Cardi B Claps Back At A Hater Over "Money" Criticism, Attacks Her Looks

Cardi B’s new single leaked on-line earlier this week earlier than the artist determined to take issues into her personal palms, ficially releasing “Money” on all platforms a couple of days in the past. The track has been getting so much criticism from followers and detractors alike with most individuals wishing Cardi would discover her craft somewhat extra, switching up her flows or beat choice. While she receives an insane quantity fan messages daily, Bardi determined to take a while to reply to a hater, insulting her for sharing her opinion on the brand new track.

Somebody tweeted the celebrity that they weren’t a fan her new single, writing, “Listen Cardi child, Money just isn’t the one.” The artist wasn’t tagged within the put up so she will need to have caught wind it elsewhere earlier than selecting to clap again. She attacked the fan’s seems, saying, “Okay mega Mind.” Cardi was referring to the consumer’s avatar, making enjoyable the dimensions her brow. 

People are not sure the right way to react to the brand new track as HNHH customers weren’t feeling it, score her 32% for the hassle. During her look on Ebro’s Beats 1 radio present yesterday, Cardi mentioned that she shall be releasing a couple of bonus tracks from Invasion Of Privacy quickly. Maybe these shall be extra accepted by the general public.

Royce Da 5'9" Savagely Shuts Down Fan Critiquing Verse On Eminem's "Not Alike"

One the biggest surprises the year has to be Eminem’s new Kamikaze album. Yesterday, Em previewed one his new songs and while it was assumed by many that it would drop soon, we weren’t expecting a full-length project to pop up at midnight. With the world checking out the living legend’s new piece work, many are starting to reflect on the content being presented. Yes, there were a lot disses but Shady also put on a few his favorite artists with features from Joyner Lucas and Jessie Reyez. Of course, Royce da 5’9″ also made an appearance and while HNHH readers are loving the Tay Keith-produced “Not Alike” with a current 98% approval rating, one fan wasn’t feeling Royce’s inclusion.

Telling the artist that he struggled to keep up on the Memphis producer’s beat, Royce caught wind the tweet and decided to clap back in a lethal manner. Royce saw the “struggle” comment and felt it was time for him to chime in and homie did not hold back. “Only thing I struggle with is being a alcoholic… Now go finger your mother,” wrote the Detroit spitter, which is sure to shut the hater up in no time.

Royce famously quit drinking in 2012 after it proved to be detrimental to his career and with Eminem now also sober, the two can likely lean on each other for advice on handling their temptations. Hopefully, this proves as a reminder not to mess with Royce as he will snap at you in a manner you probably aren’t expecting.

Amber Rose Responds To Anybody Clowning Her Accomplishments

Over the years, Amber Rose has taken a lot heat. Previously married to Wiz Khalifa and involved in a close romantic relationship with Kanye West, Amber has been publically defined by the men she dates. As a proud, independent woman, people ten fail to recognize the steps she’s taken as an entrepreneur and activist throughout her career. As a result, she’s been clowned for years as her haters refer to her past as a stripper or, as she says, a “hoe,” in order to shame her. However, she’s not letting any negativity get her sidetracked. A major advocate for the SlutWalk, Amber has worked as a feminist leader as late and she has words for anybody that attempts to denounce her.

Mixing the negative with the positive, Amber made an incredibly self-aware post where she provides a short list what she’s been labeled in the past. She wrote, “Entrepreneur, Ex Stripper, Millionaire, Hoe, Baby Mama, Ex Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter, Tennis Ball head…. Keep it going 😂.” While she’s not exactly welcoming the hate, she’s simply reminding everybody that it does not bother her. You can say whatever you want about Amber Rose but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a millionaire and entrepreneur.

Currently spending much her time with Monte Morris the Denver Nuggets, “Tennis Ball Head” Amber Rose continues to be an activist for women’s rights and promote body positivity. What are your opinions on her recent post?

Rich The Kid Admits Tori Brixx Is "Way Finer Than Rihanna"

Well, there go Rich The Kid’s chances at landing a Rihanna feature on his next album. The recording artist gave the perfect reply for somebody who wasn’t down to spend the night in the dog house. Of course, Rich could have ignored the message and stayed in the clear. Making an important decision to put over his girlfriend as the best-looking woman on the planet, Rich The Kid placed her on a pedestal, saying that he believes she is way finer than everybody’s dream girl, Rihanna.

We can’t blame him either as he spends most his time with Tori these days. When a fan tweeted that Tori Brixx was the finest woman walking on the planet other than RiRi, Rich saw the need to correct him, responding that his girlfriend was way hotter than the Bajan princess. “Nah Tori way finer than Rihanna 😍😒,” wrote the Rich Forever frontman. With all that’s happened between them after she was widely accused setting up the home invasion that left Rich in the hospital, it’s great to see that love is still in the air for these two.

With Rich’s divorce proceedings dragging, Tori was one the women that the rapper’s estranged wife accused him cheating with in the days leading to their break-up. Rich and Tori have been through a lot and have stuck with each other throughout. Hopefully, their bond is genuine and neither side is taking advantage the other, as it was hinted.

Iggy Azalea's Alleged Response To Deleted Nick Young Tweets Is Perfect

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young were once couple goals. The two were engaged to be married and after things went downhill in their relationship, the Aussie and the baller ended things. These days, Iggy Azalea has become a certified twerking machine. It appears that all she posts on her social media priles are videos her shaking her booty. While she constantly interacts with her fans on Twitter, her Instagram is pretty much a stcore pornography page. When she bounced a bucket KFC chicken on her ass for the ‘gram, Swaggy P made some comments on Twitter, presumably about his ex, and quickly deleted them. Writing that he was “sorry” to have turned her into that, the NBA player said that’s pretty much all she does now, stating that she has more to fer. Catching wind the tweets, Iggy responded and her reply was perfect.

As her stock rises with the success “Kream” with Tyga, Iggy posted (and then briefly deleted) her response to the Nick Young drama, promoting her twerk-friendly anthem as she wrote, “chuckles….. alexas play kream.” Clearly, Iggy is out here living her best life, striving and celebrating her body. While her music is not as popular as it once was, she is keeping her head up and with singles like “Kream,” she can very well creep back up to where she once was.

It’s now been over a day since Azalea’s last twerk session. With Survive The Summer coming in a few weeks, Iggy will absolutely want to keep the people talking and that means more dancing on her IG.