Tory Lanez Is Sick Of People Crashing Into His Rolls-Royce

Tory Lanez is both lucky and unlucky. Lucky because, like so many artists dream about, he has attained plenty mainstream success thus far in his rap career. Unlucky because, well, he just can’t keep his Rolls Royce out the shop.

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The emcee, who recently debuted a new track with Jeezy called “Like Them,” shared a video his scuffed sports car Instagram earlier today, detailing the unfortunate bounces he’s had to deal with over the past week in terms automotive repairs. “Third time this week,” Lanez lamented. “Third time somebody crashed into me.” He went on to say that, despite his care to shield himself and his car from major damage, luck hasn’t been on his side. 

“I was just standing on my baby too,” he continued. “Just got it fixed today, y’all saw me standing on it, now I gotta do this s**t again. I’m sick.” While there’s no indication as to where the car was left when the most recent incident occurred, the fact that he’s bringing the vehicle back in for additional repairs just as soon as it was out there is worrisome. Check out the entire video below.

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Tory Lanez was also one the personalities who responded to our question what Christmas (and New Year’s Eve) means to them. “My favorite thing about Christmas the gift giving,” he said, “and the fact that it brings everybody together.” You can check out the rest what Tory had to say, as well as quotes from some your other favorite rappers, here.