Tee Grizzley Arrested For Parole Violation: Report

Tee Grizzley might be facing new legal troubles. A report from August 16 states that the Detroit rapper was arrested for parole violation on August 23. Before this news, Grizzley was set to be eligible for release from parole as October 18, 2018. This is likely to change if he was in fact arrested and indicted.

Press has reached out to some the legal authorities involved with his case as many details his situation are still being kept private.

Grizzley was placed on parole on October 18, 2018, after serving time in prison for multiple charges robbery. He was found guilty playing a part in these crimes that occurred at Michigan State University. The entertainer was charged with second degree home invasion and sentenced to a minimum  1 year and 6 months to a maximum 15.

The actions that led to the parole violation have yet to be publicly acknowledged. Some possibilities include leaving the state, possession a firearm and contact with gang members.