6. On My Back

Method Man Hasn’t Cursed On A Record Since 2010’s "Wu Massacre"

In Hip-Hop, pranity might as well be a transition tool in the lyrics. Swear words are so commonly used that, as listeners the genre, we hardly even notice them. Well, we may not notice them when they are there but it seems that we also may not notice them when they are not. In 2015 Method Man chopped it up with Ambrosia For Heads, where he reveals that he hasn’t used pranity on a track since 2010’s Wu Massacre. 

Method Man Hasn't Cursed On A Record Since 2010's "Wu Massacre"
Steven Ferdman/Getty s

The Wu-Tang Clan member said, “That’s how I write ’em now.” On why he chose to take that route Meth said, “I just wanted to separate myself from the pack, for one. For two, I challenged myself to see if I could do it. I was writin’ for somebody, and they didn’t want curse words in the record. So I was sayin’, ‘You know what? Let’s see if I can write something hard without putting curse words in it, and don’t tell nobody and see if they notice.'”  

Rakim has also spoken about wanting to keep it cleaner in his lyrics. He says his early days as a rapper, “in the beginning, I would go home and] make a tape, and my parents] would probably be the first ones to hear it. I found myself trying to please them… ‘I wonder what my moms or my pops gonna say when they hear this.”

Dive into Method Man’s post-2010 discography and check out the switch-up for yourself.

Chance The Rapper’s On Double Daddy Duties This Thanksgiving

While many people are tending to family members in the kitchen when it comes to arranging and preparing all the trimmings for Thanksgiving, Chance The Rapper is the man who’s chillin’ with his kids in the corner, keeping them occupied until it’s time to eat. The “Hot Shower” rapper posted a clip to his Instagram feed that sees him and his daughters, Kensli and Marli hanging out. 

Chance The Rapper's On Double Daddy Duties This Thanksgiving
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He captioned the post with: “#doubleduty again. Happy Thanksgiving from us to yall.” Chance and his wife Kirsten Corley only welcomed their second child two months ago and he’s showcased a few sweet moments little Marli on Instagram. 

“I think most people go into denial — if you’re a dude. I’m not shy in saying it, I didn’t expect to become a father when I was 22 and it had a huge impact on what I was doing — I was touring a lot and I was trying to figure out where I was gonna go in the world,” Chance previously stated fatherhood

“I had never experienced joy like that before… Delving into family life is so f–kin’ dope and so separate from any joy that you can receive being creative.”

Future and Bryson Tiller Link Up on ‘Wonderful’

Future keeps giving.

After dropping his Lil Durk collaboration “Last Name” earlier this month, the prolific rapper joins forces with Bryson Tiller on “Wonderful,” which mysteriously appeared on Future’s YouTube account Monday night.

The Louisville crooner injects the track with his Trapsoul melodies, while Hndrxx lays down the Auto-Tuned hook: “I am wonderful,” he sings.

This is not their first collabo. The two previously teamed up on “Ima Be Alright” off DJ Khaled’s 2016 album Major Key.

It’s been a big year for Future. In January, he dropped his album The WIZRD, followed by his Save Me EP in June. Meanwhile, Bryson is expecting his second child, a baby girl, with model Kendra Bailey.

Meek Mill To Release Dreamchasers Hat At Lids Benefiting REFORM Alliance

After learning Meek Mill’s ownership in Lids back in June, the Philly rapper is finally launching a signature hat this week. Billboard reports that Meek is releasing a red limited edition Dreamchasers hat that will be hitting all Lids retailers this Tuesday. Better yet, a portion the proceeds will go to advancing criminal justice reform in America through Meek’s REFORM Alliance, an initiative he co-founded with Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Jay-Z, and Michael Rubin.

“Having my own line with LIDS is special, but I’m especially proud that proceeds from this hat will be used to help fix the broken criminal justice system,” Meek told Billboard. “I’m grateful that our team at LIDS was committed to making a hat that’s stylish, but will go toward a greater cause.”

The bright red cap comes with the classic “DC” Dreamchasers logo and has “For Motivational Use Only” written in white lettering on the right side. It’s unknown yet as for how much it’ll cost but we’ll find out on Tuesday, November 26th when it hits stores.

Check out the red cap (below) and let us know what you think. Will you be copping?

Lil Pump Makes A Call For New Artists To Sign

Lil Pump wants to spread the wealth. 

Currently, the 19-year-old is still finding himself very much in his bag and is not shying in reminding everyone such matters.

“Ayo, so I’m the hottest rapper out right now,” he began in a video uploaded to Instagram on Saturday. “I got the No. 13 song on the Spanish Billboards chart]. So, right now, I’m looking for new artists to sign. So, if you wanna get signed right now by Lil Pump, you feel me, come join the team.”

He would double down in the caption the clip to direct his followers to lead him to where the talent is.


The track in question is El Alfa’s newest “Coronao Now” track which currently sits at the No. 13 slot on the Latin Rhythm Digital Song Sales chart.

While Pump is currently under the umbrella Warner Records and Tha Lights Global, an ficial imprint from Lil Pump has not yet materialized. However, only time will tell if this another troll on Pump’s part or an earnest plea to introduce the world to a band new talent.

Tyler Perry Pays $14K Medical Bill For Couple Held "Captive" In Mexican Hospital

A Carnival Cruise vacation turned into a nightmare for a couple from Georgia. Stephen Johnson and his fiancée Tori Austin were enjoying themselves on a trip down to Mexico when suddenly Stephen fell ill. According to CBS News, he collapsed while on the ship, and because they were docked at the port city Progreso, he was sent to a hospital there.

Tyler Perry Pays $14K Medical Bill For Couple Held "Captive" In Mexican Hospital
Emma McIntyre/Getty s

Stephen was reportedly treated with a ventilator and given dialysis to save his life. However, when the couple attempted to leave to make their way home, the staff wouldn’t let them go. They were met with a $14K hospital bill and told that until they paid up, in full, they weren’t allowed to leave.

“I still feel like a captive now because I can’t leave,” Stephen reportedly told CBS News while at the hospital. “It was three or four them and they just kept pushing me and I had to hold on to the rail. I was going to start swinging and throwing and punching because I was scared.” The couple asked if they could pay in installments but their request was denied. Stephen doesn’t have insurance, but the State Department shared that even if he had, there was no guarantee it would cover his hospital costs.

After their story was shared in the American media, Georgia-based mogul Tyler Perry agreed to step in and fered to help them out by paying the entirety their bill. “I owe him my life and I hope to get to meet him when I get back to Atlanta because he deserved the biggest hug,” said Stephen. Both Stephen and Tori are ready to run, not walk, out that hospital, however, the doctors shared that he’s not yet well enough to travel.

The State Department was reportedly aware the couple’s predicament and someone has been sent to the Mexican city on their behalf. Note for all: travel medical insurance may be key.

Chamillionaire & E-40 To Invest $100K In Minority-Founded Startup

Chamillionaire & E-40 have been laying pretty low as late but they’ve both made their way back in the headlines for all the right reasons. Both acts have been shelling out money to minority-led start-up projects through the Convoz app. Previous contestants have won $25,000 as well as mentorship to bring their startup to life and now the duo has announced a $100,000 opportunity. 

Chamillionaire & E-40 To Invest $100K In Minority-Founded Startup
Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE Getty s

Some the cash will also be coming from Daymond John, the founder FUBU, who will join the Convoz app to oversee the contestants that present their ideas for the grand prize. 

“When people say they can’t find African-American startups to invest in, that sounds a little crazy to me,” Chamillionaire said investing in minority start-ups. “I feel like minority and women founded startups have been historically under-appreciated so I’m honored that legends like E40 & Daymond John would be willing to help bring more awareness to this problem. Capital and information are things that our community needs more so we are trying to do what we can to spark some change.’

Download the Convo app for more information on how to apply and watch the “Ridin'” rapper explain more below.