2Pac's 1994 Shooting: Main Culprit Accuses Stretch & Jimmy Henchman Of "Set Up"

A brand new perspective on Tupac Shakur’s 1994 Quad Records Studios taking pictures has come to mild, within the wake a telephone dialog the shooter Dexter Isaac had with Real Gully TV, a YouTube channel that focuses on the backroom dealings mid-90s hip-hoppers, together with the numerous conspiracies related to Pac’s life and demise.

The most up-to-date episode permits Dexter Isaac to talk his piece on the matter – his declare being: he was arrange by two highly effective figures appearing in collusion – one Tupac’s early collaborators from NY’s Live Squad, a rapper named Stretch who died in ’95 earlier than Tupac might search vengeance. The different shadowy determine related to the “Quad Records Shooting” is none apart from Jimmy Henchman, an enormous participant in golden period rap, and a recognized drug trafficker/goon presently going through a number of life sentences for orchestrating a murder-for-hire scheme.

“Stretch set the entire thing up,” Dexter Isaac says within the interview. “He was in cahoots and was giving us the play-by-play. He was in communication with Jimmy (Henchman) who had promised him 1 / 4 brick cocaine.” For those who do not know, the “Quad Records Shooting” passed off on November 30, 1994, proper earlier than Pac was set to face trial in his much-publicized sexual assault case. 2Pac would go on the file accountable Diddy, Biggie, and Henchman for the taking pictures, however Dexter Isaac, who by all accounts has little or no to achieve in his declare, is on file saying Stretch from the Live Squad performed probably the most outstanding position within the taking pictures. 2Pac raps in regards to the incident on “Holla At Me” f All Eyez On Me – pay attention beneath.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Says Inmates Tried To Slit His Throat In Rikers

Take anything and everything you hear from Tekashi 6ix9ine with a measurable grain salt. TMZ caught up with the controversial rapper shortly he’d posted bail in Harris County, Texas on charged he choked a 16-year old teen who was shadowing him closely with a camera. Tekashi for his part, seemed in good spirits, although he did exhibit what I perceived as nervous energy.

Tekashi went on to explain the scary circumstances his Rikers Island stint, where he claims inmates living in his quarters tried to slit his throat. The NY rapper abjectly described those conditions while carrying yellow show dog around like a sling. The dog’s name in case you were wondering is Louie and apparently it doesn’t grow insecure when it travels in his company. Appearances may be deceiving.

Sensing the camera was recording, 6ix9ine played up his regular antics, upgrading his assault & battery charge to a full blown case murder (she wrote). The interviewer then asked him for a play-by-play account the mall (grab). Tekashi happily shared his account  the fight in a smattering unintelligible sounds, which provoked laughter from those in attendance.

With that being said, Tekashi is now free extradition until his date with destiny. For all we know, he may be fibbing and probably held in solitary for the better sake prison morale.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Celebrates His Release From Rikers Island

Tekashi 6ix9ine was feeling like a zillion dollars upon his release. The controversial rapper reportedly won over the judge in his 3rd attempt, scoring a $150,000 bond and his immediate release. Judge Ann Scherzer reportedly “acknowledged a significant change in circumstances” before changing her tune, so the record states.

6ix9ine jumped on Instagram live to celebrate his release from the backseat his chauffeured ride overlooking New York. Tekashi kept yelling, “Why my City do me like that?” Was he close to becoming shark food? Or were we witness to a good old case mistaken identity, one in which the worker bees inadvertently overthrow their King.

After revellling for more than a minute, Tekashi thanked his attorneys for laying down the law in record time. He then turned his attention over to his family whom he sorely missed while he was out in Europe on a diplomatic run.

For now, New Yorkers can breathe easier knowing he’s back in one piece. He will eventually be asked to appear in a Texas courthouse for his assault charge. Lest we forget the where and how: a shopping mall all places. As lucky as luck can be, Tekashi still holds the mighty trump card, and the best lawyers money can buy.