Chris Hemsworth Wraps Up "Avengers four" Reshoots Which Ends His Marvel Contract

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a tricky time with Thor. His first movie was a robust introduction to the character and his brother Loki. Thor: Dark World was ill-conceived although and closely relied on organising an Infinity Stone. Thor was spot on within the first Avengers movie, however virtually everybody didn’t ship an honest efficiency in Age Ultron. It wasn’t till Thor Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War that Thor actually grew to become the badass all of us needed to see. That’s why this week shall be an emotional second for Thor followers, as Chris Hemsworth has accomplished his contract with Marvel. 

Hemsworth has performed Thor for seven years now, and he just lately accomplished his reshoots for Avengers four in Atlanta. The actor documented his departure from the Men In Black set (the place he and Tessa Thompson are filming a st reboot the Will Smith collection) in London, to his arrival in Atlanta on social media. He introduced Thompson together with him for the trip, which sparked hypothesis that her Valkyrie character shall be returning for Avengers four as effectively. Hemsworth’s time on set was temporary, which both means he had little or no to reshoot, or that Thor may have a smaller half within the upcoming movie. My guess is the previous, since Thanos and Thor nonetheless have a beef to complete. Hopefully, this time, he goes for the top. 


"Solo" Is The Most Expensive Film In The "Star Wars" Series

Solo: A Star Wars Story experienced an abundance production complications and reshoots, which has effectively helped the film accumulate the largest budget all the Star Wars films in their lucrative franchise thus far. At $250 million, the origin story is also viewed as one the most expensive film productions all time. 

The film’s original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who initially envisioned the project as a buddy-buddy comedy, were inevitably replaced by executives at LucasFilm only four months into production. The company then brought aboard Hollywood heavyweight Ron Howard to help transform the film into an action-packed adventure. 

Solo now ranks alongside other Disney cinematic endeavours that boast excessively bloated spending budgets. The most expensive film production all time belongs to Pirates the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which cost a staggering $410 million back in 2010. 

In a close second and third place is Avengers: Age Ultron and Infinity War, which both cost well over $300 million.