Kanye West Distances Himself From Politics & The Internet Thinks He Played Himself

Kanye West polarized his fanbase this yr when he opened up about his help for Donald Trump and befriended ring-wing pundit Candace Owens. Many his followers have been able to cancel him, particularly after the discharge Ye which is inarguably the worst album he is launched in his profession. While it is not sure if there is a direct connection between his political stance and his music, it positive got here throughout like that. However, the rapper lastly got here to his senses earlier at present when he introduced that he realized he was changing into a political pawn. He clarified to TMZ that he was merely talking on Candace Owens’ “Blexit” marketing campaign and did not point out at Donald Trump, however he did say that he’ll be distancing himself from politics altogether.

While it appears as if he nonetheless helps Trump, now that Kanye West introduced that he’ll be distancing himself from politics, followers are nonetheless skeptical about his intentions. The rapper is clearly gearing as much as launch Yandhi within the coming weeks so many suppose this may very well be a advertising device. Additionally, he made the announcement shortly earlier than the mid-term elections which additionally appears a bit fishy.

Overall, Kanye West shocked many individuals together with his latest statements, though it would not essentially imply he is not supporting Trump anymore. While folks should maintain resentment in opposition to him, many others, like Talib Kweli, are welcoming him again from the sunken place.

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Fire Destroys Brazil's National Museum, 20 Million Artifacts Destroyed

Brazil’s National Museum, which held a collection 20 million the most historically significant anthropological items, has been completely destroyed by a fire. The cause the fire is still unknown, but many blame the Government’s austerity measures for the building’s decay, thereby leaving it vulnerable to weather hazards. Culture Minister Sergio Sa Leitao was quoted as saying the fire could have been started “by a small paper hot air balloon landing on the ro,” it was so vulnerable.

Among the 20 million artifacts burned to a crisp were the skeletal remains oldest woman discovered in Latin America, a 12,000-year-old cadaver scientists had named “Luzia.” Leading up his point, the Government had received many formal complaints about the decrepit state the 200-year old museum, which for all intents and purposed served as the National registry the Brazilian people. “We never had adequate support,” said the deputy director the museum after the fire.

“Given the financial straits the Federal University Rio de Janeiro and all the other public universities the last three years, this was a tragedy that could be seen coming,” tweeted Marina Silva, a left-wing presidential hopeful. The fire started Sunday afternoon outside  its hours operation. No humans were harmed as the fire spread across the building, but it could be argued the loss such records is a dire one for the Scientific community.