Vic Mensa Draws Parallels Between "Police Oppression" In Chicago, Palestine & Israel

Vic Mensa sat down with The Intercepted podcast to talk his piece on the impression oppression across the Globe, starting in his personal background Chicago. The broadcast, recorded at The Intercepted studios in NYC, was transcribed to suit the following Editorial format.

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill begins his introduction Mensa (to his acquainted viewers) by itemizing f his document advocacy within the trenches: calling out bait-trucks, donating to and establishing neighborhood outreach packages, and leaving the boundaries his house state to face with the residents Flint, Michigan, throughout their ongoing water disaster. Scahill does not wince on the concept labeling Mensa a “revolutionary rapper,” and neither do you have to, a minimum of within the fashionable sense the phrase(s).

On the subject Chicago, each Scahill and Mensa could not keep away from addressing Donald Trump’s political rhetoric in regards to the concern gun violence within the metropolis. The host used the president as a segue to-and-fro the following topic line Gun Violence in America: “Donald Trump, course, loves to speak about your private home metropolis Chicago,” he said.

With Chicago?,” Mensa responded quizzically. “Yeah, clearly, it’s racially motivated and you already know, what’s so humorous about it, that is the American means is revisionist historical past.” Mensa attributed the identical notion “revisionist historical past” when he and Scahill spoke in regards to the Israeli occupation Palestine.

“So, what they’ve achieved is that they’ve taken the best components from totally different oppressive constructions, from American Jim Crow vibes to Apartheid,” Mensa defined. “And they’ve made their.. concocted their very own, you already know, 21st-century model ( apartheid in America).”

Mensa explains the parallel between apartheid in Middle-East and Oppression in America with just a few discernible examples, specifically the double-standard policing within the occupied territory, and the way it pertains to Black lives in America.

“Seeing issues like that’s loopy, you already know, seeing that, studying that Palestinian children in Jerusalem can get a compulsory minimal sentence for throwing stones. For throwing stones,” he added. “And then you definately see 5 minutes later, a Jewish individual walkthrough with an open carry M16, flip-flops, and a yarmulke.”

You might not at all times like Vic Mensa’s harsh tone or judgment on sure points, however hear him out. Hear him out earlier than you throw the e-book at him. The relaxation the “The Intercepted” interview could be seen right here. Vic Mensa is the uncommon embodiment a Global mindset, rooted within the tradition his house metropolis.

Colin Kaepernick Thanks Two Dolphins Players For Kneeling Via Twitter

Colin Kaepernick has tweeted to thank the Miami Dolphins players that kneeled before the NFL anthem this weekend. The NFL ruled to limit “resistance” movements to the dressing room, by allowing players to join their teammates on the field after the National Anthem. Only Kenny Stills and Albert Watson chose to defy that ruling right from the onset. 

Kaepernick thanked “his brothers” for continuing to show “unwavering strength by fighting for the oppressed.” The former 49ers quarterback did not lack any verve as he spoke in his “assumed political fice,” as a discarded freedom fighter. “They have not backed down, even when attacked and intimidated. Their courage will move the world forward,” he remarked his former NFL colleagues.

Hours before Kaepernick submitted his Thank You tweet, Donald Trump jumped onto the platform to remind folks his stance. He blamed the poor ratings in Monday’s NFL Opener between the Falcons and Eagles, on players taking a knee throughout the year. Fellow “boycotted” NFL player Eric Reid coordinated an identical tweet with the same body text as Kaepernick. Reid has an active role in Colin Kaerpernick’s collusion case against the league. They both share the same legal team based out New York City.