Man Imitating Eminem's "Kamikaze" Cadence Goes Viral In Cringeworthy Video

Eminem is the talk the internet right now. Who would have thought that in 2018, the man would be praised (and shamed) as severely as he is right now? It’s pretty safe to say that he’s redeemed himself after disappointing a large number folks with Revival with his true revival happening on the surprise Kamikaze from last week. Alongside the hype surrounding the album comes people trying to go head-to-head with the living legend. The most fearless opponent so far has been Machine Gun Kelly, who strapped up and released his own diss track against the “Rap God.” Others are going another route and trying to imitate him, which has proven to be a pretty difficult task in the past.

Many consider rappers like MGK to be sons to Eminem and with the OG’s rapid-fire approach acting as a mainstay on Kamikaze, one man tried his hand at copying Shady’s flow in a video that has now gone viral. If you ask me, the clip itself is ridiculously cringe-worthy. However, a decent chunk people believe he nailed the impression with over 66K retweets on the original post. See for yourself and let us know if you think he did a respectable job.

In case you missed it, Eminem dropped his video for “Fall” earlier today. While the visuals were highly welcome, we’re still waiting on a response to MGK. Maybe it’ll never come and this is just a repeat “Adidon?”

Chris Brown Praises Lil Wayne As The GOAT For Clever "Suicide" Rhymes

At this point in both their careers, both Chris Brown and Lil Wayne can be considered among some the greatest to ever pick up a microphone. While few can consider themselves lucky enough to be included as one the GOAT’s, Chris Brown seems to believe that his “Loyal” collaborator is the greatest all time because his ability to consistently find creative phrases to rhyme with tricky words. Songwriting can be pretty difficult at times. While some choose to write from the heart, others flex their mental with hard-hitting bars that make you think twice about what you just heard. Weezy F is absolutely among that second category.

In a repost Lil Wayne’s “Bloody Mary” lyrics from his Juelz Santana collab earlier this year, Breezy was clearly impressed with how many terms Wayne could find to rhyme with “suicide,” going on and on with each bar going harder than the preceding one. Captioning his upload as “THE FUCKING ?!,” the singer’s fascination with the New Orleans recording artist is clear. Since the two have been on a number tracks together throughout their careers, it’s clear that a mutual respect exists between both Brown and Wayne.

As we wait for potential news about his upcoming album, take some time to reminisce on Weezy’s Dedication 6 Reloaded bars. Do you think Breezy could pop up on Tha Carter V?