Cardi B Apologizes To Martin Luther King Jr.'s Daughter For Coretta Scott King Portrayal

During the VMA’s red carpet, “Wild N Out” star Rip Michaels announced that he worked with Cardi B for his forthcoming sketch comedy show “Off The Rip.” A skit from the show surfaced today with Cardi B portraying Coretta Scott King in “The Real Housewives Of The Civil Rights Movement.” MLK’s daughter, Bernice, made it clear how she felt about the skit and Cardi B apparently heard her loud and well.

Bernice King took to Twitter to reveal that Cardi B reached out to her and apologized for her spoing Coretta Scott King.

“Thank you, @iamcardib, for reaching out to me and apologizing for the skit that aired on @. I look forward to talking with you soon.” She wrote on Twitter.

The release the skit came on the wrong day. August 28th, 2018 marks the 55th anniversary Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. Bernice King said the skit was “repulsive” and represented her parents in a “false light.” She also called out the fact that the footage surfaced at a poor time because the anniversary her father’s most notable speech.

At this point, Cardi B hasn’t made any comments to the public about the skit itself but at least, she heard Bernice King’s message and apologized. 

Rip Michaels hasn’t revealed the launch date for “Off The Rip” just yet but he did reveal Cardi B will have a big role in it. Hopefully, none the other material on the show is this fensive. 

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Watch Cardi B Make Fun Of Puerto Ricans, Haitians & Mexicans In Comedy Skit

A skit that was filmed over 3 years ago before Cardi B fixed her teeth, has now surfaced thanks to TMZ. The clip which pokes fun at Haitians, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans is expected to air on Rip Michaels’ upcoming MTV comedy show Off The Rip. Although her appearance on the show was first reported a few days ago, the following clip is the very first glance at any the aforementioned skits which include scenes titled “Real Housewives Civil Rights” and “How to Treat a Man Wrong.” The following clip is part a skit called “Ho Bath” in which Cardi’s character gives her pretend-audience a lesson in proper hygiene and intercultural relations.

In the skit, Cardi’s character dispels misconceptions difference between the cultures. She lists the “Haitian Shower,” “Puerto Rican Bath,” and “Mexican Spa Day” as one in the same, they all file under the social convention a so-called “Ho Bath.” TMZ has learned the true identity her character, as the impregnable “Vanilla Mouse Cupcake.”

No details have been provided as to when the show will finally air. For the time being, Rip Michaels, the show’s intended host, is biding his time on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out while MTV settles their affairs. The clip can be view here at TMZ.

Cardi B To Touch On Nicki Minaj Feud In Upcoming Sketch Comedy Show

People first fell in love with Cardi B because her personality. She’s humorous, honest and overall, one the most entertaining people in the business. Earlier this week, “Wild N Out” star Rip Michaels revealed that he’ll be launching a new sketch comedy show called “Off The Rip” which will also star Cardi B. When it’s unsure when it’ll launch, one thing is certain: nothing is f the table.

Rip Michaels recently spoke to Hollywoodlife about his forthcoming sketch comedy show on the VMA red carpet. The comedian shared some details on the show and praised Cardi B for her comedic chops while revealing that nobody is safe from getting clowned on.

“I don’t think people really know how funny Cardi actually is. She’s a beast at it. She’s doing re-occurring characters and playing these roles,” he said. “When I tell you, Off the Rip, we touch on everything. There is no sacred cows. We touched on Nicki beef, we touched on 50 Cent, we touched on a whole bunch people that you just wouldn’t expect us to talk to. We gon’ need bodyguards after this show.”

Rip Michaels also revealed that Cardi will also be doing a segment called “Hoe Etiquette” where Cardi B teaches people how to be a “proper hoe.”

“Amber Rose took it to a Slut Walk but Cardi B] going to tell you how to be a proper hoe,” he said.

Peep the clip below.