88Rising & GUESS Collab For New Collection

88Rising is the collective residence to burgeoning acts comparable to Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, and NIKI. After debuting their compilation Head In the Clouds album this summer time, the crew, based by Sean Miyashiro, has now teamed up with GUESS for a brand new collaboration—one other sign in the direction of the label and collective’s fast development in in simply three years.

“GUESS is a really iconic American model, woven into the material the Western expertise, and but has such world affect that even our mother and father wore GUESS denims religiously,” says Miyashiro.

The new assortment includes a spherical tie-dye T-shirts, sweatshirts, bodysuits, and sweatpants all emblazoned with the traditional GUESS vertical stencil brand with the letter “S” doubles as a quantity “eight.”

“Nicolai Marciano from GUESS is at all times making strikes to associate with the longer term tradition, the people who find themselves transferring it ahead,” he provides. “When 88rising and GUESS met, instantly we knew that our visions aligned to make a collaboration for the world that represents the previous and the longer term tradition. The indisputable fact that GUESS is partnering with an Asian collective for the primary time is such a proud second for us, and to be an element what it represents for the world. We are partnering globally to carry vitality and life to the model.”

Currently, all items are offered out after working out inventory inside 20 minutes. But in accordance 88, the gathering will probably be restocked quickly with a brand new assortment items.

88Rising Drop Off "Head In The Clouds: A Midsummer Night's Dream" Short Film

While visual albums are becoming increasingly less uncommon, they’re still rare enough to feel special. Now, artists are capable expressing creativity in a variety different ways, and many young musicians have come-up with cameras in their hands at nearly all times. It’s no wonder that Asian hip-hop collective 88Rising have come forth with Head In The Clouds: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a visual short film to accompany their recent compilation album. 

Featuring music from the project, A Midsummer Night’s Dream opens with forest imagery evocative the Shakespeare play that shares its name. With visually striking cinematography, three costumed dancers break it down to “Disrespectin,” before segueing into a complete tonal shift; get used to it, for such transitions are the norm in 88Rising’s stunning cinematic journey. 

Written and directed by Christine Yuan, and featuring appearances from Higher Brothers, Joji, Josephine Lee, and Willy Choi, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a testament to the 88Rising movement. Peep the short film below, and sound f – are ya’ll feeling the vibe?

Rich Brian Eats Spicy Wings, Explains Why "The Geico Lizard Could Get It"

Rich Brian is still reeling in the success his debut album Amen, which helped him make history as the first Asian artist to hit number one on the hip-hop charts. Now, the young Indonesian is hitting the press run, which includes an appearance on “Hot Ones”, where he eats spicy wings and chops it up with host Sean Evans.

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For those familiar with Rich Brian, you’re probably well aware his st-spoken and jol personality, which is on full display as he bonds with  Sean. In one particularly hilarious moment, Chigga explains the context behind one his more interesting tweets – “The Geico Lizard could get it.” “There’s just something about lizards man,” explains Brain. “I was super into dinosaurs, I drew dinosaurs a lot when I was a kid, until at one point my parents said it was satanic and made me throw away all my drawings…Geico combined the cooless the lizard with an accent…I feel like the accent made it hot.” 

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“I really wanna be in Stranger Things, dude,” says a sweating Brian, as the Scovilles course through him. “I’m like a little older than some them, but my goal is to be that one friend–personality can be anything, could be goy, could be an asshole.” He also goes on to detail his own movie premise, which focuses on “a guy that just deals Truffles.” From the sound it, it seems kinda lit. “Where there’s gangsters, and shootouts happening, and people getting killed over Truffles.” But there is one caveat to the making this movie – no hot wings are allowed to appear.