Joyner Lucas Is Fed Up: Challenges "Lazy Media-Types" To Be Better

It would not be acceptable for me to take a dig at Joyner or anybody, earlier than assessing the scenario. Yesterday afternoon was the second Joyner Lucas spoke his piece in regards to the regrettable encounters he is had with “shoddy” journalists since effervescent up. The following Tweets are fairly simple; he would not throw anybody underneath the bus, aside from Peter Rosenberg who was reportedly fiddling on his cellphone throughout an in-studio interview with Lucas this previous 12 months.

In some respects, it is virtually as if he is simply utilizing the Twitter platform as an open-call to journalists to raised their practices, with out ruling out flip aspect the argument. Other than Rosenberg, we do not know who the culprits are and it would not appear to matter.

Those who did Lucas soiled will really feel it in their intestine. The posts aren’t essentially aimed toward most people, despite the fact that the repercussions a “media boycott” will definitely be felt by these deep-lying followers. This conundrum may be very symptomatic a rapper trapped inside a polarizing debate with no answer in sight.

If you battle Tory Lanez, win or lose, you are up towards his legion followers, not simply his lyrical prowess. If the media manages to make a spectacle out the scenario, nicely..we’re again on the hen and egg paradox are we not? But in Lucas’ protection, he’s in all probability strolling away from the media, so he can let the mud settle, and resume his musical profession free the tabloids. I am with Joyner on this one for what it is price, the “for-prit” system can actually summon the ugly out a wise individual, all peoples.

Jaden Smith's Three Style Icons: Tyler, The Creator, Batman & Poseidon

Maybe Jaden is biting too hard into his eccentric reputation, like a deadpan comic frozen into character. For his GQ fashion editorial, the Smith progeny spoke his major fashion influences, and the choices he made are none too serious. First f, Jaden told Sam Schube that Tyler, the Creator was the single most important influence on his personal style, for showing him his favorite brand, Supreme. “Like, I never cared about Supreme until Tyler,” said the 20 year old.

The second greatest influence in his personal style is Batman with whom he’s derived much inspiration, first as “maverick white” Batman in his video the same name. Then he wore Batman’s protective armor to Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s wedding, after testing out the garment’s elasticity at his prom.

The third and possibly strangest influencer is not only fictitious, but moreover a figure Greek Mythology. “Poseidon—I feel like he always comes with the next-level vibes,” said Jaden. The interviewers stared at him quizzically before he repeated his sentence, albeit with a trace a smirk. The GQ writer enlivened Jaden’s source material by drawing a connection to the rapper-actor’s preference for Poseidon-like drapery and Louis Vuitton womanswear, for which he is a brand ambassador and an ardent fan. The rest the editorial can be read here.  

Charlamagne Tha God Shares "Reputation With The Devil" Clip: "Energy I’m Forever On"

Charlamagne Tha God has been put through the wringer since sexual assault allegations resurfaced this year. The public figure finds strength in his religious convictions and has generously shared his latest inspiration with his social media following.

The author uploaded a video clip a sermon by Steven Furtick. It addresses the perception challenges in one’s life. Charlamagne seems to identify with the message wholeheartedly according to his caption: “Energy I’m Forever On. Thank You for this word @stevenfurtick.”

In the clip, Furtick explains how resistance in one’s life could be pro their righteousness.

This is surely one way to contextualized hardship. Charlamagne will be sharing his own thoughts on how to conquer fear in his next book.

Watch Whitney Houston Pop Off On Bobby Brown In "The Bobby Brown Story" Clip

The Bobby Brown Story is meant to clarify a very popular narrative. Bobby Brown is hopeful that this interpretation his story will shed some light on his relationship with Whitney Houston and address his reputation as a violent bad boy.

A clip that shows the former couple arguing gives a taste the drama that could be expected in the BET production. Fans will notice that despite the heightened emotions, Brown doesn’t lay a single finger on the diva who confronts him.

Gabrielle Dennis, the Luke Cage actress who plays Whitney, explains why she thinks this biopic is an important addition to the couple’s publicized narrative.

Dennis believes the film will show Bobby’s journey in a more nuanced way than previous cinematic productions.

Chris Brown & Suge Knight Argue Being Labelled "Scary Black Men" Before 1Oak Trial

Chris Brown and Suge Knight are two people who’ve been constantly involved in issues with the law. Back in 2014, a shooting at 1Oak Nightclub reportedly left three people injured including Suge Knight. The event, which was a VMA after-party hosted by Breezy, was shut down and later on, Brown and Suge were sued by multiple people due to the shooting. However, as they get ready for trial, they’re asking the judge to dismiss any evidence pertaining to their gang affiliation from the case.

According to TheBlast, Chris Brown and Suge Knight are battling against being labeled “scary black men with gang affiliations” in their upcoming trial. Court documents indicate they’ve asked the judge to rule any evidence their “reputation and character” as invalid in their upcoming trial over the 1Oak nightclub shooting from 2014.

“In this civil action,” they argue, “the purported gang affiliation Knight or Brown is irrelevant to the issue defendant’s negligence.”

Their attorneys added, “Painting Knight and Brown as scary black men with gang-affiliations is an attempt to prejudice the jury against the defense and to raise some heightened sense legal duty.”

Neither Suge or Chris Brown are accused being the shooters in the incident. However, the plaintiffs have claimed in their case that both Breezy and Suge’s gang affiliation and pasts played a factor in the shooting.

Action Bronson Quits Atlantic Records, Announces New Mixtape

Action Bronson’s relationship with Atlantic Records has been rocky at best. Since the release Blue Chips 7000 in 2017 there was a reluctance by the label to push forward. It’s unclear as to why Atlantic was holding firm for months on end, since Bronson is a commercially ble artist with a solid fan base, and ventures that fall outside   the medium garnering him plenty attention. Action Bronson has in the past voiced his annoyance over the situation on Twitter. 

All things considered, independent status feels like a natural fit for Action Bronson, so very clearly he agrees. This morning, Action Bronson announced his departure from the label in a celebratory tweet. Also contained in the tweet is an announcement for his White Bronco Mixtape. Fans seem to agree that his talents were being squandered by the relentless interruption Atlantic’s demands. 

Bronsonlini’s announcement gives new life to his song “Let me Breathe.” Although fans the rapper might never secure his full commitment to music, his independent status ensures the very best from a conceptual standpoint. He owes his plaudits to choosing storytelling as a major conceit, our expectations lie in the path he chooses going forward: Indie or Bigs?