Antonio Brown’s Trainer Arrested Following Police Investigation

Antonio Brown was in the news yesterday for reasons outside the football sphere. Early yesterday afternoon, reports began to surface that Brown’s home in Florida was being surrounded by police. Eventually, it was revealed that Brown was being investigated for an alleged battery and burglary incident that took place between himself and a moving truck driver he hired. Police were trying to speak to Brown but he wouldn’t cooperate with the police and eventually, they left.

According to USA Today, Brown’s trainer Glen Holt was arrested and brought to Broward County Jail for his alleged role in the incident. Meanwhile, Brown locked himself in his home while the police tried to get in touch with him. Brown has not been arrested and police plan to give an update on the situation this morning.

Antonio Brown's Trainer Arrested Following Police Investigation

Michael Reaves/Getty s

This isn’t the first time Brown has had a police presence at his home. Earlier last week, the police responded to a domestic dispute between him and his baby mama. Brown alleged that the mother his children was trying to steal cars f his property which prompted the response.

Stay tuned for updates on this latest situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Ousted Grammy Chief Accused Of Lying, Extorting Recording Academy

Although the Grammys are set to take place this weekend, it appears as though there are some internal issues the Recording Academy is dealing with. Deborah Dugan, the ousted Grammy chief, has been at the center controversy ever since allegations were made that she created a “toxic and intolerable” working environment which was also described as “abusive and bullying.”

Ousted Grammy Chief Accused Of Lying, Extorting Recording Academy
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty s

Following the complaint, Dugan was put on leave due to a “formal allegation misconduct was made against her] by a senior female staff] member.” But she filed her own complaint to the head HR alleging “something was seriously amiss at the Academy” while accusing them misconduct including voting practices, conflicts interest, and financial mismanagement. 

But perhaps the allegations she made aren’t as serious as she made them out to be. According to reports from Billboard and Variety, on Jan. 10th, less than a week before she was placed on leave, she demanded $22M from the Academy to withdraw her complaints and quietly step down from her position. 

“Ms. Dugan’s attorney then informed the executive committee that if Ms. Dugan was paid millions dollars, she would ‘withdraw’ her allegations and resign,” the Academy’s interim CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said in an e-mail memo. “I’m deeply disturbed and saddened by the ‘leaks’ and misinformation, which are fueling a press campaign designed to create leverage against the Academy for personal gain.”

CMT Pledges To Give 50% of All Video Plays to Female Artists

CMT says it will evenly split music video airtime between male and female artists. The former split favored male artists 40/60%.

CMT says it is stepping up to help ensure gender parity in the country music genre. A study released last year showcased what many female country stars already know – country music is a male-dominated genre.

The new policy will be standard on CMT and CMT Music channels. Male and female artists will split all 29-hour primetime video blocks equally.

Female country music star representation is something of a bugbear in the industry. Martina McBride brought the issue front and center with her last year. Now political comedian Samantha Bee is talking about the issue.

Last year, a study found that most country music stations are told to remove women. Some choice phrases  in that study include, “women are not financially ble” and “country radio is a principally male format.” The study also found that in 2000, women held 33.3% of songs on the year-end country airplay reports. By 2018, that number had dwindled to just 11.3%, or a decline of 66%.

That study is one of the first to use radio airplay data to investigate gender imbalances in country radio. The results not only confirm the gender imbalance but show its more than just listener preference behind country’s male-dominated roster.

Unbalanced programming choices favoring men helps drive what seems like a preference for male artists. CMT is rising to the challenge of creating more opportunities for female country stars to create new fans.

The report released last year asked associations like CMA to set new standards for inclusion. Bringing attention to the programming imbalance means it can be corrected in the long run. Will the broader country music industry sit up and take notice, though? Decades of programming bias has enforced the belief that women aren’t profitable.

That view isn’t limited to country music either; the video game industry also dealt with issues of female representation. Back in 2012, games with male characters sold 75% better than those with only a female hero. Unsurprisingly, both country music and the video game industry are heavily male-dominant industries.

Slipknot Fans Issued a List of Banned Clothing Items by Venue

Slipknot fans are heavily criticizing a banned clothing list issued by event organizers in Glasgow.

Slipknot will appear at the Hydro on Saturday in Glasgow, but fans are pissed at some of the restricted items on the list. The venue published a list of banned clothing articles ahead of their performance. The ban includes spiked collars, large belt buckles, and large chain wallets. (Pretty much mandatory fashion for most Slipknot fans.)

The full list of banned items includes laser pointers, fireworks, candles, signs, whistles, and the clothing mentioned above. Spikes in general on any article of clothing are prohibited, as well as chains and ‘sharp-pointed rings.’

The strict dress code is even drawing criticism from other industry promoters. Donald MacLeod, an owner of two other clubs in Glasgow, describes the list as a joke.

“We’ve never had issues like this on the dress [code]. It’s incredible. I must admit I burst out laughing and thought this was a joke,” MacLeod said.

Hydro is defending the move and says the ban is in line with similar restrictions at other UK venues.

A spokesperson for The SSE Hydro said, “We want everyone attending an event here to have an enjoyable experience. However, there are restrictions on what can come into the SSE Hydro, which these can vary. This [list] is related to the safety of everyone attending events here and to the security of the venue.”

Slipknot is careful about which venues it selects to perform. Last year they in Mexico at KnotFest over security issues. Evanescence joined them in canceling their appearance over a broken barricade. Social media reports suggest a group of fans were able to climb on stage and dismantle a drum kit, setting it on fire. The move prompted Slipknot to cancel their appearance and stricter scrutiny on security measures.

Lori Harvey Pleads "Not Guilty" In Hit & Run Case, Faces Year In Jail: Report

When Lori Harvey isn’t posing for hot bikini pictures, travelling with her boyfriend Future or teasing her upcoming movie the 23-year-old is working on her court case since she was hit with a charge after leaving the scene her car crash back in October. As we reported, Lori crashed her Mercedes G-Wagon into a Toyota Prius and attempted to take f. Witnesses claim the model was texting before her crash that resulted in her vehicle turning over on its side. Lori agreed to appear in court and was charged with two misdemeanors: one count resisting/delaying/obstructing a peace ficer, and one count hit and run resulting in property damage.

Lori Harvey Pleads "Not Guilty" In Hit & Run Case, Faces Year In Jail: Report
Leon Bennett/Getty s 

The Blast now reports that Lori has pleaded not guilty which means she’s ordered to be back in court next month for a preliminary hearing. Considering that Lori was reported to have Facetime’d her father Steve Harvey at the time the accident to get some legal advice, we only assume that he’s helped her come to a decision to fight the case with a non-guilty plea. 

Before she heads back to a Los Angeles courtroom, we can expect more photos  Lori and Future’s romance coming soon.

6ix9ine’s Remaining Prison Sentence Will Not Be Served At Home

In December 2019, many hip-hop fans tuned in to follow the unfolding courtroom narrative the year: the trial Tekashi 6ix9ine. As dramatic tweets from Inner City Press poured in and Akademiks’ zany Livestream intensified, Judge Paul Engelmayer finally read his verdict: two years for the Rainbow-haired pest who won hearts and burned bridges. While time served does apply to the two-year sentence, 6ix9ine still felt unsafe behind bars and his legal team recently request that the rapper serve the remaining duration on house arrest. Alas, it was not in the cards.

6ix9ine's Remaining Prison Sentence Will Not Be Served At Home

Bob Levey/Getty s

Complex reports that Judge Engelmayer has decided to reject the request, reasoning that to do so would undermine the severity 6ix9ine’s criminal activity. “T]he Court’s determination was, and is, that a 24-month prison sentence is necessary in this case,” he maintains. Still, it’s not all bad news for those eagerly awaiting his return — with time served applied, we could be seeing his return to freedom by August this year.

In the meantime, 6ix9ine will continue to serve his remaining months in a private jail with or without the presence scorned Bloods. It’s as yet unclear whether he intends on continuing where his music career left f, or whether his newfound reputation will even allow him to raise his voice on wax. Either way, you already know that 6ix9ine’s homecoming will be a big one  — be honest, do you miss him?

Grammy Awards Interim Chief Alleges Massive Extortion Plot by Ex-CEO

Just days before the Grammy Awards are slated to air, Recording Academy interim chief Harvey Mason is slamming just-fired CEO Deborah Dugan for attempting to extort the organization.

Last week, the Recording Academy abruptly placed its CEO, Deborah Dugan, on ‘administrative leave’ based on an unspecified but’ formal allegation of misconduct.’ That was the start of an avalanche of leaks, with the ‘allegation’ rumored to have originated from staffer Claudine Little. However, it’s unclear what Dugan did to spark the complaint.

Now, incoming interim CEO Harvey Mason, Jr. is starting his tenure with a hammer blow. After fighting words were issued by Dugan’s attorney, Mason alleges that Dugan threatened the Recording Academy with damaging information. The extortion demand was ‘in the millions, according to Mason, a statement that quickly sparked rumors of a demand exceeding $20 million.

“After we received the employee complaints against Ms. Dugan, she then (for the first time) made allegations against the Academy,” Mason wrote in a letter to Academy members.  “In response, we started a separate investigation into Ms. Dugan’s allegations. Ms. Dugan’s attorney then informed the Executive Committee that if Ms. Dugan was paid millions of dollars, she would ‘withdraw’ her allegations and resign from her role as CEO.

“Following that communication from Ms. Dugan’s attorney, Ms. Dugan was placed on administrative leave as we complete both of these ongoing investigations.”

So what dirt does Dugan have, exactly?

That’s another unknown. But the ousted CEO was apparently rattling the cage a bit too aggressively — a decision that likely led to her abrupt firing. Dugan was rumored to be snuffing out Grammy Awards voting irregularities, exorbitant legal bills, and even misappropriation of funds at the organization.

All of which may still come to the surface.  “What has been reported is not nearly the story that needs to be told,” Dugan’s attorney Bryan Freedman described.  “When our ability to speak is not restrained by a 28-page contract and legal threats, we will expose what happens when you ‘step up’ at the Recording Academy, a public nonprofit.”

Prior to Dugan, Recording Academy then-CEO Neil Portnow was accused of a massive misappropriation of funds relating to  the Recording Academy’s MusiCares charity.  In May of 2018, former MusiCares vice president Dana Tomarken the Recording Academy and Portnow of steering funds from the charitable organization to cover deficits incurred by the Grammy Awards.

Oh, just one last thing: the Grammy Awards are five days away.

Here’s Mason’s complete letter.

Academy Family,

As a proud member of our music community and the Recording Academy’s interim President and CEO, I thought it important that I reach out to you all directly about Deborah Dugan. In her brief time with the Academy, Ms. Dugan and I were in sync about taking a fresh look at everything and making any and all changes necessary to improve the Academy as well as making it more current and relevant to the creative community we serve. I remain committed to that goal.

In November of 2019, the Executive Committee became aware of abusive work environment complaints alleged against Ms. Dugan and in December 2019, a letter was sent from an attorney representing a staff member that included additional detailed and serious allegations of a “toxic and intolerable” and “abusive and bullying” environment created by Ms. Dugan towards the staff. Given these concerning reports, the Executive Committee launched an immediate and independent investigation into the alleged misconduct of Ms. Dugan.

After we received the employee complaints against Ms. Dugan, she then (for the first time) made allegations against the Academy. In response, we started a separate investigation into Ms. Dugan’s allegations. Ms. Dugan’s attorney then informed the Executive Committee that if Ms. Dugan was paid millions of dollars, she would “withdraw” her allegations and resign from her role as CEO. Following that communication from Ms. Dugan’s attorney, Ms. Dugan was placed on administrative leave as we complete both of these ongoing investigations.

I’m deeply disturbed and saddened by the “leaks” and misinformation, which are fueling a press campaign designed to create leverage against the Academy for personal gain. As GRAMMY week is upon us, I truly hope we can focus our attention on the artists who’ve received nominations and deserve to be celebrated at this time of the year, and not give credence to unsubstantiated attacks on the Academy. To do otherwise is just not right.

As you know the Recording Academy’s Board of Trustees is composed of creative and technical artists and music makers from all genres, who’ve devoted their lives to making music and volunteering their time dedicated to the mission of the Recording Academy. These Trustees, as well as the Governors in our 12 chapters, give their time freely and passionately. Many are entrepreneurs who run small businesses devoted to their art, and generously donate their time not only to recognize their peers, but to fight for the rights of music makers, foster music education, and provide support to those in need all year long. Furthermore, our hardworking and knowledgeable staff could not be more dedicated to supporting and furthering our mission. The current attacks on the Academy are attacks on these people, which are unwarranted, uninformed and unconscionable.

I encourage anyone who is truly interested to go beyond the sensational sound bites and teaser headlines and look at what the Academy actually does and how it functions. Don’t buy into headlines generated for personal gain but seek the truth as I am doing. As I mentioned we have initiated two independent investigations to explore all claims and present objective findings. My pledge to you is that I will address the findings of these investigations fairly and honestly and work to make needed repairs and changes while ensuring we have an Academy that honors diversity, inclusion and a safe work environment for all concerned.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and your support of our Recording Academy.

Harvey Mason, Jr.


Derrick Rose’s 2011 All Star Game Sneakers Re-Releasing For All Star Weekend

Adidas reportedly plans to bring back one Derrick Rose’s classic sneakers in honor the All Star festivities in Chicago next month. According to reports, the Adidas D Rose 1 “Simeon,” which Rose wore during the 2011 NBA All Star weekend, is slated to re-release on February 14.

Derrick Rose's 2011 All Star Game Sneakers Re-Releasing For All Star Weekend

Kevork Djansezian/Getty s

As a nod to the colors Rose’s alma mater Simeon High School, the Adidas D Rose 1 comes decked out in an eye-catching yellow accompanied by hits collegiate blue throughout.

The Pistons’ point guard has already signed on to compete in the Skills Challenge on All Star Saturday night and he currently ranks fourth among Eastern Conference guards in the All Star fan vote. Whether or not Rose laces up this “Simeon” colorway for his return to Chicago remains to be seen, but fans can look for them to arrive on and select Adidas Basketball retailers on February 14.

Continue scrolling for a closer look at the ficial photos.

Derrick Rose's 2011 All Star Game Sneakers Re-Releasing For All Star Weekend


Derrick Rose's 2011 All Star Game Sneakers Re-Releasing For All Star Weekend


Derrick Rose's 2011 All Star Game Sneakers Re-Releasing For All Star Weekend


Derrick Rose's 2011 All Star Game Sneakers Re-Releasing For All Star Weekend


Derrick Rose's 2011 All Star Game Sneakers Re-Releasing For All Star Weekend


Derrick Rose's 2011 All Star Game Sneakers Re-Releasing For All Star Weekend


Blake Griffin Reportedly Moves On From Kendall Jenner With Fox Sports Reporter

Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner ended their romance a while back but as the model moved on to Ben Simmons it seemed as though Blake was keeping occupied with basketball, his children, among other things. However, new reports from US Weekly now detail how the Detroit Pistons player has sparked a new fling with Fox Sports Detroit reporter Brooke Fletcher.

The rumored romance is the first person Blake has been linked to since Kendall. Brooke is the sideline correspondent for Blake’s team, which gives them ample time to converse while Blake is at work. We can’t confirm how long something has been brewing between the two but only time will tell if anything becomes ficial. 

As for Kendall, she and Ben were spotted this past weekend grabbing lunch in New York but don’t expect to get any updates from the model about her relationship. “I got a glimpse how my sisters dealt with the attention] and it’s cool to learn from that. For me, a lot things are very special and very sacred, like my friends and relationships, and I personally think that bringing things into the public makes everything so much messier,” she previously stated

Wendy Williams Farted On Live TV & Summer Walker Can’t Contain Herself

When is Wendy Williams not making headlines? For somebody that reports on all Hot Topics happening in pop culture, she sure is a regular in the tabloids for problems in her relationship, injuries preventing her from hosting her show, real estate updates, and even apparently for passing gas on television. It’s one the most embarrassing things that could ever happen to a talk show host; accepting a job live on the air has its benefits but if you’ve had a heavy helping beans the night before, you might want to consider handling your business before arriving on set because Wendy Williams reportedly let one out coyly on her show but fans heard the squeak from out her famous purple chair. Now, everyone is clowning her to the bathroom and back for apparently farting on air.

While discussing Odell Beckham Jr’s recent arrest, Wendy Williams seemingly felt a need to relieve herself some stomach bloating, letting out a fart and casually lifting her leg up to the side. She tried to play it f as though nothing happened but the replay shows otherwise. Among viewers the show, singer Summer Walker shared a clip the host letting it rip, laughing in her caption and replaying the incident in slow-motion. Fans are convinced that the fart is real but, so far, Wendy has not commented on the matter.

It might be worth it to tune in again today to see if Williams says anything about her apparent gas issue.

High School Wrestler’s Dad Attacks Opponent In Middle Of Match: Watch

Helicopter parents are simply: the worst. For those who don’t know, a helicopter parent is someone invests a little too much time in their child’s activities, particularly when it comes to sports. One those helicopter parents is a man named Barry Lee Jones who was arrested after a shocking incident at a high school wrestling tournament.

According to TMZ, the incident went down in Kannapolis, North Carolina and saw Jones attack his son’s opponent in the middle a match. In the footage below, you can see Jones rush the mat where he tackles the unsuspecting wrestler. Reports say the whole incident occurred after the opponent Jones’ son performed an illegal move. It’s important to note the wrestlers in question are 17 years old.

The man was eventually arrested for assault and disorderly conduct. Jones was released just a short time after on $1000 bond. Luckily, the young wrestler was not injured in the attack although parents in the Guilford County area are appalled by what happened and sent a lengthy letter to the superintendent who is making sure something like this never happens again.

Needless to say, it’s probably better to not get involved in your child’s competitions, especially if your immediate reaction is to get violent.

LeBron James Cops Diamond Lion Doorknocker Pendant With Red Lit Eyes

He’s a modest, hard-working family man who is one the most respected basketball players on and f the court. Yet, just because he likes to be humble doesn’t mean that LeBron James doesn’t drop a few stacks now and then on some serious ice. Iceman Nick is well known in celebrity circles for creating one–a-kind pieces that can catch your attention from across a room, and TMZ reports that he recently helped craft a standout pendant for Bron.

LeBron James Cops Diamond Lion Doorknocker Pendant With Red Lit Eyes
Joe Scarnici / Stringer / Getty s

The Los Angeles Lakers star reportedly commissioned Iceman Nick for a large “Lion Gatekeeper” pendant that boasts “130 grams 14k gold, encrusted with 35 carats VS1 diamonds.” Bron is a fan the King the Jungle because he’s referenced lions in campaigns, logos, and apparel. 

The crowned “Lion Gatekeeper” is also a fully functioning doorknocker with blazing red eyes that light up. TMZ didn’t share how much this piece set Lebron back, but we’re sure he spared no expense. Other clients Iceman Nick include Rap-a-Lot Records, Carmelo Anthony, Nelly, Lonzo Ball, Boosie Badazz, Megan Thee Stallion, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Baby, and many more. Check out Bron’s new bling below along with a few other celebrity pieces Iceman Nick has crafted.

Porsha Williams Dodges Questions About Recent Dennis McKinley Cheating Rumors

Reality star Porsha Williams’s relationship was back in the headlines after another accusation infidelity surfaced. The Real Housewives Atlanta star’s storyline for the current season is centered around the rebuilding her relationship with fiancé Dennis McKinley. It was revealed that Dennis cheated on Porsha while she was pregnant because he claims he wasn’t as ually attracte to her whicle she was with child. The couple broke up only to reconcile months later, and now there are reports that he was spotted at a diner in Atlanta with multiple women at four o’clock in the morning.

Porsha was in the hot set when she visited Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and things got awkward when she struggled to answer questions about her romance. “You know, we’re working on our relationship,” she said with a smile. Andy then asked her if she trusts Dennis. “Huh?… I think you ask that every time I come here.” It seems as if she was trying to avoid the question as she laughed. “I think every relationship is a work in progress. We have a daughter together and just pray for us.”

Later, Andy questioned Porsha about the recent rumors that Dennis was spotted at a diner. “Was that blip in your relationship when you read about that?” Andy asked. Porsha replied, “Um, uh, I don’t know.” Andy wanted to know what she meant. “What do you mean, I don’t know,” Porsha stated. “I don’t know!… The blogs, you know, he was out, I don’t know. Can y’all juts continue to comment and speculate and let me just figure out my life?” 

Meanwhile, Dennis recently openly apologized to Porsha’s family for his previous infidelities. Check out Porsha’s Watch What Happens Live clip below.

Aaron Hernandez Doc "Blindsided" Murder Victim’s Family & They’re Now Receiving Hate Mail: Report

Former football star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez is the topic conversation worldwide following the release  Netflix’s docuseries, Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez. In 2017, while in prison serving out a life sentence after he was convicted first-degree murder over the shooting death his friend Odin LloydHernandez was found dead in his Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center cell. He was hanging from bedsheets attached to a window.

Aaron Hernandez Doc "Blindsided" Murder Victim's Family & They're Now Receiving Hate Mail: Report
Jared Wickerham / Staff / Getty s

There has been much speculation regarding Hernandez’s life since his suicide, including rumors that he was secretly homoual. Over the last few days, news reports have surfaced that Hernandez took his own life because his uality—an assertion that his lawyer would later reject. The docuseries goes into intimate details about Hernandez’s life, career, and alleged crimes, but as thorough as this all seems, TMZ reports that victim Odin Lloyd’s family was “blindsided” by the feature.

The publication states that Lloyd’s family feels as if they have to relive a traumatic time in their lives that they’ve been trying to move on from since 2013. The family reportedly didn’t want anything to do with the production  Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez and have repeatedly rejected fers from filmmakers interested in documenting Hernandez’s story. Although members Lloyd’s family are seen in the recently released Netflix series, they didn’t participate nor did they grant Netflix access to use their photos.

The internet can ten be a cruel place, and it’s reported that there have been fans Hernandez who have tracked down and reached out to Lloyd’s family members to insult the murder victim. Lloyd’s family reportedly isn’t seeking legal action against Netflix or production because they just want all the attention to dissipate.

J. Prince Speaks Out On Recent Inmate Deaths At Mississippi Prison

Recently, Yo Gotti sent a message to Mississippi lawmakers as it was revealed that numerous inmates at Pachman Farms were being mistreated and were essentially living in squalor. Riots have taken place at the prisons and five inmates have died while two are missing. Some disturbing images have been shared from the prison and now, J. Prince has taken notice.

According to reports, the riots were caused by correctional ficers who were in gangs. J. Prince is demanding a call to action from lawmakers in the state. In fact, J. Prince says he has spoken to Jay Z, Mysonne, and Yo Gotti. He is even calling this a “humanitarian crisis.”

Per J. Prince:

“I had an opportunity to speak with Jay Z, Yo Gotti, and Mysonne last week. And I assured them that they weren’t by themselves in the fight against Parchman Prison in Mississippi. I request everybody that’s somebody ride and support this movement against the humanitarian crisis that’s taking place at Parchman Prison in Mississippi. Let’s find out who the private investors are at this prison and don’t be surprised if they are the grand kids the Klu Klux Klan. Mob Ties, let’s stand up and represent around the world. I’m going to Mississippi soon. To be continued…”

For now, it will be interesting to see if lawmakers take action. Based on J. Prince’s post, the inmates seem quite distressed and are looking for some kind relief.