LeBron James Dines With Anthony Davis, Amidst Tampering Allegations

A report from Yahoo Sports appears to point that on Friday evening after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New Orleans Pelicans by a rating  112-104, LeBron James handled his opponent Anthony Davis to a late evening meal. All this comes f the heels chatter inside NBA fices concerning the results tampering. We ran a report yesterday which states that many basic managers round need the NBA to sanction LeBron James for his overt “recruitment” Anthony Davis, and that was earlier than they realized their alleged dinner date.

For what it is value, Anthony Davis has brazenly said that he’d take “legacy over cash” if it got here all the way down to a slender resolution. As you would possibly already know, the Lakers’ fancy AD as any individual of their proper thoughts would and will. Davis is a drive to be reckoned with at each ends the World, a rim protector, an outdoor risk, a diligent defender with good agility, a dangerous proposition below the basket, an undefendable fensive participant when he catches fireplace at 18 ft, I may go on and on, you get the image. Obviously, his teammates need to retain his companies longterm, however they do not the identical promoting energy as a LeBron James, even on their finest day.

LaMelo Ball Shares His Wish List Of NCAA Programs

I used to be quietly nervous LaMelo Ball could be caught within the purgatory his dad’s knee-jerk choices. Don’t get me mistaken, LaVar Ball is phenomenal Dad, however I did not perceive the ramifications  his choice to drag LaMelo out his highschool curriculum, or how it will have an effect on him long run. Thankfully, LaMelo was thrown a rope ( his selecting) final week, when determined to reenlist in an Ohio prep college, simply in time for his Senior yr.

By the seems to be it, of us in Ohio are fairly enthused with the thought internet hosting the Baller Brand. They even erected a LaMelo to rejoice his arrival (I child you not).

LaMelo was ranked within the high 15 nationally for his age earlier than he and his brother left for Lithuania. So naturally, LaMelo and his staff are taking a look at high rating NCAA applications, within the occasion he chooses to go the collegiate route.

According to WKYC’s Ben Axelrod, LaMelo has listed North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas and Michigan State because the applications he’d think about suiting up for. In the case his brother LiAngelo, the choice to re-enlist on the collegiate has come and handed, after going undrafted and unsigned in a tragic sequence missteps.

Common Joins Michelle Obama's Voter Campaign As A Full-Fledged "Blue" Recruiter

Common has strategically played himself into the Obama’s inner-circle, first by cozying up with Democrat strategist Angela Rye. Since then he’s found other ways to get involved politically, namely by lending his voice to Michelle Obama’s Week Action initiative. The campaign led by When We All Vote non-prit, hopes to recruit a bunch first-time voters along invisible party lines. Common hopes to change the culture around voting within his greater community, he said so himself:

“I’ll never forget the first time I voted because I felt powerful,” said Common in his message to eligible voters. “Don’t give your power away.” Common will also be among the famous volunteers recruited by Michelle Obama to show face between September 22 and September 29 when voter registration opens in select communities.

“Did you know that less than 60 percent eligible African American citizens voted in the 2016 presidential election? This undermines our power as a people and I am not willing to give my vote and my power away,” the rapper added.

You can visit www.whenweallvote.org for more information on what Michelle Obama and company hope to accomplish by the end September. Furthermore, the 2018 midterm elections are being held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. They help “democratize” the process choosing who occupies the hundreds legislative seats in Washington, DC.

Drake Thanks DeMar DeRozan, Welcomes Kawhi Leonard To The 6ix With Open Arms

It didn’t take long for Aubrey to weigh in on the latest Toronto Raptors roster shakeup. In case you haven’t heard, as this morning the Toronto Raptors have exchanged their franchise player DeMar DeRozan, 2nd-year big Jakob Poeltl, and a 2019 protected first-rounder to the San Antonio Spurs for the mercurial Kawhi Leonard and veteran swingman Danny Green. While the success the deal largely rests on the Raptors ability to re-sign Kawhi Leonard after this season, raptors fans including Drake have had to cope with mixed emotions.

Drake summed it up best when he described DeMar’s many glowing attributes in a body text dedicated to this passing moment. Drake mentioned DeMar’s combination skill, persistence, and loyalty as points excellence he came to admire from his court side seats. Not only did Drake praise his intangible skills as those a “True Captain,” but I commended the outgoing Raptor for being an “even better friend.”

Drake none-the-less couldn’t squander his opportunity to play brand ambassador for the Raptors’ franchise, turning over his attention to new arrival Kawhi Leonard all in the same body text. The Toronto rapper assured the Spurs’ recruit he was in the right position to be his “poised clinical” self, on a winning franchise such as the Raptors. Say what you will about the current NBA landscape, but a few teams have seen their era prominence slip away, while other teams like the Raptors could sink or swim depending on the circumstances and the glut their 2018-2019 season.

Trump Wants To Increase Military Size But Recruiters Are Having Trouble Finding People That Want To Enlist


Military Recruiters Are Struggling To Beef Up Military

Donald Trump wants to increase the size the US Army but military recruiters are struggling to find people that want to enlist. Trump set a goal  80,000 recruits this year, almost 10,000 more than last year, leaving recruiters to pick up the slack.

With the unemployment rate at record lows, the service is less appealing to those looking for opportunities. Other factors like record high obesity rates in the US narrow the recruitment pool. The Army is trying to combat this by adding a program to help potential recruits lose weight.Other initiatives like¬†increasing bonuses and allowing more waivers for people who’ve used marijuana are other measures that the Army may explore.

Elon Musk Recruiting Talent For An Untitled Comedy Project

Elon Musk is one the most prolific innovators working today. He has helped create projects such as Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company, all while expanding the potentials engineering and technology with a keen eye on the future. However, Musk seems to be preoccupied with other concepts and areas exploration, as new reports suggest he is looking to produce a brand new comedy special.

Musk has allegedly been in talks with two former senior employees at The Onion, the Internet’s pre-eminent locus biting satire. Erstwhile Editor-in-Chief Cole Bolton and ex-Executive Editor Ben Berkeley are said to have joined this as-yet-untitled project sometime in 2017. 

Bolton and Barkley have reportedly convinced three staff writers and an editor to make the leap from their former employer for this exciting and budding project. Details remain relatively scarce as to how the special will be conceived, and how it will be showcased to the public. 

However, Musk has once jokingly admitted that it was “pretty obvious that comedy is the next frontier” in his grand scheme for world domination.