RZA Defends Maroon 5 Superbowl Halftime Show With Drake In Mind

The NFL has change into extremely politicized lately as a result of the league’s response to gamers protesting throughout video games. The difficulty unfold handed the game and its followers to the firms concerned and even the White House. The coveted Superbowl Halftime Show has naturally change into half the dialogue. The choice artists and the categories performances are filtered by means of a divisive lens.

Maroon 5 is alleged to be performing in the course of the subsequent version. Many individuals have expressed their dislike the choose, contemplating the present political local weather throughout the league. When RZA was requested about his perspective on the “range” difficulty, he favored the music over any political ideology.

The potential options additionally play an element in RZA’s reasoning.

He’s all for a Wu-Tang Clan Halftime Show efficiency too. He implores the Jets and Giants New York to make that connection.

Much the criticism does relate to the town wherein the sport shall be performed. Migos, Outkast, T.I. and others might have been extra applicable decisions in that regard. For many, its a query tradition fairly than one race. 

Kit Harrington Calls Out Marvel For Not Yet Casting A Gay Man As Superhero

Let’s face it, Hollywood has a less than impressive track record representation and equality. Game Thrones actor Kit Harrington is one the latest in a slew  industry members expressing their frustrations with the disparity in opportunity. 

While at the Toronto International Film Festival with The Death and Life John F. Donovan co-stars Thandie Newton and Emily Hampshire, Harrington discussed the topic Marvel casting a gay actor as the lead in one their films saying, “There’s a big problem, I think, with the idea masculinity and homosexuality that they can’t somehow go hand in hand..that we can’t have someone in a Marvel movie who’s gay in real life and plays some super hero. I mean, when is that gonna happen?”  

The discussion was part promotional exploration the upcoming Xavier Dolan directed film. Hailing from the multilingual city Montreal, Dolan has yet to partake in an English-language feature and the Drama will be his first. The film takes a critical look at the events that shaped the life American Television and film star John F. Donovan and his clandestine correspondence with an 11 year-old fan.

A release date for the film has yet to be announced but you can catch the trailer below. 

070 Shake Dumps Julz As Her Manager: "Love You Regardless"

070 Shake has effectively done away with her management group led by Julz 1 AM vibes. We have learned that Shake, who is signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music imprint, is now represented by an Los Angeles-based consortium called Paradigm Agency. Julz née Julz Goddard, first came into contact with Shake in 2016 when her “Proud” single was making the rounds. Since then the name both names have been inseparably linked, though Julz has other interests outside her managing duties. Julz’ “social media” influence has made her an asset to up-and-coming artists such as 070 Shake, that is until now.

The announcement literally came out nowhere like a ton bricks, with 070 Shake instructing her contacts to lose Julz’ contact information and pm her.

After leaving her fans in the cold for a moment, Shake revealed that her split with Julz was simply pressional; that her decision has no bearing on her love for Julz Goddard.

Before that came to to pass, Julz was left wondering herself what had transpired. A Twitter user reacting to Shake’s posts asked Julz to comment on the situation. Julz’ response: “People change…Or maybe she was never who I thought she was in the first place.”

While the breakup appeared to be headed for disaster, the two seem to be playing nice with spotlight turned in their direction. Hopefully both parties can come to some understanding so they can salvage their deep-lying friendship. 

Freedia Says She Hit Up Drake After "Nice For What" Video Snub

Big Freedia spoke with TMZ about the exchange that led to her inclusion in Drake’s “In My Feelings” video. The 8-minute montage features both an intro and outro enacted by Drake and co-conspirator Shiggy. Big Freedia who also made an appearance felt slighted by the rapper when push came to shove. Her vocals were sampled for “Nice For What” yet she wasn’t among the women invited earning a spot in the music video. She makes a solid point. If the song is about rewarding strong women for their contributions, how can you overlook a person whose voice you sampled on the record (who happens to be a strong female voice).

Big Freedia says she had to initiate contact with Drake in order to gain clearance. She told TMZ that Drake didn’t apologize with words, but through his action (inclusion in “In My Feelings”). Though Freedia appreciates Drake and his gesture reciprocity, she knows she isn’t alone in her frustrations. Her message to those concerned: “The LGBT@ community supports all types different artists and their music, and we expect the same in return. Her message comes in the wake Amanda Lepore having her image forcibly removed from Travis Scott’s Atroworld cover.

Travis Scott Is Reportedly Looking For New Management

Travis Scott has been making headlines for speculation surrounding his upcoming Astroworld release, as well as his relationship with Kylie Jenner and the birth their first child. It appears as though, on top  parenting his daughter and hopping in the studio to work on new music, Travis has been making some executive decisions surrounding his career. Variety has reported that La Flame will be seeking new management in the very near future, as he has ficially split with Three Six Zero representation and his manager Mark Gillespie, who also represents Frank Ocean and Calvin Harris. 

Travis’ exit from Three Six Zero appears to be a friendly split and Travis has possibly already set up a replacement for his former representation team. In fact, he is still working with his longtime manager, David Stromberg, despite the split with Gillespie. The Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight rapper has not yet commented on the situation and neither has Gillespie. If you’re looking to get into the music business as a manager, now might be a good time to slide in Cactus Jack’s DM’s. 

The Houston rapper is presently working on Astroworld, which is assumed to be dropping later this year. While new representation will likely not have an effect on the release the LP, it could possibly delay or speed up the album rollout, depending on the effectiveness the new team. Read more here.