HoodCelebrityy Says Ex-Best Friend Cardi B Turned On Her When She Got Signed

Old Cardi B fans might remember how supportive the rapper was her former best friend, HoodCelebrityy. Both entertainers were on the come-up together but had a fallout caused by their career trajectories.

HoodCelebrityy opened up about how their friendship ended. Essentially, Cardi B was leaving the team that was pushing both their acts on bad terms and expected her friend to jump ship and follow her. The “Walking Trophy” artist didn’t feel like that was the right thing to do at the time.

Essentially, Cardi B would have only been pleased if HoodCelebrityy jeopardized her career.

Cardi B Believes Cops Targeted Offset; Says He Doesn't Own Any Guns: Report

Just like the majority the hip hop community, Cardi B is riding for her man, Offset, following his recent gun arrest last week in Georgia. Sources tell TMZ that Cardi believes the hip hop cops targeted Offset and that he was only pulled over for being a rich, successful black rapper.

Cardi is also reportedly doubling down with the lawyer and agreeing that the guns found by police did not belong to Offset. She says that Offset doesn’t own any firearms. She apparently doesn’t believe he broke any laws and was just targeted by the police. Cops originally said they pulled Offset over for crossing a double yellow line, but his attorney, Drew Findling, says that was just a bogus excuse to bust him, and Cardi agrees with him.

Offset’s been charged with two felony gun charges as well as some misdemeanors, so the possibility jail time is arguably there on paper. However that’s nothing for Cardi apparently. Sources added that Cardi has been telling friends that if Offset were to be sent to prison, she’d be by his side and not leave him. And if you didn’t already know that Cardi B was a ride or die type woman, then here ya go.

Khloe Kardashian Enjoys VIP Treatment At Game 3 As She Supports Tristan Thompson

One the biggest scandals from the month April was Tristan Thompson’s alleged cheating ways being exposed. As Khloe Kardashian neared her baby’s delivery date, videos were released that allegedly show Tristan Thompson kissing several different women. After he apparently did the same thing to his ex when he initially got with Khloe, many were surprised that Tristan would once again stoop to that level. The drama pursued until after Kardashian gave birth to True Thompson and, although many believed that Khloe could call it quits with her NBA beau, she seems to be powering through, forgiving Tristan and attempting to move forward.

Spotted together on numerous occasions since the scandal was made public, Khloe was in attendance for last night’s Game 3 the NBA Finals, which saw the Cleveland Cavs give a strong effort before falling 0-3 against the Golden State Warriors. The game was the first the series to be held in Cleveland and, in the crowd to support her boyfriend, Khloe Kardashian was given the VIP treatment throughout the night. Escorted by several security guards from her seat to the backstage area, TMZ spotted True’s mom rocking her Cavs gear and sporting a big smile. Clearly, regardless what happened during her pregnancy, Khloe has plans to be Tristan’s ride-or-die.

With Tristan’s team falling to a 0-3 deficit, the odds are stacked against them as they head into Game 4 with a winless record in the Finals. Do you think the Kardashian Kurse has anything to do with them failing so far?