Travis Scott Pays His Respects To Mac Miller With Emotional Vegas Show Freestyle

The passing Mac Miller hit all the music neighborhood onerous, and because the days cross by, increasingly his friends are popping out to voice their assist and share condolences. Born Malcolm James McCormick, Mac Miller allegedly overdosed on September 7. He was discovered unresponsive in his Studio City, CA dwelling by a buddy. The most up-to-date outpouring love for Mac got here from Travis Scott throughout a present in Las Vegas. On Saturday, La Flame broke away from his scheduled set to put down a freestyle for the late rapper.

“It’s the celebrity boy, Malcolm that is my boy/ Mac Miller I like you, at all times be my boy,” Travis crooned in an emotional autotune laced rhythm.  “From that 412, yeah/ From that 41210 yeah/ It’s that celebrity boy, celebrity boy/Mac Miller you the one, we love you fucking boy/That’s my motherfuckin’ nigga/Mac motherfuckin’ Miller.” The crowd roared in agreeance in the course of the emotional phase. 

Travis Scott and Mac Miller each launched their albums on August three, with La Flame’s Astroworld outselling all of the competitors. While Astroworld gained a majority the general public consideration at first, Mac Miller’s Swimming was a powerful resurgence for the Pittsburgh rapper. Mac won’t ever be forgotten, and he shall be eternally missed. 

Kanye West Pays Homage To XXXTentacion With Commemorative Tee

Kanye West has always proclaimed to value artistry, and has moved accordingly. While a high-prile celebrity relationship has kept him squarely in the public eye, Yeezy’s true calling has always been the music. One does not simply amass one hip-hop’s most celebrated discography by ignoring the value creativity. For this reason, it’s no wonder that Yeezy found himself enamoured with the late XXXTentacion, who seemed willing to reinvent himself on a song-by-song basis; it wasn’t uncommon for X to stray from traditional hip-hop, to emo, to metal, to Latin-infused pop, all in the scope one album. 

Now, Kanye has taken his love XXXTentacion to a tangible place. Yeezy was recently captured wearing an XXXTentacion-themed shirt, while standing alongside the legendary Gangsta Boo. It’s a true cornucopia generational talent, and a harsh reminder that X is no longer with us. One has to wonder what a Kanye and X collaboration might have looked like, especially given their seemingly endless supply creativity. Sadly, we’ll never know.

In any event, it’s cool to see Kanye holding it down for a young man gone before his time. Shout out Yeezy for this one. RIP XXXTentacion.