Blueface Shooting Trial To Begin Next Month

Last November, Blueface was arrested in the Newhall area Santa Clarita, California following what investigators claim was a shooting accompanied by an accident on the 14 freeway. According to reports, it was around 10:00 p.m. when shots were fired at a gas station after a man described as a Hispanic male was suspected robbing a driver a Mercedes.

Immediately following the altercation on a nearby highway, there were two vehicles involved in an alleged shooting where occupants both vehicles fired upon the other. While details are scarce, a car crash occurred when the rapper’s vehicle reportedly hit the freeway median. Blueface was arrested on charges suspicion assault with a deadly weapon. His jury trial will begin on August 16.

Back in February, the rapper was arrested once again after it was reported that the Los Angeles Police Department had been alerted that there were rappers in downtown L.A. carrying large amounts cash and wearing expensive jewelryTMZ reports that ficers only responded to the neighborhood because it was a location known to be a high-crime area, but when they arrived Blueface and his entourage allegedly tossed their weapons and scattered. The rapper was arrested on a charge felony possession carrying a loaded firearm and later released on bond. For that case, he is reportedly facing three years in jail.

R. Kelly’s Former Employee Pleads Not Guilty To Conspiracy Charges

A little over a week ago, R. Kelly was taken into custody on 13 new federal charges, however, he isn’t the only person facing a lengthy prison sentence this time around. Two men who previously worked for Kelly, employee Milton “June” Brown and former business manager Derrel McDavid, were also recently arrested.

Kelly faces a slew charges associated with child pornography and intimidation witnesses related to his 2008 case. Both Brown and McDavid have been charged with conspiracy to receive child pornography, while McDavid has another conspiracy to obstruct justice. There are reports that detectives have discovered nearly two dozen videotapes that show Kelly engaging in sexual acts with minors.

Brown, who reportedly worked for Kelly for two decades between 1997 to 2018, had a court appearance on Friday where he entered a not guilty plea. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Brown was released on bond and if he is convicted in his forthcoming trial, he faces up to 20 years in prison. Meanwhile, McDavid was granted a $500K bond last week and was released, as well. Kelly has also pleaded not guilty but was denied bond earlier this week in Illinois. His next court date for that case isn’t until September. Yet, Kelly faces charges in New York and will be transferred there to make his August 2 court appearance.

Tyler, The Creator Acknowledges Taking #1 Spot Over DJ Khaled

There was quite a bit controversy surrounding Tyler, The Creator’s album IGORHis experimental hit record came in at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, topping DJ Khaled‘s star-studded production, Father Asahd. Because Khaled enlisted dozens heavy-hitters as features on his record, there were many in the industry who believed Father Asahd was guaranteed to take the No. 1 spot for weeks to come. 

Yet, Tyler, The Creator‘s beautifully woven IGOR—an album swimming with music greats its own—claimed victory the first week its release. Reports surfaced that tens thousands Khaled’s purchases weren’t counted due to a bundling mix-up, but whatever the case was didn’t take away from the fact that Tyler crafted a No. 1 record.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, Tyler finally addresses taking that top spot above Khaled. He said he released IGOR with the belief that the album would be misunderstood and wouldn’t be received well with the public. “I f*cking spent so much time on this sh*t, and whether or not people like it, whatever the f*ck, I just want the idea executed,” he said. “And when that happened, and it goes number one, bro, that sh*t means a lot. I didn’t think people would like this album based on everyone hating Cherry Bomb so f*cking much.”

He added, “So when I put this out and it beat first week, and again, I don’t make sh*t to beat first week or be radio or whatever, but for this work art and that album cover and these videos and me doing this suit-wig thing—and this is no disrespect to Khaled or anyone, but this n*gga had every person in the industry, everyone on that f*cking album. Everyone. Everyone. Cardi B, 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Post Malone, Beyoncé, Jay. Everyone who sells billions records…and the fact that I beat him with this, that isn’t parallel to all the popping music right now, was f*cking crazy, bro. Are you serious? Like, that was insane to me.”

Jussie Smollett Is Fighting To Dismiss A Special Prosecutor From Reviewing His Case

Jussie Smollett may have been dropped from his 16 felony counts after he was indicted for allegedly lying to cops about a homophobic attack, but it doesn’t mean his court appearances are over anytime soon. Last month we posted about the special prosecutor that was appointed to Jussie’s case who would look over his case files with a fine-tooth comb to catch any irregularities. “If reasonable grounds exist to further prosecute Smollett, in the interest justice the special prosecutor may take such action,” court documents detailed. 

Jussie Smollett Is Fighting To Dismiss A Special Prosecutor From Reviewing His Case
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty s

TMZ now reports that Jussie and his legal team are fighting back since they filed three motions today (Friday, July 19th) in an attempt to overturn the prosecutor calling it double jeopardy for Jussie. The Empire actor and his legal team are sticking to the story that the Osundairo brothers attacked Jussie, got caught and then blamed him for their homophobic actions. Jussie’s attorney, Tina Glandian, is even citing text messages from the brothers where they degraded another man by calling him a “fruit.”

Jussie and his legal team are looking to get a grand jury testimony from the Osundairo brothers. A decision has yet to be made. 

Lakers Reportedly Feel Like They "Got Played” By Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard seems to have hurt some feelings with the way he handled his free agency decision.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Los Angeles Lakers felt like they “got played” by Leonard, who ultimately decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers after some the Lakers’ other free agent targets had signed elsewhere.

As Windhorst explains on his recent podcast:

“I’ve heard complaints in the days after the signing. I heard complaints from the Lakers that they got played. I heard complaints from the Raptors that Kawhi came in and asked for the sun, the moon, the stars then left them at the altar.”

“The implication: Leonard knew all along wasn’t signing with the Lakers, waited a week into free agency so other top free agents would commit elsewhere then announced his decision just to sabotage the Lakers.”

Although it seemed like Leonard was on the cusp signing with the Lakers, the Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears recently reported there was “no way” Kawhi wanted to team up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. 

Other reports suggest that Kawhi reached out to fellow two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durantas well as Kyrie Irving, in an effort to convince another superstar to join him on the Clippers. As we know, Leonard eventually persuaded Paul George to request a trade out OKC.

Eddie Murphy In Talks To Land $70M Netflix Stand Up Special: Report

While we wait for more details surrounding the second installment  Coming To America, the lead actor Eddie Murphy is reportedly working away at landing a lucrative Netflix deal that will give us some stand-up comedy skits. TMZ reports that the streaming service wants to give Eddie the platform to make his comeback and the alleged figure their hovering over is $70 million.

It’s unknown just how many specials the streaming giant will want for Eddie, but it’s not too wild a number considering past payouts to beloved comedians. If you can remember, Dave Chappelle got $60 million for three stand-up specials while Chris Rock got $40 million for two specials.

Eddie Murphy In Talks To Land $70M Netflix Stand Up Special: Report
Kris Connor/Getty s

Eddie was a guest on the new season Comedians in Cars Getting Cfee where he talked to host Jerry Seinfeld about returning to the stage. “Imma do it again, I just have to…everything has to feel right,” he says in the clip below. “I just have to get up there and start working out,” he added, detailing how he’ll have to hit up some comedy clubs to get back in the swing things. 

Eddie’s 1987 movie, Eddie Murphy: Raw is the #1 stand-up film all time at the box fice, pulling in $50.5 million. It’s safe to say his return is over due. 

A$AP Rocky Forced To Stay In Jail, Deemed A Flight Risk

It appeared as though we would soon be getting some positive news regarding A$AP Rocky’s arrest in Sweden after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tried to work their magic at the White House, working with Donald Trump to free the Harlem rapper. Unfortunately, their efforts have not yet paid f because according to new reports, prosecutors have been pushing for the AWGE artist to remain in jail for the time being. After that was considered, a judge reportedly decided today that A$AP Rocky is considered a flight risk and he will indeed be kept until further notice.

A$AP Rocky Forced To Stay In Jail, Deemed A Flight Risk
Jamie McCarthy/Getty s

When he was first detained in Sweden, a timeline two weeks was given until Rocky would be released from jail. He is currently facing a total six years in the can for assault but as the investigation is ongoing, he would be kept for a couple weeks in conditions that were supposedly unliveable. Now though, TMZ is reporting that the rapper will be held until Thursday at the earliest, keeping him in jail for another six days. Rocky is believed to be a flight risk and prosecutors wish to continue their investigation before making a final decision on whether or not to follow through with Rocky’s indictment. 

After his arrest at the beginning this month, Flacko shared videos showing that he acted in self-defense when two men followed him and his crew around Stockholm and harassed passersby. 

Continue to spread the news about A$AP Rocky and let’s pray that he gets out soon.

A$AP Rocky Forced To Stay In Jail, Deemed A Flight Risk
Christopher Jue/Getty s

Kim Kardashian Thanks Trump For Working To Free A$AP Rocky

Kim Kardashian is slowly transforming from reality show star and entrepreneur to a bonafide lawyer. Although she hasn’t passed her bar yet, she’s getting some real-life experience for when she does. She helped release dozens  inmates over the past few months and she continues to put in work to help release other wrongly accused inmates. However, she’s not only using her help for non-famous people but also for some her associates and friends including A$AP Rocky. After reports emerged claiming that she and Kanye reached out to Trumpito to aid in the situation, Kim confirmed the news on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian Thanks Trump For Working To Free A$AP Rocky
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty s

Kim Kardashian had a big thank you give out to Donald Trump as well as Jared Kushner and other government ficials who’ve been trying to help A$AP Rocky get released from prison in Sweden. Rocky’s been locked up for two weeks and tomorrow (July 19th), prosecutors in Sweden will have to make the decision whether they’ll law charges on the rapper. 

Thank you @realDonaldTrump, @SecPompeo, Jared Kushner & everyone involved with the efforts to Free ASAP Rocky & his two friends,” she wrote. “Your commitment to justice reform is so appreciated.” 

It’s unsure what Trump’s commitment to justice reform is but apparently, Kim knows something we don’t. We’ll find out soon whether Rocky will remain in the custody Swedish ficials.

R. Kelly Says He’s Happy In Solitary Confinement, Fears What Inmates Might Do To Him

At this point, it’s safe to say that if you have had any engagement with the world wide web at all in the past year, then you probably know all about R. Kelly and the giant scandal that has especially come to surface during this past year. With the release the docu-series Surviving R. Kelly, those who knew nothing about the disgraced RnB singer, got a shocking reality check, and those who have been casually following his controversies since his 2008 child pornography case (where he walked away a free man), became SURE the atrocities he inflicted on young girlsand women alike. Less than a week ago, news arrived that Kelly had finally been arrested, on new sex crime charges, whilst he was casually out walking his dog. This came as bad news to some (most Kelly himself), good news to most (especially the family members Kelly’s present sex cult victims), but was probably not surprising to anyone. Now, locked up behind bars, for the foreseeable future, TMZ reports that Kelly is happily accepting his place in solitary confinement, fearing the retaliation fellow inmates.

R. Kelly Says He's Happy In Solitary Confinement, Fears What Inmates Might Do To Him

Chicago Police Department/Getty s

Cuba Gooding Jr. Fails At Attempt To Label Groping Victim Mentally Unstable

Cuba Gooding Jr has tried and failed at getting his groping case tossed. Last month we posted about the Radio actor’s attempts calling his accuser mentally unstable in a move that he thought would eliminate her case against him. Page Six now reports how his attempts have been shut down since prosecutors have rejected the claims.

“Notably, none these statements bear any relation to the facts this case or to defendant’s guilt or innocence,” Assistant DA Jenna Long argued in court papers, in regards to previous blog posts the victim made about her struggles with depression and anxiety. “They were simply inflammatory comments used to embarrass and humiliate the complainant.”

Cuba Gooding Jr. Fails At Attempt To Label Groping Victim Mentally Unstable
Jeff Spicer/Getty s

One her blog posts detailed how her “brain was one big fat mess … Some people are scared others and want nothing more to be invisible. I am not that type person. I am starving to be seen.”

Prosecutors also made it clear that Cuba’s celebrity status should, and will not, change the course the case. “Simply because a defendant has found success in his or her pression, no matter the field, does not justify thwarting criminal proceedings from advancing to trial, for a fact finder to weigh evidence and decide guilt,” the motion read. 

Cuba is due back in court next month. 

YG Home Raided By LAPD In Relation To Fatal Shooting: Report

Los Angeles Police Department conducted a raid on YG‘s home in the Hollywood Hills earlier today, TMZ reports. Although he’s maintained his innocence, an SUV involved in a fatal shooting that left a bystander dead and a cop injured was registered under the rapper’s name. The raid on the rapper’s home was in connection to the shooting. However, he was not detained or arrested in the process nor was he inside the home at the time the raid. Sources close to the sheriff’s fice said that they got a judge to sign f on a search warrant in relation to the shooting that occurred this month. Although YG wasn’t there, four men who were at the home were cuffed and placed in police cars during the search. 

YG Home Raided By LAPD In Relation To Fatal Shooting: Report
Andrew Toth/Getty s

The SUV that was registered under YG’s name was listed as the same vehicle that a drive-by shooting was carried out in. The shots that were fired from inside the vehicle ended up hitting a police ficer which inevitably prompted a shoot out between the assailant and the cop. Unfortunately, an innocent bystander was shot and killed in the midst the shoot-out.

After it was revealed the car was registered in YG’s name, the rapper denounced any sort involvement in the scenario. “I was nowhere near the scene this incident and had been in a recording studio all day in Hollywood. I was there until after midnight on the 4th July and didn’t learn these events until after they happened,” he wrote.

Nicki Minaj Stepped Down In Saudi Arabia For Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Future & Tyga To Step Up?

New York, NY – Nicki Minaj was scheduled to headline Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah World Fest but the “Megatron” artist pulled out of her performance due to human rights concerns over the country’s strict gender policies, chiefly affecting women and the LGBTQ community.

“After careful reflection, I have decided to no longer move forward with my scheduled concert at Jeddah World Fest,” Minaj exclusively told The Associated Press Tuesday (July 9).

As Nicki stepped down from her position as the controversial fest’s headliner, American superstars Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Future and Tyga, reportedly stepped up, the AP reports.

The festival is slated to take place Thursday (July 18) at the King Abdullah Sports Stadium.

The Human Rights Foundation have asked performers to protest the Middle Eastern country and to instead, stand in solidarity with women and the LGBTQ community.

In a statement to AP, Human Rights Foundation president Thor Halvorssen, criticized and expressed disappoint that the latest fest additions “have chosen money over morals.”

“These individuals constantly make public statements of support for LGBT rights and women’s rights, except, apparently, when a seven-figure check is attached,” Halvorssen added. “The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Principal apparently matters to them far more than principles.”

It’s only been recently that women have been allowed to drive and attend sports games as a result of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s top-down reform efforts. However, gender segregation between single women and men is still heavily enforced at restaurants, public schools and universities.

Mariah Carey, Enrique Iglesias, The Black Eyed Peas, Sean Paul, David Guetta and Tiësto are just a few entertainers the Saudia Arabia kingdom have commissioned to perform over the past six months.

Latest Pictures Of Carmelo Anthony & La La Have The City Boyz Thinking They’re Back In The Game

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Carmelo Anthony and his wife and baby mother have not been on the best terms, or even close really. It all started when pictures Melo with a mysterious woman on a yacht in France surfaced – on the same day as La La’s birthday at that. With gossip sites picking up the news like a 20 dollar bill found at the side the road, Melo took to sending out a PSA which involved him declaring that he “can’t let this one slide” as the publications were “affecting” his own family, as well as that the woman’s (which he insisted was “married”). It didn’t take long for some gossip sites to get to work on figuring out just exactly who the woman on the yacht was, and their research did not disappoint, as they discovered she was in fact a (very much single) Swedish/Moroccan model, followed by Meek Mill on Instagram. La La was rightfully devestated, and took to sharing the news that she was in “legal discussions” over what next steps she would be taking. She even let it be known that she was planning on living her best, care-free City-girls summer, making a club appearance on stage to throw shade at her hubby, and declaring that she “don’t give a f*ck bout a n*gga.” 

With a victory point in this ongoing competition whether it’s a “City Girls (or Hot Girls) VS City Boyz Summer,” it appeared as though we’d gotten quite the contender on our side, but with recent images surfacing La La back with Melo, Twitter has been absolutely ablaze. PageSix reports that they were seen together this weekend outside Matsuhisa Beverly Hills—which could very well be a completely platonic, and cordial outing, but the pics have rounded up all the City Boyz on Twitter who think they’re now leading the game. Check out some reactions below!

Bradley Beal Trade Rumors: Heat Reportedly Willing To Take On John Wall’s Contract

Bradley Beal has drawn interest from a number teams this f-season, most notably the Miami Heat, but it doesn’t appear as though the Washington Wizards have any plans to trade their All Star shooting guard. At least, for now.

According to a report by the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, the Wizards have “rejected all trade overtures on Beal,” as they prepare to fer him a three-year, $111 million contract extension once he’s eligible on July 26. 

As Jackson notes, interested teams like the Miami Heat could soon re-engage with the Wizards on a potential Beal deal if the 26-year old star turns down the extension. Beal is due $27.1 million this season and $28.8M the following year. 

Of course, if Beal rejects the three-year $111 million contract the Wizards could begin exploring trade scenarios rather than letting him walk for nothing in the Summer 2021. If that is indeed the case, The Athletic’s Frank Isola reports the Miami Heat would be willing to take on John Wall’s outrageous $171M contract as part the trade package.

The Wizards selected Beal third overall out Florida in the 2012 NBA Draft. He averaged a career-high 25.6 points per game last season to go along with 5.5 assists and 5 rebounds, while earning All Star honors and playing in all 82 games for the second straight season. 

Kim Kardashian In Talks With The White House To Get A$AP Rocky Released: Report

A little over a week ago, Snoop Dogg made a public plea to Kim Kardashian West to use her “plug” to get A$AP Rocky released from a Swedish jail. “You’ve been gettin’ all kinda n*ggas out jail this year,” he said in an Instagram video. “Go get Rocky outta jail. Look out for us. The black community needs this. Kanye. Tell your woman to go get him out.” While Snoop’s serious request may have been delivered casually, TMZ reports that Kim has been using her connections to help get Rocky released.

According to the outlet, both Kim and her husband Kanye West have been actively involved in partnering with the White House over Rocky’s case. Kayne was reportedly the one who told Kim she should reach out to people in the White House whom she’s worked with before, specifically thosee she linked up with for the release low-level drug fenders who were serving lengthy prison sentences. According to the report, Kim called up Jared Kushner and gave him the details Rocky’s case. In turn, Trump’s son-in-law allegedly shared the information with his presidential family member.

Prosecutors in Sweden initially shared that Rocky would remain in their custody until they decided on whether or not he would be tried for assault charges. The day reckoning is near, as Friday is the day they will make their decision. The U.S. State Department and other members Congress have rallied in the #FreeASAPROCKY movement, and TMZ shares that even President Trump himself believes that the rapper isn’t receiving justice overseas. 

However, members the Congressional Black Caucus don’t think that top-level politicians are moving fast enough when it pertains to getting Rocky released. “It appears that the hip-hop police for years have been targeting rappers in New York and in other parts the country have now shown the world that it’s not just a United States phenomenon,” Representative Hakeem Jeffries New York said. “You can expect that members Congress, particularly those us who are part the Congressional Black Caucus, are going to continue to weigh-in forcefully until ASAP Rocky is free.”