Spotify Pet Playlists Allows Users To Create Playlists For Their Pets

Spotify is debuting a new playlist generator to create a playlist for pets. Users can choose to create a Spotify pet playlist for five different types of pets.

A new Spotify pet playlist website has launched to help Spotify users get started. Users can choose from cat, dog, iguana, bird, or hamster to begin generating a playlist. You’re also asked to define a few personality traits about your pet – are they energetic or relaxed, shy, or friendly?

Users can then upload a photo of their pet and its name to see a Spotify pet playlist customized for their pet.

The playlist seems to generate music it thinks the owner will enjoy based on the parameters. For my energetic, friendly, and curious dog Luna, recommended a collection of artists that seem to riff off of my own playlists.

Honestly, this is a ploy to set Spotify apart from Apple Music by attracting pet owners to create a playlist. A recently published study in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science found that cats do enjoy music, just not human music.

Researchers found that cats preferred some cat-appropriate tracks designed with cats in mind. They barely reacted to two human songs, Bach’s “Air on a G String” and Gabriel Fauré’s “Elegie.” You can hear music created specifically for cats below.

Spotify pet playlists are also a convenient way for Spotify to collect a lot of advertising data. Now a music streaming company can create an accurate picture of pet ownership. The playlists don’t seem to be special in any way beyond following tempo that you pick during set up.

Some people online are upset that features like this are what Spotify chooses to focus on. People have been asking for , offline support, and tons of more useful features. Oh well, at least Spotify knows what kind of pets you own now, right?

Kylie Jenner Sends Warning To Leave Her & Stormi Alone Using Outdated Meme

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter, Chicago West, had her second birthday on Wednesday night, and the famous baby was joined by plenty special guests such as Kim’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi, to celebrate. Kylie shared a ton adorable snaps from the Minnie-Mouse-themed party on her Instagram story, including photos Chicago painting while wearing Minnie Mouse ears on her head and matching Minnie Mouse face paint. Among her stories the Disney-inspired decor were some shots Kylie and Stormi posing together outside. In the first, the mother-daughter duo are giving each other a sweet peck on the lips, and the next shows them serving face while looking f in another direction. The third photo, though, is where Kylie flexed her outdated meme references, by warning us all to stay the hell away from her and her baby girl.

“Don’t talk to me or my daughter ever again,” Kylie captioned a photo her and Stormi rocking matching diva sunglasses. While the two them may be giving the camera a stare that could cut glass, the more meme-savvy the Internet took to the comments on the Shade Room’s post the story to clarify that the caption is just a joke. “It’s a meme folks relax! 😩🤷🏽‍♂️,” wrote frequent Shade Room commenter, Milan Christopher, referring to the meme format that gained notoriety in 2015. Some, who may or may not be familiar with the meme, insisted that the message was directed at Kylie’s ex-best-friend, Jordyn Woods, who had a falling out with Kylie following an alleged cheating scandal involving Kylie’s half-sister, Khloe Kardashian, and Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. While it’s impossible to know if Kylie had these underlying intentions, she proceeded to change her IG icon to Stormi’s sassy pout in the photo, so it seems like the meme was not meant to be taken too seriously.

The Back & Forth Flow Is Only For Real Friends

There’s something to be said about an impeccable flow. The ability to navigate uncharted pockets and become one with an instrumental. For many the most technically pricient rappers, flow serves as a defining characteristic. A means establishing individuality, even if one rapper covers similar thematic territory as another. Though some recognizable flows have become commonplace, the true artisans have developed their own through years experimentation. And yet, what about that old adage: is two really better than one?

There’s something special about a well-structured Back and Forth. Everyone has likely heard one song in which two artists share the load, trading bars as if driven by a singular mind. Think all the timeless classics, from Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s “Dre Day” to Big Pun and Fat Joe‘s “Twinz.” Only the most well-established duos can pull it f; not unlike a barber fering a straight razor shave, trust must first be built. Of course, there are exceptions. We recently saw Anderson .Paak and YBN Cordae employ the practice with cavalier swagger on “RNP,” a lead single f Cordae’s 2019 debut The Lost Boy. Despite having never worked with one another prior, “RNP” was instantly fueled by a “big brother/little brother” vibe, its back-and-forth structure enhancing the song’s playful nature. For the most part, however, only the tried and true camarades opt to go back and forth. And while uninhibited technical prowess tends to take a backseat, the sheer spectacle two artists trading bars ultimately makes up for it. 

The Back & Forth Flow Is Only For Real Friends

Phil McCarten/Getty s

For many, the benchmark back and forth duo has to be Jadakiss and Styles P. Their seminal work and magnum opus is the Alchemist-produced “We Gon Make It,” a classic single f 2001’s Kiss Tha Game Goodbye. It’s unclear how the pair pieced this one together, but it’s evident that the writing these verses was highly collaborative. Lines flow into one another masterfully, each emcee’s personality shining through. “Real n*** say that they be wilding, we on the Cayman Islands on a yacht with our favorite albums,” raps Styles, setting up the scheme. “A bad ho and a plate salmon, smoking and drinking, n*** is you thinking that our fate is violent?” tags in Jada, closing the rhyme out both internally and externally. The pair would soon make the back-and-forth a habit, setting the pace for Fabolous’ “Keepin It Gangsta Remix,” and carrying on the tradition with Kiss Of Death’s anthemic “Shoot Outs.” 

In keeping with New York tradition, another legendary duo who engaged in the practice were none other than Ghostface Killah and Raekwon The Chef. Though the Wu-Tang lyricists had established themselves as kindred spirits and harmonious collaborators on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… & Ironman, they seldom arranged verses in such an intimate fashion. On Mobb Deep’s grimy classic The Infamous, Ghost and Rae shared a sixteen, delivering lines as a well-oiled machine. “You know what’s out there, thousands grams wrapped in Saran / sealed tight, keep the freshness,” sets up Rae, only to be concluded by Ghost’s “that’s how we expand.” The beauty this hard, albeit brief verse, is that you know it was crafted in the studio; how they decided who spits which line remains a mystery, but there’s something refreshing about such a blue-collar creative process.

The Back & Forth Flow Is Only For Real Friends

Frazer Harrison/Getty s

Unlike the former two New York classics, The Firm’s “Phone Tap” employs back and forth bar trading to accomplish a different goal. Over brooding Dr. Dre production, Nas and AZ’s cult classic find them operating two distinct roles having a real-time discussion with one another. The simulation a conversation makes a back and forth structure necessary, creating an immersive and cinematic experience befitting the song’s criminology themes. They’re not merely adding emphasis to punchlines or segueing in new flow-schemes, but propelling a narrative forward complete with individual character arcs. For that reason, they’re allotted more space to move, spitting miniature verses and responding to one another with fleshed out answers. Though not quite as prolific as some hip-hop duos, Nas and AZ have amassed one hell a joint catalog; perhaps that’s why “Phone Tap” stands as a crowning achievement in mafioso rap. 

A back and forth can also be the perfect means celebrating your favorite wingman. Look no further than Busta Rhymes and P. Diddy’s lavish and obnoxiously opulent “Pass The Courvoisier” series, a pair Neptunes-produced bangers circa 2001. The first part was far more frantic, with Busta’s signature “dungeon dragon” energy juxtaposing nicely with Diddy’s dangerously cool swagger. In keeping with tradition, Busta and Diddy weave in and out as the scheme demands, particularly in the song’s second verse. “They call me Mr. Diddy, the boss, you know me, the only G to willy a Porsche,” boasts Diddy, as Busta closes out declaring “we get dough in all land the size Philly, course.” On their second go-around, Busta relaxes a bit to meet Puff’s energy, culminating in a sequel that’s at once seductive and classy, an arguable triumph over the first. Despite any potential differences in net worth or technical prowess, in the context “Pass The Courvoisier Part 2,” Busta and Diddy stand on equal footing.

The Back & Forth Flow Is Only For Real Friends

Jamie McCarthy/Getty s 

In a modern-day setting, the TDE camp is no stranger to the back and forth. ScHoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky have traded lines on “Brand New Guy,” and the entirety “Vice City” seems to be an exercise in collaborative penmanship. Reason even brought a bit that sauce to the Dreamville camp with his triumphant turn on the darkly comedic Cozz duet “Lambo Truck.” Yet perhaps the hardest-hitting Top Dawg back and forth banger arrived on Jay Rock’s 90059 by way “Easy Bake.” Given the superstar that Kendrick Lamar has become, it’s hard to imagine him as anything other than a larger than life leader. But once upon a time young Kenny occupied the position Jay Rock’s symbolic little brother, a protege sorts to the buzzing Watts rapper. It’s only made sense to honor the dynamic on “Easy Bake,” as Rock and Dot trade verses a la Jada and Styles, setting each other up with line after line; Rock busts them, Kenny punishes em’. The fact this two-headed verse feels like such a far cry from Kendrick’s solo material makes this one all the more special, a time-honored tradition stemming from a deep-rooted pre-fame dynamic. 

It would be foolish to ignore the work Royce Da 5’9” and Eminem, known collectively as Bad Meets Evil. No more is their madcap chemistry more evidence than on the outlandishly depraved lullaby “A Kiss” f 2011’s Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequel. Speaking with Royce, he explained how he and Em approach each song with a competitive spirit: “We challenge each other with the back and forth shit,” he told me. “He’ll go in, do a certain amount bars, and stop. We try to finish connecting each other’s syllables to continue the scheme.” Deep though their catalog may be, “A Kiss” exemplifies that character on a variety levels. Not only is it a constant spree hilarious one-upmanship, but a testament to their similarly structured minds; well-matched in gallows humor and better matched in technical prowess. Their chemistry is best revealed on the song’s latter half, with both parties effortlessly baton-passing over a Bangladesh banger. “What a demon, a behemoth evil just seems to be seething through him,” spits Em, only for Royce to continue the scheme with “I like the little strip tease you doing.”

To comb through all hip-hop’s classic back and forth bangers would be a Herculean, albeit highly enjoyable task. In essence, the art bar-trading best serves as a validator chemistry, a tangible expression camaraderie on wax. It’s no surprise that only trusted collaborators tend to attempt the practice, as the writing process likely requires the presence both body and mind. In other words, what might be a highly introverted process becomes a collaborative one. And yet the results tend to speak for themselves, with back and forth verses proving to be crowd-pleasers damn near every time. Which one is your favorite? 

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The Back & Forth Flow Is Only For Real Friends

Skip Bolen/Wire/Getty s

Lori Harvey Shows Love To Future For BDay Celebration: "You Really Outdid Yourself"

It’s safe to say that Lori Harvey and her best friends are having the time their lives for her birthday. The crew hopped on a private jet over the weekend to kick f Lori’s 23rd birthday celebrations, and their island adventure is a sight to behold. After months speculation, Lori and Future finally went public with their relationship when the rapper shared a picture the couple relaxing in the pool with the caption, “Life is Good ❤️🦅.”

Lori Harvey Shows Love To Future For BDay Celebration: "You Really Outdid Yourself"
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty s

On Monday, Lori shared a stream photos and videos on her Instagram Story showing more her birthday celebrations. G Herbo‘s girlfriend Taina Williams was spotted enjoying herself along with Ryan Destiny, Jordyn Woods, and Winnie Harlow. A host Lori’s loved ones joined together on the destination celebration to stay in a luxury pad where they were treated like royalty.

Lori seemed to revel in having “Happy Birthday” being sung to her multiple times and there were a couple clips where she played Future’s songs in the background. She also added a video her and Future hugged up close and wrote, “You really outdid yourself, thank you ❤️@future.” It looks as if Future certainly knows how to spoil the women he loves. Check out a few clips below.

Ashanti’s Heavenly Thirst Traps Have Her Looking Beautiful & Thick

There are few women who garner as much attention on their social pages as Ashanti does with her thirst traps. Many people believe that there is no comparison when it comes to the power Ashanti’s photo uploads. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian cannot come close. Neither do any the Instagram model accounts that people flock to. Perhaps, Shanti’s only real competition is Rihanna. These days, the goddess Barbados is busy hawking her Savage X Fenty lingerie line with y photos herself rocking the gear. Ashanti spent time last summer promoting her collaboration with Pretty Little Thing and now, she’s back on that relaxation tip, sharing plenty pictures herself by the beach and starting the year f on the right foot.

She may not be as active as she once was on the music front but you better believe people will still keep an eye on Ashanti for her social activity. It seems as though every other post on her page is a thirst trap, attracting men and women to comment wide-eyed emojis and compliments, cementing her status as the queen beach pics. During her recent trip to Antigua, Ashanti just needed to one-up herself again, uploading a flurry gorgeous shots and looking even thicker than she did last year. You can tell that the singer hasn’t been skipping leg day.

Take a look below at how she’s looking these days.

Megan Thee Stallion Teases Unreleased Song Surrounded By Booty-Shaking Friends

Megan Thee Stallion continued her vacation antics on Thursday night, when she shared a video her and her girls dancing to an unreleased track. Meg’s been kicking back since the new year started, enjoying some downtime and relaxing with her friends (and her dog, 4oe!) on her well-deserved break from her music career. However, Meg hasn’t totally pushed her music out  her mind, and she’s making sure we don’t forget about her, either. She’s been promoting her single with Normani, “Diamonds,” which ficially dropped everywhere on Friday. Along with this Birds Prey collab, Thee Hot Girl also gave us a little sneak peak at what else she’s been working on.

The clip begins with Meg asking, Why you wanna to play with me, you know I’m undefeated?” Meg included the lyrics that followed, “A real Hot Girl know how to keep a n*gga heated 🔥🔥🔥😛😛😛,” in the caption the video, which shows a booty-shaking Meg surrounded by her booty-shaking friends. She also wrote, “me and my friends be jamming all my music before it drop 💁🏽‍♀️,” getting us all hyped to hear the full version what so far sounds like a fire song. The Stallion squad have no idea how lucky they are for getting these previews Meg’s upcoming music.


Megan Thee Stallion’s Dog Appears To Be Admiring Her Booty In Thong Bikini Pics

Megan Thee Stallion has been on vacation this past week after a no-doubt grueling year. After ruling 2019, Thee Hot Girl has definitely earned a relaxing break, and she’s been celebrating her downtime while sharing plenty snaps herself on the beach. She also revealed that she brought her whole team along with her, and from the looks it, Meg and her girls are having the time their lives.

From “driving the boat” (an activity in which Meg pours alcohol down someone’s throat) to driving an actual boat, the trip looks like tons fun, and it turns out it’s not just a girls trip. Meg’s also brought along her French bulldog, 4oe Thee Frenchie, to join in on the fun.

The Shade Room shared some photos Megan lying on the ground with 4oe behind her, asking the Instagram world what exactly they thought the puppy might be thinking about based on his position and facial expression.

In the photos, 4oe is standing behind Megan as she lays on her stomach, her booty directly in front him. In the first photo, the bulldog is looking straight ahead, and in the second, his head is turned toward the camera with a big smile on his face. Of course, the post seems to be implying that 40e was enjoying the view, and the IG world agreed. One user commented, “He wanna be more than a her dog😂,” while another said he was “Ready to risk it all.” Others thought he might be thinking, “What you doing girl with allat?” or “if only i was human.” Some thought the post was “weird,” but rapper Milan Christopher revealed that he and 4oe have the same mind, commenting, “Samething I’m thinking! 😋🍆🤗.” Well, thanks for sharing.

Summer Walker Finds Humour In A White Girl Telling Her How To Do Her Hair

Summer Walker has been doing a fine job at keeping her fans and followers updated on her life, even before she launched into mega-success with her music. Whether it’s to showcase her fine getups, her many gifts from her man London On Da Track or even her beauty attempts, Summer has got all eyes on her. So when she came across a situation that forced her to laugh, course, she headed to Instagram to share the incident with some her fans who can surely relate.  

Summer Walker Finds Humour In A White Girl Telling Her How To Do Her Hair
Leon Bennett/Getty s 

The “Come Thru” singer uploaded a little story to her Instagram story about a recent time a white woman tried to tell her how to do her hair. “lmao I just had a whole white girl just come for my edges and try to tell me how to do them. the girls are getting out control. LAWD. I know for a FACT she has never had a dry ass toothbrush, edge control & relaxer all on her bathroom counter simultaneously.”

She added: “I know for a fact she’s never had box braids, I know for a fact shes never had her scalp greased with black castor oil & YOUR TRYING TO TELL A BLACK WOMAN ABOUT HER 4c hair. Hilarious!”

Malia Obama & Harvard BF Explore London After Spending Christmas Together

Former first daughter, Malia Obama, was recently spotted galavanting around the Islington neighbourhood London with her British boyfriend two years, Rory Farquharson. Malia and Rory hung out with another couple on Monday near the Regent’s Canal, before heading into the Duke Cambridge pub. According to the source, they “were keeping a low prile but looked really happy and relaxed together.” Despite Malia’s status as a well-known public figure due to her father’s two terms in fice, “few people recognized her as being the daughter to the previous American president.” In fact, the group friends were able to “ramble] around Islington, a pretty busy area, entirely incognito.” The little attention drawn to them may have to do with what appeared to be a lack security detail present, although “an anonymous ‘fice worker’…was walking behind them inconspicuously, and seemed to follow them around the corner, so it’s possible he was secret service being very inconspicuous.”

Malia Obama & Harvard BF Explore London After Spending Christmas TogetherOlivier Douliery-Pool/Getty s

The two them met at Harvard where they are both students, and were first romantically linked after attending a Harvard vs. Yale game together in 2017. They’ve been ficial for approximately two years now, and even recently spent Christmas together at Rory’s family’s $2.4 million dollar home in Islington. Things appear to be getting pretty serious between these two lovebirds, though this was not the first time Malia has had some bonding time with Rory’s family. While she and Rory were shacking up in California last summer, they had brunch with Rory’s parents at a luxury resort at the edge Los Padres National Forest. Rory’s father is a chief executive at a London investment firm and his mother is an accountant, but the Farquharsons are also somewhat connected to the Royal family. Rory’s second cousin, Andrew Farquharson, was a courtier to the Queen before becoming Master the Household at Buckingham Palace. He was awarded the Royal Victorian Order after working for the Queen for 10 years and became Deputy Master the Household for Prince Charles until 2009. While it’s no “former president’s daughter,” Rory isn’t totally unfamiliar with having a high prile family.

DaBaby Addresses Arrest, Says He Won’t Be Broken

DaBaby is over it.

The KIRK rapper is speaking out after being arrested and released from jail last week on a battery charge. Taking to social media on Monday, the self-described “real ni**a wit plenty sense” issued a PSA to his millions of followers.

“Please stop talking to me about that weak ass 48 hours I spent in jail and that failed attempt to break my spirits & interrupt the path I’m taking to my God given success,” he began.

DaBaby was arrested by Miami police on Thursday after he and members of his entourage allegedly attacked a concert promoter who reportedly shortchanged DaBaby on a $30,000 payment. After only receiving $20,000, DaBaby’s crew allegedly beat and robbed the man of an iPhone 7, $80, and a credit card before dousing him with apple juice.

But DaBaby insists it’s all a ploy. “Don’t allow yourself to be mislead by janky promoters and lazy ass grown men itching for the opportunity to file a lawsuit that they won’t win,” he said.

He also told his fans not to believe the accusations or media reports. “I remain composed and focused knowing allegations made without honesty and integrity will never be honored by the most high,” he added. “Don’t allow yourself to become ‘lost in the sauce’ or misinformed by the media.”

DaBaby remains focused. He’s already back in the studio working on new music. “I encourage you all to kick back, relax, and prepare yourselves for this new wave of music and entertainment I have prepared for you all.”

Erica Mena Receives Death Threats Over "L&HH" Drama: "This Is A Television Show"

It’s not uncommon for reality stars to take to their social media accounts after their shows air to clear up any misconceptions about a recent episode. On Monday, Love & Hip Hop New York‘s Erica Mena thought a few things needed to be said about a scene that showed her friends Jonathan and JuJu alerting Cyn Santana that Erica had plans to hook up Cyn’s ex Joe Budden with Joe’s ex Tahiry. Of course, Erica and Cyn are also exes, making this whole circle as confusing as ever.

Erica Mena Receives Death Threats Over "L&HH" Drama: "This Is A Television Show"
John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty s

“Joe is a grown man,” Cyn said in the episode. “Whoever Joe loves, he gon’ be with. I’m just hurt and I’m like, appalled at Erica. We loved and cared for each other once upon a time but all a sudden, Cyn and Joe are no longer together and Erica is so invested in putting him back with his ex?” Erica took Twitter to clarify a few things.

“You females are funny,” she wrote. “So when table talk was happening and motherf*ckers was sitting around gossiping crazy about Me & rumors on my husband y’all wasn’t screaming out ‘ be a woman first’ Now that y’all see tears I’m all these disgusting things?! Okay got it.” She added, “I understand how it looks. But when will y’all understand editing is going to show you what it wants to show you. Certain people celebrated at my babyshower for a reason. And that scene from last night was one them. If I was really all these things why am I ALWAYS blessed?”

A Twitter user told Erica she was “messy” and said she needed to “stay out other people’s business.” Erica replied, “If it’s about being a decent human being why was it okay for her to sit around to help spread blog rumors with an individual she befriended only because they are my enemy? Feelings?! The same feelings she had when she made people attack my husband because he was with me?! B*tch😂.”

After going tit-for-tat with a few Love & Hip Hop New York fans, Erica told people they need to relax with how invested they are in the series. “At this end the day this is a television show,” she said. “And to be receiving death threats f this is completely disgusting. No one is perfect but we all are great at our job. To threaten someone because they get their job done is sick.”

Megan Thee Stallion Barely Covered By Tiny Bikini Top During Tropical "Vacay"

The Houston Hottie has gotten even hotter while away on vacation, and we’re all here for it. Megan Thee Stallion posted a set photos on Saturday, indicating that she’s taken a quick trip to some mysterious, tropical location. In the first photo, Meg decided to focus on her twerktastic asset, while she nearly spills out her bikini top in the second photo. Both shots show f Meg’s fit figure, which she recently revealed she’s been working hard to maintain since gaining weight while on the road during her most recent tour.

“Vacay 👙” she captioned the post, though she doesn’t specify exactly where it is she’s jetted f to. Understandable, course, since she’s likely trying to get in a quick sunny escape after her jam-packed, incredibly successful year in 2019. Megan even capped f the decade with none other than her personal hero, Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, and baby Bey, Blue Ivy. As if spending New Year’s Eve with these two legends (yes, Blue is a certified legend by default) wasn’t enough, now Meg gets to kick back and relax in the sand while we’re all trying to catch up to her. If ever there was a doubt that Megan is Thee Hot Girl, this post solidified her status.

Diplo & Chantel Jeffries Cuddle Up Together In Mexico

It looks as thought the newest couple in the game is Diplo and 27-year-old DJ, Chantel Jeffries. The duo was relaxing in Tulum, Mexico and made their relationship public when they both uploaded Instagram stories them caressing each other and spending time together in the tropics. One image Chantel uploaded to her feed sees her posing in a bikini on her bed with the last image showing Diplo putting in work as the photographer.  

“V chill & ready to hear good music tn,” she captioned the post. Diplo has two children with his ex Kathryn Lockhart who he ended things with before he began dating Katy Perry in 2014. Chantel has been linked to Machine Gun Kelly, NFL player DeSean Jackson, NBA players Jordan Clarkson and Kyrie Irving as well as The Weeknd and Justin Bieber

Chantel’s supposed fling with Justin conspired reports that she was shopping around a story on their love affair for $20K. At the time, Chantel denied such events and she claimed that they never dated at all. 

“Chantel’s attorney and I received multiple appearance requests for Chantel, as you can imagine,” a spokesperson said on her behalf at the time

“None were for compensation – especially not $20,000. None were accepted. The Today Show was the only one that was being even remotely considered, and they do not pay for their news. As I said, no appearance requests were ever accepted.” 

Dr. Phil Puts $5.75 Mil Mansion Up For Sale & The Bizarre Interior Boggles The Internet

The internet was all in a tizzy yesterday following the Los Angeles Times‘s report about Dr. Phil. The psychologist’s L.A. mansion has been listed for sale, and when photos the property circulated throughout social media, it gave the public pause. The Oklahoma-born, Texas-raised television host has been dishing out advice to thousands people for nearly 20 years on his acclaimed daytime series and the bizarre decor the luxury home was a far cry from what people expected to see.

Dr. Phil Puts $5.75 Mil Mansion Up For Sale & The Bizarre Interior Boggles The Internet
Vince Bucci / Stringer / Getty s

To begin, the $5.75 million home is listed as being sold by Phil McGraw, but according to reports, it’s been occupied by Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan McGraw. The 34-year-old’s eclectic style can be seen in the images, from a snake-laden staircase to the dining area with a wall filled with rifles. The avant-garde artwork features peculiar pieces bunnies and bears, and we’re pretty sure that there is wall art that just says the word “f*ck.” The wooden drum-style stools are there to relax on at the home’s main bar while the lion head-legged pool table is on the second floor.

A representative for the family shared with the L.A. Times that Dr. Phil has never occupied the home. The 6,170-square-foot interior is just but a pinch the land, as there is a half-acre outdoor luxuries that have yet to be seen. Check out a few the photos, as well as reaction to the images, below.

Meek Mill’s Words Are Scrutinized After People Believe He Confirms Baby

A few words uttered by Meek Mill have caused quite the stir. While much the world has returned to work following exhaustive New Year’s celebrations, there are a few celebrities who are still enjoying some rest and relaxation. DJ Khaled loves linking up with a few his favorite people and heading to the ocean for some fun in the sun. He shared videos showing himself, Diddy, Future, Meek Mill and more suited up and ready to go f on a ride on jetskis. It all looked as if it was innocent fun, but a brief appearance by Meek had tongues wagging.

For months, the rapper’s personal life has been the topic conversation. Rumors his relationship with Milano di Rouge founder Milan Harris have been running rampant for quite some time, and after she confirmed she was pregnant just weeks ago, some believed that Meek was once again going to be a father.

While jet-skiing with the fellas, DJ Khaled had his camera out recording their adventures. “Take a look at 2020,” he repeatedly said. Then, Meek speaks. Initially, it sounds as if he says, “It’s new baby on the way, baby!” Whatever it was caught Khaled f guard as he chuckled and replied, “What you say Meek? Yo, Meek! What the hell you say?” Then Meek responded, “2020 is real, wavy on the way!” 

Give it a listen for yourself and see if people are just reading too much into this.