Usher Gets Ripped To Pieces For "A" Album By Fans: Mid-Life Crisis & Other Jokes

Usher got here by way of with a shock album to the delight many followers. His final file Hard II Love had a self-prophesying title because it failed to attach with followers as his earlier information did. Although comes as a sort homage for the progressive sound that got here out his hometown metropolis  Atlanta, many his followers are disillusioned within the launch, saying that the album classifies the music icon as a trend-hopper.

His age is an element the equation. Usher’s pushing 40 has some individuals questioning why he’s nonetheless attempting to rock with the youngins on his Zaytoven-produced file.

According to some, the singer misplaced his “musical identification.” The songs themselves could be good, however the essence followers fell in love with is lacking. The day-one stans insist that each one they need is a traditional r&b album, as a substitute the type sing-rapping bangers that new artists have delivered to the forefront mainstream music.

If the file got here from a brand new artist, A may not be getting such harsh criticism. Since Usher has been rocking the sport for over 20 years, beginning along with his self-titled debut 1994, expectations are certain to be hooked up to any materials he releases.

Artist’s and their craft are prone to evolve over time. It’s a course of. Those who aren’t rocking with this album can watch for the subsequent one. Usher could be middle-aged, however he does not appear to be slowing down anytime quickly.

Tyga Shades Kylie Jenner & Takes Credit For Her Relevance

While being born into the most famous family in the world can help a lot in terms your relevance, Kylie Jenner is claiming “self-made” status on her recent Forbes cover. While her current boo is none other than Travis Scott, who references her about a million times on Astroworld, Kylie’s rise to superstardom began as she was dating Tyga. The two seemed inseparable for a long time until they split, leaving Tyga without the Kardashian machine to promote his work. With his comeback being well-documented in our recent editorial, T-Raw is ready for the spotlight to return to him and with his refreshed confidence, the artist is taking a lot credit for his ex-girlfriend’s status as one the biggest celebrities in the world.

At this point in her career, Jenner may be more popular than her sister Kim, which is saying a lot. However, on a new episode Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio show, the rapper shaded his ex in a subtle way, hitting her with the “Nah. I’m good, luv. Enjoy,” after he was asked if he misses her. According to Complex, the comments didn’t stop there as he even took credit for Kylie’s jump to becoming a near-billionaire, saying about her relevance, “You need black people to fuck with you cause you need culture. I had a lot to do with all that.”

He may have a point but he’s not articulating himself in the best way to get it across. Sure, Tyga’s connection to Kylie boosted her in the culture but he may be giving himself a little too much credit. What do you guys think?

Tekashi 6ix9ine Explains Why "Your Favorite Rapper Fell Off"

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s managed to maintain his consistency throughout the year despite many people feeling he would’ve fell f. Although every single song he’s released so far has charted on the Billboard Hot 100, he recently obtained his highest charting song this past month with “Fefe” featuring Nicki Minaj. While it can be argued that he’s at the peak his career, the rapper seems to have a plan on how not to fall f.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has shared his gems on how to stay relevant in the rap game. The rapper took to Instagram to share a message to his fellow rappers peers and fans on why rapper’s end up falling f and can’t produce another hit single.

“I got a quick little message for the whole world right now and this is specifically for rappers but for the fans too so y’all could understand why your favorite rapper fell f,” 6ix9ine said. “The reason y’all fall f and y’all can’t produce another fucking hit is because y’all think y’all too cool. When a rapper thinks you too cool, you fall f. Your whole fanbase don’t give a fuck about you.”

“Bro, make fun yourself sometimes. Sometimes, you can’t be that cool person. I don’t give a fuck, I could be a fan another artist. I’m on top the game right now,” he added. “I’ll stand in front the show, in front row and sing all the lyrics. My favorite rapper is Lil Baby and I’m not scared to say I’m too cool for it… I could beef with them and tell them n***as, ‘Yo fuck you.’ But I’ll still be a fan.”

Ultimately, 6ix9ine’s clearly trying to get on his Logic tip and push peace, love and positivity.