Comedian Apologizes For Calling Blue Ivy "Ugly" Like Her Father Jay-Z

Funky Dineva acquired lots undesirable consideration after his final look on TS Madison’s present, The Queen’s Court. When the company had been taking pictures at Jay-Z’s appears to be like, Dineva determined to shift the warmth in direction of the rapper’s 7-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, calling the kid “ugly.” Social media responded in anger. Funky Dineva has since filmed a video to handle the scenario and apologize to The Carters in addition to their followers. 

Comedian Apologizes For Calling Blue Ivy "Ugly" Like Her Father Jay-Z

Larry Busacca/Getty s

In the clip obtainable under, the person acknowledges that the phrases he selected whereas being “in character” had been “gross,” contemplating the truth that he’s a “grown ass man” who took intention at a “defenseless” youngster for the sake a punchline.

“I am upset with myself. I’ve stated some f the wall issues earlier than within the identify comedy, and I’ve stood by all of them and defended all of them, and instructed most people, you understand, ‘Forget you. You’re simply gonna must be mad.’ But that is one these issues that I am not proud . I am unable to stand on this one”

He goes on to say that he feels ashamed concerning the scenario: “I acknowledge wholeheartedly that what I did was improper…Find it in your hearts to forgive me. Hopefully, we will get previous this.” He guarantees to make efforts sooner or later to be extra conscious his jokes and “be a greater wordsmith in the case of individuals’s youngsters.”

Red Dead Redemption 2's Voice Actors Look Just Like Their Characters

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an enormous recreation. The in-game world is gigantic and filled with particulars from the blades grass, to the faces and voices the sport’s characters. These characters aren’t simply the standard solid you’d discover in a film or most open-world video games, in line with Kotaku Rockstar employed 1,200 actors within the making  Red Dead, 700 whom had talking components within the recreation. It took them 2,200 days movement seize to get all of the actions and facial features on file or, in different phrases, about six years. 

This should’ve been so much to prepare, so it is probably that the builders over at Rockstar took any probability they may get to trim down any additional time it would take to make the sport. One method is within the casting their voice actors for many the principle characters. When you’re taking them facet by facet, they appear nearly equivalent. Here’s the protagonist the sport, Arthur Morgan, and his voice actor, Robert Clark:Red Dead Redemption 2's Voice Actors Look Just Like Their Characters

The similar resemblance could be present in all of the extra distinguished characters within the recreation, like Dutch who’s performed by Benjamin Byron Davis:Red Dead Redemption 2's Voice Actors Look Just Like Their Characters

You can see the total listing resemblances right here and a attribute good evaluation under:

Nicki Minaj & Her Mom Look Like Twins In NYFW Photos

Nicki Minaj has been all over the place during this year’s edition New York Fashion Week, making headlines for her insane episode Queen Radio yesterday where she ripped into Cardi B, and for her fight with the artist at an exclusive event. On yesterday’s radio show, Nicki found a soundbite the “Bodak Yellow” singer saying that nothing is f limits in a beef, even children, revealing her as a possible hypocrite. With their feud centering around how family should never be brought into a beef, this may have been the perfect opportunity for Nicki to step out with her mother, attending the Oscar de la Renta show with Momma Minaj.

Nicki held hands with her mother, Carol Maraj, as they posed for some quick photos and the resemblance is truly uncanny. You can tell that Nicki picks up a lot her facial features from her mom and the “Chun-Li” singer even inspired her matriarch to rock a similar hairstyle. The two looked stunning in their gowns at the show and Nicki made sure to publish a few the shots they took together.

Cardi B has been pretty silent since the Queen Radio tirade yesterday, choosing to remind everyone her influence in an indirect fashion. This feud is likely nowhere near finished and we’ll keep you posted throughout.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Takes Singing Lessons From His "Twin Brother" Trey Songz

In the past, Tekashi 6ix9ine has expressed his interest in giving up rap to become a singer. While he has previously flexed his not-so-great singing chops, the man has decided to consult one this generation’s most talented vocalists in Trey Songz. If he wants tips on how to impress the ladies with his virtuoso singing abilities, he’s gone to the right person but from the sounds it, he and his “twin brother” have a lot work to do in improving his skills.

Tekashi can definitely yell on record and he’s shown to have an ear for melody. It’s yet to be determined whether he has bars or not but during his Angie Martinez interview, he didn’t seem to keen on showing f any rapping ability. One statement Trey made in the video sticks out, referring to 6ix9ine as his “twin brother.” Surprisingly, this is not the first time 6ix9ine has said that people remark a resemblance between him and Trey Songz. He’s previously said that European women always mistake him for Chris Brown and Trigga Trey and, to be completely honest, we don’t see anything they may have in common. One them has rainbow-colored hair and the other, well, doesn’t. Dead giveaway.

Tekashi’s first assignment was to perform Usher’s hit “U Got It Bad” as a duet with Trey. As usual, the Virginia artist blew everyone away but when 6ix9ine started to croon alongside him, he fell a little flat. We’re not saying he won’t be able to improve his range but for now, he should perhaps consider sticking to his formula.

Amber Rose Shares TBT Photo With Her Pops: Spot The Resemblance?

Amber Rose shows up week in, week out with a formidable Throwback Thursday submission. I do credit the strength comes down to her transformation into womanhood, but I could say the same for anybody whose life is up for public viewing. We first apprehended Amber in her early twenties as the video muse for Kanye West, but thanks to a time-honored tradition TBTs, we can chart her timeline back to “first communion” or a wedding some sort.

In the above photo, a pre-adolescent Amber Rose clutches her Dad outside a place worship (looks to be his wedding). Next to the photo Amber writes “Sebastian is my twin,” and yes I do see a resemblance between Bash and her younger self, but the real double take occurs when you compare Michael Levonchuck to his grandson. 

Picture baby Bash with a pencil moustache just like Gramps, and the result is a spitting image. Strangely, before Amber rose broke down her genealogy to some degree, I would have never imagined another person sharing her likeness, but alas Bash, Pops and her all share the same roving twist. As the phenotype suggests, many observers while likely get a kick out seeing Michael Levonchuck in his prime years.