China Pulls Arsenal-Man City Game From TV After Mesut Özil’s Comments

In the wake comments made by Arsenal player Mesut Özil, China’s Chinese Central Television (CCTV) has pulled the Arsenal-Manchester City game from airing, according to ESPN.

Earlier this week, Özil posted a lengthy statement on Instagram which reads, “East Turkistan, the bleeding wound the Ummah, resisting against the persecutors trying to separate them from their religion. They burn their Qurans. They shut down their mosques. They ban their schools. They kill their holy men. The men are forced into camps and their families are forced to live with Chinese men. The women are forced to marry Chinese men. But Muslims are silent. They won’t make a noise. They have abandoned them. Don’t they know that giving consent for persecution is persecution itself?”

Arsenal has not supported Özil, instead, saying, “The content he expressed is entirely Özil’s personal opinion,” early Saturday. “As a football club, Arsenal always adheres to the principle not being involved in politics.”

The situation is similar to Daryl Morey and the NBA. Morey criticized China in a series tweets in October and hurt the NBA’s relationship with the country. 

The television show South Park was also banned from China after criticizing the incident shortly after.

Scarlett Johansson Hosts An Avengers-Themed "SNL" Opening Monologue

For Scarlett Johansson’s sixth time hosting Saturday Night Live, the show went all out for the actress’s Avengers-themed opening monologue. 

The night seems to start f normal enough, but soon, Elf on the Shelf disintegrates before our very eyes: Thanos is back. Kenan Thompson shows up to play Nick Fury and warns ScarJo that, “It’s not Thanos this time. Someone else has his glove.”

“Yo man, this thing is insane. I got to stop getting high and buying stuff on eBay,” Pete Davidson says with Thanos’s glove in hand.

The monologue ends with an emotional moment from ScarJo who concludes, “This place means so much to me. I have so many friends here. And I met the love my life here.”

She is currently engaged to comedian Colin Jost who co-hosts the Weekend Update part the show. The two began dating in 2017 and have been engaged since May 2019.

Scarlett Johansson’s newest movie, Marriage Story, is available on Netflix now. The film is a realistic depiction divorce inspired by director Noah Baumbach’s relationship with his ex-wife. It’s been nominated for a handful Golden Globes, including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Motion Picture – Drama and more.

Ameer Vann Talks Departure From BROCKHAMPTON & Hospitalization

In May 2018, just as BROCKHAMPTON was picking up steam f the release their Saturation trilogy, one its members, Ameer Vann was accused ual misconduct. The allegations first arose on Twitter and then were later detailed in a Pitchfork piece. Two Vann’s previous partners came forward to say that he was both emotionally and physically abusive. Vann responded at the time that he “never criminally harmed anyone or disrespected their boundaries” and “never had relations with a minor or violated anybody’s consent,” but his removal from BROCKHAMPTON was announced a few days after the allegations surfaced

Vann appeared on Sway In The Morning this week to participate in his first interview since the fallout. While he released an EP titled Emmanuel in September, the majority his conversation with Sway focused on the allegations and their aftermath. Vann spoke about how he went home to live with his mother in Texas after being kicked out the group. This period sent him into a deep depression and he experienced suicidal thoughts. He decided to admit himself for hospitalization, which he said he emerged from with a better understanding his behavioural flaws and a commitment to working through them.

However, when Sway brought up the allegations that Vann had choked, bit and injured a woman against her will in a ual context, he denies them. “That’s not true. Our relationship, or the romantic relationship or the physical relationship that we shared was completely consented and everything that we engaged in together was agreed upon,” he said. When asked whether he is in contact with any the members BH, Vann said that he had spoken to Kevin Abstract and Jon Nunes recently, but he believes the onus is on the other members to reach out to him if they wish to talk. When Sway suggested that it might be Vann’s responsibility to reach out given he is the one at fault, Vann explained that he felt abandoned by the group that was aware his issues before the allegations were revealed. He felt that they should have stood by him as he better himself, rather than abruptly sending him home from tour. 


Snoh Aalegra and Michael B. Jordan Get Intimate in ‘Whoa’ Video

Snoh Aalegra sizzles in the video for her album standout “Whoa” co-starring Michael B. Jordan.

The Swedish-Iranian singer and Black Panther actor show off their undeniable chemistry in the stunning visual, which was shot in Berlin and co-directed by NO SCHOOL and Izabelle P. Wilson (I.P.W.). They kiss in the middle of the street and share intimate bedroom scenes. At one point, Michael reads a book to his leading lady while she soaks in the bathtub.

But the two may be more than just on-screen lovers. According to E! Online, they are dating in real life, but have remained coy about their relationship.

“Whoa” is the latest release from Snoh’s critically-acclaimed album -Ugh, those feels again, which was released in August. She recently wrapped her sold-out headlining tour and will kick off the spring leg starting in March.

Just this week, Snoh was nominated for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year at Sweden’s prestigious Grammis Awards.

Mathew Knowles Talks Approval Of Beyoncé Dating "Gangster Rapper" Jay Z

Power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé are now happily married with three children while also maintaining their position as leading forces across multiple industries. For over 15 years the world has watched the evolution their romance, from an unlikely young couple to the married parents they are now. Initially, their pairing was a bit a shock to some, so VladTV wanted to know what Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, thought about this “gangster rapper” courting his teenage daughter.

Mathew Knowles Talks Approval Of Beyoncé Dating "Gangster Rapper" Jay Z
Mark Mainz / Staff / Getty s

“This is true also] with Kelly Rowland] and Solange Knowles], I never got involved with their personal relationships,” Mathew said. “I can only say as a father that I instilled with them the values that they would want to look for in a man. And I think I did when Beyoncé wrote on her, I think it was her first album, maybe it was her second one, the song ‘Daddy’ that she hoped that she found someone just like her Daddy. How do you know I’m not a gangster or used to be a gangster? I’ve been in the music industry for 30 years…”

Aside from speaking about his son-in-law, Vlad talked with Mathew about the fine art media training. He mentioned that Omarion was well-trained per the singer’s answers to question regarding his groupmate Fizz dating the mother his children, Apryl Jones.Omarion is a great young man,” Mathew said, noting that he’s known the B2K singer since he was 14-years-old. “He was a great kid…I know him very well. I didn’t know about this interview, but it makes me proud to know he did a great job. It makes me proud because I know Chris Stokes is an incredible manager and doesn’t get the credit for that.” Watch Mathew’s clip below.

50 Cent Gunning For Rick Ross To Lose $32 Million Battle Over Sex Tape

It’s no secret that 50 Cent and Rick Ross don’t have the greatest relationship in the world. A few months ago, Fif said during an interview that he couldn’t name a single thing that he respects about Rozay’s career. Earlier in the year, Ross said that he would hop on a record with his rival “if he was still dope.” These days, their shots are mostly petty, scratching the surface and not entirely digging too deep. However, their battle in court is pretty harsh and with $32 million at stake, both rappers are taking things pretty seriously.

As reported by The Blast, 50 Cent is fed up with waiting on Rick Ross in their joint lawsuit, calling on court ficials to order his enemy in for a deposition. Regarding Ross’ baby mama’s tape leak, 50 Cent is asking the court to take action after accusing the man ignoring his subpoenas. 

50 Cent Gunning For Rick Ross To Lose $32 Million Battle Over Sex Tape
Nicholas Hunt/Getty s

Fif is currently embroiled in a legal feud against his former lawyers, accusing them malpractice in regards to his lawsuit involving Ross’ baby mama Lastonia Leviston. She says that the rapper leaked her tape online and was awarded $7 million in damages because it, but he says that his lawyers were lazy and didn’t properly check their sources to realize he was not the first to post the tape. He also believes that Rick Ross should have been deposed. 

Ross’ lawyer says they have no documents to turn over but 50 Cent begs to differ. The court paperwork reads: “Mr. Jackson believes that Mr. Ross may have documents and or information concerning the posting the Video, so thus Mr. Jackson served a subpoena duces tecum on both Mr. Ross and Maybach, since Mr. Ross, as Maybach’s Principal, may have acted through Maybach or instructed a Maybach employee to post the Video.”

This beef continues on.

50 Cent Gunning For Rick Ross To Lose $32 Million Battle Over Sex Tape
Rich Fury/Getty s

Sting Talks Juice WRLD’s Death & "Lucid Dreams" Lawsuit Rumor

In many ways, Juice WRLD’s rise to stardom went hand in hand with Sting’s music. His breakout “Lucid Dreams” interpolated Sting’s somber and breathtaking “Shape Of Your Heart,” the perfect backdrop for Juice’s emotional reflections on a soured relationship. Despite the song’s success, which likely meant an increased bag for the Police rockstar, rumors bad blood bubbled; in November last year, it was rumored that Sting was pressing hard against Juice WRLD, threatening lawsuits and sparking a heated royalty dispute. The rumor was peddled further by “Lucid Dreams” producer Nick Mira, who attempted to spark a “Fuck Sting” movement in retaliation. 

Sting Talks Juice WRLD's Death & "Lucid Dreams" Lawsuit Rumor

 Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s 

Now, with Juice WRLD having passed away at the age 21, Sting has issued a statement to Billboard. “This is such a tragic loss for the world music, a young life with so much potential and a unique and precious talent,” he wrote, making sure to show Juice some appreciation. “‘Lucid Dreams’ was my favorite all the many interpolations ‘Shape My Heart,’ it will resonate for many years to come. My sincere condolences to the family.”

Though Billboard didn’t provide a direct quote, they confirmed that Sting denied all rumors surrounding a “Lucid Dreams” lawsuit. Apparently, his spokesperson deemed the aforementioned to be “not true,” providing no further clarification than that. At this moment, it’s unclear how the royalties for “Lucid Dreams” are arranged to be paid out. Either way, Sting has made his position clear: when it comes to Juice WRLD’s music, he’s most certainly a fan.


Tara Wallace Reflects On "Love & Hip Hop" Love Triangle With Peter Gunz & Amina Buddafly

Love & Hip Hop has filmed in multiple locations for their long-running series that has spanned years, but there has never been a storyline played out on reality television like Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly, and Tara Wallace. As the series has progressed, storylines have ten been “encouraged” or, as Joseline Hernandez has alleged, downright fabricated, but Peter’s love triangle was very real as it unfolded in front the world.

VH1 caught up with Tara all these years later to chat with her about her current thoughts on her Lve & Hip Hop appearance. “My relationship with Peter for a while has just been co-parenting,” Tara revealed. “It works well.” This is a far cry from the animosity that was played out for reality television audiences, but as the former couple share three children, they’d do anything for their sons to make life as happy as possible. 

Tara praised Peter for being a great, attentive father. “I’m not going to rob my kids time because whatever I could have went through,” she said. Speaking her participation in Love & Hip HopTara shared that when Peter approached her about doing the show, she couldn’t believe it. To Tara, her life was simple and “boring,” but she didn’t know that her longtime boyfriend and father two kids at the time had married his protegé: Amina Buddafly.

Her tumultuous, and ten violent, relationship with Amina was emotional to watch, but now, the two are doing the best to get along. “Amina and I are cool, we speak on a regular basis,” Tara added. “Honestly, I just got to a point where I just let it all go. I just stopped worrying about who’s right and who’s wrong, because I didn’t want to be hurting all the time. Our kids are siblings and we just gotta find a way to get along.” Watch her clip VH1’s Unveiled below.

Geffen Records President Exits to Pursue Indie Management

It is being reported that Neil Jacobson, who is the president of Geffen Records, will be leaving the company to launch his own venture.

Jacobson will leave Geffen at the end of the year, and he is expected to be involved in the transition to a new president.

Billboard obtained a letter that Jacobson sent to his employees, in which he said that he was starting Crescent Drive Productions, which will offer a full gamut of music services, including recording, publishing and management.

Jacobson said in the letter: “As our industry continues to grow and evolve through technology, music consumption, and artists’ direct relationships with their fans, I am excited about my new venture’s contributions to serve artists and fans worldwide.”

John Janick, who is the chairman and CEO of Geffen’s parent Interscope Geffen A&M (IGA) Records, also wrote a letter to employees relating to Jacobson’s departure.

He said that he felt “compelled to support [Jacobson’s] decision and not stand in his way” based on his own past. He was referring to how he once ran the independent record label Fueled by Ramen.

Janick added, “We have an incredible team at Geffen who will be integral to the company moving forward. Over the next several months we will be announcing exciting new things for Geffen, a label which remains vital to the continued success of IGA.”

While Jacobson has been the president of Geffen Records for three years, he has been employed by its parent for the past 17 . He began his career as an assistant in the company’s international marketing department before moving on to its management and A&R division. There he signed artists such as LMFAO and DJ Snake while managing, Robin Thicke and Emile Haynie.

In 2017, he helped relaunch Geffen Records as a separate label. Its artists include:

  • DJ Snake
  • Lil Jon
  • Mura Masa
  • Yungblud
  • AlunaGeorge
  • Avicii
  • Ren
  • Gryffin
  • Billie Eilish

James Harden & Russell Westbrook Have Trust Issues, Says Jay Williams

When Russell Westbrook was traded to the Houston Rockets this summer, fans were interested to see how he would hold up playing with his former teammate, James Harden. Harden and Westbrook were great together on the Oklahoma City Thunder although this season has seen its fair share growing pains. The team has one the best records in the entire NBA but there is one thing that has been hurting the team at times. Of course, this is Westbrook’s poor shooting percentage. Westbrook takes a lot shots and more ten than not, he is laying bricks.

In a recent episode ESPN’s Get Up!, Jay Williams spoke about the Rockets’ struggles and made a bold claim about Harden and Westbrook’s relationship. As you can see in the clip below, Williams says that Harden doesn’t trust Westbrook anymore and it has changed the way their fense operates.

“That’s a major issue going down the stretch,” Williams said. “James Harden is wondering, can I trust my number 2? My number 2 cannot shoot which does not fit into our fense. Trust issues.”

While Harden and Westbrook would most likely deny this to be the case, Williams makes an interesting point. Both players are ball dominant and tend to leave a lot to be desired in terms shooting percentage. As the season goes on, it will be interesting to see how these two operate together.

Cara Delevingne Victim Of Social Media Hack Days After Offset

Offset was the victim a social media hack that had people thinking he was making moves to cheat on Cardi B again. Considering his past infidelity, the accusations weren’t too surprising but when his Twitter account sent out a number outrageous tweets it was clear that his social media platforms had been compromised

Cara Delevingne Victim Of Social Media Hack Days After Offset
Craig Barritt/Getty s

It looks as though another well-known name has become a victim being hacked since model Cara Delevingne’s Twitter sent out a false update her relationship status that as quickly deleted 20 minutes after. Cara and Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson have been dating for close to two years and while things are going great between the two, a recent tweet suggested otherwise. “Me and Ashley broke up,” the message read. E! confirms that the tweet was not from the 27-year-old.

Cara was previously asked why she’s been hesitant in discussing her relationship with Ashley in press interviews. 

“Because it’s sacred,” she said. “I get why people care so much, and I don’t want to be so secretive that people think I’m ashamed anything. But I’ve never been in a relationship where things are so public, or where I posted pictures someone else. This seemed different. We had gotten to the point where we had kept it a secret, or at least not wanted attention, and now I feel like I’m not going to not be proud. 

Odell Beckham Jr. Trade Rumors: Green Bay Packers Among Top Destinations

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is reportedly hoping his first season in Cleveland will be his last, and reports suggest that the Browns will look to accommodate his request this f-season.

The Beckham rumors first surfaced less than a week ago and fans have been speculating about potential landing spots ever since. During Tuesday’s episode Undisputed, Skip Bayless explained that OBJ has told people he’d like to team up with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Adding more fuel to the OBJ trade rumors, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer recently reported that the Pro Bowl receiver has already spoken to opposing players and coaches about his desire to be traded.

“Odell Beckham has told other players and coaches before games, during games, ‘Hey, come get me,'” Glazer said on Fox Sports today this past Sunday. “I don’t see that relationship ending well for them after this year.”

When asked about his future in Cleveland late last week, Beckham told reporters“I couldn’t tell you what’s going to happen. Whether I’m going to be here, want to be here, don’t want to be here. This is exactly where I’m at now. I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.”

Through 13 games this season, OBJ has reeled in just 59 passes for 844 yards and two touchdowns, though it was recently revealed that he has been dealing with a serious and ten painful sports hernia injurysince training camp. 

The Browns (6-7) will visit the Arizona Cardinals in Week 15, followed by divisional games against the Ravens at home and Bengals on the road to close out the season.

Warner Music, Providence Equity Partners to Buy Music Catalogs

Warner Music Group announced that they and Providence Equity Partners had raised $650 million, which they intend to use to purchase music catalogs.

The partnership is called Tempo Music Investments. According to the announcement, while Providence is supplying most of the capital in the joint venture, Warner Music is supplying its ability to identify and manage investment opportunities.

Tempo Music has already made its first acquisitions. These include the catalogs of the following artists:

  • Jeff Bhasker
  • Shane McAnally
  • Ben Rector

While McAnally recently won a Grammy Award for his contribution to Kacey Musgraves’s “Space Cowboy,” Bhasker has won 5 Grammy Awards, including for Producer of the Year, while working with artists such as Kayne West and Bruno Mars.

The partnership makes sense considering how the growth of music streaming has driven both sales and copyright values sky-high.

Global music sales have risen from a little more than $14 billion in 2014 to more than $19 billion this year, making music a hot investment, especially among institutional investors and private equity companies.

Universal Music Group is a deal to sell 10% of the company to Tencent in a deal that values the company at a whopping $33 billion. Warner Music, which is said to be the third largest music company in the world, has seen its value skyrocket, too, in recent years.

Stu Bergen, who is the head of international at Warner Music, issued a statement in conjunction with the announcement of the Providence partnership. He said, “More than ever before, the long-lasting value of music is being recognized outside the music industry.”

Josh Empson, who is the managing director of Providence, also issued a statement. He said, “We are excited about this innovative new relationship, which combines Providence’s investment expertise in media with WMG’s distinctive skill in working with and recognizing top artists and assets in music.”

This is not the first time Warner Music and Providence have crossed paths. The latter once owned a stake in the former.

Texas Man Charged After Carving His Name Into GF’s Forehead

A man was arrested and charged over the weekend in Texas after he was accused carving his name into his girlfriend’s forehead, KSAT reports. 19-year-old Jackub Hildreth, who has a history family violence, was accused brutally assaulting 23-year-old Catalina Mireles last Thursday after they began arguing. This story does contain graphic details about the assault.

Mireles explained that she and Hildreth had only been seeing each other for three weeks after meeting on Facebook. She recounted that they had an argument surrounding their relationship that eventually escalated into physical violence that resulted in fractures to her jaw. She explained that she was fearful her life as Hildreth was held by the neck and punched her in the face “with a closed fist around ten times.” Her jaw is now broken in three places.

Hildreth later tried to carve his name into her forehead, according to the affidavit. “He was going to put in the closet until he figured out what he was going to do with my body,” she said. Ultimately, Hildreth ended up evading the scene before the police arrived. He was later arrested the following day and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

At the time he was charged, there were warrants out for his arrest for family assault and burglary. He’s being held on $75K bond. 

Megan Thee Stallion Is Still Waiting On Her Dream Collaboration With Beyoncé

Love her or hate her, Megan Thee Stallion is one the most successful breakout artists 2019. The Houston rapper has faced triumphs as trials this year as she’s watched her career take f into new heights while also mourning the death her mother. Megan was named as one  Variety’s 2019 Hitmakers and attended their event on Saturday to be honored along with Swae Lee, YG, Tyga, Mike Dean, Victoria Monet, T-Minus, and many others. 

Megan Thee Stallion Is Still Waiting On Her Dream Collaboration With Beyoncé
Jon Kopalf/Getty s

In an interview with Extra TV on the red carpet, Megan Thee Stallion reflected on her whirlwind a year. “It feels really good to be recognized,” she said. “I make the music, I make it ’cause I like it. I know what my Hotties are gonna like, but to know that somebody like a brand like Variety recognizes me], I’m like, ‘Oh my god, me? Thank you!'” The rapper added that she may have had a slow start in her career, but there was never a moment where she doubted herself.

“Music and school have always been my two Plan As,” the college student stated. “I knew I was gon’ have to make it work. So, we here.” As busy as Megan’s year has been, she noted two specific highlights that stood out above the rest. “I’m not gonna lie, the thing I’m gonna remember the most is winning my first MTV Video Music Award], my Moon Man, and my two BET Awards.” Megan has certainly been putting in work, but she’s still waiting on her dream collaboration. The artist she’d like to work with is on the top many lists: Beyoncé. When the correspondent told Megan does all her music, Megan replied, “Hopefully she lets me in on a secret!” Watch her clip below.