Talib Kweli Says Kanye West Once Felt "Triggered By Drake"

Revolt TV’s Drink Champs with N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN had some particular friends on the current episode, as hosts welcomed Talib Kweli and hip-hop duo Dead Prez. The full two-hour chat sees the gang speak about many issues comparable to being a aware rapper, hip-hop going company and rather more however one fascinating tidbit is when Talib reveals how Kanye West was as soon as jealous Drake.

Talib was working with Ye on “5 songs” some time again and through some studio time, Ye shared his emotions about Drake residing in Calabasas with him. 

“He says to me, not in his home however within the studio, how residing in Calabasas whereas Drake was there, was exhausting on him. Because he felt the aggressive vitality, and the way when Drake moved away, he had this artistic rush. Which to me, I’m like ‘Yo, the way you let this subsequent man have an effect on your vitality?’” the “Get By” rapper instructed the crew.

He added: “This is one thing I felt, however I didn’t communicate on on the time. Now I see how the years play out… Kanye needs to be #1. He needs to be talked about on a regular basis. I really feel like he’s triggered by Drake. He’s triggered by Obama calling him a jackass. And I really feel like he simply needs to be preferred, and he’s misinformed.”

Watch the total dialog under.

Drake's "Legend" Status: Remy Ma Thinks He Needs To "Work A Little Harder"

What makes a legend? It’s positively a thought-provoking phrase that causes division throughout the group. People like Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. are thought-about legends as a result of they have been related even twenty years following their deaths. However, there are a handful individuals which are nonetheless alive that we will comfortably name legends. Rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West, and others. When it involves individuals which are nonetheless constructing their legacies, it is troublesome to find out what locations them in “legend” territory. That precise query was tackled on this week’s episode State the Culture when Joe Budden & Co. threw round just a few names with every get together fering their opinion. Artists like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake had been all talked about. Remy Ma believes that they every have a shot at reaching a legendary title however in relation to Drake, he’ll must “work just a little more durable.” 

Some would argue that it appears like Drake has been on cruise management for the previous couple of years. He is aware of methods to craft a success and he is sticking to that method. Depending on who you are asking, it could be mentioned that he isn’t notably making an attempt anymore. Remy Ma believes that he’ll must step it up on the hassle facet to turn into a legend. She mentioned, “Drake – wonderful music, however I really feel like so far as legendary, he is gonna should work just a little bit more durable to get it. Even although I feel he is a dope rapper, all his albums have been nice and he makes nice music. People are gonna give him just a little bit a more durable time.”

As far as music goes, Joe Budden believes that Drake will at all times be thought-about a legend on account of his accomplishments and influence. He argued that Cole and Kendrick have the chance to be legends exterior music, however Drake has already achieved that standing for his artwork.

What do you assume? It’s positively an attention-grabbing subject to debate. Let us know within the feedback. Their dialogue on legends begins at across the 17-minute mark.

Desiigner Gets Dragged For "Return Of The Mack" Cover: Singing Skills & Violin

Since Desiigner is planning to launch some new music shortly, his latest look on RevoltTV wasn’t shocking. One component his go to, nevertheless, did go away some viewers in awe: his efficiency  the basic Mark Morrison monitor, “Return Of The Mack.” As the distinctive artist that he’s, Desiigner enlisted a violinist to accompany his vocals. D-Sharp laid down the instrumental basis for the novel cowl.

While each Desiigner and D-Sharp appear to take pleasure in their synergy, grooving away with smiles on their faces, the video their interpretation garnered blended emotions. Many the feedback below the Youtube video specific disappointment or straight-up resentment.

Some commenters ponder whether Desiigner is severe about this efficiency or if he is nonetheless signed to a label. Trolls warn in opposition to medication and suggest avoiding nights on the membership whereas pregnant. One person summed up their emotions with a pun, “Return the whack.” 

Watch the clip after the leap and sound f within the feedback part.

This uncommon rendition comes shortly after the rapper’s announcement his getting ready new music for his followers. His final launch, the L.O.D EP dropped in May. He additionally appeared on Thutmose’s most up-to-date challenge, Man On Fire, lending his vocals for “OkOk.”

Remy Ma Is Okay With Non-White People Saying The N-Word

Revolt TV’s State Culture dropped f one other episode, this time specializing in the meat between Lana Del Ray and Azealia Banks, Vic Mensa calling out XXXtentacion, Kanye West and the viral video that noticed Lil Xan saying the N-word. When the time got here for hosts Joe Budden, Remy Ma, Jinx, and Scottie Beam to unpack their ideas, straight away Jinx stated though she does not really feel “deeply about it” she’s nonetheless “not okay” with anybody who is not black to make use of the phrase. 

“Everyone desires to be a ni**ga till it is time be a ni**a,” she stated. When it got here to Scottie he defined how Xan’s setting (a mall meals court docket) had rather a lot to do with it. “I can not think about what that appears like exterior within the locations I frequent,” he defined. When it got here time for Remy Ma to put down her opinion, she informed her crew how she does not get fended by most phrases, just like the n-word. 

“When it involves the phrase …] I do not normally get fended regardless what your nationality is that if I do not really feel such as you’re utilizing it as a racial slur,” she stated. “I hear it so continuously from individuals who aren’t black individuals. Like Fat Joe, he’s the blackest Spanish man on this planet earth and I’ve by no means questioned it.”

Watch the dialogue on the 29:35 mark beneath and tell us what you suppose. 

Remy Ma Calls Bill Cosby Victims Liars, Defends His Sentencing

Remy Ma is getting all types backlash at present after she actually defended Bill Cosby amid his 10-year jail sentence for drugging and sexually assaulting 60 ladies. Remy’s feedback had been made on Revolt TV’s State the Culture, the place she not solely said that some the 60 ladies flat out lied, however she questioned the deserves and legitimacy the judicial system since she has skilled it first-hand. 

“I’m defending folks which have been accomplished mistaken, not solely by the system and by people who lie, people who go on bandwagons, I’m not saying that each one them is mendacity however out 60 ladies, once I sat down and listened to them, I felt that some them had been mendacity. I really feel like some them will not be telling the reality,” she stated, as seen within the video under.

Remy’s co-hosts Joe Budden, Scottie Beam, and Jinx clap again at her surprising opinion on the matter, however nonetheless, Remy Ma tries to show her stance. “The greater up you’re within the public eye, particularly when your pores and skin is black], they like to tear folks and convey them down,” she added. “When you have got folks like Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, had there been 60 white ladies up right here like ‘sure! he did it’, No, you wouldn’t.”

Watch it under and inform us what you assume.

Remy Ma Comments On The Issues Surrounding Nicki Minaj & Cardi B's Altercation

Remy Ma has been pretty spot on in the last few days as she comments on some hip-hop’s hot topics. The talk the culture has been appropriately divided between Eminem’s new album and the beefs he’s rehashing as well as Nicki Minaj’s feud with Cardi B. Both those were touched upon in Joe Budden’s new State the Culture show. He opened the episode by stating that nobody was safe; they would be discussing anybody and everybody with “zero fucks given.” Remy had some opinions about Joe Budden’s non-response to Eminem calling him out but she also spoke some real talk about the Cardi and Nicki situation, echoing a sentiment that Nick had on Queen Radio.

Minaj told everybody listening to her show that if Cardi continues to put her hands on people, she will get killed, which was a statement that resonated loudly. Remy Ma may have her own issues with the Queen rapper but she full-heartedly agrees with her in this case, saying:

It doesn’t sound like Remy is really picking a side here; she’s mostly just calling for people to be more careful when they pick their battles. She said earlier in the show that she consciously chooses what to reply to, knowing the repercussions it may have. Perhaps Cardi and Nicki should be taking the high road in this instance. The conversation picks up at around 7:25.

Akon Says "You’re A Fool" If You Don't Invest In Cryptocurrency

Akon has been on the cryptocurrency wave for a minute now and after previously announcing his own cryptocurrency dubbed Akoin, he’s learning even more about the supposed future currency and he’s preaching his knowledge in hopes getting more people to invest. 

“So, what you’re investing in is the future Africa, when you invest inAkoin,” he told Revolt TV’s Drink Champ. “…] I realized that this crypto is going to be the future in currency. I just watch how things changed drastically in time to digital …] Crypto is going to become the next digital currency. So if you don’t invest in that now, if you don’t see that coming, you’re a fool.”

He detailed how Akoin will be up for purchase as next month on available platforms. “It’s going to be everywhere—I mean, Akoin is actually going to be in more places than Bitcoin itself,” he claimed. “Because in Africa we have an open platform.”

Check out his full interview below. 

Lil Xan Doubles Down On Tupac Comments: "What I Said Is What I Said"

Unfortunately for Lil Xan, the comments he made about Tupac during an interview early this year will likely follow him around for the remainder his music career. Tupac is a legend and, especially in hip-hop, it’s important to respect the people who paved the way for you. When he rated Pac’s clout as a two out ten and called his music “boring,” many who would have otherwise given him a chance completely shunned him. Some members the community even “banned” him from the game. For some reason, after working to redeem himself last week, he’s going back to the Tupac fiasco and digging himself an even larger hole.

“I did not do anything,” said Xan during an Instagram Live session. “After the Tupac shit, y’all literally acted like Tupac was your goddamn granddaddy.” The artist acknowledged that Pac is a legend but he went on to defend his controversial comments during the live stream. He continued, “What the fuck? When I said that Tupac shit, y’all acted like you were suckin’ on that guy’s dick or some shit. What I said is what I said. They cut the interview, but I don’t give a fuck.”

Whether or not they altered the interview, it’s odd to hear him still talking about this months after it happened. He should probably consider letting it go and allowing people time to forget it even happened because if he keeps bringing it up, fans will likely continue to get even angrier. Just a tip.

Joe Budden Announces Premiere Date For Revolt Show “State Of The Culture”

If you remember back on New Years Day, Joe Budden announced that he was teaming up with Diddy & Revolt TV for a new show following his highly publicized departure from Everyday Struggle, and now we finally know when that’ll be airing. On Tuesday night, Joe delivered an elaborate promo clip where he gave a “state the culture” speech addressing the upcoming show & today’s day in age in hip-hop. In the process, the show’s premiere date was also revealed as well, and we’re just weeks away.

Joe doesn’t ficially announce the premiere date in the speech, but it is revealed in the video’s description that it’s premiering September 10th with an exclusive TV special episode dropping the day after on September 11th as well. “State the Culture will feature raw, unfiltered, and informative debates and interviews where Joe Budden digs deep with prominent celebrities, artists, and personalities,” they added in there.

“My fellow Americans. My fellow citizens. We are gathered here today for the state the culture. A culture I love. A culture I respect. A culture that defines us. In this digital age there’s an endless need information. It is more important now than ever before. With more information comes more understanding, more acceptance, more unification. Information is the key to unlocking our differences,” Joe says in his speech. “We are here to bridge the gap from the streets to the board rooms, between trap house & penthouse. From the young lil’s to the older OG’s. Hip-hop is the commonality. It is the language we use to speak one another, and thats why I come forth today to decode the culture.”

Later in the clip, Joe answers questions from the crowd, replying to why he went with Revolt TV by saying “because Revolt is the shit!” When asked if he prefers singing Drake or rapping Drake, Joe replied “When I wanna hear some tunes, Im gonna go with singing Drake.”

Check out Joe’s “State the Culture” address (below) and set yours DVRs now for September 10th.

Lil Xan Is Charlamagne Tha God's "Donkey Of The Day"

Revolt TV caught up with Lil Xan to have the young rapper rate fellow rap figures on their clout. When asked about Tupac Shakur, Lil Xan AKA Diego gave the legendary rapper a 2 on the clout scale, saying his music was “boring,” which upset many people. The comment resulted in Waka Flocka flat out banning him from hip-hop, which Xan has since responded to by saying he’s not going anywhere. It was without a doubt bound to happen and, without fail, Charlamagne tha God awarded Lil Xan “Donkey the Day” on today’s episode The Breakfast Club. 

Charlamagne gave his opinion on Diego’s comments, giving context to the situation and saying, “You don’t strike me as a thinker, Lil Xan. Most juvenile junkies aren’t thinkers and Tupac is for the thinking men.” The radio host elaborate, saying that clout is a representation your influence and Tupac is one , if not, the most influential rapper all time. Thus, giving the legend a 2 on the clout scale is unjustified, according to Charlamagne.

The radio host’s comments are simply his opinion and, for all intents and purposes, Xan’s remarks were as well. However, Charlamagne has a decent point in saying that, in his 22 years death, Pac is “more famous, more influential and more powerful than he is] right now, alive.” If the definition clout is to be considered, Tupac has arguably the most clout any rapper, dead or alive. What is your stance on the current ban on Lil Xan? Are you siding with Waka or Xan?