Rockets Twitter Account Serves Suspension, Loses 1M Followers

NBA fans were minding their own business this week when all a sudden they realized the Houston Rockets Twitter account had been suspended on Monday. Fans weren’t sure what happened as the suspension seemingly came out nowhere. In a report from the Houston Chronicle, it was revealed that the suspension actually came in light the fact that they were allegedly using copyrighted music in a few their Twitter videos.

Today, the Rockets twitter account was reinstated, although it lost about 1 million followers in the process. They started Monday at 2.8 million but quickly went down to 1.91 million. The Rockets should get their followers back though as it usually takes a full 24 hours before a previously suspended account gets all its followers.

“Twitter will respond to reports alleged copyright infringement, such as allegations concerning the unauthorized use a copyrighted image as a prile or header photo, allegations concerning the unauthorized use a copyrighted video or image uploaded through our media hosting services, or Tweets containing links to allegedly infringing materials,” explains Twitter in their copyright policy.

The Rockets Twitter account posted a GIF today in relation to their suspension, making mention the fact that they’re pretty happy that the whole thing has been resolved. If the team was still in the playfs, this ban definitely would have been a bigger problem.

Following "Detected Suspicious Activity," Spotify Resets the Passwords of an "Unspecified" Number of Accounts

Spotify has sent out a new e-mail to users.

An “unspecified” number of users have received notifications the music streaming giant had reset their passwords.

The e-mail told users the company made this change “due to detected suspicious activity.”

Confirming the reports, Peter Collins, a Spotify spokesperson, issued the following statement.

As part of our ongoing maintenance efforts to combat fraudulent activity on our service, we recently shared a communication with select users to reset their passwords as a precaution.

“As a best practice, we strongly recommend users not to use the same credentials across different services to protect themselves.

According to TechCrunch, the e-mails follow a “credential stuffing attack” on the service.  This occurs when hackers find usernames and passwords from other sites (including popular dumping site, Pastebin) and “brute-force” their way into the accounts.

Multiple users admitted to using the same password across different websites.  Others, however, used passwords unique to Spotify.

Speaking about experiencing the same problem two years ago, one user wrote on HackerNews,

I had a similar issue not long ago.  I went in and really changed it into a massive 50 character pw.

“My Spotify account was hijacked in 2017 and managed to get it back – someone from Tunisia – he had the audacity to start creating playlists full of autotune rappers.  I wouldn’t mind sharing, but man, his taste in music was awful.

Stating the service denied any database breaches, another user explained,

Same thing happened to me, right around the same time.  Also, my hijacker shared a similar taste in music to yours!  Spotify denied that they had any database breaches, but I only use that password for Spotify, so I find that highly unlikely.

The forced resets come months after major companies reported similar breaches.

Denying the company was hacked last month, Chipotle spokesperson Laurie Schalow said,

[We’re] monitoring any possible account security issues of which we’re made aware and continue to have no indication of a breach of private data of our customers.”

Following a similar hack late last year, a DoorDash spokesperson denied a data breach had occurred.  Instead, a spokesperson blamed credential stuffing attacks.

We don’t have any information to suggest that DoorDash has suffered a data breach.  To the contrary, based on the information available to us, including internal investigations, we have determined that the fraudulent activity reported by consumers resulted from credential stuffing.



Kim & Kanye West Have Already Trademarked Psalm West’s Name

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their fourth child over a week ago and already their securing the rights to his name to potentially produce some products. TMZ reports that Psalm West is now trademarked with intent to make all kinds merchandise. 

We’re talking beauty products, baby needs such as carriages, strollers, bottles and even things like duffle bags, umbrellas, clocks, watches, key chains, calendars, books, photo albums and stationery. Psalm West has even been trademarked for things such as pillows, picture frames electronic action toys and lots more – you get the idea. 

Kylie Jenner made the same moves recently for her daughter Stormi which leads us to believe that the excessive trademarking is protection against those who want to bank on the children’s name, instead the family actually releasing merchandise for their kids. 

Kim & Kanye West Have Already Trademarked Psalm West's Name
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty

In other Kim news, Alice Marie Johnson who was released from prison thanks to Kim’s prison reform work recently spoke about her choice to become a lawyer. 

“Kim took a great risk at the time, with going to the White House in terms her brand. As you know, celebrities who were going were not being treated very well on social media,” Alice explained. 

“But Kim said she didn’t care, she always wanted to see me free and whatever that took she was going to do it. I’m so proud her for following her passion. My case has awakened something in Kim.”

Kevin Hart Explains Why Him & Drake Didn’t Bet On 76ers-Raptors Series

Kevin Hart is an avid Philadelphia 76ers fan, while Drake is one the biggest Toronto Raptors fans out there. Considering the two have a friendly relationship, you would think a wager on their second-round series wouldn’t be too much a stretch. In the end, Drake would have won said bet as the Raptors took the series in seven games.

While appearing on Live with Ryan and Kelly, Hart had some damning words about the Canadian rapper, saying he didn’t make a bet with Drake as he is known for not paying f his debts.

“There was a tremendous amount back-and-forth that we had, you know he wanted to bet on a series and I was like, ‘I’m not gonna bet you ’cause you don’t pay, you don’t pay your debts,'” Hart explained.

Kelly Ripa seemed to be quite surprised over Hart’s claims which led the comedian to double down on the situation.

“Yeah, he doesn’t pay. He bet before and it took him a long time to pay me so I’m not betting him no more,” Hart said. “I think my frustration from the past is probably what brought some his negativity into the series, because if I had a bet we probably would have won. But because I didn’t bet he reversed me, he hit me with a reverse whoo, basically.”

This is a bit a shocking revelation when you consider just how much money Drake has but in the end, the rapper is like all us. Giving up your money isn’t fun regardless the situation. We really can’t blame him.

Cardi B’s Rescheduled Concert Ticket Sales Skyrocket

Recent news saw Cardi B having to cancel her headline gig at the 92Q Spring Bling Festival in Baltimore tomorrow, due to cosmetic surgery complications. Organizers the event were worried there would be a backlash and the rescheduled show wouldn’t sell, but TMZ reports that it’s actually done the exact opposite: it’s managed to produce a skyrocket in ticket sales!

The “Money” rapper reported that she had to postpone her appearance so that she could properly recover from her recent liposuction and breast augmentation at the encouragement her doctors. Cardi admittedly had been pushing herself to the limit to honor her commitments, despite having work done, telling a Memphis crowd on May 5 that she should have canceled because “moving too much is going to f*** up my lipo.” 

Cardi B's Rescheduled Concert Ticket Sales Skyrocket

Jason Koerner/Getty s

“But bitch, I’m still gonna get my motherf**king money back, let’s go!” she said, before continuing to perform a couple shows after that. She finally had to postpone her Friday show though, but it seems that the whole ordeal has actually been a blessing in disguise. Event organizers quickly announced a September 8 makeup date, and it’s generated way more buzz, with 5,600 tickets being sold following the cancellation. So it’s looking like the show’s not going to be having any problem selling out its 13k capacity venue.

Supreme x Air Jordan XIV On-Foot Images Surface

Supreme’s next Air Jordan collab will take shape in the form an Air Jordan 14, with reports suggesting a release date sometime this Fall.

The collaboration comes in two colorways – white and black – both which are equipped with rounded silver studs and Supreme branding across the top the tongue as well as on the heel. 

Supreme x Air Jordan XIV On-Foot s Surface

Supreme x Air Jordan XIV/Bloody_Osiris

Rumors suggest that the Supreme x Air Jordan XIV pack will be releasing “soon” though ficial details have not yet been announced. The kicks will reportedly retail for $248 each.

Supreme sneaker collabs are traditionally among the most coveted drops the year in the sneaker world, and that holds especially true when the streetwear icons teams up with Jordan Brand. The last time Supreme released an Air Jordan collab was back in 2015, when they unleashed a trio Air Jordan 5s. Each those kicks are still selling for upwards $650 at consignment shops like Flight Club.

Continue scrolling for additional shots both Supreme x Air Jordan XIVs.

Supreme x Air Jordan XIV On-Foot s Surface

Supreme x Air Jordan XIV/Bloody_Osiris

Supreme x Air Jordan XIV On-Foot s Surface

Supreme x Air Jordan XIV/Bloody_Osiris

Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons Break Up: "I Don’t Love You Anymore"

This news will be a delight to many fans the Philadelphia 76ers. Although Kendall Jenner was once referred to as an actual good luck charm for Ben Simmons on the court, fans seemed to believe that she was distracting the hooper, spending too much time with him in the fseason when he should be hitting the gym. Of course, the man should be allowed to enjoy a healthy work/life balance and if Kendall can be part that, nobody should be complaining. However, after a couple cryptic posts, several sources are stating that the couple has ficially broken up.

Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons Break Up: "I Don't Love You Anymore"
Mitchell Leff/Getty s

A few days ago, Kendall Jenner said that she could see herself “one day” marrying the star basketball player. Only hours had passed after that story was published when reports started to circulate that the two sides had called it quits. Kendall reportedly fueled the fire even further by posting clips herself listening to the new Tyler, The Creator song “I Don’t Love You Anymore,” and while that definitely seems a little “reach-y” if you ask me, all signs are pointing to Ben and Kendall no longer calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Some sources are saying that the duo is done for good while others simply say that they’re “on a break.” All we know is that they’re not together for the time being. Do you think Simmons will strive without his supermodel girlfriend next season?

Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons Break Up: "I Don't Love You Anymore"
Gotham/Getty s

Blueface Cops A Blue Mercedes Benz, Denies Reports That Wack 100 Bought It For Him

Contrary to reports that his manager Wack 100 bought him a car, Blueface says he gifted himself with a new ride on Wednesday. The 22-year-old rap star visited the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Valencia, California and picked up his new matte blue whip. Wack 100 was there with the “Thotiana” rapper, but it wasn’t to buy anything; according to Blueface, he just needed a ride to the dealership.

His manager shared a video the luxury purchase on Instagram with the caption, “@bluefacebleedem got another toy. @travforthestars did this one in his sleep . Enjoy nephew.” Blueface also shared clips his car on his Instagram Story where he showed the moment he got the key to the Benz before flashing his blinged out wristwatch.

Meanwhile, Wack 100 has found himself at the center multiple controversies lately. First, he stated that Cardi B’s “Thotiana” remix was better than Nicki Minaj‘s “Barbiana.” Next, he went after Joe Budden because the podcast host said he wasn’t a fan “Thotiana.” In retaliation, Wack said Budden’s aversion to the song was because his then-fiancé Cyn Santana was a thot. Later, he ripped into rapper E-40 on video, saying that the two have some beef that stemmed over an unpaid debt. He’s certainly not one to mince words.

Stevie J Reportedly Files For Custody Of Daughter With Joseline, Fears For Her Safety

Just a couple weeks ago, Stevie J blasted his ex, Joseline, for not letting him see their daughter, Bonnie Bella. Stevie has taken further action by filing court papers, requesting full custody their three-year-old. Bossip reports that Stevie is accusing Joseline purposely cutting Bonnie out his life since she moved to Miami with Bonnie to live with another guy.  

Stevie is accusing Joseline  “parental alienation” and claims she doesn’t even let him speak to Bonnie on the phone or share updates on her life, academic happenings or anything. Although there’s no stated reason why, Stevie’s documents detail how he’s worried for Bonnie’s safety and wants to appoint a “guardian ad litem” who will seek out Bonnie’s best interests and report it to a judge. 

Stevie claims he’s more financially and mentally stable to care for his daughter since he’s married to Faith Evans. He calls on his family, adult children and extended family as great resources for his daughter’s well being. 

Stevie J Reportedly Files For Custody Of Daughter With Joseline, Fears For Her Safety
Leon Bennett/Getty s for BET

Stevie and Joseline have both done their fair share  dragging each other on social media. Previously, Joseline clapped back about Stevie claiming he hadn’t contacted Bonnie in a year.

“And not to mention he has not seen Bonnie Bella for one year. Faith Evans pays her child support. And he did not even buy anything or call for Bonnie Bella for her birthday. But maybe one day he will change. I’m keeping my hopes up. Every kid needs their parents. But I’m like this. Thanks for the nut,” Joseline wrote. 

A judge has yet to rule on Stevie’s request. 

Kevin Durant "100% Undecided" On Where He’ll Sign, Says Agent

Kevin Durant‘s impending free agency remains a hot topic conversation, and will continue to be, as the Warriors gear up for a run at their third straight NBA title. Throughout the year, rumors have pointed to Durant signing with the Knicks this summer, but recent reports suggest that the Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as an equally dangerous threat to the Knicks.”

Despite all the rumors and speculation that Durant has already made up his mind, his agent, Rich Kleiman, insists that KD is still “100% undecided.”

Kevin Durant "100% Undecided" On Where He'll Sign, Says Agent 

Ronald Martinez/Getty s

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Gay, Kleiman says:

“That is 100% undecided, and I’m waiting on Kevin. That’s the truth.”

“I think there’s a feeling that this thing is like War Games and everybody’s kind like playing chess out here. But when somebody gets to the level basketball that he’s at, you can’t juggle focus like that. There’s so many things he’s juggling too. He’s not scripting his future while he’s playing the way he plays and practicing the way he practices…He really doesn’t know and I really don’t know.”

Durant is still nursing a strained right calf that prevented him from playing in the Western Conference Finals, but Golden State prevailed without him. The Warriors swept the Blazers in four games to advance to their fifth straight NBA Finals, and now await the winner the Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors series, which is currently knotted at 2-2.

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Open To Playing With LeBron James In L.A.

There has been a flurry rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving and what he will decide to do during the fseason when it comes to where he intends to play next year. It feels as though the superstar point guard is fed up with the Celtics, with the feeling being mutual. Some the teams that are reportedly on the top Irving’s list are the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. While some may say it’s a reach, others are convinced that Irving might want to join LeBron James in Los Angeles.

One those reporters is Brian Windhorst ESPN, who explained that while Irving was hesitant about rejoining LeBron, he’s actually starting to warm up to the idea. Even if the Lakers are low on Irving’s priority list, Windhorst believes it’s a real possibility that the Lakers are able to snag him in free agency.

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Open To Playing With LeBron James In L.A.

John McCoy/Getty s

Earlier in the season, Irving actually called LeBron to apologize for his behavior when they played together in Cleveland. Kyrie explained that he was having a hard time with his leadership role and wanted some advice from the three-time champion.

Of course, Windhorst has been known to be the resident LeBron insider over at ESPN so these reports should only be taken as rumors for now. We’ll only know where Kyrie is going once he actually signs somewhere.

Kevin Durant Rumors: Clippers, Knicks Viewed As "Equally Dangerous Threats"

The New York Knicks are reportedly prepared to give Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving, whatever the hell they want this summer once they become free agents. And although the Knicks will have enough cap space to sign the two superstars, they’re certainly not the only franchise that has positioned themselves to make a run at KD.

For instance, the Los Angeles Clippers have reportedly “emerged as an equally dangerous threat to the Knicks” in their pursuit the Warriors’ All Star forward.

The New York Times’ Marc Stein reports:

As for the bigger-picture matter Durant’s future: I am unafraid to announce, with no trace hot-takery, that firm predictions about what Durant will do when free agency starts in 40 days are ill-advised. 

Within the last month, very smart and plugged-in people I have consulted say that the Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as an equally dangerous threat to the Knicks to sign Durant away from Golden State. And I believe it. 

Problem is, at various points during the season, I have heard trusted insiders state with conviction that Durant is already planning to join the Knicks … and then that he is likely to consider the Nets as well … and now that he is eyeing the Clippers just as intently as New York. 

It leads one to conclude that maybe the best forecast, at least for the moment, is that nobody but Durant and his business manager Rich Kleiman know.

As Stein notes, insiders and analysts with “various sources” have reported time and again that Durant is set on signing with the Knicks this summer – but we won’t truly know his decision until he puts pen to paper.

Aretha Franklin Went From Having No Will To Having Three

Motown legend Aretha Franklin left us in August 2018, and since that time her estate has been in a little bit a tizzy. Arbitrators have attempted to settle her debts, a number that reportedly includes five million dollars in taxes. No one could believe that the 76-year-old multi-millionaire music icon didn’t leave behind a will, but now it’s being reported that Franklin isn’t as irresponsible as some have alleged.

Overnight, the singer went from having no wills to having three after the documents were found in random places inside her home. The Blast reports that Sabrina Owens, the head Franklin’s estate, recently told a judge that she’d located a will. Owens said that while visiting Franklin’s Michigan estate she found a key to a cabinet she was previously unable to open. “Inside the cabinet, Owens found two purported holographic wills signed by Franklin,” The Blast states. “The documents were dated June 2010 and October 2010. She then found a spiral notebook in the living room couch with another purported will, dating back to 2014.”

Aretha Franklin Went From Having No Will To Having Three
 bhy Hulton Archive/Getty s

According to the wills, Franklin wanted to take care her sons. Both Edward and Kecalf was to receive one her homes and a monthly allowance for their bills. They were also ordered to attend “business administration” courses or receive a degree in order to receive their portions their inheritance. Franklin stated that she would cover the cost their schooling.

She also listed her Warner Music Group royalties at $1.6 million, which is to be evenly divided to her four children. Her memorabilia was to be split among her children, as well, and her cars were to be sold f. This all seems well and good, but the estate, along with a court, is currently scrutinizing the handwritten wills to check for their validity. 

Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Killer Eric Holder Indicted For Murder By Grand Jury: Report

It didn’t take long for Los Angeles police to track down the man they believe is responsible for Nipsey Hussle’s death. Eric Holder, the alleged killer, has been behind bars for over the past month and a half awaiting trial. As more information emerges on his case, TMZ reports that he was indicted on additional charges by a Grand Jury earlier today. 

Eric Holder was already hit with charges related to four crimes but now, the D.A revisited the case with a Grand Jury who’ve indicted him on the four crimes he was charged with as well as two more. The previous charges included murder, 2 counts attempted murder, and possession a firearm by a felon. Following the indictment, Holder’s also been charged with two counts assault with a firearm for the victims who did not die.

Nipsey Hussle's Alleged Killer Eric Holder Indicted For Murder By Grand Jury: Report
Patrick Fallon-Pool/Getty s

There hasn’t been an exact reason why the D.A. decided to go to the Grand Jury, it likely has to do with skipping the preliminary hearing where a judge has to find probable cause a crime for the defendant to stand trial. However, it’s done at times if there are issues with the evidence.

Unfortunately for Holder, this isn’t the only headline he’s made today. News broke out that he allegedly pistol-whipped a man shortly before Nipsey’s death. Holder allegedly pistol-whipped his neighbor after accusing him selling laced weed. 

Shannade Clermont To Serve Time In A Celebrity-Vetted Low Security Prison

The clock is ticking and it’ll almost be time for Clermont twin, Shannade Clermont to serve her 1-year sentence. In the moments leading up to her serving her sentence, we have captured an array careless moments from the socialite and her twin sister. Indeed it almost seemed as though Shannade was far from bothered about serving time. As such, new reports by Bossip reveal she has every right not to be. According to the news outlet, the social media personality, who was snagged on wire fraud, will serve her one-year sentence at the low-security jail, FCI Dublin. The federal prison, which borders the outskirts Oakland, California, is well-known for previously hosting famous inmates.

Accordingly, the Yeezy model will serve time where celebrities like the “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss and heiress Patty Hearst previously served their sentences. Moreover, Shannade Clermont can even get a job if she maintains good behavior. The most restrictive rule the facility involves a prohibition on physical contact which includes holding hands. The latter may result in “disciplinary segregation” according to the prison handbook.

Thus, although it won’t be the luxurious life Shannade has been living with her sister, it is still far from hell.