Diplo Responds To Sia’s Sex Proposition, Loves That She’s A "Loose Cannon"

You miss out on 100 percent the shots you never take, so Sia decided to shoot her shot with Diplo. The LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) collaborators have made magic in the studio, and Sia admitted in an interview with GQ that she not only admired him as an artist but as a good-looking man she wanted to bed down.

Diplo Responds To Sia's Sex Proposition, Loves That She's A "Loose Cannon"
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“Much our relationship is just being spent trying not to have so that we wouldn’t ruin our business relationship because he’s super-duper hot,” Sia told the publication. “This year I wrote him a text, and I said, ‘Hey, listen, you’re like one five people that I’m ually attracted to, and now that I’ve decided to be single for the rest my life and I just adopted a son, I don’t have time for a relationship,” Sia added. “If you’re interested in some no-strings , then hit me up.'”

While walking the Grammy Awards red carpet on Sunday (January 26), Diplo caught up with PEOPLE and was asked about his friend’s revelation. The correspondent wanted to know if he’d taken Sia up on her fer, to which he playfully replied, “No comment” with a laugh. “I love her to death and value our relationship a lot more.”

Taking that as a negative, Diplo said he wasn’t aware that she was going to share that with the world. “But she’s a loose cannon, and she does whatever she wants,” he said. “Yeah, but she’s spontaneous and insane, so I love her for that.” Watch Diplo’s full clip below.

Ariana Grande Changed Lyrics After Reconciling With Her Father For Her Grammy Performance

Dysfunctional households in the music realm is extremely commonplace for artists within the industry. And Ariana Grande has had a similar upbringing in regards to the relationship with her father, Edward Butera. Following her parents’ divorce, Grande has publicly stated that she and her father’s relationship hasn’t been the best, but recently the two settled their differences. To honor her parents, the “god is a woman” singer invited both her parents, Edward and Joan Grande, as her guests to the 62nd annual Grammy Awards

 Ariana Grande Changed Lyrics After Reconciling With Her Father For Her Grammy Performance

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Ariana Grande was granted the honor to perform during the award show. The 26-year-old singer/songwriter’s performance set included her hit singles, “Imagine,” “7 Rings,” and “Thank U, Next.”

During her performance “Thank U, Next,” Ariana changed her controversial lyrics to, “I’ll be thanking my dad because he is so awesome,” instead the original, “I’ll be thanking my dad, ’cause she grew from the drama.”

In a 2014 interview with Seventeen magazine, Ariana discussed her struggles with her then-estranged father stating:

“Falling out touch with my dad. It’s private, but it happened last year, It took me so long to be okay with it. The thing that got me there was embracing the fact that that I am made up half my dad, and a lot my traits come from him. So much me comes from my father, and for so long, I didn’t like that about myself.” 

Since then, the “Boyfriend” singer has reconciled with her father and even shared Thanksgiving with both her parents this past year. The ex-girlfriend the now deceased, Mac Miller, was nominated for five Grammys this year but took home none but was able to share her success in the presence both her parents at this year’s ceremony.

Check out Ariana Grande’s 2020 Grammy performance in its entirety below. 

Kanye West Mentions "Drake On A Skateboard" On Unreleased Track

Where once was a fruitful creative chemistry, the relationship between Drake and Kanye West has since become fraught with tension. The narrative is well-documented, with Drizzy elaborating on his side the story during a late-December stint on Rap Radar. And while Kanye has yet to address the situation in-depth, he has occasionally taken to the booth to air his frustrations. The most recent Drake namedrop occurred during an unreleased leak called “Wait For God,” as shared here by HHNM. 

Kanye West Mentions "Drake On A Skateboard" On Unreleased Track

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“I was going to Dennys the other day, I was in Westwood. I seen a tall, light-skinned dude with a beard and shit, I said, ‘that look like Drake right there,'” says Kanye, over some reverberated guitars. “But he was like on a skateboard, I said, ‘I know that ain’t gon’ be Drake on a skateboard.'” He laughs. “I was like man I’ma talk to him right now! I pulled to I swear he looked just like him. I swear he brought beards for light skinned n***as back in style. I said on my first album ‘I’ma make sure light skinned n***as never come back in style.” 

While some have chosen to interpret the line as disrespect, others seem to think Kanye is simply using humor to quell a growing tension. While the idea Drake on a skateboard is amusing in itself, is it really far-fetched to imagine that Lil Wayne taught him how to ollie on one particularly slow night at the studio? Of course, given the history between Drizzy and Ye, it’s hard not to place every mention under the microscope and interpret accordingly. To be fair, Yeezy likely never intended for this to drop, so does it really count? 

Check out the snippet HHNM

Tiger Woods Learns Of Kobe Bryant’s Death On Golf Course: See His Reaction

Tiger Woods was busy yesterday trying to make his comeback at the final round the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, but that all changed when he received some earth-shattering news that his close friend, Kobe Bryant, had suddenly passed away earlier that morning. Tiger was told the news by his caddie Joe LaCava, live on TV after completing his round.

LaCava, knowing Woods had a close relationship with the former Lakers star, made the immediate decision not to tell him right away. LaCava said he found out the news around hole 9 but decided to wait to tell Tiger.

“I thought it would be better f not telling him,’’ LaCava told The Post. “I didn’t think he’d be to the point where he couldn’t play golf, but I figured I’d wait to the end. It was too much distraction. I waited until we got into the tunnel on 18 after his round was complete] to tell him, because I didn’t want the cameras on him and see the shock on his face.’’

As Woods played the back nine, fans from outside the ropes were yelling, ‘‘Do it for Mamba’’ referring to Bryant’s nickname.

“I didn’t understand why they were yelling, ‘Do it for Mamba’ on the back nine, but] people yell things all the time, so I was just plodding along, doing my own thing,’’ Woods said. “Then when Joey told me … it’s unbelievable, the reality that he’s no longer here. One the most shocking, tragic days that I’ve ever been a part .

“Life is very fragile as we all know. You can be gone at any given time and we have to appreciate the moments that we have,” Woods said. I just can’t imagine what their entire family’s going through right now.”

Tinashe Was "Wasted For Months" After Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner Started Dating

Now that Tinashe is riding such a high, she is willing to openly discuss her lower points. In November, she released her fourth album, Songs For You, her first project released independently since splitting from RCA Records. It’s been greatly received by fans and critics, and Tinashe can enjoy knowing that she bet on herself and won big. On Saturday (Jan. 26), she attended the prestigious Roc Nation brunch – another sign that she is thriving. While there, Tinashe told reporters about her struggles following her breakup from Ben Simmons. Tinashe and the NBA player dated for about eight months before splitting in the spring 2018. 

“It may have been worst day my life, but it’s okay,” Tinashe said about the day she found out Simmons moved on to dating Kendall Jenner. “I drank for like six months after that! Are you kidding me? I was like wasted for months. But I’m okay now. It was terrible. It was bad. Like it was bad, but I’m good now.”

Tinashe Was "Wasted For Months" After Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner Started Dating              Tommaso Boddi/Getty s

Tinashe found out that Jenner was in the picture “from reading a headline”, which was weird for the singer. “Beyond… I  mean it’s not normal. It’s not normal,” she laughed. Aside from her mother, Tinashe mentioned how friends helped her get through that dark phase and she has resolved to not go back down that road. “You’ll find out in real time. It goes live real. I think it’s important to always have people that got your back, but at the same time you can’t really ever take it too seriously. At the same time you’ve got to keep moving forward and through it. This year is such a big year in terms like what I want to do. Just like even trying to give that energy is like I can’t. I can’t go there.”

Saints Release Statement In Regards To Catholic Church Allegations

Earlier today, it was reported that the New Orleans Saints were being investigated for their alleged role in helping the Catholic Church clean up recent reports ual abuse amongst members the New Orleans clergy. Owner Gayle Benson is a devout Catholic and it was discovered that team executives were allegedly giving the church public relations advice in relation to the ual abuse allegations.

As right now, the Saints are trying to keep any e-mails between themselves and the church, private. This could prove to be a tall task as some feel like the e-mails are the public interest. In a statement on their team website, the Saints cleared up some misconceptions and even condemned the church for their role in any alleged ual abuse.

Saints Release Statement In Regards To Catholic Church Allegations

Wesley Hitt/Getty s

Per Saints:

“While there is current litigation relative to the New Orleans Archdiocese and clergy abuse, our comments are limited only to the scope our involvement. The New Orleans Saints organization has always had a very strong relationship with the Archdiocese. The Archdiocese reached out to a number community and civic minded leaders seeking counsel on handling the pending media attention that would come with the release the clergy names in November 2018. Greg Bensel, Senior Vice President Communications for the New Orleans Saints, was contacted and fered input on how to work with the media. The advice was simple and never wavering. Be direct, open and fully transparent, while making sure that all law enforcement agencies were alerted. The New Orleans Saints, Greg Bensel and Mrs. Gayle Benson were and remain fended, disappointed and repulsed by the actions certain past clergy. We remain steadfast in support the victims who have suffered and pray for their continued healing.”

In the coming weeks, a judge will rule on whether or not the e-mails will be released. In the meantime, stay tuned as we will be sure to bring you updates on this developing story.

Richard Sherman Reveals If He Would Participate In White House Visit

Richard Sherman and the San Francisco 49ers will be in Miami next week as they look to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 54. Whoever wins will be given the Lombardi Trophy as every single winning player will have their name etched into history. This is one the most intriguing matchups we have seen in a while and fans can’t wait to see how it goes down. Having said that, whoever wins will have a huge choice to make as it pertains to going to the White House to meet the President.

White House visits are customary for championship teams, especially when it comes to football. President Donald Trump has had a tumultuous relationship with the league and many players have taken notice. Recently, Sherman was asked by Scott Ostler the San Francisco Chronicle whether or not he would want to go meet Trump. As you can imagine, Sherman wasn’t thrilled by the idea.

Richard Sherman Reveals If He Would Participate In White House Visit

 Ezra Shaw/Getty s

“I haven’t thought about it. We’ve got a long way between now and then, but I doubt it,” Sherman said. One Sherman’s teammates, Nick Bosa, is known as a big Trump supporter so it will be interesting to see what kind conflict arises should Sherman decide not to go to the White House. Of course, none this matters if the 49ers lose.

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?

Donovan McNabb Blames Terrell Owens For The Fall Of The Eagles

Terrell Owens is one the most polarizing players to ever hit an NFL field. This is mostly because his on-field and f-the-field antics that had some people shaking their heads and questioning his love for the game. Perhaps his most iconic moment was when he was seen doing pushups in his driveway during a contract dispute with the Philadelphia Eagles. As Donovan McNabb explained recently, Owens’ antics are what ultimately led to the demise the mid-2000s Eagles.

“I thought that was the major distraction for us,” McNabb said on Bleacher Report’s Untold Stories. “He’s doing sit-ups, he’s doing pushups, he’s playing basketball, he’s ordering pizza for people out there, we’re sitting at training camp like, ‘you gotta be kidding me.’”

As McNabb explains, he still doesn’t talk much to Owens as they don’t have that much a relationship. They were known for taking public shots at one another during their Eagles days and even now, they haven’t been able to patch things up. To illustrate this story, McNabb went into even greater detail on how the team felt about Owens.

“Dawkins comes in and was like, ‘Man what’s he doing now?’ McNabb said. “I’m like, ‘Take a look.’ This is like Days Our Lives. It was unbelievable. That was something that kind broke us up. That was what was most frustrating for me because I knew what we could do and if we decided to just come together what we would be able to accomplish.”

Since their dispute, the Eagles went on to win a Super Bowl in 2018 so realistically, it can’t be all bad for Philly fans.

The Estate of Michael Jackson and BMI Extend Catalog Representation

The Michael Jackson Estate has inked a renewal agreement with BMI to continue to represent the performing rights in Michael Jackson’s songwriting catalog.

The new deal extends BMI’s uninterrupted 41-year relationship with the King of Pop. The Estate and BMI last renewed the agreement back in 2014.

Jackson first signed with BMI at the beginning of his solo career. His songwriter credits include more than 150 songs, with more than 20 reaching multi-million performance status. His music has achieved over 6.5 billion streams, and he remains one of the most popular artists of all time.

Last year the Michael Jackson Estate contended with several ual assault allegations. The Leaving Neverland documentary on HBO sparked several lawsuits and raised questions about Michael’s relationship with children.

The Estate also for using footage of Jackson in a film called The Last Days of Michael Jackson. Disney-owned ABC broadcast the documentary without receiving approval to use Michael Jackson’s imagery. The Estate settled with Disney and filed a request to dismiss that lawsuit.

Now in 2020, a California appeals court is from the men who allege Jackson ually abused them. The judge presiding over the case reversed the previous dismissals of lawsuits filed by James Safechuck and Wade Robson.

The cases were able to be reopened because of a change to California law. The amendment extends the statute of limitations for victims of child abuse. Victims can now sue perpetrators up until their 40th birthday. Those lawsuits will be revisited later this year.

For now, it appears as though the ual allegations re-emerging hasn’t dented the Jackson Estate’s value too much.

While certain performers like Weird Al have opted out of performing his Jackson-based songs, the catalog is more profitable than ever. BMI says on-demand music streams of Jackson’s catalog increased 23% this year.


R. Kelly’s Reported Reason For Marrying 15-Year-Old Aaliyah Revealed With New Allegations

In August 1994, a 27-year-old R. Kelly wed 15-year-old Aaliyah in one the most controversial moments in the disgraced singer’s career and, given all the information that has leaked out about him, that’s saying a lot. Had she not passed away during a tragic plane crash years after, Aaliyah would have been celebrating her forty-first birthday last week. The star has been brought up numerous times in the midst R. Kelly’s dramatic unfolding in court, including in brand new documents that appear to point to the specific reason why Kelly would get married to an underage Aaliyah in the first place.

R. Kelly's Reported Reason For Marrying 15-Year-Old Aaliyah Revealed With New Allegations
Chicago Police Department Getty s

According to The Blast, R. Kelly is currently demanding to know the identity two “Jane Does” in his legal cases. Prosecutors are against providing him with that knowledge and they’re pointing to his past to explain why. In relation to Jane Doe #1, Aaliyah’s identity was suggested in court documents, which appear to explain why Kelly wanted to marry her.

“As early as 1994, the defendant took steps to prevent law enforcement from discovering and investigating his crimes,” reportedly state prosecutors in new court documents. “As alleged in the EDNY indictment, in August 1994, the defendant and others bribed a government employee to create false identification for Jane Doe #1. Witnesses have advised the government that the defendant engaged in this bribery scheme to obtain a marriage license so he could quickly and secretly marry Jane Doe #1 to avoid criminal charges for engaging in a ual relationship with Jane Doe #1, who was a minor at the time. Specifically, the defendant believed that his marriage to Jane Doe #1 would prevent her from being able to testify against him in the event he were prosecuted for his criminal ual relationship with her.”

R. Kelly is not currently allowed to know the identity either Jane Doe but it should be pretty clear for him to figure this one out.

R. Kelly's Reported Reason For Marrying 15-Year-Old Aaliyah Revealed With New Allegations
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KellyAnne Conway Says Martin Luther King Jr. Wouldn’t Want Trump Impeached

Once again, revolutionaries  yesteryear are being used as pawns and talking points to push the narratives this current political administration. With yesterday being observed to celebrate the life and legacy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the FBI, an organization rumored to be a participant in his assassination, Tweeted out a message in remembrance the activist/pastor. Which wasn’t well-received by those aware the organization’s history. Now, White House counselor, KellyAnne Conway, is facing similar criticism for her comments pertaining to an impossible scenario stating that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn’t want Trump to be impeached.  
KellyAnne Conway Says Martin Luther King Jr. Wouldn't Want Trump Impeached

Win McNamee/Getty s

With Monday being a national holiday in observance Dr. King, NBC News White House correspondent, Gef Bennett, decided to pose a question asking Conway what President Trump had planned to commemorate the revolutionary after realizing the President’s public schedule made no reference to honor Dr. King on his nationally-recognized holiday and birthday. 

While asking a very direct question in regards to celebrating the Reverend’s world-renowned holiday, Conway immediately veered f-topic bringing up Donald Trump’s impeachment trial with the Senate which began earlier today stating:

“The president is preparing for Davos and agrees with many the things that Dr. Martin Luther King stood for and agreed with for many years, including unity and equality.” Conway awkwardly resumed, “And he’s not the one trying to tear the country apart through an impeachment process and a lack substance that really is very shameful at this point.”

Conway would then go on to double down on her thoughts, creating an imaginary synopsis insisting that Dr. King would be in support Donald Trump. Confusingly and needlessly saying, Conway continued:

“I’ve held my opinion on it for a very long time. But, when you see the articles impeachment they came out, I don’t think it was within Dr. King’s vision to have Americans dragged through a process where the president is not going to be removed from fice, is not being charged with bribery, extortion, high crimes or misdemeanors, and I think that anybody who cares about ‘and justice for all’ on today or any day the year will appreciate the fact that now the president now will have a full-throttle defense on the facts, and everybody should have that.”

While Trump may supposedly have some type relationship with the Reverand’s son, Martin Luther King III, something lets us know that Dr. King wouldn’t approve the alleged criminal activity that has plagued the Oval Office and the Trump administration over the past four years. With Senate hearings underway in the Trump impeachment trial, more cabinet members in the Trump organization will eventually become a lot more vocal. And there’s a good chance that some these fice-holders will also insert their feet into their mouths a la KellyAnne Conway. 

With that said, check out the clip KellyAnne Conway’s made up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr./Donald Trump relationship comments in the video provided below.

Odell Beckham Jr. Thirsts After His Model GF In IG Comments

Odell Beckham Jr. has been one the flashiest wide receivers in the NFL over the last few years and he continues to be one the most talked-about players f the field. The Cleveland Browns wideout has been the subject plenty rumors especially after the team played abysmally this past season. Some think OBJ could be on his way out although it remains to be seen what happens with him. 

For now, OBJ has an entire fseason to enjoy life and spend time with his loved ones, including his new girlfriend, model Lauren Wood. OBJ is constantly in her comments gassing her up and now that the season is ficially over for him, he is ramping up his efforts. Recently, Wood posted herself in an Iron Maiden shirt. This led to OBJ writing “Finger long azzzzhailll !! 😭😭😭 “Get a grip…”

Wood has been spotted at some Browns games this season and the two seem to have an incredibly supportive relationship. Beckham has some big decisions to make in the fseason and he will certainly be leaning on Wood to guide him in the right direction. 

Let us know in the comments below which team you’d like to see OBJ play for next season.

Christina Milian Welcomes Baby No. 2 With Touching IG Pic: "The World Is Yours Son"

A congratulations are in order for singer Christina Milian and her boyfriend Matt Pokora, as the pair have ficially welcomed their newborn baby boy today!

Named Isaiah, which comes from Hebrew origin and means “God is salvation,” Christina’s new bundle joy looks just as “simply perfect” as she describes him as in her Instagram reveal post seen above. “And so we begin,” Milian wrote to describe the journey she’s about to endure as a mommy two. As we all know, the “AM To PM” singer has a 9-year-old daughter, Violet Madison, from her previous relationship with super producer The-Dream. This is the first child for her and Pokora, who’s also a singer and made his claim to fame on the international singing competition series Popstars in 2003 as a member the group Linkup before becoming a solo star in his own right a year later. The pair have been dating since 2017.

Congrats again to both Christina Milian and Matt Pokora on the new baby boy, in addition to Violet Madison who is now ficially a big sister! While this means we won’t be getting anymore beautiful preggo pics from Christina on the ‘Gram (yet!), take a look below at some our faves throughout her most recent pregnancy journey:

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Finally Divorce After Two Year Separation

Courtney Stodden married actor Doug Hutchison when she was just 16-years-old and he was 50-years-old. The couple separated and reconciled multiple times throughout their relationship but after over two years being separated, the duo is ficially divorced, PEOPLE reports. As per the publication, the splitting their assets has been agreed upon which means once a judge signs f on everything they’ll legally be single come March. 

Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison Finally Divorce After Two Year Separation
Jesse Grant/Getty s

Doug will get to keep their Italian Greyhound and 2001 Jeep Wrangler while Courtney gets all their furniture and appliances. They will also evenly split their bank accounts and life insurance. The exes previously opened up about Courtney’s miscarriage in 2016 and how it was a difficult time in their marriage, “deeply” affecting their bond. 

“I know that I love him so much, and I think he’s also ingrained in me because I was 16,” she previously stated their relationship. “He has his thumbprint all over my spirit, and that part is hard for me to grow out . He’s in my identity. If he wasn’t the person he is, I would say absolutely he took advantage me. But the situation was so unique, right or wrong.”

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston Had Fans In A Tizzy With SAG Awards Reunion

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were a Hollywood power couple in the early 2000s although it all came crashing down back in 2005 when the two decided to get a divorce. Pitt ended up going on to be Angelina Jolie although a couple years ago, they ended their relationship. Aniston hasn’t been able to find that special someone since ending things with Pitt and fans have always been optimistic about a reunion. Well, their wishes came true on Sunday night as the two were spotted together at the SAG Awards. Both actors won their respective awards and were quite keen on listening to each other’s speeches.

In the tweets below, you can see the two holding hands. In another video, Pitt can be seen watching Aniston’s acceptance speech on one the TV screens. 

As you can imagine, this reunion caused quite a stir on social media. Fans are always excited about this kind thing and their excitement was palpable. Many people jumped to conclusions while others expressed just how big this is for the two moving forward. Being friends with your ex is nothing new so fans the two should probably proceed with caution when anticipating some sort re-coupling.

Check out some the reactions, below.