Hit-Boy & Boi-1da Drop New Drake, Big Sean & Nipsey Hussle Tracks During Instagram Live Battle

The ‘Gram – On Thursday (March 26), Grammy award-winning producer Boi-1da posted a promo of his Friday night beat battle against fellow producer Hit-Boy slated for Friday night on Instagram Live.

The epic duel lasted over two hours and stunned its audience that peaked at over 17,000 viewers as Hit-Boy and Boi-1da dug deep into their bags and leaked new songs that they crafted in collaboration with Tee Grizzley, Drake, Roddy Ricch, Nas, Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle.

Several high profile viewers who tuned in simultaneously were Drake, Joe Budden, Kevin Durant, Russ, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz.

Hit-Boy also reached back into his back catalog of production credits including A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie,” Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle,” and “Bow Down/I Been On” by Beyoncé.

But as the battle intensified, Boi-1da swung back some hard moves by putting out new tracks such as Big Sean featuring the late Nipsey Hussle on their song possibly titled “Street Legend.”

Hit-Boy & Boi-1da Drop New Drake, Big Sean & Nipsey Hussle Tracks During Instagram Live Battle

Boi-1da Explains His Participation In Rémy Martin’s Producer Competition

Big Sean even suddenly appeared for a short tag team with Boi-1da to surprise the viewers, much to Boi-1da’s chagrin.

“Yo, Sean, why’d you snap like that? Relax, bro,” Boi-1da said.

Hit-Boy also dropped an untitled new Nas cut, which Hit-Boy had to admit “that’s nasty.”

Just as several viewers thought Boi-1da was on the ropes, he struck back with his own heat with an earnest warning.

“You remember when Trump and Kim Jong-Un were beefing and talking about nukes and shit? You know all that shit? I gotta press the red button. I’m not even playing with you, Hit-Boy,” Boi-1da said before he released Drake and Roddy Ricch’s new song.

Boi-1da doubled down for Drake fans by releasing his other new track with 6ix god’s which is speculatively called “I Did.”

The Twittersphere and Instagram realm was on fire as viewers chimed in about who they believe was the victor.

But Boi-1da was respectful to his opponent by tweeting about the competitive fun following the battle.

“Hit-Boy is one of the greatest of our generation. DON’T AT ME… That was epic, love to everyone that tuned in,” Boi-1da said.

Nav & Pop Smoke Have Another One

Your favorite Learjet passenger came back with a vengeance last night, with Nav‘s long-awaited Travis Scott and Gunna collaboration “Turks” finally getting an ficial release. The first peddle to start a full-scale avalanche, the Canadian rapper’s latest banger suggests big moves to come. Nav recently hit up the Beats 1 studios to talk shop, teasing some his future plans and collaborations, including a posthumous release from the late Pop Smoke

After playing coy for a moment, Nav opens up about his upcoming music with Pop, which was recorded during the Meet The Woo 2 studio sessions. “That night we did ‘Wolves,’ we did that song ‘Wolves,’ we squeezed out another song,” he reveals. “You know? Yeah. It kind gives like a different kind vibe to it. It’s kind a melancholy vibe to it.”  

Nav & Pop Smoke Have Another One

C Flanigan/FilmMagic/Getty s

Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has thrown his trajectory out whack — for now. When asked if he has a release window for his new album, Nav speculates that it will be coming within a few months. “We don’t have a date for it, but yeah, the world situation right now kind switched up everybody’s game plan,” he reflects. “Yeah. We were kind all in shock. You know how you supposed to do a release party, how you supposed to do all that stuff now? It’s kind weird, right? We just play it by ear day by day. Yesterday me and Travis Scott were making beats at Cash’s house. He live down the street from me. He got a studio, so we were doing that. You never know what that’s going to lead to.”

From the sound it, Nav isn’t about to lose momentum. At least, not when there’s still work to be done. “For me there’s always a pressure to work,” explains the rapper. “You know what I mean? I always keep pressure on myself to work. I always feel guilty when I’m relaxing.” 

Rudy Gobert & Donovan Mitchell Receive Coronavirus Health Update

Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell’s relationship will never be the same. During the initial stages the Coronavirus pandemic, Gobert was quite reckless about his behavior as he thought the whole thing wasn’t that big a deal. Of course, things changed for the worse when he was diagnosed with the virus. From there, Mitchell was infected as well which led to speculation that there could be some problems in the locker room. Since their diagnosis, both players have been relaxing at home where they have been told to self-isolate.

According to Shams Charania The Athletic, both players got some great news as they have now been cleared the virus. This means it is no longer in their system and they aren’t contagious. There is also a solid chance that they will be immune from future infections although this is a theory that has yet to be 100 percent proven.

The NBA is on a complete lockdown due to the virus and in many ways, Gobert was patient zero in all this. As soon as he was infected, the league had to shut down immediately. However, even if Gobert was never infected, the league probably would have had to shut down anyway.

Hopefully, more players with the virus will continue to get better and in a few months, we can restart the NBA season.

FDIC Plans to Increase Deposit Protection Beyond $250,000 — Sources

In a move designed to calm American account holders and prevent a run on the banks, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is now preparing serious modifications to its protection levels and guarantees for failed banks.

The implications of the added FDIC protections would go far beyond the music industry, and are designed to calm a panicky public and small business community.  According to information shared with Digital Music News earlier today, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC — which was created during the Great Depression in 1933 — is now planning to increase its protection levels and guarantees against monies held in failed banks.

According to one source, the FDIC is planning “to basically go back to what they did in 2008.”  During that period, the FDIC increased account protections from $100,000 to $250,000 for a temporary period; eventually, the $250,000 protection level became standard.  Now, that level is expected to greatly surpass the $250,000 protection mark, though it’s unclear how much the increase will be.  It’s also unclear what additional protections and safeguards are being considered.

Another source tied into the banking sector said to expect a “drastic increase” designed to calm any run on the banks and banking jitters.  It was also noted that one possibility would be a no-limit protection plan, at least temporarily.  In most cases, the FDIC can replenish funds lost from a failed FDIC-insured bank within days — and even surpass the $250,000 threshold once banking assets are sold or recovered.

Earlier this week, FDIC chairwoman Jelena McWilliams issued a PSA urging people not to pull money out of their banks.

But according to our sources within the banking sector, that’s exactly what’s starting to happen, as panicked account holders remove large amounts of cash.  That’s causing a number of issues, as banks grapple with lower reserves and cash liquidity is getting impacted.

“Your money is safe at the banks,” a calm-and-confident McWilliams stated against a relaxing piano music background track.  “The last thing you should be doing is pulling your money out of the banks now, thinking your money is going to be safer someplace else.   You don’t want to be walking around with large wads of cash, and you certainly don’t want to be hoarding cash in your mattress.  It didn’t pan out for so many people.”

McWilliams also carried her assuring tone in an address given today to the Financial Stability Oversight Council.  But so far, the specifics of any FDIC modifications remain vague.  “The FDIC is working closely with the other financial regulators to provide necessary flexibility to both banks and their customers in these challenging times,” McWilliams stated. “We have taken several regulatory actions to provide banks with more flexibility to deploy capital to the broader economy.”

The FDIC has not yet responded to an inquiry concerning the potential increases.  More as this develops.


U.S. To Surpass China & Italy In Number Of Coronavirus Cases

The United States is on its way to amassing more cases coronavirus than either China or Italy in total , as the number confirmed cases and deaths continues to rise across America. Just yesterday (March 25th), the World Health Organization warned that the U.S. could become the new centre disease. As today (March 26th), according to Worldometer, the U.S. is only 428 infections behind China’s overall total: China has reported a total 81,285 infections throughout its outbreak, while the US has 80,857. Among China’s 81,285 cases, 74,051 people have recovered, while 3,287 have died. There are only 3,947 active cases in China at the moment, a starkly low number compared to the U.S.’s 77,830 active cases. In the U.S., only 1,864 patients have recovered, and 1,163 have died.

U.S. To Surpass China & Italy In Number Of Coronavirus CasesWin McNamee/Getty s

Italy, which was hit hardest by the pandemic, has recently begun to stabilize. Italy has had a total  80,589 cases at the time writing, only 35 more than the U.S. The European country, however, has seen the number new cases decline or remain flat for several days. They currently have 62,013 active cases, with 10,361 recovered and 8,215 dead.

U.S. To Surpass China & Italy In Number Of Coronavirus CasesMarco Di Lauro/Getty s

A major key difference between these countries’ approaches is that China and Italy have imposed nationwide lockdowns in order to “flatten the curve.” However, Trump has yet to invoke such a measure throughout the U.S., instead making highly unlikely promises about reopening businesses and relaxing quarantine practices around Easter (April 12th). Lockdowns could take two to six weeks to take noticeable effect, so if drastic measures aren’t taken soon, the U.S. will be on course to surpass China and Italy’s numbers cases and deaths.

Hipgnosis Song Fund Stock Rebounds Following Coronavirus Losses

Hipgnosis Song Fund Stock Rebounds Following Coronavirus Losses

The Hipgnosis Song Fund, which pools investments to purchase song catalogs, has experienced a solid stock-price rebound following a value decrease resulting from the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Hipgnosis stock, traded under the symbol SONG on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), had held steady at an average per-share price of about £105 (approximately $126) since its July 2018 debut on the public market. However, the company’s value, like so many others (and the economy as a whole) fell in response to rising coronavirus threats and concerns, as well as corresponding preventative measures.

Specifically, Hipgnosis stock dropped as low as £87.50 (a little over $105) on Tuesday, March 17th and essentially held the price until Friday, at which point shares jumped up to £93.50 ($112.21). During the last day or so, the stock has returned to (and occasionally surpassed; the market is still fluctuating) its former value, climbing as high as £108 (about $130) but generally holding steady at the aforementioned (pre-coronavirus) value of £105.

On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), leading concert promoter Live Nation has posted , though the company’s per-share price hasn’t yet returned to its pre-pandemic level. Nevertheless, Live Nation’s hiking back to about $45 represents a massive uptick from its 52-week low of $21.70 per share. Similarly, the brand will likely regain additional value once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and government-mandated preventative measures are relaxed.

Hipgnosis has made a series of aggressive catalog acquisitions since its 2018 founding. Between these high-profile acquisitions (including the catalogs of and , to name just some) and successful fundraising efforts, Hipgnosis executives are confident that their investment fund can prove profitable in the long term.

Hipgnosis is reportedly considering pursuing another round of fundraising (having secured in October 2019, bringing its equity-investment total to $800 million), but has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

A$AP Rocky Hangs Up On Tyler, The Creator For Being Weird

A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator have one hip-hop’s most hilarious friendships and, even though they’re not able to hang out in self-quarantine together, they have been social distancing over the phone. 

This weekend, the two creative rappers hopped on an Instagram Live phone call to keep themselves entertained. A$AP Rocky invited Felicia The Goat onto his stream but when Tyler was getting weird with him, asking to see what he was wearing, things ended abruptly.

A$AP Rocky Hangs Up On Tyler, The Creator For Being Weird
Kevin Winter/Getty s

Right f the bat, the two laugh about Tyler’s goy ways before the rapper asks A$AP Rocky about his ‘fit. “What you wearing?” asked Tyler. “Yo bro, chill out!” responded Flacko, commencing the back-and-forth. “Come on bro, it ain’t even been a minute yet and you already going crazy. Relax your limbs, man.”

“I’m… lonely,” said Tyler with a big smile on his face before reiterating his initial request to see A$AP Rocky’s ensemble. The rapper refused and hung up on him, leaving Tyler more hollow than ever before. Sad times.

All A$AP Rocky wanted was to hear a snippet what Tyler, The Creator had been working on in the studio but, unfortunately, it never came about. Maybe, if he would have complied and shown f the ‘fit, we would all have heard some fresh vibes from the artist. Next time… *sigh*

Rihanna, Bernie Sanders & More Are In DJ D-Nice’s IG Live Party

Social-distancing can be difficult, but DJ D-Nice hopes to make it all a little bit easier with his Homeschoolin’: Social Distancing Dance Party on Instagram live. Checking in, you’ll notice a shocking number familiar faces viewing, as noted by Complex.

Rihanna, Bernie Sanders, Dwyane Wade, Janet Jackson, Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris and more have all tuned into DJ D-Nice’s Instagram live where he plays tons classic hip-hop and R&B records.

 “Music is a vibration. It is a universal language. It is who I am. It is what I do as a DJ,” D-Nice told AllHipHop earlier this week. “It is a part my life’s purpose to help people relax and enjoy themselves. What was just a whim has become a movement in less than 4 Days. I am honored by love and support.”

“Somebody needs to nominate @DJ_DNICE for a Nobel Peace Prize when this pandemic ends. He is doing the Lord’s work on Instagram Live right now,” writes Jamele Hill on Twitter. “If you want some good vibes, head over to DNice’s quarantine party #ClubQuarantine on IG live right now. Yesterday I stayed all 6 hours. Worth it. Whole family was jamming,” says Gabrielle Union.

The Bronx DJ is bringing us all together in these trying times. 

Don’t Panic, Play Your Favorite Song

It’s easy, perhaps too easy, to get swept up in the panic that is washing over the globe right now. It’s a vicious circle really, your panic incites the panic your friend/your mother/your girlfriend, thus inciting the panic another, etc, and so it continues. Fear spreads similarly. As we attempt to understand both the effects and the possible fallout from COVID-19 pandemic, we also need to remain reasonable. I’m not saying it’s easy, anxiousness abounds right now, and some it is well-deserved, but we also can’t allow our minds to be ruled by fear and circular thoughts about the Coronavirus. We can turn to a few reliable practices during this period to help soothe our collective anxiety, and one those practices is: listening to your favorite song.

I definitely urge people to stay informed, but at the same time, know your limit. It’s all too easy to fall down a COVID-19 Internet rabbit hole, reading one article after another, and before you know it, you’re utterly consumed by Coronavirus concerns, to the point that it can be debilitating. Google’s algorithm is made for this: the more COVID-19 news you read, the more it fers you in return, which won’t exactly help tame a wild mind. When your thoughts are entirely tangled up in a web Coronavirus concerns, it can be difficult to escape; I’m sure we’ve all been there in the past week or two, perhaps even longer depending what part the world you live. That being said, I think it’s important right now to actively disconnect or distance yourself from these types negative thoughts that will ultimately get you nowhere– stressing about the disease will not help you avoid COVID-19, it will only put a damper on your immune system. We know that stress affects your immune system— whether it’s acute stress or chronic, long-term stress, both can lead to a compromised immune system. You want a strong immune system right now, especially.

We know, based on tons studies, that music can help allete psychological stress (and it’s even been proven to reduce the experience physical pain), however it can be difficult to force yourself out your own head, especially when you’re deep in the midst a stew session. I know my personal anxiety was reaching a peak yesterday, and so this morning, I took some time to actively listen (rather than passively, note) toLil Uzi Vert Vs. the World 2, as well as some Jay Electronica and some Rich the Kid (despite the shit-storm a week we’ve had, thank you to all these artists for dropping new music!!) and I took notice how it helped both my mind and my body relax; it came over me in an Aha moment. This was exactly what I needed. Music can not only fer a distraction, it fers an emotional connection, and that might be what’s really needed in a time like this, especially if you are alone in self-isolation, or if you are alone because you are without friends and family. Listening to music is a way confirming: you are not alone.

The thing is, it doesn’t even need to be a super happy go-lucky song. You can listen to something that feels however you are feeling right now, even if it’s a song to commiserate with, it’s the connection that the artist fers, and the swell music, that will ultimately feel soothing. If you’re feeling sad, then Jay Electronica’s “A.P.I.D.T.A.” might hit just right. If you’re feeling anxious, try something f Jhene Aiko’s new album (might I recommend “Tryna Smoke,” and perhaps follow her instructions). If you’re feeling lost, Lil Uzi Vert’s quirky “Moon Relate” might do the trick.

In addition to listening to music, now’s the time to consume reality TV (there are endless shows I can recommend, hit me up: Married at First Sight, 90 Day Fiancee, Love After Lock-Up, Love Is Blind…), and to adopt a meditation practice. Meditation sounds daunting and difficult, but it needn’t be, since nowadays there’s an app for everything– with an app like Headspace or Calm, guided meditations will teach you exactly how to let thoughts pass you by, rather than swallow you hole. 

What songs do you listen to when you’re feeling stressed? Let us know in the comments, we may put together a stress-relieving playlist! In the meantime, you can also peruse our collection playlists on Spotify here

We’re sending peace mind to everyone out there. Stay diligent and stay safe.

Twitter Dubs Jay Electronica’s Debut Album ‘Watch The Throne 2’ Because … JAY-Z

Twitter – As millions of people across the globe remain paralyzed by COVID-19, Jay Electronica unveiled his debut album, A Written Testimony, on Friday (March 13), giving Hip Hop fans something to smile about.

In addition to Travis Scott and The-Dream, who are the only two guests noted on the tracklist, JAY-Z is all over the 10-track project, leading Twitter to dub the project Watch The Throne 2. 

From “Shiny-Suit Theory” to “Universal Theory,” Jay blesses several songs on the album with powerful verses.

As Electronica raps on “Ezekiel’s Wheel” featuring The-Dream, “My debut album featurin’ Hov, man, this is highway robbery/It’s like I hit the lottery, I busted the piñat-y/Now I’m hot like a tamale, it’s just like I caught a body/It will be pandemonium if I show up to the party/May all my haters hit they knees and throw up in the toilet/In the twinklin’ of an eye I went from legend to historic.”

Of course, not everyone agrees and argued Watch The Throne 2 can only be made by Hov and Kanye West. But overall, Twitter is thrilled to have a new Jay Electronica album in 2020 — even if the world is coming to an end.

Check out some of the reactions below.


Lil Yachty Responds After Criticism For Wearing Dress & Wig In New Video

The new video for Lil Yachty‘s “Oprah Bank Account” ft Drake and DaBaby arrived this week but not everyone has been feeling the visuals. As the lighthearted video was meant to poke fun at The Oprah Winfrey show, a few people have called Yachty out for dressing up in a wig and dress as he took on the role an Oprah-like talk show host.

Yachty isn’t sweating it, though. Taking to Twitter, the rapper responded to the criticism by blasting the levels toxic masculinity in his mentions. “in my opinión you don’t need to wear no dresses or wings to sell …you created a lane … how I’m suppose to take this,” a fan said on Twitter. Yachty clearly didn’t care for this person’s take on his latest video, replying, “Bitch it’s just supposed to be entertaining… it ain’t even that deep, y’all Nigga’s so in denial with y’all masculinity shit like this bother y’all.. relax.”

Another supposed fan criticized Yachty’s uality and his position as a prominent black figure. “You’re bi. Dressed up as a damn woman you done let the black community down,” the IG user wrote. Yachty’s response was less verbal this time around. Revealing that the individual was Caucasian, Yachty responded to the comment on Twitter with a meme Russell Westbrook. 

Check out Lil Yachty’s response tot he criticism below. 

Coachella Is Getting Postponed Six Months Until October, Reports Claim

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic raging on and an ever-increasing number of high-profile events being called off in response, AEG Presents and Goldenvoice are attempting to strike a balance between an outright cancellation and proceeding as planned by postponing Coachella until October.

It’s worth noting that the postponement, which would delay Coachella’s first weekend until October 9th, hasn’t yet been finalized; sources speaking to Digital Music News on Monday evening have indicated that a final decision will be announced in the near future.  Separately, multiple reports are also pointing to a similar, six-month push though a formal statement has not been issued.

These same sources noted that the potential change in date was sought proactively by those in charge of Coachella, mainly because of worries that Riverside County health officials will call the event off on their own accord, as the City of Austin did  last week. To be sure, Dr. Cameron Kaiser recently on behalf of Riverside County, and in it, he struck something of a noncommittal tone.

Earlier today, Riverside County declared a public health emergency after its coronavirus diagnoses jumped to six. The Southern California county is home to approximately 2.4 million people.

While shifting a major festival six months sounds logical enough, actually executing that postponement could prove to be tricky. For starters, headliners and performers have their own tour schedules, and may simply be unavailable in October. Additionally, Coachella may be forced to relax its notoriously strict radius clauses that prevent an artist from performing at competing festivals and venues around their Coachella performance.

Fans may also be unavailable in October, and simply demand refunds.

Stagecoach, a country music festival, is also being targeted for an October move. If the effort to push it and Coachella back proves ineffective—contractors, artists, city officials, fans, and others will have to be on board—the aforementioned sources stated that both it and Stagecoach are likely to be canceled.

Today, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, visited Wuhan, where the first COVID-19 cases appeared, and Italy’s prime minister expanded a just-announced lockdown to cover the entire country.

Until April 3rd, Italians will be unable to leave their current locations or enter other cities for reasons unrelated to health or work.

Stateside, the stock market dropped substantially as COVID-19 fears mounted and Saudi Arabia signaled that it will engage in an oil price war with Russia. In a press conference, President Trump and White House officials discussed possible financial relief for businesses and employees who’ve been impacted by the widespread public concerns over COVID-19.

Woman Dead After Drinking Wine Laced With MDMA

A relaxing evening with a glass wine turned deadly for a Belgian woman in December after the bottle wine — a 2016 Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon from the Dutch brand Black & Bianco — was found to be laced with the common party drug MDMA, or Molly. The unnamed 41-year-old from the city Puurs, near Antwerp, collapsed after taking just one sip. Sources say she discarded the bottle after that fateful sip because it tasted strange and bitter but fell unconscious later. The woman was rushed to hospital immediately but died five days later; the toxicology report revealed that she had been exposed to a lethal dose the illegal drug. Officials believe drug traffickers had tampered with the wine. 

The Dutch winemakers issued a statement on their website last Wednesday stating they were “very shocked and very upset” to have learned about the death and expressed their sympathy to the victim’s family. The company also confirmed that the signature black cork on that particular bottle had been replaced by a beige one, evidence a compromised product. 

The victim’s sister spoke with the Flemish-language newspaper Het Nieuwsblad and said that her sister had been “100 percent against drugs.” 

Furthermore, Black & Bianco stated that they are unaware any other bottles that have been tampered with and urged the public to contact the police immediately should they come across any suspicious-looking bottles that appear to have been altered. 


Spotify Leases a 20,000 Sq. Ft. Creative Office Space in Miami

Hello, South Florida. Spotify has finalized its lease on a 20,000 square foot office space in Miami’s ultra-desirable Wynwood enclave.

Little more than a week after Spotify’s South Korea expansion plans were , the streaming giant has revealed that it intends to enter South Florida in a big way.  According to details (and lots of photos) tipped to Digital Music News today, the Stockholm-based company has leased a 20,000 square-foot office space in Miami’s thriving Wynwood Arts District — the same neighborhood that several tech and entertainment companies have reportedly been considering for their own Florida headquarters.

The massive building is part of The Oasis, a multi-use campus that’s designed to accommodate both retail and professional tenants. Having started construction last year, The Oasis is scheduled to open in late 2020.

And when The Oasis does debut, visitors and employees alike will be able to seamlessly transition between the indoors and Miami’s gorgeous weather as they choose from a number of restaurants, a full-service bar, and much more. A 35,000 square-foot concourse area will boast a stage (complete with daily entertainment), ample outdoor seating options, and lighting that enables all to relax — or work — late into the famed Florida nights.

Based upon the vivid colors and ample foliage showcased in the featured renderings, The Oasis resembles Google’s campuses more than it does a traditional office-retail setting.  To be sure, Google counts itself among the aforementioned brands that have contemplated (and are contemplating) entering the Wynwood Arts District.

Spotify Leases a 20,000 Sq. Ft. Creative Office Space in Miami

Spotify Leases a 20,000 Sq. Ft. Creative Office Space in Miami

Buildings 3 and 4 Private Terrace

Spotify Leases a 20,000 Sq. Ft. Creative Office Space in Miami

Spotify Leases a 20,000 Sq. Ft. Creative Office Space in Miami

‘West Elevation’

Spotify has long gone above and beyond in terms of securing stellar — and expensive — office space.

The company’s luxurious Stockholm offices are  to cost nearly $1.4 million per month. And while that figure’s hardly anything to scoff at, it pales in comparison to the $566 million, 17-year lease (at a rate of approximately $2.66 million per month) that the brand inked for its 14-floor .

Spotify’s Wynwood office space will be located between 23rd and 24th Streets, on North Miami Avenue. Updates on The Oasis’s construction are expected to be delivered throughout the year.

Snoop Dogg Talks Gayle King On "Red Table Talk"

Following an incendiary rant aimed at Gayle King, the legendary Snoop Dogg has decided to sit down with Jada Pinkett Smith for a Red Table Talk conversation. By now, the fallout Snoop’s anti-King position has been well documented, with the Doggfather extending a public apology a few weeks ago. And while entering the court the Red Table might be an intimidating prospect for some, Snoop Dogg seems at ease in the opening moments, introducing himself to Jada, Willow,  and Adrienne Banfield-Norris with a cheerful “hey ladies!”

It doesn’t take long for Pinkett-Smith to raise the topic at hand: Snoop’s controversial comments toward Gayle King, herself a beloved figure to many. But before she gets into it, Jada admits she’s been cheering for Snoop from afar, especially after he was the only person to stand up to Suge Knight during the 2Pac Death Row era. “For me, during a time I felt my hands were tied and I was powerless,” she says. “There were still people I cared about entangled in that mix — but the fact you were willing to set boundaries allowed me to relax…It kind took the Boogey f the Boogeyman.”

Snoop Dogg Talks Gayle King On "Red Table Talk"

Kevin Winter/Getty s

Jada also explains that while she admired Snoop’s public apology, his initial comments to King caused her heart to fall. “It was a loss control,” replies Snoop. “We still haven’t swallowed Nip, that’s still in our heart. We still hurt behind that. Then Kobe and his daughter. I lost a grandson. A grandmother. And then I have to be strong again, he gotta be Snoop again. But what about when I want to cry? When I feel disgusted, when I’m angry. When I just blurt out. I can’t. I let my emotions get the best me. I was frustrated.”

Snoop explains that many black men felt betrayed by King’s comments, and were all the more hurt given the source. “But it got bad fast,” admits Snoop. “It went from being mad and venting to uh oh. I got the whole world in an uproar. And what’s crazy is, you may think it was more people against me, but it was more people with me. That was the strange thing.” Essentially, the whole seemed to play out like a classic case “it’s not what you said, but how you said it.” Still, the incident had a pround effect on the Doggfather. “It made me feel like I had too much power,” he reflects. “And I was abusing it.”

Check out the full interview below, and big props to Snoop Dogg for hitting the Red Table for an emotional and informative conversation.