Pete Davidson Proposed To Ariana Grande In Bed & Wonders Why She Said Yes

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande form one the most popular celebrity couples. Although the limelight has overwhelmed Davidson to the point distancing himself from social media, the star still opened up about his marriage proposal to his fiancee.

The key to winning over Ariana’s heart was simple and without artifice. The SNL star decided against making any grand romantic gestures.

Instead, the comedian decided to keep his proposal as down to earth as possible. He popped the question after a casual date.

Davidson jokes about Grande’s decision, saying that she is bound for an interesting epiphany. Based on some parts Grande’s following, many other people would agree with him in all seriousness.

Pete has already shared intimate details about his relationship with the “God is a woman” singer. He revealed to a crowd how lucky he was and how “hard” he is all the time, thanks to his boo. The romance is real.